JO Hyeonwoo (Korea Republic) – Man of the Match – MATCH 43

It’s a shame that you’ll be going home today,
but you did beat the World Champions. A lot of fans from Korea came today, do you
have anything to say to them? Thank you for supporting us. We played the game thinking about our supporters. We have no regrets and we hope you’ll continue
to support us. Today you earned a hard-fought victory, and
you played very well. As a Korean national player, have you played
any games similar to today? I’ve never had a game like this. It wasn’t just me who made the saves. I made the saves with Kim Seunggyu and Kim
Jinhyeon. I made the saves with the Korean people.

  1. he has been superb with his saves in group stages. shame he 's quite unlucky ex: conceded against a sweden winning goal penalty

  2. Omg omg omg omg You would go for Liverpool
    You need you
    You are better than Karius even more Mignolet🔥🔥🔥

  3. Thanks Sweden and Mexico you kicked South Korea out of the tournament. The only team in Asia which play football well is Japan.

  4. We watched history last night here in South Korea! I guess this match will always be mentioned as an example of "there is no always in soccer" throughout the years!

  5. We didn't even know this kind of guy existed in our league. This guy shined through absolutely scarce chance. Great one. Wish him well in the future.

  6. If the last world cup led to the discovery of Keylor Navas, then this world cup has led to this dude's discovery. He deserves getting signed to big teams now. All European teams ever do is import South Korean outfield players. Time to get this AWESOME goalkeeper. And he seems to be a great guy as well.

  7. Sadly, He need to join Army FC (Sangju Sangmu) next year, He would release from armyat 2021. 🙁

  8. Yeah, he was untouchable. Deserves it. I feel like he even deserves to be called the best goalkeeper of the groups stage.

  9. 김병지 아죠씨가 아시안 게임 금메달 따야 유럽 갈 수 잇다 하심 개ㅈ같은 병역의 의무 때문에

  10. 현우야!! 니가 정말 자랑스럽다!! 근데 대한민국 언급해준거 고마운데 이럴때는
    좀 더 너 자신을 스스로 칭송해도돼.. 넌 그럴 자격이 있어!!

  11. 한국 골키퍼 중에서 조현우 김승규 이운재 이 셋 골키퍼가 제일 자랑스럽다

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