Jakarta is sinking! – Equator from the Air – BBC

The city is growing upwards
and outwards with astonishing speed. Jakarta now covers more than 250
square miles of what was once lush coastal planes and forested hills. I’m really struggling to see an area
of green space that’s bigger than a football field. It’s just like a big sea
of grey and brown. It’s just all buildings. And that’s rapid urbanisation
gone horribly, horribly wrong. And one result of Jakarta’s
transformation is having a particularly devastating impact
on the people who live here. This city is sinking. Current predictions are that by
2050, much of this enormous city is going to be under water. Some people estimate that Jakarta
has got about a decade to try and sort itself out. The sinking is caused
by Jakarta’s sudden growth. Hi! Lacking mains water,
people have long dug wells to tap into the aquifer
beneath the city. But demand has rocketed
and now water is extracted on an industrial scale. As a result,
the ground is giving way. Geez! Sea water seeping up
through the paving. There. My God! Add to that,
the sheer weight of the city and Jakarta is subsiding fast, in some places by up to
25 centimetres a year. Many areas are prone to flooding but
it’s the people in poorer coastal neighbourhoods who suffer the most, despite one attempt
to hold back the tide. This is quite
an incredible structure. It stretches for hundreds
of metres in this direction. It’s a massive wall
but it’s not impenetrable. There’s a little bit
of flaking going on here, it’s been patched up here. There is sea water coming through,
there’s little sea creatures swimming about. There’s some sea algae and kelp. As with every wall,
there’s always the desire to find out what’s
on the other side. Oh, my God! Holy smokes! This mosque went under years ago. And behind the wall in this area, the streets now sit
more than a metre below the sea. For people living here,
it’s a precarious existence. This is insane. The tide is high at the moment
and it’s flooded this entire street. It’s stretching 100 metres
up that way and around the corner. Gives a whole new meaning
to seafront accommodation. It looks apocalyptic. There’s even a man
fishing in the street. Many of the businesses here
have been abandoned. But the owners of one small shop
are staying put. I’m Gordon. Nice to meet you.
Hi. Hello. What’s happened to your street? And does it dry out? When the tide is low,
is this completely dry? Can I have a look inside the shop? Thank you. Oh, that looks delicious. Does the water ever get so high
that it comes inside the shop? It’s been up this high? So, does everyone have to
climb onto the roof? Can you swim? Can you swim? I think you should all take lessons. With the city sinking below
sea level, it’s become extremely vulnerable to storm surges. 2013 saw the worst floods
in recent years. Thousands lost their homes. In the aftermath, waterlogged
conditions left locals exposed to diseases like dengue and typhoid. I just can’t imagine
this place has… Has a future. There are buildings
that are derelict. A warehouse here that’s no longer
in use, industries that are gone. This little shop is the only
sign of life that’s here. I think it and the people working
here are living on borrowed time.

  1. Sorry gwa nda bisa bhs ingris.
    Jakarta mereka ambil cuman sisi buruknya doang anjirr..
    Suruh pulang sj itu bule tidak berguna

  2. We have seen similar footages in various local and foreign media on the same topic in the last few years. One simple and common question, but has not been raised, is what have previous leaders done as to solve this problem. If that concrete construction is a part of the planned giant sea-wall, which in some publications is said to solve the problem (I am afraid, it's an unfinished work, and it looks likely so), how come the quality is that low as seen in the video?

  3. More concerned about burning down Catholic Churches.
    God's are punishing these greedy governments. Jews have allready invested in Borneo next capital. Indonesia Jakarta is lost.
    They should panic

  4. 2019 : jakarta
    2030 : aquakarta
    2050 : beachkarta
    2060 : jadi palung.
    2080 : Roxy mall jadi bangunan bersejarah bawah laut🤣

  5. I just learnt it today. I got to see it from BBC world news and me and my dad. We were so shocking that Indonesia could ever start sinking. Scientists said it would be Maldives first to ever sink. It's all about climate change. Men are beast… They are ruining everything.

  6. PREPARE FOR world wide enslavement?the ONES who come tohelp will also be the ones who take over and remove people from land for their OWNSAFETY..SOP?

  7. What do you expect if the people can’t get clean freshwater from pipes??
    Both PALYJA and Aetra water utilities company only supply 60% water of Jakarta.

