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Joe Biden has in a sense been the
Democratic primary frontrunner even before he officially became a candidate
bolstered by strong name recognition and close ties to a popular former President
Barack Obama Biden led the Democratic field in most polls before declaring and
since then he’s been surging but there are good reasons to suspect that these
immediate surges might be followed by a tumble in the long run I laid out some
of the reasons for this some months ago in my five problems for Joe Biden video
apparently Joe ignored my warnings so in this video I’ll lay out another 10
reasons why I do not believe his chances for securing the Democratic nomination
are quite as good as they may appear of course this doesn’t mean that Biden’s
chances are terrible either no matter how you slice it
Biden has the best poll numbers he has the support of the establishment he
raised more money in his first 24 hours than any other candidate and he’s one of
the most popular politicians in the country with a positive net favorability
around the high teens with all that on his side it’s not unreasonable to ask
what could stop if you were a supporter of anyone other
than Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic primary the polls are quite discouraging
after announcing he’s surged in the polls and while these polls may not all
be perfectly constructed it’s a dangerous signal for his competitors in
the primary race but his recent surging won’t necessarily convert into a primary
victory there was another centrist politician high on charisma but low on
policy who entered into the race late despite plenty of height of course I’m
talking about better O’Rourke in mid-march
prior to his announcement he was polling around 5.5 percent he shot up sharply
after the announcement peaking at nearly double nine point five percent the
excitement gradually died down and Beto is currently polling at four point four
percent behind five other candidates with Biden we could be looking at the
same thing a big surge of excitement raising his numbers after his
announcement followed by a gradual slippage over time but the fact that
this pattern is precedented does not mean that it’s necessary it happened to
Beto but Biden may be another B’s polling
gives us some indication of what is possible but to know whether Biden’s
numbers can hold we have to look into numerous factors behind the polls one
negative signal for Biden is the fact that the Democratic political
establishment does not seem as excited about him as he might hope make no
mistake about it Democratic insiders have been scurrying to find a way to
repeat the role they played in the 2016 Democratic primary preventing the
nomination of Bernie Sanders the New York Times reported the matter of what
to do about Bernie and the larger imperative of party unity has for
example hovered over a series of previously undisclosed Democratic
dinners in New York and Washington organized by the longtime party
financier Bernard Schwartz the gatherings have included scores from the
moderate or center left wing of the party including Speaker Nancy Pelosi of
California Senator Chuck Schumer of New York the Minority Leader former Governor
Terry McAuliffe of Virginia mayor Pete Budaj
of South Bend Indiana himself a presidential can
and the president of Center for American Progress
Neera tanden so while the increasingly popular but still relatively minor
candidate Pete Budaj has been present at these dinners
apparently Biden has been left out of the loop mayor Pete certainly seems like
a capable politician but why would Democratic insiders not be speaking with
their most recognizable candidate instead Joe Biden is very much an
establishment Democrat running on a promise of a return to normal he’s
calling himself an obama/biden Democrat but even Biden’s old pal Barack Obama
had actually helped to talk him out of a run in 2016 as Obama preferred Clinton
as his successor today despite the fact that Obama has not endorsed his vice
president outlets like CNN are considering it a win that he didn’t talk
him out of the endeavor with headlines like Obama’s not endorsing but he didn’t
talk by it an out of running in 2020 not talking him out of a run is hardly a win
for the most recognizable face in the primary still Biden did get a win from
some of the establishment finance seers Biden who was concerned about how his
first day hall would stack up against Beto or Bernie managed to top both
reporting 6.3 million dollars raised in the first 24 hours he accomplished this
with ninety six thousand nine hundred twenty-nine individual contributors less
than a third of Bernie’s count of 360,000 translation he likely got a
significant top-up from these super-rich there were enough wealthy Democrats to
come through for him to take the day1 money record despite only having a third
as many donors by the way that’s a point in itself
Bernie has three times as many donors still excitement from the wealthy donor
class did not seem to be universal while Obama’s former funders were no doubt
helpful in aiding Biden’s first day hall figures many of Biden’s natural
financial backers seem a bit standoffish even pro-establishment publication
Politico revealed trepidation in some of the quotes they gathered bill echo said
I like Joe Biden of course I think he’s a great guy he’s on the old side but
he’s not too old to do the job I’m waiting to learn more
the candidates before making a decision Bill Stetson told political back in
March we’re very close to Joe Biden and we don’t know what he’s doing and I like
Beto and I think a woman should be in the mix we have to think about the very
big picture and we need to heal this country right now of course
establishment money and support from fellow establishment politicians is in
everything it’s a lot for Biden but it isn’t everything
support for Biden and the establishment press appears to be quite strong while I
give CNN’s Cristal is a some credit for creating a video called Joe Biden’s big
2020 problem and this is one of those cases where the deeper you dig the
nomination mixed metaphor after Biden’s launch he penned an article called Joe
Biden’s past 24 hours could not have gone more perfectly which as you may
expect avoids mentioning any of Biden’s issues even minor ones like the fact
that he failed to secure as many donors as Bernie Sanders CNN also spilled
plenty of ink over a poll they conducted which found Biden spread over Bernie to
be somewhat surprisingly high the methodology was fairly questionable with
younger voters sampled at a statistically insignificant rate don’t
get me wrong in an era where polls are very often criticized as being useless I
think data does tell a story there have been better polls conducted confirming
similar information to what CNN’s poll indicated at the same time if you aren’t
