Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

That’s right.
Pedophile and fake billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead
in his jail cell after he apparently committed
suicide on Saturday morning, which, if you ask me,
is some bullshit, right. No, because I wanted
Jeffrey Epstein to stay alive for two reasons. One, so that his victims
could get their day in court, and, two, I wanted him to snitch on all his high-profile
pedophile friends. Now he’s dead! (cheers and applause) He’s gone. You know who we need?
We need that-that red lady from Game of Thrones
to wake his ass up. That’s what we need. Come on, Jeffrey! And what makes this whole
Epstein thing even worse is that we already had questions about his whole
pedophile operation. Now we have additional questions
about how he died. TV REPORTER: This morning,
the question on many minds, how did Jeffrey Epstein die
while in federal custody? TV REPORTER: Epstein had been
taken off suicide watch and was supposed
to have been checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure
was not being followed the night before he was found. TV REPORTER: Sources close
to the investigation say Epstein underwent
a psychiatric evaluation and they cleared him
from suicide watch on or about July 29th, allowing him to return
to his cell. Yeah, they weren’t checking in
on Epstein and they took him off
suicide watch. Why? Like, I’m-I’m not an expert
on psychology, but if someone tries
to commit suicide, I don’t think
two more weeks of jail would suddenly improve
their outlook on life. Now, you may remember the reason this Jeffrey Epstein case
blew up wasn’t just because of the magnitude
of his crimes, but also because his circle included
some high-profile individuals. Everyone from Bill Clinton
and Donald Trump, all the way to famous scientists
and even royalty. And because the story involved
so many people who are so powerful,
many out there are wondering if Epstein really
suicided himself. This is a suspected suicide and it just smells fishy
to so many people. The timing is so suspicious. This comes just one day after
those documents were unsealed. I’m not a believer in
a conspiracy theory but I do believe there’s lots of suspicious activity
to investigate here. TV REPORTER: Twitter erupted
with a number of other conspiracy theories
following the news, the shocking news of Epstein’s
apparent suicide. Hashtags like #TrumpBodyCount
and #ClintonBodyCount and #EpsteinMurder were among
the top U.S. trends. Trump retweeted
a baseless conspiracy theory tying the Clintons to the death
of Jeffrey Epstein. That’s right. I mean, I get everyone else
on Twitter, but the president
of the United States is also retweeting
conspiracy theories that Jeffrey Epstein
was murdered by the Clintons. Yeah. The president did this,
which is pretty wild. I mean, ’cause this is the type
of moment where you would think the president would be
the voice of reason. Instead, Trump is jumping into
the fray. Yeah. You know what he’s like? He’s-He’s basically that dad that when a fight breaks out
in the little league game, he runs into the field,
but instead of breaking it up, starts body slamming
the third graders. (mimics Trump): “Yeah, take
that. Take that. Take that.” (regular voice):
‘Cause he’s doing this in pub– You know what Trump needs,
Trump needs a finster. That’s what he needs. Yeah, one of those secret
Instagram accounts that only your close friends
can see, that’s what he needs. Then he can use that
to just go crazy with his racist stuff,
conspiracy theories, butt pics,
he can just let it all out. Just get it all out. And America doesn’t have
to stress. (audience exclaiming) But this time, though,
this time, it’s not just Trump. It seems like everybody thinks that something shady
happened here. People on the right are saying it was the Clintons
who killed Jeffrey. People on the left are saying
Trump killed him. Jesse Smollett says it
was two white Nigerian guys. (laughter and applause) And I don’t know, guys. I don’t know,
I’m not a conspiracy theorist but something weird
happened here. Like, I was thinking, maybe it wasn’t Trump
or the Clintons. Maybe it was… America. This incident
should make us all troubled about the jail system. We know that there are
many deaths by suicide in jails throughout the country. NEWSWOMAN: The Metropolitan
Correctional Center has been understaffed, leading to low morale
among guards, and the two guards
in the Special Housing Unit where Epstein was kept
were both on overtime, one of the guards on his fifth
overtime shift of the week. NEWSMAN: Sources at the jail
tell CBS News they often rely
on certain inmates to assist guards
in monitoring other inmates due to a lack of manpower. Yeah, you heard that right. Thanks to overworked staff
and underfunded prisons, suicide among inmates
is all too common in the United States, with some prisons
so understaffed that guards ask other inmates
to be on suicide watch for them, which is not ideal. I mean, what if the person
they put on suicide watch is a murderer? Huh? What happens then? He’s just like,
“So, the good news is he didn’t kill himself.” (laughter) So, look, man, I’ll be honest. I get why everybody’s suspicious
of how this all went down because you would think
a high-profile person like Jeffrey Epstein would have
eyes on him all the time. But, to be honest,
I’m also not sure that there’s a conspiracy here. Like, if anything, for me, the conspiracy
has been taking place over the last ten years. First of all, Epstein magically only served
13 months for his crimes, and in that 13 months,
he got to leave prison and go to the office
six days a week. And the prosecutor
sealed the case, which protected Epstein
and his coconspirators and robbed his victims
of due process. That, for me,
was the conspiracy. How did that happen?
What was going on there? -That’s the conspiracy.
-(cheering and applause) And maybe… maybe, just maybe
what happened here is the result of there not being
a conspiracy anymore and Epstein being treated
for the first time just like everyone else.

