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hello everybody welcome to the political vigilante my name is Graham Elwood and you're watching the political vigilante so I've been talking about this as soon as the Jeffrey Epstein case came out and they revealed his black book and he has wired homes of his to videotape and record and his planes that he has kept evidence right and former victims of his who have come forward and said that he told them oh I need I keep a ledger of all these people because I'm gonna need this I'm gonna need to get out of jail free card and I've been saying they're gonna try to have him killed the minute his bail was denied I go they're either gonna just sweep his case away like they did in 2008 and give him a slap on the wrist but since this case they're kind of not letting it go and because you're hearing Trump you're hearing Clinton you're hanging Prince I think it's Prince William we're hearing someone from the royal family you're hearing Alan Dershowitz you're hearing all these high-profile people so when they talk about the royal family they talk about that woman Maxwell who was his like madam she's part of the world so these are very very powerful people and I said they're gonna try to have him killed if he's in prison oh this just happened Jeffrey Epstein found injured in New York City Jail after possible suicide attempts semi-conscious as marks on his necks investigators are trying to piece together what actually happened this literally just went down earlier this is Wednesday July 24th Epstein may have tried to hang himself while a third source caution that the injuries were not serious in question if Epstein might be as a way to try to get a transfer and they've even implicated that there was this convicted cop Taglioni who was convicted of a cocaine ring and killing people that he might have so either so so either F Cena's faking this to get transferred or as an actual hit on him like I we don't trust obviously Epstein is a is a horrible human being and a filthy liar and whatever else but do we put it past anybody to try to have him killed of course not he has evidence hard evidence of all these powerful people right all of these powerful people Bill Clinton did Secret Service on multiple Lolita Express flights ditched Secret Service Bill Clinton released a statement a couple weeks ago when Epstein person said I've only was on four of his flights that's not true there's flight logs that he was on 26 so already Bill Clinton's lying which you know he just does that ten times before breakfast but he ditches a secret service several times this goes what this goes so why'd people have no idea why do you think there's other Trump's doing all this race and stuff Trump's trying to distract they're all trying to distract the Muller report comes out Muller just does that that thing that came out where Muller was like it's not it's outside of my purview and he's like fumbling around what page of the report that I wrote was that on all a distraction because this is the real story layer upon layer to protect the boss this is a story this came out on the 14th and then on the 15 stacks of cash dozens of diamonds fake passports found an Epstein safe fake Saudi passport diamonds layer upon layer he had several women that were recruiters that would go go outside of schools and and typically get underage girls and a modeling agency yeah mmm-hmm when these stories came out everyone's like what else does he wear does he are their hard drives with video footage he kept a ledger of everything he there's there's crazy evidence he's gonna they gotta kill him before he makes a deal because that's what happened this isn't gonna go away so he's gonna make it try to make a deal and then they're gonna I mean they gotta kill him before he makes this deal before this evidence comes out I hope all the evidence comes out I hope everybody but they're gonna either I'm telling you I find this various I told I said it I told you I said he that if he got it when they denied his bail when they first seen and he offered up a half a million dollars he's goes I'll give you a 500 million dollars if you'll just let me stay in my you know 75 million dollar mansion in in New York City they denied the judge denied him bail because all this stuff they said he was a flight risk and rightfully so District Judge Richard Berman said he will announce a decision yeah so that came this was the 15th they found this evidence on the 18th they said noop they said no he's a flight risk they denied his bail that's when they got worried the ruling class the ruling elites these pedophile billionaires it is a human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry it's not just one guy getting that uuu there is a network and he recruited these girls for himself and his wealthy buddies and a lot of that means a lot of people had to know about it this right here layer upon layer to protect the boss in this story there was a butler that would clean up after these it would always have $2,000 in cash on him to pay these girls off there was his assistant that would get him masseuses and time.he he got mad at her because she brought a 23 year old that was too old for him all these people have known about this guy for a long time and you knew about this and you did nothing his Butler oh he's no longer alive by the way he passed away hmm weird weird really weird pay close attention folks because they're gonna try to kill him or shut this up and their everyday there's gonna be no some new crazy distraction if they got hard evidence about Trump you better believe we're going into Iran that day and Trump and the Clintons will get together and say we got to attack Iran watch just watch thanks for watching everybody pay close attention because Epstein they're gonna try to kill them I don't I do not see this guy standing trial they're gonna try to kill him they're gonna kill him there you already tried thanks for watching the show please support it at Rock fin com / 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  1. Where is that evidence now? Obviously he doesn't have it with him in prison, so why would they need to kill him?

  2. If You're Gonna Talk About THESE PEOPLE Regarding THESE THINGS At Least Get Their Names RIGHT… As In Prince ANDREW….. NOT PRINCE WILLIAM !!!

  3. The black book has been online for years. I wanna see the flight logs of the "Lolita Express" if they still exist.

  4. Prince ANDREW, not Prince William. Get yr facts straight when you're talking about stuff like this. Don't sully the reputations of innocent people.

  5. You're wrong about trump trump was the only one that volunteered information in the original case against Epstein. He banned him from the hotel trump washed his hands of a Epstein 15 16 17 years ago

  6. Now that you mention it, maybe Mueller hung out at an Epstein party or two, he doesn't seem the type but sexual impulses have few boundaries. Anyway, there are three possibilities left on the table for Pervstein: REALLY BAD – WORSE and DEATH.

  7. Filthy jew should be executed after he gets waterboarded for all the information to take down every political and wall street pervert.


  9. If that was politically motivated properly orchestrated hit, he'd be dead! Not found with bruises alive!

    Probably got the shit kicked out of him by another prisoner.

  10. Does this mean Bill Clinton was even involved in sex with CHILDREN? What a creep! And what a creep does a woman have to be to be married to such a man! I don't understand why she doesn't ask him questions about this. If my name would be mentioned in such a scandal I'm pretty sure my wife would be waiting for me when I come home. And no dinner ready!

  11. Time for Authorities to bribe other authorities.Just imagine what side of the law has possession of the BlackBook.Time to Blacklist,I mean Blackmail!

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