polling sufficient young people your data is useless certainly a pole like
this tells us less about the actual viability of the candidate than the
number of donors actually supporting a candidate with money
Biden’s had a lead in the polls for nearly every poll conducted I do think
he has a lead over Bernie that shouldn’t be underestimated still the fact that
Bernie has a larger number of donors is incredibly predictive information in my
view but put that aside the fact that CNN puts so much energy behind a
methodological flawed Paul is indicative to me that the establishment press is
pulling for Biden so while the money might be hedging the media isn’t really
at least not the mainstream media when it comes to online media that’s a
different story altogether plenty of progressive youtubers and
Twitter users were quick to note the method
issues in that poll I just talked about and the online space has been able to
dredge up some of Biden’s unfortunate past it’s very clear that Joe Biden’s
past is coming back to haunt him one example was the video of him praising
Dick Cheney I actually like Dick Cheney for real I get on with him I think he’s
a decent man the sentiment he expressed here is particularly damaging as voters
will likely realize that he hasn’t much changed as evidence for example by the
positive words he had for the current far-right Republican Vice President was
followed by a guy’s a decent guy our voice president this is only one recent
example of Biden’s old clips that could be dredged up and so the younger
generation now tells me how tough things are give me a break no no I have no
empathy for it give me a break progressive and conservative independent
media is likely to continue to dig up all that they can and Biden has a long
record one that won’t necessarily track well with Democrats looking for a real
progressive with a strong progressive message he
supported the repeal of glass-steagall the Iraq war the 1994 crime bill and
numerous unpopular trade deals just to name a few examples this record is
especially problematic considering Biden has labeled himself to the most
progressive person in the field by the most progressive record of anybody
running for the unit one who would run but it’s not just his conciliatory
attitude towards right-wingers or his relatively conservative record he also
has a problematic relationship with identity politics related issues which
matter more in the center lane there’s the Troublesome video of Biden at the
Anita Hill hearings clearly arguing that his colleagues have every right to
question her aggressively it is appropriate to ask professor Hill
anything any member wishes to ask her to plumb the depths of her credibility
I need a hill is a serious issue considering especially that she doesn’t
appear to forgive him not after it took a presidential run for him to finally
apologize the Anita Hill problem is a double hit for bi
as it emphasizes other issues he has with women and with people of color
Biden already has a seriously problematic history with black people he
argued against busing to integrate schools in other words he was on the
wrong side of history when it comes to segregation meanwhile his biggest
primary opponent actually participated in the civil rights movement fighting
for integration in the University of Chicago School housing as deeply as that
problem cuts Biden’s history with women another issue relating to Anita Hill is
potentially even more explosive Lucy Flores was the first to break the dam on
Joe Biden’s inappropriate touching in her piece in New York Magazine
describing a 2014 encounter in which he kissed the back of her head and smelled
her hair just before she was about to go on stage at a campaign event prior to
the Flores essay plenty online noticed the creepy Uncle Joe thing an issue I
discussed at length in my five problems video on Joe Biden one of those famous
pieces of creepy Joe Biden material was footage of him whispering into the ear
of Stephanie Carter who has since left to his defense but numerous women have
spoken out since Flores refused to accept Joe’s inappropriate touching
Amil a Post Oak out to say he leaned in on her for what she thought was an
attempt to kiss her before rubbing his nose against hers still technically a
kiss I believe I think they call that an intimate kiss DJ Hill came out saying
that Biden rubbed up and down her back when she was taking a picture with him
and her husband in 2012 Caitlin Caruso talked about having to
deal with Biden putting his hand on her thigh when she was a 19 year old college
student and sexual assault survivor he did so at a campus event about sexual
assault these are just four cases with the number of inappropriate touches
we’ve all seen in front of cameras many more stories of discomfort are likely
out there waiting to be told nothing to see here right wrong because the vice
president wouldn’t unhand Hillary for almost 16 seconds sure
Biden’s apologized you know social wars have began to change they’ve shifted
and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and I get
it I get it I hear what they’re saying I understand
it and I’ll be much more mindful that’s my responsibility but while I haven’t
seen much coverage of this issue since Biden declared his candidacy this may
continue to be a problem lying in wait more stories would hurt him but even if
more don’t come out what’s already out there gives Trump a distinct advantage
in general as the president control him now let’s not forget how Trump managed
to turn his own issues in similar areas around on Hillary Clinton in 2016
somehow managing to turn a news cycle about the infamous Trump tapes into a
debate over Bill Clinton’s gruesome history I predicted several months ago
that Trump would likely use the creepy Joe thing as part of his campaign
strategy indeed I was right as Trump even managed to turn Biden’s apology
video into further messaging about his creepiness I think we should all admit
that immature as that was it’s a demonstration of masterful trolling I
would also be remiss in my duties if I didn’t point out that 23 women have
accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct but that’s just the point
another Democrat might easily attack Trump on these issues and Trump would
have little to respond with with Joe Biden Trump can make it a wash possibly
even a win here’s another thing Trump’s got a win on while Trump has been
critical of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq Joe Biden bragged about
drafting the Patriot Act Biden has supported plenty of conservative
policies many of which I’ve already named in this video but more than just
supporting bad bills or pushing for them or drafting them he’s bragged on
numerous occasions about drafting the basis of the Patriot Act the New
Republic quoted him as saying I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City
