Joe Biden Is The Hillary Clinton Of The 2020 Election

You know, as I watched Joe Biden’s unhinged
rant at that, a Republican troll who asked him about his son earlier this week, and it
just made me realize several things, and also obviously the video that went viral this past
weekend of Joe Biden talking about kids rubbing his hairy legs and sitting on his lap, and
the Republicans always talking about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and corruption in Ukraine
and how they’ve done all these things wrong, even though they actually haven’t. It made me realize that Joe Biden is the Hillary
Clinton of 2016 and another reason I say that, and I’m going to get into all the details
in just a second, but we also earlier this week had Joe Biden’s campaign release an awesome
ad attacking Donald Trump, right? They played the clip of the world leaders
from the NATO summit snickering behind Trump’s back, making fun of him. The whole ad was about how Trump’s a laughing
stock around the world. It was a great ad. So are the ones that Hillary Clinton ran in
2016 that didn’t sway voters because she spent all her time talking about how bad Trump is,
but not why she would actually be a good president and Joe Biden has already fallen into that
same trap. So yeah, great ad, horrible campaign message
because it doesn’t say anything about why you would be better and based on your conduct
from this past week, I don’t think you would be better. So here’s the thing, Joe Biden 2020 is the
same as Hillary Clinton 2016 so let’s break it down a little bit more here. Right. In 2016 Hillary Clinton was viewed as the
most electable person on the democratic side, which was a very weird thing, but Biden, same
way, viewed as the most electable. But in both cases, 2016 and in 2020 Bernie
Sanders wins in a head to head match up by a higher percentage than either Hillary Clinton
did in 2016 or the Joe Biden does in 2020 so both candidates in spite of being viewed
as the most electable are actually less electable than their rival Bernie Sanders. So they also have that in common. You have the issue that they’re both people
that everyone is sick of. And I know that may not seem like a big deal,
but folks, it actually is. You’re watching this video right now because
you are involved in politics, right? You care about what’s going on, you’re educated,
you’re informed. Well, guess what? Most people in this country aren’t. They see the same names and same faces over
and over and over and over and over and over and over for 30 or 40 years, whatever it is. And they’re tired of them. They were tired of Hillary Clinton. They were tired of her running for office
over and over and over. They were done with her. They were sick of her. And they’re sick of Joe Biden. They are. We’ve seen him for far too long. Thanks for everything you’ve done, Joe. But there’s the door go away. So they also have that in common. They also have in common something that is
very unfair to both of them. And that is the perception of scandal. These scandals, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal,
Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal, both of them were totally fake, fabricated by the right
wing to smear these candidates. There was no there, there. These people did not commit any crimes, but
Republicans think they did. And people who aren’t paying very close attention
likely think they did. So that’s why it’s unfair. They didn’t do anything wrong. And I will defend Biden and Hillary on those
points as long as I have to. And I don’t like either of them, but I’ll
defend them on that because it’s the truth. Truth is nonpartisan. But the perception, the perception of corruption
is all it takes. It’s all it takes. And they both have that. Add onto that the fact that both of them have
very weak centrist corporate policies, and it’s a recipe for disaster. If Joe Biden is the nominee in 2020 Donald
Trump will win a second term. That is irrefutable. We all see it happening. This guy doesn’t stand for anything. He’s arrogant. He’s crazy. He’s senile likely we’re done. We’re done. If Joe Biden becomes the nominee for 2020
so don’t be surprised in the coming weeks and months when I go a little bit harder on
Joe Biden, because I know that out of anybody on the left right now running for president
Joe Biden, maybe Marianne Williamson would be worse, but she is the only one who would
be worse than Joe Biden as the candidate. I would rather see a, you know, Buttigieg
as the candidate than Joe Biden and Buttigieg has just as many problems as Biden, but he’s
not as crazy. Biden will lose, and that is the message that
everybody needs to remember. He is Hillary Clinton reborn, but unfortunately
headed down that same path.

  1. Federalists and GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY ARE moving toward a class society. Keep the poor uneducated and down and in their place but take every penny of welfare from the government in tax cuts and tax breaks. This has been happening since the 80s. Vote blue in every box in 2020. SAVE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL!!! VOTE BLUE. VOTE BLUE!!!

  2. Again, I do not commend what he did as a response… Seeing as how we already have an old man who resort to bully tactics as a rrsponse, even though we are usually on the recieving end of that far more often. Now, does that validate any of the claims of what Joe and Hunter did? No. The fact that Ukrainians did NOTHING as far as Hunter's appointment is sufficient proof alone, just as NOTHING came from the email thing or the Benghazi thing Clinton went through.

    But in the end, as much as we want to steer away from 2016, this is the Trump v. Clinton race redux should Biden get the nomination. I would think we'd want to avoid that… and I hope we do.