  1. It's scary how people care more about guns than pedophiles. Then wonder why the survivors of the pedophile grow up and kill everybody in Walmart. Priorities, people. Drug dealers are way better people than pedophiles. Don't you agree?

  2. The prison system in Oklahoma is a joke. Governor Mary Fallin undercut their budget so bad that it equates to one officer to about 120 inmates.

  3. …or…he's still alive 🤔
    With his billions, he is one cosmetic surgery away from a new life 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Trump needs three older brothers who can just take him behind the garage and beat him to within an inch of his life.

  5. Newest news is that they "heard screaming coming from his cell before he was found dead". No one screams as they commit suicide– no one. You scream because someone is murdering YOU!

  6. Never disliked Trevor Noah before now. Why are you downplaying this and trying to make it about the prison system?


  8. These whores indirectly murdered this brilliant and accomplished man .They had willing sex for money also illegal by the way Now they have become the "poor victims" and he an accomplished brilliant man now the "monster", ends up hanging himself in a jail cell! How brainwashed can you be!?This is a cultural thing .For thousands of years people including many kings and queens have had sex with or married 14 year olds.I think Epstein was dumb to commit illigal acts but hes now being painted a s a demon But of course its in line with the zeit geist of the day what I would call the in style of the "Chic War against Men".What a tragedy ,poor guy!

  9. Here's an idea, Stops reading the idiots (T) tweets; what is wrong with Americans? Unlike the rest of you people, I guess, I don't care that Epstein died.

  10. Being skeptical in a bizarre situation like this is not the same as conspiracy theories about Hillary and the Deep State.

  11. He fell on his sword – he knew what he was supposed to do. There was no way he was ever going to stand trial or drop any information on the other pedos, too many high profile scum in this ring.

  12. Oh my god! They are so concerned about prisons. I mean that's another fu&ked up issue. But they are worried about some jail issues at this moment. When there are children right now in cages unless she or is being violently raped. They are being tortured endlessly. It's constant fear and pain for children of every age even infants. What the hell is wrong with humans. It's like we dont give a [email protected] about anybody elses troubles. It's hard to understand what it feels to be hungry if you always had food. But you could at least acknowledge that it's happenimg.

    Im so sick of cold hearted assho_es. What's it going to take for us to change. Can we?

    I don't believe Epstein is dead. Hes hanging out with osama bin laden and Elvis Presley. If evil Epstein was allowed to go to work every day whilie he served out his sentence he'ss in tight with somebody powerful. They do illegal shit right in our faces and we do nothing.

    I hope he is dead but they are using this incident to get us distracted from something.

    ***Please vote for an honest person. Don't believe anything on tv. They lie and lie. Get other sources. Just listen to Bernie before judging him.

  13. I'm pretty sure he didn't die,probably he's somewhere on the plane laughing his ass off..watching his own conspiracy theory evolved

  14. Obviously trump had him killed. And immediately pointed his tiny finger at Clinton. Most transparent president EVER!

  15. For a fact it was inmates in jail .why I know? Cause I was in jail and the rule from jail and seen not killings ,but close to it . THATS what happens when your known as a molester or a perv in jail . If they get a hold of you prepare to look to the sky and pray for a quick and painless death

  16. He had dirt on so many high profile people that I find it hard to believe he wasn’t murdered. Probably not Trump, maybe not the Clintons, but he was definitely murdered.

