Japan's growing communist movement - 26 Sept 08

31 year-old zhenya works hard he's on his feet for hours handing out free samples to passers-by for a wage of 100 US dollars a day zhenya is known as a frito one of tens of thousands of Japanese no longer have permanent jobs zhenya is happy with his lot but others are worried that the old Japanese certainty of a job for life is fast disappearing some see them as casualties of a capitalist system that has reached its limits down the road from zhenya the Communist Party is recruiting those who have grown disillusioned with a system nowadays Japan suffered have suffered from big disease cspgs in my opinion this is such a roaring income disparities and a the quality and so many problems so we demand the Democratic Change is quite necessary in the framework of its capitalism the pressure to succeed is so strong says this labor lawyer that some people work themselves to death there's even a word for it Hiroshi the unity and harmony of the workers in the Japanese company is a kind of myth in recent months sales have jumped of a 1930s book about workers struggles and their fight against oppression all this has been good for the Communist Party which says its membership has grown with 1000 people signing up every month this year 21 year old Toshi Yuki joined the Communists last month he won't show his face on camera for fear of being discriminated against people misunderstand us we worked so hard and yet things aren't getting better the richer well treated and the poorer pushed to the bottom of society unemployment in Japan is still relatively low but it's rising because of the economic slowdown quite a few have lost their jobs end up on the streets it's a problem Japanese society finds difficult to accept so could this renewed interest in communism pose a serious threat to the current government so it's a kind of Noster ji as they know nothing about the communism so they are sympathetic to the Communist idea that the day all the people should be equal and the low-paid it sounds nice even the books publishers doesn't think this interest will last too long they have a term for it here in Japan my boom something that becomes very popular very quickly for a brief period of time and they think that's what this is a fad but unless the government can do something to revive the economy and re-engage with its workers soon this fad might just last a little longer than they'd like Marg artiguez al Jazeera Tokyo

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