  3. I think Biden and now Bloomberg running are like the "Ross Perots" for the Democratic party, and the reason I say this is because it will cause division. In order to take on Trump, there is got to be a unity and a front runner that can spar with him. Bernie could do it and Warren could, but unfortunately people here in the states think that if they win we will become like any of the Socialist or Communist countries. Even though that is not what is going to happen, but this is how people here in the US have been condition to believe. Anyway, hopefully the Democrats will unite and select the best possible candidate that can actually defeat Trump, because if not, we will this "Deep Shit" for another 4 years and that will really suck!

  4. My intuition tells me biden is a do-nothing, not unlike kerry, romney, bush junior, and deval patrick. "Nice guy" or not, we need someone who will get something done.

  5. The orange globular will be in the white house for about another five years.
    Sucks, but there it is.
    Actually, that really sucks!

    Good luck.

  6. Biden is a corrupt neo Dem that did nothing to help working class in his long political career! Daddy Biden gave jobs to his family like Daddy Trump gives jobs to his Family. Nepotism much? Corruption much? Biden is Hillary 2.0. If Biden is nominated Trump will have 4 more years!

  7. Even before he was officially running, the parallels were obvious: party insider, beloved of corporations, contempt for the progressive base, contempt for youth and activism, anti-tax the wealthy, anti- climate change action, pro war, pro health care industry, crowned by the corporate media before the primary even begins, deeply unappealing to the average voter…  I've voted in every election since 08, I'm voting for Bernie in the primary. If the Dem candidate is Biden or mayor Pete, I'm not voting and I'm done with the party. I lined up for three hours in 2016 to vote for Clinton, who I couldn't stand. The corporate Dems aren't worth my three hours.

  8. Biden has no business running for president! Even Obama wouldn't support him running!! Bernie is the MAN!! He's got my vote!!

  9. The guy at the rally was supposedly a Warren supporter. And I think Biden is worse than Clinton, and therefore cannot take advantage of the disenchantment of some Trump people.

  10. Real and IMAGINED!
    She won the popular vote. Stop coming up with bullshit about how her policies elected Trump. They didn't.

  11. Merry Christmas Patriots! The indictments are being unsealed!

  12. The last thing the DNCNN wants is Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic
    primaries even if it means losing the Presidential elections against
    Trump. Joe Biden is a dummy pretend candidate put there by the DNC to
    give the illusion that they a have a viable candidate to go up against
    Trump in 2020. The problem with Joe Biden is that the dummy candidate is
    to much of a dummy. Micheal Bloomberg is on standby in case Joe Biden
    starts chasing invisible squirrels on the debate stage.

  13. XX chromosome version of Hillary will guarantee a loss in 2020. Maybe Warren or Bernie will save resistance from a Trump second term.

  14. @0:30 You´re a little bit late on finding that out Farron. I´ve been saying that since Biden announced his run. No policy, milktoast, B.S. answers of "we need to get this country to normalcy", without giving a specifics on HOW or WHAT to do to accomplish that goal? Biden IS the Hillary 2.0!

  15. I couldn't disagree more on Buttigieg. I'd much rather have Biden than him. He's slimmier than Trump and much smarter, so he'll fool most people into thinking he's for them.

  16. I can't stand the bs on MSNBC, CNN & Fox about Biden. They all want him. You have to know when Fox wants him something is wrong. (And we all know Biden is the Democrats corporate baby) In my mind it's already fixed for Biden and you're right, if they pick Biden, Trump will win again.
    🇺🇸❤SANDERS 2020/#46❤🇺🇸

  17. He's an out-of-touch a..hole and a tool. He's doing exactly what the powers that be wants – to derail Bernie Sanders campaign.

  18. Not only is he corrupt or seen to be corrupt he also appears to not have all his faculties. Trump will trounce him in the upcoming election.

  19. Biden is in essence Hillary Clinton except worse in every single way. If you want this guy to be the nominee you've learned nothing from 2016.

  20. I've been saying for a while that Joe Biden is basic Hilary and if he goes up there against Tump, you know trump is just gonna call him some name and his followers will eat it up.

  21. We need to either knock Biden out or force him to drop out by any means necessary. He's an utter disaster. He's proven himself to be even worse than Hillary, and that speaks volumes.

  22. Neo-liberals live in their own corporate bubble. Bankrupt middle class by sending high paying manufacturing jobs to third world nations. They just create more independent voters.

  23. I think Biden is doing a fantastic job of keeping the heat off Sanders and Warren.
    Biden needs to continue keeping Republicans distracted
    and then Sanders and Warren need to run as a ticket (uniting the progressive vote).