bombing and the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill that bill being of course
the Patriot Act on Meet the Press the same year he said
I introduced the terrorism bill in 94 that had a lot of these things in it on
yet another occasion Biden bragged that John Ashcroft actually admitted that it
was his bill boasting I got a call when Ashcroft introduced the Patriot Act he
said Joe I’m introducing the act basically as you wrote it in 1994 having
so frequently bragged about it by it in his position himself as a chief
architect of Bush era policies as he engages in a policy focused primary
contest for the nomination of an increasingly progressive Democratic
Party speaking of policy let’s talk about Biden’s campaign launch through
crazed faces illuminated by tortures veins and bulging Biden’s campaign
launch video struck emotional courts with references to Charlottesville and
repeating words about the soul of America he will forever and
fundamentally alter the character this nation some very fine people on both
sides I wrote at the time they were in the battle for the soul of this nation
very fine people on both sides well that’s even more true today we are in
the battle for the soul of this nation who we are the core values of this
nation everything that has made America America is at stake that’s what we
believe and above all else that’s what’s at stake in this election even more
important we have to remember who we are this is America
what it clearly lacked was even a single campaign policy buttons website does
however mention policy however compared to progressive policy wonks like
Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders Biden is absurdly vague take for instance his
first specific issue laid out restoring the basic bargain for American workers
the American middle-class built this country yet today CEOs and Wall Street
are putting profits over workers plain and simple it’s wrong there used to be a
basic bargain in this country that when you work hard you were able to share in
the prosperity your work helped to create it’s time to restore the dignity
of work and give workers back the power to earn what they’re worth these are
fine words he accurately diagnosis a problem and a general goal to achieve
but both Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump could say the exact same thing
Biden appears to be trying to avoid being controversial in his policy
statements that’s a nice idea since it would avoid alienating people the
problem is it avoids exciting people too he’s not making a stand there are no
specifics just talk these words don’t hold his feet to the fire in the least
and much of his policy statements follow this pattern identify a problem paint a
general picture of what would be better but totally avoid any specific plans to
achieve those goals oddly Biden is much more specific on at
least one policy issue ending big money in politics again his websites policy
section says wealthy special interests corporations and foreign influences are
skewing the policy process in Washington in their own favor by taking advantage
of the way we financed elections we need to create a public financing system for
federal campaigns and pass a constitutional amendment to overturn
Citizens United to amplify the voices of individual Americans and ensure elected
officials are working for the people in the meantime the public has the right to
know who is contributing to which advertisements and campaign initiatives
here he actually spells out a specific plan to end money in politics with a
constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United there’s only two
problems here one it’s hard to take him seriously
considering how he is currently courting large donors for his campaign his first
campaign stop was in fact a fundraiser filled with corporate lobbyists and GOP
donors second perhaps conveniently a constitutional amendment to end money in
politics can only really come from two places the state’s calling for a
convention or Congress Biden doesn’t specify either or how he would bring
either about in fact it’s unclear how an executive action by the president could
possibly tackle this problem the best a president could do is use his or her
bully pulpit to pressure the Congress to move on the issue considering Biden’s
close ties with big money and the fact that this is literally the last policy
mentioned on his website I have my doubts that he’d fight tooth and nail to
make this essential change at the end of the day Biden seems in every way to be a
candidate who represents a return to normal as vice president to Obama he was
next in line for the Democratic succession as a centrist establishment
type he feels like a compromise choice for liberals and conservatives he tends
towards civility and maintaining normal order rather than rocking the boat or
promising radical change he’s polite and affable and overly affectionate for
those who consider the Trump administration to be a shocking
departure from an otherwise excellent American political environment we are in
the battle for the soul of this nation Biden would be the perfect choice but my
view I’m not Trump is not a winning message a return to normal does not
address the social and economic problems in America that brought Trump about in
the first place the orange is how it started it does not address the damage
done by a disastrous trade deals regime change wars and radical inequality in
the American economy while build the wall may have been a foolhardy call that
was never fulfilled and would have accomplished nothing even if it was fear
of illegal immigrants is not likely to gain traction when ordinary Americans
feel that they have good wages and job security
I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges well Trump very much filled
his cabinet and his White House with political and economic insiders his call
to drain the swamp only have gained favor from a populace
that is fed up with a corrupt political establishment in my view Trump can only
be defeated by a Democratic candidate who successfully articulates solutions
to the problems that assured the Trump era into existence the oranges of the
and establishes themselves as a credible champion of those solutions Biden
certainly has some advantages that Clinton did not have in 2016
he’s far more popular and he is empowered by the knowledge that the Rust
Belt is by no means an impenetrable blue wall but Trump too is stronger than he
was in 2016 his favorability is higher and as an
incumbent his credibility too is significantly higher so Democratic
voters and the party itself must in this primary process look Beyond into the
general take Trump seriously and ask what could stop him I hope they now go
and take a look at the oranges are the oranges of the investigation the
beginnings of that investigation I wish covered the oranges how it

