‘It’s A Bombshell’: Shakedown Witness Confirms Damning Impeachment Call | MSNBC

  1. For God’s sake…isn’t there someway we can get Trump to TESTIFY UNDER OATH?
    Come to think of it…is there some way to invent “Tweeting under Oath”…LOL…?

  2. Absolutely, we now have a government that's not in good shape due to trump. He brought in all of his cronies to delut / tarnish our government. People, look at how many individuals associated with trump that have been prosecuted or facing charges. A lot of them have just pled guilty, and many still believe he is not the top CONSPIRATOR. Wake up and forget about the party and think about the people.

  3. faking zZz news😪💤I have to catch my (YAWN) Breath, 💣shell.. a g a i n,( DUD) it's the smoking💨🔫GUN, someone hand me the Nyquil (yawn)?

  4. They forgot to mention setting Ukraine up to take the fall for Russias interference on behalf of Trump in our election. It is supposed to allow Trump to drop sanctions on Russia and by the time they finish demonizing the Ukrainians, give Putin a green light to finish annexing the whole country. Bribery, extortion, and deadly betrayal of another, hard-won, ally with Russia, again, the beneficiary.

  5. Individual #1 Is stressing to get re elected!!! Keeps him from Prison for 4 more years!!! America will tell him and the GOP what they think about corrupt politicians!!!
    VOTE THEM OUT!!!🇺🇸🙏⚡🌋💣🇺🇸

  6. Couldn't agree more – Bolton needs to come forward!! It's just shameful that he's holding back. The American people have a right to hear from him. Instead he goes out and gives "off the record," speeches!?!?! What a '#[email protected]&" Coward!

  7. Republicans were completely fine wirh hear say during Clinton's impeachment when Linda Tripp provided it. It's only because everyone is scared of Trump tweeting negatively about them and losing their seat.

  8. The whole thing about claiming "Ukraine got the money, so it's not a crime!" BS reminds me of something that happened to me last August:

    I was waiting at a bus stop and someone on a bike rode up and smacked my phone out of my hand. Before I could do anything, he rode off with it. He circled back and demanded money to get my phone back. Totally broke & panicking he might have a weapon, I opened my wallet and had nothing. Luckily, someone else noticed what happened & walked over from across the street to check it out. He asked what was going on and the thief started lying that he picked up my phone when I dropped it and the second person explained he saw the whole thing, and demanded he leave or the cops would be called. I got my phone back & he left.

    Here's the relevant part: I called to report it and the cops said that even though I got my property back, I was still robbed.

    Ukraine was still at the mercy of Trump's egomaniacal whims, even though they get what they needed. Even then, it was only after public pressure & exposure exploded therefore he had to straighten up and fly right. Otherwise, it would be totally obvious.

  9. So this is where all the sh*t goes when you flush the toilet. I'm glad it is well contained to this polluted turd corral. The overflow reservoir is CNN. STOP DRINKING THE WATER!

  10. This is like a horror movie, no matter which hallway you turn down, there is Trump with his machete waiting to hack you up.

  11. Not going to college, obviously I can be president by lying my way through. And bribing, threatening and giving hate speeches. I'll have to make friends with some really bad guys. Oh and all this is going to be funded by my rich daddy.

  12. What was Sondland thinking phoning the President on a delicate matter from a crowded restaurant…. Isn't that a breach of security worthy of criminal charges??

  13. Yawn. The same liars that brought us the Russian hoax just can't get over losing and now have come up with this. Trump isn't leaving no matter what you do

  14. Trump for life. The best ever President the USA ever had. Every record broken and every promise achieved. The poor DemoRats are i# yeh cellar and will be staying there just like Pencilneck Schiff conspiring in the cellar Of the WH. DemoRats in government are a waste of human sperm.

  15. Sondland now has the key in his hands. He can play the game in a way that can benefit him the most, meaning, keeping him out of jail. He made huge donation for Trump's inauguration, now he can make an even bigger contribution for Trump's relocation, and this would cost him not a single cent, only a few words. Mr. Sondland, raise to the occasion and do what you must… for your own sake. Be truthful.

  16. 13:15 "…Bolton should be ashamed … impeachment is not enough and there's a whole BUNCH of these people…that's not enough … if we remove this president we have all these people … a corrupt person heading the justice department… that's a government at risk … a crisis of the first and historic order" [John Flannery]

    A major WARNING from your ally: the problem is that America has SHAM DEMOCRACY, which in turn puts the blame on you, the well-meaning person of good conscience, because it is the behavior of one's government by which one is judged. Trump is only a symptom, and a good reason why a psychopath now sits at the helm of the free world. All he wants is hotels and is willing to trade your America and your freedom for them. Understand that right now, the ENTIRE world is laughing at you because of your SHAM DEMOCRACY that is a magnet for profiteers like Trump and his dozen cohorts. Trump was in the process of EXTORTING Ukraine with funds designated for protecting YOU, and us your allies, when he got caught. And he almost got away with it as he did with Turkey and now has committed genocide.

