Japan risking its reputation on trade, diplomacy by targeting S. Korea with trade curbs

As the bilateral tensions brew between South
Korea and Japan,… a number of commentaries from global think tanks and publications are
saying Japan’s unilateral trade curbs on Korea are only tarnishing the Abe administration’s
global reputation. Oh Soo-young has more. By starting a trade row with South Korea,
Japan is risking its long-term interests and its carefully crafted reputation. That’s according to commentaries on Tuesday
by various global analysts. An article in Foreign Policy magazine highlights
the political and economic ramifications of Japan’s decision. It says the Abe administration seems “unprepared”
for what it calls the impending “blowback.” The article says Japan’s use of trade regulations
for politics will make it appear “unreliable” and prompt other global businesses to switch
to suppliers they feel they can depend on. The article also notes that Japanese firms
have already seen revenues from South Korea fall by double-digit percentages in retail
and tourism,… as South Korean consumers and tourists boycott Japanese goods and travel
to the country. The article says Tokyo started a trade war
that it wasn’t ready to fight,… and notes that Shinzo Abe’s “unreadiness to compromise”
on bilateral sticking points,… makes Tokyo look like the one that’s “extreme.” Another article published by the U.S.-based
Center for Strategic and International Studies says Japan’s image as an economic leader has
been “tarnished.” Tokyo has undermined its earlier endorsements
of global trade links and economic diplomacy,… thereby also diminishing
Seoul’s support for such initiatives in trade, infrastructure and digital laws. The article urges the two sides to engage
in constructive working-level talks and not to escalate their dispute. As for the export controls, it recommends
that Japan suspend them. Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

  1. Reputation? Any part of the world you travel Japanese has good reputation even on countries like Korea and China. People don't travel to Japan only to go to Disneyland, but also to buy Japanese goods, to study techniques to improve their professional carrier, and so on. Besides that, the JSDF has great projects in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and other southeast countries inclusing building bridges, hospitals, houses, cleaning streets, water, and so on.

  2. Japan: "Hey, Korea! I heard that 40 tons of hydrogen fluoride was missing. Show me a management ledger!"
    Korea: "…"
    Japan: "Hey, Korea! Let's hold a conference on strategic materials!"
    Korea: "….."
    Japan: "OK. I will remove you from the white list!
    Korea: "Hwabyeoooooooooong! Fuck Japan! Boycott Japan!"
    Japan: "I have no idea. sigh…"

  3. Korean news never inform inconvenient matters even from quoted report. It says as one of key points.
    """It is in the strong interest of both Tokyo and Seoul to step back and avoid further escalating their dispute….. Meanwhile, the Moon government should ALSO agree to international arbitration over the historical forced-labor issue, as the Abe administration has proposed."""

  4. ahh, I am getting sick an tired LOL, But I am doing this intentionally LOL. Anyway Sure okay Japan can risk its REPUTATION cause it has a Reputation to start with LOL, what does Korea have? Besides didnt the WTO decides not to take sides, same as RCEP. Whatever the results you may seem to believe in your delusional world of KOREA. LOL What is South Korea known for. At the the moment, Olympic Cheaters, Supporters for anti japanese, exporting without permission(see below), rules do not apply to them(san francisco peace treaty Takeshima), Victimization(poor poor South Korean) Communist(see below)
    For instance, after a Sunchon National University professor told his class that some Koreans probably volunteered as comfort women, the university terminated his employment and a court sentenced him to six months’ imprisonment.

    North Korea
    In at least five cases that were exposed and penalized, Japanese exports to South Korea have ended up illegally in North Korea since South Korea was added to the white list in 2004, government documents show. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20190729/p2g/00m/0bu/062000c

    Olympic Cheaters
    In the women's 1500m final at the 2006 Turin Olympics, three south koreans were at risk of blocking a foul by interfering with wang meng's lead.

    At the World Cup in Japan in 2009, South Korea's players pushed zhou Yang's helmet, causing the latter's gravity to fall off the track and the head against the fence.

    5,2010 short track speed skating world championships women's 1000 m semi-final, individual event the first set of appearance of zhou was Korean players in the game park seung-hi brought down, and cut zhou, ice skates finally zhou injury, carry out of the game

    6,2014 Asian ice hockey league for 4 years, the Chinese team is 19 young zhang Cheng flagrant foul by south Korean players. Action is more and more intense moments, dressed in white south Korean players zhang Cheng knocked purposely

    At the closing ceremony of the youth Olympic Games in 2014, the Korean athletes took laser pens to our leaders in the audience. No normal people in the world can do such a thing.