  1. The CNN polls wasn't perfect, but wasn't wrong, it polled few young people because they are harder to poll, and then the few younger people they polled they had to multiply by a certain number to get a reasonable realistic share of Democratic voters. The choose to put N/A, because if even if just 3% of those polled were 18-29, for example, even if they then multiplied by 3 to get to 9%, 30 people is too small of a sample to be analysing. Yes it could happen that by chance those 30 youngster were more pro Biden because young people who answer polls tend to be more pro Biden or simply because of chance. But it could it have happened in the other direction. Maybe Biden is even more ahead among young people.
    Sure maybe he's in reality closer to 35% of the voters' preference, especially if turnout estimates are underrating younger voters, and Bernie closer to 20%. But there's also a chance, likely lower, than Biden is in fact close to 45%. Anyway, Biden is way ahead of Bernie and other candidates, but let's how this goes, this is far from a sure thing. The establishment prefers Biden to Sanders of course, but if they see a young, more special, more modern candidate gaining traction that isn't as against the party and is less extreme it's very likely that they would prefer them to Biden which has lots of baggage of being too right, but also to leftists, and even "corrupt". But I still see him as the most likely to win the primaries and to beat Trump.

  2. Biden is NOT a progressive! He gropes women and children #CreepyUncleJoe. He freely admits that he takes money and bribes from big corporations to finance his campaign. Obama wont even endorse him. The secret service have said how uncomfortable they felt when Uncle Joe was around their wives and daughters, He basically told young people to shut the Fuck up about their problems. He's the male version of Crooked Hillary Clinton. He feels just because he's part of the system and a Washington puppet that it gives him a easy ride to to the White House….