    Sending Trump AND his cohorts to prison will STILL not be enough. You have to REFORM your first-past-the-post winner-takes-all electoral-college gerrymandered-to-illegality megadonor-cozy SHAM DEMOCRACY you have there that is magnet which invites monsters like Trump and McConnell, and EVEN the Biden sleaze, and will propagate the status-quo and create more white-collar psychopaths like him if you don't.

  17. All the enablers of the President should be bother from service . They should be ousted from any public office service. Clean slate

  18. I will tell the truth for free, you cannot pay me to lie nor to suspend my belief's in Valor, Integrity, Honesty, or Fidelity, I will not hate just for the sake of my "party" but Bill Barr, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunez, and almost every single republican GOP crony seated are willing to trade American values for the party. Willing to risk our very standing in the eyes of this entire planet and for what to defend a crooked liar that is seated in the highest office in the land ? Why ? When all is revealed they will no longer be allowed to hold any office in any capacity.

  19. fake news because the call this new witness is referring to is the same call that the president already released the transcript of.

  20. At this point I believe Sondland is very worried about his freedom and his hotel business fortune. He needs to ask for immunity so that he can keep his freedom and possibly keep his lucrative hotel business running. If he lies he will certainly lose both.

  21. Check out the lies & wild distortions Fox "News" and GOP putting out. It's disgusting. Shameful. Criminal. Treasonous. They count on their base not watching the hearings. Their probably correct.

  22. I bet Sondland made the call so he could seem like a big shot. Like “watch this I can call the President directly because we are cool like that and I am doing important business for him…I am so cool.”

  23. 11:08 And what does the Pig Farmer say? Dirty Nunes I hope he get implicated for obstruction of justice in his handling of the evidence before he went to Trumpard and came out with a false narrative! WHAT A JOKE!

  24. The best part is Holmes reports that the personal contact in Ukraine for Trump and the GOP was Lutsenko. The Ukrainian AG removed from office for corruption.

  25. Lieutenant Colonel Markinson shot himself at the point he realised the game was up. He knew what he had been part of in respect of PFC Santiago. Col. Nathan Jessup's time was limited from that point. Where is Caffey when you need him? The American public deserves to see Adam Schiff questioning Trump on the stand in a court room. There's no doubt about who ordered the Code Red is there?

  26. @AM
    IMHO, Dumpty's "congratulatory call" to Ukraine's then newly elected President, Volodymyr Zelensky, was an early, if not the 1st act in furtherance of Dumpty's Zelensky QPQ Bribery scheme because he dangled things like who's coming to Zelensky's swearing in ceremony as well as the possibility of a WH visit for Zelensky, etc. to see what was of interest to Mr. Zelensky.
    So Dumpty's "Bombshell" call to Sondland is not only a Statement Against Interest by Dumpty, but it's also another act in furtherance of Dumpty's Zelensky QPQ Bribery scheme.
    Thus, Sondland's statement immediately after the call to those he was having dinner with that 'Dumpty only cared about getting Zelensky to start investigating the Bidens' is not only an unforgettable statement from an unforgettable telephone call, but also a Statement Against (his) Interest*, which would allow Congress and/or any good prosecutor to squeeze him for 'fruit higher up the tree'.
    I doubt Barr would even dare to barr that prosecution in the absence of a pardon from Dumpty!!!
    Sondland and GiuLiarAni are both right in front of Dumpty's bus, and, therefore, the long arm of the law is waiting to grab Dumpty by his eggs!!!
    Given all that, then, other than Ohio Rep. Jim ("Blind Eye") Jordan—who may already need Dumpty's assistance if not a Pardon—the question of the day is: How could the Regressican'ts continue to stay in Dumpty's corner without being considered to be a part of Dumpty's Conspiracy?
    Especially since everybody could see that Dumpty was continuing to Tweet-Slime the very woman he unceremoniously fired (because she was doing a good job of blocking his endless schemes) during her very testimony about his crimes, under oath, to Congress!!!
    Dumpty's more than emphatically answered Mr. Welch's ageless question, "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"
    * Sondland is facing Perjury and Obstruction of Justice by lying to Congress, Conspiracy to Bribe Zelensky, and Bribery, among others.
    2020 and its Indictments are breathing down their necks, especially Dumpty's since now he'll definitely lose the vote of any thinking woman voter!!!