  24. Yes Donald Trump and Russia have done a fine job of making the Democratic candidates look crooked . and yet Trump is the most crooked of all candidates . weather Republican or Democrat . here's a suggestion for you America Stop Believing what Trump and Russia are feeding you . put down the Kool-Aid Man . the porridge has cyanide in it . the cookies are laced with arsenic . you're putting your lives in the hands of a homicidal wannabe dictator who only knows how to lie lie lie and then lie some more !

  25. You cannot compare Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton. Joe is a much more likable candidate than Hillary. He is campaigning far more aggressively than Hillary. Besides, people have learned what a con man and lowlife Trump is. They won’t vote for him. You just have a hatred towards Joe Biden, Farron.

  26. The Biden scandal is not fake. Hunter Biden getting that job is not illegal, but it is soft corruption, which isn't any better than flat out illegality.

  27. I'm afraid he is – the republicans did their dirty deed & no matter what the truth is Biden is compromised.
    ( "funny" how the republicans can do anything wrong & rotten & it doesn't matter to Americans – and no matter what the Dems do it's never good enough)
    I'm about ready to say Fuck Trump, fuck the republicans & if this country really wants to go all out Trump; fuck this country & whatever befalls it – it clearly deserves.

  28. Republiklans know they did nothing wrong but it’s what stirs their base and keeps them in power! The elephant in the room is protecting their whiteness in a browning country. Trump could set fire to the White House and burn it to the ground but they’d be fine with it as long as it’s built back white. Just sayin🧐

  29. I realized this fact of Biden is being Clinton 2016 since he ran for elections!
    Biden and Buttigieg are pushed by the media, while this media are all against Bernie.
    #Bernie2020 enough of the centrist policies.
    Listen to what Michael Moore said about these people and how we all should push for either Bernie or Warren.

  30. If you were hiring a man for $50,000 a month, wouldn't you have asked "how did you become a US Naval Officer when you were only in the US Navy for 30 days"

  31. Trump will probably get impeached a second ,, third and fourth time,,, I'm willing to bet those senators shreds those impeachment papers,,, if by some miracle someone else wins,,, ??? Trump will not step down or hand over the presidency to someone else,,,. !!! It will just be fake news ,, a fake election,,. Election fraud,,, Democrats voted five times each,,,. The Democrats hacked the voting machines,,,. ???

  32. Eff you Faron–you're buying into the smear. Joe Biden had every reason to go off on that trump plant. I can't stand to listen to your high pitched little girl voice. Unsubscribed.

  33. HillyBilly on Howard Stern Show, where all the losers end up, blaming Bernie for her misfortunes…well I listened to Bernie and gave HillaryClitty my vote to block scum Trump, but Bernie would have waxed the floor with Dennison Bum Drumpf.
    You're right on here Farron on Bernie being able to easily defeat Trump, same for Warren. I'll vote for Old Clueless Joe if he's all that's left, UNLESS it's Biden vs Bill Weld… I'm probably voting Bill Weld in that scenario, because he will get credit for replacing Bum Dump.
    Bernie Warren 2020 in any order is the ideal.
    Easy win no matter who the opposition is.
    Tulsi Gabbard is using Trump's Diamond & Silk Kenye Kardashian campaign staff, so no, Williamson isn't the worst by any means; it's the only thing HillyBilly got right in past 6 months.
    Hillary is doing everything someone who helped Trump cover-up Vince Foster's STAGED 'suicide' would do… she's not helping Biden, nope… SHE'S WORKING FOR TRUMP DINGING BERNIE & ELIZABETH.
    That's where you're a little off here.
    Hillary doesn't care at all about Biden.
    Hillary knows Bernie stomps Trump.
    Think about that…and yet she still went after Bernie.
    It's a confession.
    Guest of Honor at Ivanka Trump wedding to Jared Kushner, son of Charles, old Clinton family friend and donor.
    Bill Clinton appointed Trump's older sister Maryanne Trump Barry to NY Circuit Court chair in 1999 in a plea deal for Impeachment to be about cigar rubs not Whitewater Vince Foster Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump scandals.

  34. Sorry. On the same page with you with much of this, Farron. Then, you went slightly off-the-rails. I thought the point of this video was to avoid it and remind us of our aversion to that.

  35. If I'm feeling sad, and in need of a good laugh, all I have to do is come to this channel. Maybe take it to prime time, replace Maher or Kimmel. God knows their ratings are bad enough.

  36. Biden has way too much baggage. He'll get hammered over Ukraine, whether he's innocent or not. It has to be Bernie.

  37. I don't understand why you compare apples to oranges.
    When did Hillary ever lose her temper with a voter?
    Tell them to go to Fox, or get some exercise.

    I don't remember that but the Trump cult probably has something going around that takes a sharp word as a full-on Hulk rage.

    I agree with 99,9% of what you say Farron.

  38. Can you tell them to remove the Donald Trump ads from your videos? Sick of it. How do they get on progressive channels? They’re on TYT too.