    Sorry Joe but NO. #BernieAllTheWay!! #FeelTheBern2020 oh and don't get me started on Pete Buttplug the corporate plant who needs to remove that 12 inch black rubber cock from his anus and put it in his mouth so he shuts the fuck up with his lies. Sorry Creepy Uncle Joe.. We already have a one creepy corrupt PERVERT in the White House. We do not need another. Thank You.

  3. I disagree with two of your problems: Obama hasn't endorsed anyone for the primaries, so not endorsing Biden isn't actually newsworthy (he didn't endorse anyone during the 2016 primaries either). Reaching across the aisle will help Biden if he wins the primary with the important Independent voters.

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  6. The recent Emmerson Poll is likely to be more accurate in showing just what kind of lead Biden may have over Bernie Sanders. The demographic sampling is much better and far more fair than what CNN attempted to push forth.

  7. QT you do produce excellent political analysis videos. Well done! On this one, as with your others, I am impressed by your production, writing, narration, visuals, etc. Outstanding! I will share it to the Bernie SWAG group on Facebook so more see it. I will also encourage the members to watch and subscribe to your channel.

  8. great video, also yea Biden is gonna fall, unless something big comes out I think Bernie will win, his numbers have been increasing since 2016

  9. Joe and Bernie are almost the same age, but worlds apart. When I compare video of the two, Bernie comes across as energetic, relevant and ON FIRE, while Joe just looks like your confused grandpa who keeps talking about the good old days.

  10. "The mainstream media is all-in on Biden."

    Sounds like you mean just CNN and Politico…. and online media is certainly part of the MSM. Pretty lazy assumption. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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  13. "In the battle for the Soul of this Nation". More vague fear mongering and not very profound bullshit even.

  14. Bernie's launch video: *lays out actual policy*
    Biden's launch video: Trump and Nazis bad

  15. he never apologized to anita hill; he does not have a policy platform; he is basically conservative; he doesn't look like he has much energy and has significantly slowed in speech and posture…sorry joe, you are a nice guy but not presidential material in this day and age

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  18. Biden is going to get the nomination and THROW THE ELECTION. 🙄 Even if he wins it doesn't matter. Trump isn't going anywhere. Our "democracy" is a train wreck.

  19. When talking / debating with friends and like minded people about the upcoming primary, remember the points made in this video. Be stern and unapologetic in the way you critique Biden. The party forced us to take the “safe bet” with Hillary last time. This time around let’s talk to each other. Try and convince one another that Uncle Joe ain’t the guy. We need someone who is a little more anti establishment or who is proposing some bolder more progressive policy. We have trump because working class America is being left behind in the age of outsourcing, automatization, and mass pollution.

  20. "…the best poll numbers…" Biden can't pull 100 people to his rallies, while Bernie has cheering overflow crowds. The polls mean that the DNC is planning on stealing the nomination from Bernie AGAIN, for a compliant candidate.

  21. Biden should run as a Republican tbh. If he managed to beat Trump (he wouldn't) Bernie would crush him in the general.

  22. Could you possibly do a video on Jay Inslee? He is probably the only true climate change candidate.

  23. The Anita Hill thing is ridiculous, she was making serious allegations, of course she should be held to scrutiny. Biden was right 100% to let her be questioned, it would be borderline obstruction to act any other way, and wouldn't help the Dems case against Thomas. He even strongly sided with her against Clarence Thomas (which I disagree with because of presumption of innocence.)

    The argument that he shouldn't be president because he is overly "friendly" is equally ridiculous. Of course it is something he should work on but to say he isn't qualified or a sexual predator because he likes to put hands on peoples shoulders is a borderline smear.

    Frankly, I think Biden's only crime is being a white male (loads of people said he wouldn't be an ideal candidate as he is a white male, there's evidence of that in this video) but I don't think that will be a popular opinion around here 😂

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  25. Appealing to the center-right is a doomed strategy for the Democrats. Conservatives will never abandon Trump and Progressives will refuse to vote for someone that doesn't represent their values.

  26. Yes Joe Biden will probably get the democratic nomination, simply because he is NOT the best candidate for the people. Bernie Sanders is. But Bernie Sanders is Not the best candidate for corporations. And he probably won't get the nomination if Biden of any more corporate candidate is still running. So, VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS REGARDLESS OF NOMINATION.

  27. To be fair liking the republicans like Mike Pence or Cheney as people isn't bad, I see it as good, it shows being beyond politics, it's good for the country and what a decent human being should do. I feel his no empathy comment was more of a botched way of telling them to toughen up. Remember, I'm 18.
    I personally feel this video was good, but to me the first half of points appeared to be a stretch except the establishment issue, the racial issues, the issues with his touching, and the donor issues. (EDIT: After that your video gets a lot better, to clarify, and I loved it.)
    I feel the establishment is grooming Buttigieg to take over, and I don't like that. He's in my top 5-alongside Biden, Warren, Bernie, and Bullock-, but I dislike how dark and ominous this grooming for Buttigieg feels. I'm for Biden right now mind you.
    Still, enjoyed the video, you always make good videos, as a Candidate for local office, I'd love to have a interview with you some time.

