Ivanka Trump’s Relationship With Chris Steele Blows Up Republican Talking Point

For roughly three straight years. We have seen Republicans, we have heard Republicans
all out there telling us that Christopher Steele, the former British spy, was absolutely
an operative working with the Democrats trying to take down Donald Trump. That dossier that he put together, some of
which has been corroborated, some of it has not. Uh, it was released roughly about three years
ago. And here’s the thing. Yesterday we got the inspector General’s report
talking about the investigation into Donald Trump, how it started, what were the roots. And so obviously a big portion of that inspector
General’s report focused on Christopher Steele, the guy who put together the dossier. And in the report we found out that Christopher
Steele did in fact not have a huge bias against Donald Trump. And that at one point, starting roughly 10
years prior to the dossiers, a compilation, he actually had a working relationship with
Ivanka Trump. That is what we found out from the IG report
yesterday that Christopher Steele, this former British spy, met Ivanka Trump at a fancy dinner. The two of them kind of seem to hit it off,
emailed back and forth for years. Met up at least once at Trump tower. They were planning a second meet up at Trump
tower Steel, wanted to work with them and in the uh IG report Steel actually came out
and said, if anything, I went into this with a pro Trump bias. Now let’s be clear, this inspector general
report does not indicate that Mr Steel and Mrs. Trump ever had any thing more than a
working relationship, but they did meet up, as I mentioned at Trump tower. They emailed back and forth for years and
it really does lead one to speculate about what the nature of that relationship was. But that’s a story for a different day. The story today is that another Republican
talking point has been murdered and that is that Christopher Steele was some kind of anti-Trump
democratic operative who put together this dossier to destroy the Trump administration. If anything, Christopher Steele’s, the kind
of guy who probably wanted a job there, he certainly wanted a job or at least to work
with in some capacity or another, Ivanka Trump. And we know that now. We now know that Republicans have been lying
to us for three straight years about who Christopher Steele is and what his motivations are. And the worst part about it is that Ivanka
Trump sat there for three years. Knowing dang well, she knew this guy. She knew who he was. She could have picked him out of a lineup
because they’d hung out in the past and she said nothing. She let these attacks against Christopher
Steele from her own party, from her father continue because she was too embarrassed or
to ashamed or maybe just too scared to speak up about the fact that she knew this guy and
she knew him pretty well.

  1. Ok, that's it! Enough of the Wet House's projections of guilt onto the innocent! Who REALLY killed Seth Rich, then?!? Which media witch "broke" the story first?!? Who is Robert David Steele's Not Christopher favorite propagandist? What other roads lead back to Roger Stone and/or Vlad? ♤Lv

  2. The truth is the republicans are the ones who started the Steele dossier not the Democrats they wanted to no about trump. So stop spreading propaganda and misleading bs. Is this what the republicans want to be remember in history for covering up a traitor your grandkids will be disgusted in you for protecting putin

  3. NAAAHH, I'm betting he screwed that shark fin nose having bitch, and she didn't want it to be found out.
    She's a cheater, just like her father.

  4. Steele has been in Ivanka's pants more than Donald or Jared. Better have DNA tests done on the kids to see if they are Steeles or Donald's.

  5. How many times did the R's mention the Steele dossier during Mueller hearing. The word dossier sounds ominous so they loved using it.

  6. NARRCCISS accuse others of what they themselves are doing.
    She is not innocent. Evil in pretty package. The apple didnt fall far from the tree, it rotted off. Keep up the good work but stop making excuses for and cutting slack just cause shes cute. She let babies be ripped from their parents arms and be put in cages. Shes not powerless, poor and inept.
    Shes one dalmatian coat shy of being a disney villian.

  7. I love how trump says read the call records for Ukraine. He says it clears him but he knows his base dosnt read so those morons just take his word for it .not kidding even a little bit

  8. Ivanka lover !! ….as Murdoch's EX wife was lover of Putin !!! 📝📝📝📝📚📚📚📖📖📖📖🗽🗽🗽🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. I'm checking out the age difference between Ivanka and Chris ..he must have loved that young pussycat.. Mature men of power make great sexual partners…but I can't understand how she sat for so many years and listened to the GOP bash him, it must have hurt her inside…

  10. Criminal covert narcissistic gangstalking family, what do you expect from bullies who need a presidency to save their arses

  11. Of course she let that happen, her name is Trump what would you expect? The whole family is a family of turds and garbage. Not a single one of them is anywhere close to being an upstanding citizen. Each and every one of that family are scum bags and scammers and grifters. I know that some have this deluded idea that Ivanka is a reasonable person, she will sometimes set her father straight – no, she's not, she's if possible even more corrupt and disgusting than her father.

    The whole family is pure garbage – each and every one of them.

  12. What kills me is that these people seem to believe none of these things will ever see the light of day! Is it hubris, or just plain arrogance? Surely Ivanka would have known that her contacts would eventually be unearthed. The stupidity is what is truly scary.

  13. Now that is interesting! I would like to know who initiated the first meeting and who initiated the continuous contact and what that was about?

  14. Trump said his investigation was a joke. He said look into the 2016 election, when they investigated him for his russian connections. The FBI concluded the investigation was proper and not Hillary or Barak inspired. Trump is always wrong and he has lost touch with reality. Like a worm on a fish hook squirming for it's last gasp of hope before the line is cast in the water.

  15. To my knowledge this didn’t come up in the ig hearing. Also they kept lamenting on how his dossier was payed for by Dems, yet conveniently disregarding how it was started by repubs… hmm

  16. Gee, "a working relationship," with Steele. Does that mean that he and she were like close, really close, or locked into each other? Another red herring floated by fat ass donnie to make you believe that the Democrats hate him. Now that the guys usefulness is ended, he is being thrown to the wolves as a bad guy.

  17. Yeah that's Ivanka talks alot but never says a thing. One thing I can say is trumps paranoia is getting old. Enough, now we have to put up with Billy Barrs noids too!!! Ahhhhh!

  18. Republicans will drown in the coming blue tsunami and that is sad because republicans are needed but will not win as long as they present as badly as they do! Hope they clean out the deplorable membership….but they either can not or won’t giving the democrats a big win!
    Myopia is not their friend!

  19. Obviously fake report again, are you trying provoke or are you out of mind? So obvious you said 'bias'. I will sue this one too, remember I am unkillable. From Bruce William Dragon Petra Trump, husband of Ivanka Karimmiyah Trump, marriage id, /.6969696 Chicago Mariage Marry Affair Corporation id. Let say I will take you all to court, for I already told everyone we are married years before. I live Detroit but now in Malaysia due occupation as minister on Law and Court Ministry plus I am Special Task Ordonan Regiment Muhammad enforcement forces with company registration KT-2211075 UNISOL WORLD ARMY, will going greet you for second time. Sincerely, Gold Dragon Emperor, Bruce Almighty Prophet Divine Lord Majesty from Malaysia 🇲🇾
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  20. Stop lying Its was Hillary who used Steel to create the pee per lie. He even bragged about the lie to Buzz Feed. I'm sorry he is a liar and you trust his words. Iberals are stupid keep supporting people who are out to destroy our country. Steel was a spy idiot.

  21. I would like to have sexual relationship with ivanka trump , i think she is hot as her dady said so, based on his experience with ivanka.

  22. Slimy trump and slimy party….please save America from republican slime! Those GOP members at the impeachment made my skin crawl with their ludicrous attempts to lie and distract…..remember Sen. Foghorn? Or are you too young? Wake up America…he republicans are doing us and themselves no favor! They should want a more honorable party but it looks like they don’t give a damn!

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