  39. i actually prefer marianne to buttigieg, id rather have kooky yet honest as opposed to outwardly professional yet inwardly deceitful like buttigieg. as much of a liar of joe biden is, his positions are easier to understand that buttigieg. buttigieg literally stands for nothing other than what gets him your support/vote

  40. Farron. I love man but the old mans questioning was legit. We should (progressives) should be calling out all corruption regardless of party. Secondly, he was a Warren supporter.

  41. A ticket of Bernie and Elizabeth Warren will Knock Trump all the way to Moscow. …Joe Biden should have retired with Obama.

  42. The Neoliberal Corporate Democratic Pigs would rather lose to a Evil Monster like Donald Trump than have a True Progressive like Senator Bernie Sanders win ! This is clearly seen as the Extreme depth of Corruption in American politics today. Bernie beats Trump in every major poll. #BERNIE2020.💪❤️
    Everything we love is on the Line. 😡

  43. You don't think Biden did any crimes??? So WHAT is this? Here he is bragging about doing what they are desperately attempting to accuse President Trump of doing based on nothing but assumption & hearsay.

    I don't even have enough space & time here to go into Clinton's long laundry list of criminal behaviors. I'm so shocked you could even make that statement with a straight face.

    The one thing I do agree with in what you said is Biden is the Hillary of 2020.

  44. There literally are things wrong on Biden and Ukraine–the thousands Hunter earned at Burismo aren't fake. I agree with much of the rest of the video, but calling Biden's corruption on Ukraine fake and perpetuated by the Republicans is a lie. As a lefty Democrat myself, people should be aware of the conflict of interest issues there. Also how do we know that voter was a Republican troll?

    Also Marianne > Biden

  45. I hate this channel because this is so Progressive why can’t you idiots realize that joe Biden during the time of trump is the best chance In 2020. It’s funny that people are not sick of joe Biden 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bernie and Warren loses in battleground states REPEATEDLY POLL AFTER POLL and Hillary lost in 2016 because of you progressive idiots couldn’t except the fact that she was the candidate chosen in 2016 and you didn’t rally behind her that’s why she lost partly…. morons 🤣🤣🤣 you never learn and you never will

  46. A centrist has more chance of winning. The electoral college requires wins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Those who voted for Obama and turned to Trump. Warren and Sanders may appeal to the left but that doesn't represent the voters that swung the last election.

  47. Except democrats would rather lose then elect Bernie.
    Bernie had better not allow them to cheat him.
    He has a great shot of being an independent president without democrats or republicans getting in his way.
    We need to have other replacements in Congress to…pelosi the mummy needs to pass away in office

  48. You Trump groupies really have drunk the Kool-Aid. You fooled the morons in 2016 and you think you can do it again.

  49. I generally agree with the Ring of Fire's analysis. But this video failed to bring out the most salient points of similarity between Joe and Hillary. Why no emphasis on their corrupt politics, which welcomes millions of corporate money into their campaigns? Why no mention of their common distaste for Bernie's agenda, from medicare for all to a green new deal? What of their common support for the military-industrial complex and for multiple endless wars and regime-change interventions? The list is long, and this video failed to cover most of it.

  50. The Putin mob are trying to sabotage Biden's campaign just as they did Clinton's. Bernie Sanders and his supporters must be so proud of their work in making Trump president.

  51. Now that Hillary and Biden are shoved out of the way by Communism, that leaves underage mexicans and an elderly Jew. Look into the future of Chumps strategy to have 'We the people" as well as our government being mocked by PLANET EARTH. I look foreward to the followup broadcast.

  52. Dukakis, Mondale, Gore, Clinton, Biden, etc. We’re screwed. Four more years of Trump and the country will be in full decay.

  53. The democratic national party would rather let trump in than Bernie or Warren what a sad thing the great FDR will turn in his grave there just as bent as the other useless mongrels opposition party my ass

  54. Absolutely correct. Biden is not an adequate candidate. Infinitely better than trump, but still tired and obsolete. Let it go Joe, our thanks for your somewhat dated ideological service. But for all of our sakes, retire now.

  55. If 'the perception of corruption' is enough…
    Then why is #voteDumpTrumpout2020 still mucking around, in the WH?
    I mean, how did he even get that far, in the first place??

  56. It is not what I want
    Is just a reality !
    Weather hi's crazy or not , americans are greedy , Bernie sanders is a very simple person, promises are to high, when they get to the Congressional gang ..
    Is "ok enough's with promises!!!!! , is the way it is……

  57. Biden IS the 2020 Hillary. Little Debbie Downer is ensuring that progressive ideas are AGAIN ignored and corporate values (profit over people/the ecosystem)take priority. She is PERSONALLY responsible for the 2016 loss, regardless of Russia's hacks. And she will be the major cause of a 2020 loss. Isn't it time to vote yer ass OFF THE ISLAND?

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