  28. I think the Democrats are going to make the same damn mistake they made in 2016 by running a candidate like Biden. I will be supporting Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, I’ve been a supporter of Sanders for years, even before he ran for president back in ‘16. I will have a difficult time voting for Biden and his creepy moments are pretty damn frequent.

    BTW – great video, you did a really good job analyzing Biden’s candidacy problems, well done.

  29. he has the best BULLSHIT MADE UP POLL NUMBERS… like, oh, we asked 100 people over the age of 60 in a single zip code. yeah okay. that's a great fucking poll. thanks for letting me know that important information.

  30. WHY IS ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR STILL IN GOVERNMENT!!!!! sorry this is a one strike your out type of mistake for me.., sorry I yelled.

  31. No body wants uncle creepy to ne Pres? Nbo t me. Hes a corporate fascist. Hes the problem not the solution. Hes just more of the same. Lip service to the people. ..l. ACTUAL SERVICE TO THE 1%. HYPOCRIT.

  32. I like to talk about about the 2020 elections with my family: I Just discovered my father likes Biden… I am worried

  33. In Oregon you are registered to vote when you get a drivers license or state ID. They send out pamphlets talking about the candidates and then they mail your ballot to you. They give you plenty of time to respond, and that’s that. If all states did that, the voter turnouts would near 100%. I don’t know how young working people get the time to vote on the one day during the polling times. That might explain why MSM say only old people vote.

  34. The point at 13:44 is very important. We need to wrap our heads around the reality that Trump (while he's an idiot and a terrible guy) does have some skills. One of those is changing the subject and drawing false equivalency that actually holds up regardless of the merits.

    Joe Biden has personal space issues but he's not anywhere near as bad as Trump when it comes to personal misconduct. But I doubt that will matter. Trump will make it look like a 50/50 issue.

    Unfortunately, Democrats have to be near perfect on an issue or Trump will muddy the waters. Sanders is my favorite candidate on substance and record but I also think he's probably the only person who can withstanding Trump's ability to distract and equivocate.

    Even Warren will probably not be able to escape the Native American issue if she is the nominee. That is extremely unfair to her and it should be a non-issue. But with Trump it won't be. The only non-Sanders candidate that so far does not have an issue like that would probably be Harris. And I'd hate to think that Trump can somehow pretend to be on higher ground when it comes to the issue of truancy but I've been surprised by him before.

  35. Reading these comments is proof that Democrats are ready to destroy the economic and political systems that built this nation. Just being well to the left like Biden isn't enough. If you aren't a Marxist or at least a socialist you are not welcome. And God forbid you refer to someone in the other party as a decent person. If any of these radical Democrats win every aspect of our lives will be controlled by the government. What we drive, eat, say and think will be determined by far left elitists like Ocasio-Cortez.

  36. Bro. You need to watch some TYT and TMBS and Kyle Kulinski and wake the fcuk up! You scratching with every subject just a little bit on the surface. And also, your dumb bro. There is no democrats vs republicans. There is only the fight between the rich and the poor. Best poling 😂😂

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  38. You should make one of these for other top tier 2020 Democrats like Bernie, Warren, Buttigieg and Harris.

  39. I may have missed it but if not, don't forget the video of him laughing that he had given the Ukranian government $1bn to sack a prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter's corruption.

  40. I must be one of the few here that likes him more than Bernie Sanders. No, I don't think he's perfect, but I don't see how Medicare for All nor free college is going to be easily feasible in such a large country like that of the United States. I don't want the national debt to continue going up like it has been and I do not want high deficits.

  41. I must be one of the few here that likes him more than Bernie Sanders. No, I don't think he's perfect, but I don't see how Medicare for All nor free college is going to be easily feasible in such a large country like that of the United States. I don't want the national debt to continue going up like it has been and I do not want high deficits.

    Also, Joe Biden hasn't been accused of rape like Donald Trump has.

  42. joe biden wont make it…..obama wouldn't endorse him….obama knows joe won't win….he's way to old and stupid same with sanders….and they are the best the demos have going against Trump….Not Gona Happen

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