  8. Bener kata ahok, harus nya warga2 yg tinggal di deket pantai/sungai di gusur semua, jgn nyalahin pemerintah doang, kalo masyarakat nya aja kl di kasih solusi suka ngelawan atau enggak setuju, harus nya pemerintah Dan warga bisa bersinergi,pemerintah gabakal bisa nyelesain masalah ini tanpa kerja sama dari warga, jadi intinya Kita semua lah yang harus berubah..

  9. When someone wants to change and fix Jakarta but one day that person has been criminalized by some majority who wants Jkt in destruction phase..

  10. Oh my god this is jakarta ?? New delhi city is far better then jakarta . omg like this 😱 my wife from jakarta alhumdulilah now she is in new delhi india jadi aman


  12. Im an indonesian.. well most of the people are just ignorant too know about this.. most of us just stupid.. its the way most population behave toward their enviroment is in critical point……. I completely aggree if jakarta is sinking.. so it can be a model to other cities ( hopefully )

  13. Our tv channels won’t talk about this issue but international channels do care about this issue. wanna know why? Indonesians are still scared to speak up their kindness for our country especially the environment because many locals will think that we are just kids so they want us to shut our mouth. Jakarta’s Gouverneur is a bit lazy to handle

  14. You guys are from England, so you can say Jakartanic as well.
    But don't try to find the iceberg. It's not about an iceberg. It's about the heavy load.

  15. I feel like humanity needs to end at some point depending how worse it gets from such natural disasters even to the slighest from things notably global warming just like dinosaurs getting extinct

  16. thats why indonesian president jokowi move capital city to kalimantan /borneo and actually first indonesian president sukarno planning move to kalimantan since 1957

  17. Jakarta pinggiranya kotor 😝 waktu pertama datang liburan merasa bahagia pas 1Hari jln2 masyaalloh msh mending dijawa dikampungku 😋 …
    Org2 jakarta gk bisa jaga kerapian

  18. I think it is time that all low land areas in the world to place our very own polders and dams just like holland while we have time. Most financial center in the world is located in flat low lands and surely it will be a disaster if the time comes.

  19. And that's exactly what's going to happen to the USA if we open the borders !

    USA- sorry we're closed there's no room left.

  20. First of all im very sorry heard that news. It's because of earthquake that made the structur of soil been loss and maybe the population too. Im take geography and we learn it now and care of you country. Im hope president Jokowi will make a discuion with the minister and netizen.
    Im already know this issue since 2015 (Menengah atas)

  21. Urusin negara sendiri tuh dinegaralu ada banjir bandang besar tapi melesat ke negara sebelah,emang gila dasar anak bala/F*ck

  22. I live in Jakarta and I warned my father about Jakarta's chaotic problems like polution, sinking, overpopulation and financial problems. He beleived everything EXCEPT for the sinking issue. I'm showing this to my father so he understands

    Jakarta, the worst version of Asian Venice

  23. Young lady in the supermarket, toddler in right hand, baby in a sling on the left and pregnant… at the lights, young lady next to me with her 3 young children on a scooter; 1 standing in front, 2 sitting behind, oh wait, a cute little baby's face peeks out between the mother and child sitting behind…

  24. Kereeeeen, Jakarta under water eh under ground. whaaaaaat………. baru tahu jakarta gw yang tercinta, waktu kecil di jakarta , gak ada kayak gituan…. udah tua ke bekasi…. laaaadalah……😥

  25. Islamic radicalism is fertile in these areas. They have chosen a governor who cannot solve their problems Gaining power by playing religious and race cards. I feel sorry for these poor people Living in that swamp and never had a chance to live in a humane Condition.

  26. I have been to Jakarta many times and this is going to be a humanitarian crisis with the relocation of several million people in a few years time. The floods will continue. The sinking will continue. Nothing will hold back the natural disaster that is happening.Indonesians wake up to what is happening in your city.

  27. Is it okey Jakarta sinking?. Anyway Thing that make me wondering is property over there are so expensive, while in fact; at the same time Jakarta city drowning into same level of sea on each year, cause flooding touches wealthy areas too. So is just matter of time Jakarta become Atlantis. Btw Enjoy while it last” in Jakarta.

  28. Don’t make fun of this in a comment section . This is a serious problem to our fellow country. Philippines 🇵🇭 worried about your country

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