    8,2014 incheon Asian games badminton men's team in the quarter-finals, South Korea, in order to achieve victory, incredibly venues by deliberately change air conditioning wind to influence Japan's play, South Korea's 3-2 victory finally

    Short track speed skating World Cup 9.2010-2011 season, Korean players Jin Bingjun fell off and bring down China's Han Jialiang, Korean players was not injured, but it deliberately raised will be China's belly piercing ice skates was stretchered off

  5. Everybody know that it is South Korea who has always tried to tarnish Japan's reputation (to no avail). SK is also an exception and outlier who pulls legs of Japan on global surveys regarding country popularity or images. So with Korea gone, Japan's reputation level will rather improve.

  6. The history has changed its course. Japan will no longer be the SK's cashing machine. Brace yourself Koreans, where Japan will be, you will not be there.

  7. “Japan‐Republic of Korea Basic Relations Treaty”
    When sealing the above contract, JAPAN was in adverse condition.
    3,929 Japanese fishermen had to be taken as hostage by KOREA.
    Nowadays Korean don’t know this fact.

  8. Abe has the intention to attack and hurt South Korea economy by impeding the future economic growth. It is truly disappointing and regrettable that Japan, which has been regarded as closest neighbor and friend, has taken such measures.

  9. Samsung declared Samsung will not use any supplies from Japan.
    Told you!
    Samsung, SK,LG all those global companies will not go back to Japan’s small companies.

  10. Proper reflection should start with teaching the right history, not reward.
    We cannot forgive the Japanese government because it denies the right history. We also want a sincere apology rather than a reward. The Japanese government, regrettably in the beginning, has been brazen again and again in the back, showing the same attitude.
    I hope Japan learns the attitude of Germany. If you think that Germany is now the best seller of Jewish hate books, worshipping Nazi Germany and Hitler, and marching in the streets in Jewish hate protests, you can see how silly Japan really is.

  11. LoL Japanese devote so much of their energy hating Korea. Keep it up Japan, meanwhile, Koreans will just worry about making more money.

  12. For the facts for those who may think Japan’s economy is great.
    Copied and pasted from Wikipedia –
    “In 2013, the Japanese public debt exceeded one quadrillion yen (US$10.46 trillion), which is more than twice the country's annual gross domestic product. By 2015, the figure rose to US$11.06 trillion.”
    Japan’s debt per person is 9 times greater than that of Korea’s.

    Korean and Japanese, we all love our countries and where we belong.
    The principle is very simple.
    Golden rule.
    Treat others as you want be treated.
    Pay true heartfelt remorse to those victims and start to heal the pain.

  13. People (aka uninformed SHEEP) only look at the final product of a company and not the PARTS, CHEMICALS or the HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED MACHINE TOOLS used to make that product. For example, the USA always boasts about INTEL but WHO MAKES the machine tools that manufactures Intel chips? Look up ASML (which is a EUROPEAN company). What is even harder to find is who makes the key parts that make those ASML machines run. Machine tools, parts, chemicals, this is where Japan DOMINATES. Good luck Korea. If Japan fully cuts you off you are FUCKED.

    EDIT. I bet most people here do not know who Shin-Etsu is. Google them.

  14. There are a lot of angry Japanese here. Koreans in action, Japanese in words.

    Fact: Major Japanese companies are considering moving production to other countries that are not subject to export restrictions. This means, Beginning of economic downturn in Japan. Like a time when Japan suffered from the bubble economy.

    Many Japanese can leave comments in English. Why not watch news from other countries? If the Korean media is biased, look for the American or British media. Do you think Korea lobbied them? Then why don't you(jp) watch the Chinese or Russian media?

    Even if it's not a foreign newspaper. Not long ago, did Nikkei(日経) publish an article on how damaging Japan's export control itself is?

    Do Japanese live in imagination in anime? This is a reality.

  15. OPPO, xiaomi just switched to use samsung image sensor. Good bye "has been" SONY. Japanese, be very afraid because if Samsung pulls the plug on 5G 2020 Olympic you are fried. Trump won't let you little puppets use Huawei LOL And 1 more thing. Samsung is now investing $133 B on non memory chips. Something that makes japanese cry even more….

  16. Japan, hurt Korea with the Military in the past now they are trying with Economics. It seems Japan always starts the fire. Reality, check.

  17. Korea's anger is not just due to the latest export regulations. The Japanese have been boycotting Korean items. Japan's best-selling list has always had an anti-Korean book. Anti-Korean protesters shouted at the protest, "Korean women are allowed to rape." They denied the Japanese military sexual slavery and the Nanjing Massacre. How can you not be angry?

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