  17. Lol what kind of neo liberal garbage is this? Holy shit. Please tell me people aren't dumb enough to have faith in the integrity of this dipshit.

  18. Donald Trump is obviously 🙄 stressing Americans with conspiracy theory about everything that doesn’t protect or promote unity in this country .

  19. It's funny how each party is blaming the other for the death of Epstein. When we all know it could have been either or both.

  20. In prisons / jails inmates call them ChoMoz meaning child molesrers ; which are considered the lowest of the lows and usually are targeted anyone brutally killed

  21. Great closing comment Mr. Trevor Noah. I guess we should not be surprised, that by draining the swamp this land will stink for a while.

  22. What if he faked his own death???
    No one is thinking about that ??????

    Cuz that deletes everything including the case

    Not only did we all want to see him go to trial and have to face his victims in court and listen to their testimony and then be locked up for all eternity and get ass fucked for all eternity
    Oh and we ALLL know that this is also an “assisted suicide”
    Tbh I’m sure he was instructed to do it by his very rich disgusting fellow pedophile/rapists buddies who knew that he was going to sing like a fucking canary just to try to reduce his sentence
    Anyone w a brain knows that
    it everybody knows it makes me sick that so many “reporters” are that suggested there’s any “mystery” here
    Only toothless racist white supremacist rapist pedophile backwards ass country fox who support Trump will think for one second if there is any mystery going on here
    Hell all of those maga morons prob fuck their own daughters on a regular basis anyway
    What pisses me off is this bullshit propaganda that there is any sort of “mystery” re: the guards shockingly ignored him all night they
    Hell they probably gave him a very sturdy belt or very strong sheets and a very strong bar (for which he was instructed to use to…)
    And Im sure they also were instructed to explain what the rest of his future was going to be like…
    so yeah- we all (with BRAINS) know what was and is going on
    what pisses me off is any dip shit right now who’s pretending there’s a “mystery”
    YO BRUH- they paid off the shrink to let him out of “suicide watch”
    And they paid off the guards to take extended coffee breaks
    Excuse me but I think we should give Dr. Kevorkian his license back since assisted suicide is apparently totally fucking OK now
    Most importantly…
    I feel horrible for those girls who now have to live forever with not only this nightmare- but now they don’t even get to see any consequences that he should’ve had to face
    they don’t get to say fuck you to his face like those young ladies did at the Larry Nassar trials judge Aquilina was a fucking hero in that trailand
    she sent him to jail for 75 years
    And she said to his stupid rapist face
    “I am now signing your death sentence”
    We need judge Aquilina up in here where is she?!?!?!

  24. I think Epstein was murdered because he would have implicated Trump in child sex felonies. It smells of Putin all over it as he wants to keep Trump in office. (or maybe he is alive and hiding/exiled on his island)

  25. The people who were involved with Epstein must have been quite desperate to do something so obvious. So where is his associate Maxwell? Once being a famous socialite and now invisible.

  26. Why isn’t there an federal investigation into this mans death. And why did you say Trump has anything to do with him. The Clintons where the ones he was going to testify against them. But instead your making fun of Trump.

  27. So if the prison is understaffed then El Chapo can escape at anytime 😂. He probably will after witnessing someone gettin tortured.

  28. I just luv to hear your opinion about things you remind me of my baby he your age with older siblings. You are so sweet and so shifty but, you speak the truth. Kell doing what you are doing.

  29. Trump does not have a body count, the body count for the clintons is off the chart. But the list of suspects of the ultra rich and powerful is long.

  30. Okay look listen! "They" had that man put down for fear he'd out and tell on all the others involved. Anyway the truth will come out!

  31. There hadn't been a suicide at MCC in 21 years. I guess staff were never overworked or tired until Epstein got there. Swiss Cheese

  32. Nice muddying of the waters there Trevor. You leave people with the feeling that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are equally connected to this along with many others. And you use the term 'conspiracy theory' numerous times. You then spend minutes attacking Trump for spreading crazy conspiracy theories. You also make it seem like we'll never get to the truth and that we should focus on a different matter of the story. I'm sure your corporate overlords and the Clintons are proud of you!

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