1. Hey Joe let’s talk about your son Hunter and the bank of China. And the 1.5 billion dollar deal for Hunters equity firm. While you were Vice President.

  2. Here’s Joe Biden. He has the cable news folks on his side, more CBS fake news. He has nothing to run on except back to racism and minorities’. Same 50 year old racism crap.

  3. Why should illeigal immigrants get free healthcare when we have to pay that's not right. No Trump 2020.

  4. What a dolt! By suppression you mean having an easy to get free I.D. Is too tough! Creepy joe is senile as well.

  5. Joe Biden says there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, "it's just not true"…a quick search on the internet will prove he is completely wrong. Left-wing media outlets are even reporting VOTER FRAUD EXISTS. Either he is lying or completely ignorant to the facts.

  6. Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level Stuff’

    Nov 14, 2017

  7. HaHa
    550,000 hunters are expected to head afield for the 1st day of Pennsylvania’s hunting season white-tailed deer firearms season.

    Should there be limits ?
    What do you think the number would be if we the people begin looking for politicians & News anchors on the first day of hunting season ?

  8. Traitor,how dare u say u are ashamed of America.U make me sick at my stomach.U have talked about honesty,pulling together,judge u on your vitality,dream on,hopefully the voters will judge u for your ignorance,phoniness,no trust,and do as I say,to the voters if u listen to his speeches we the people,let's not fall for the same lies and promises another loser out

  9. Biden para presidente, of course, why not. Y arriba los demócratas y también los Chapines jajaja

  10. Creepy Joe thinks whites in America becoming a minority is a good thing.keep that in mind,this guy wants the founding stock of USA gone,also he wants to disarm you.

  11. Joe, you are happy about our replacement? Replace yourself and disappear to let some of your minority buddies take your place. I am tired of being lectured about the great future you stupid losers have made for us, after squandering the future and nation your parents gave you. Greedy, malicious, vane man… die off.

  12. First thing any candidate should do is confess, " I am not a saint,, I am but a running candidate for leadership" then air there laundry list,, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE or which PARTY AFFILIATION you represent,,, BECAUSE YOUR NOT RUNNING TO REPRESENT YOUR PARTY OR YOUR SELF, that don't mean squat!
    YOU are Representing the U.S.A. people! We have differences of desires and opinions,, sometimes they are on both parties, the majority or SOMETIMES THE MINORITY! That's a true Democratic process!

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