  27. And to think Sondland paid $1,000,000 for the privilege of betraying his country and being investigated by congress. Talk about buyers remorse.

  28. The hits just keep coming over and over. The major issues we have in this country could be worked out for the most part except for the fool running the senate right now! Moscow mitch keeps blocking most eveything the Dems try to put through to actually help the little guy, but nooooooo! The "grim reaper" will reap what he sows, especially when it comes time to vote him out! Taylor has been a patriot, and has had the guts to stand up against this communist traitor! Now Holmes is stepping up to do the RIGHT THING also. America has had enough of the lies! These repub yo-yo's say the economy is great? REALLY? Can anyone here tell me why, in the first 3 months of this year, over 6500 retail business's went belly-up? The real clincher here is that this 3 months is more than all of 2018! That's 4 times more than 2018! I think that easily establishes a clear pattern of our economy going in the wrong direction. And if that isn't enough? 2 weeks ago Union Pacific, the biggest railroad in the country says they are in trouble, their words, not mine. Their shipping is down somewhere about 8.6 to 8.8 per cent country wide! It's not very difficult to see the connection to this. But then again we have communist traitor trump throwing us into this moronic tarriff war with china. Could he be doing this on purpose to cripple us enough to make OK for the communist to simply step in and "save us"? This is the same type of SCAM being pulled on zelensky and the Ukraine! They deserve better than that! WE deserve better than that!

  29. Apparently, Sondland has not through the ENTIRE perjury attempt. He forgot, that the actual documents and video show something entirely different than his perjury is trying to manufacture…. https://youtu.be/5evTkBbCZHI

  30. Dear FBI you know that it is time to arrest DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So what are you waiting for??????????

  31. Everything he has done as president should be erased the judges everything should be removed, he was a fake president so nothing he did should be let stand

  32. Let’s see what those big mouth Republicans Nunez and Gordon have say now! Keep defending that trader to the United States 😂…..that puto is going down!!!

  33. This erroneous emperor has blown it this time!! The Senate had better wake up and the Republican Party needs a new candidate.

  34. Tic tic tic… yet he tried to say he was interested in the crime in Ukraine. Hmm! He better sit and stare at himself in the mirror for awhile. If hes looking for crimes I think that's all he'll see.

  35. How can Trump literally lie directly to the people like that?? Like, bro, have you EVER heard of the internet!? We can fact check you dude!
    Trump: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

  36. I quote the IQ of our president…

    It's nothing but a Witch Hunt I could care less I'm not watching it it's a waste of time & money.

    Yet he tweets about the person testifying one after another on Twitter now come on it don't take arnstein realize that mr. President was a lie

  37. These day's, people always expect to be entertained by everything they watch so they judge the impeachment hearings based on how exciting it is rather than actually absorbing the details of the evidence. People need to get out of their reality tv mindset and realise that legal inquiries/ trials are meant to be boring so that the only thing influencing your assessment is the evidence. So all the professional commentators need to stop framing this as exciting or boring and start explaining and highlighting the details to their audience.

  38. The Republican base of voters go to church. There they are taught that Trump was sent from God.

    Therefore, just like the same logic they use to justify slavery, genocide, and baby murder as recorded in the Bible as being "morally justified" by virtue of the fact that God commanded these things and God is automatically the standard of moral purity, in a similar way Trump can do no wrong, because after all, God sent him.

    And anyone who says otherwise is from the Devil.

    That's literally what's being taught in churches across the south and midwest.

    It's disgusting, and a couple of centuries behind the times.

  39. Don't walk away and leave your favorite youtube channel engaged. Because MSNBC will take its stead. One simply can not get away from the scripted, drummed-up drama, with pathetic actors, mainstream tel a vision, they want to force propaganda upon you. Let us make certain the majority of the sheep don't start paying attention to what is truly happening, keep their minds focused on fake drama. Stop absorbing mainstream media, it is all monopolized by only a few families, for just a few months, simply as an experiment. Social engineering is real. I wonder if this post will get censored.

  40. I hate it when i hear somebody say "Americans are a lot smarter than that ". Americans elected Trump president, so the phrase should be " some Americans are smarter than that ".

  41. WTF GOP?!  🐘 Y'ALL just woke up and found yourselves in The CULT and just decided to roll with the Free Russian Cash Flow? 💸
    NRA is a helluva drug! 🇺🇸🤦🏽‍♂️
    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  42. The republican party is full of the lowest quality people who have no problem covering up crimes and trashing the constitution they are sworn to protect. In any other job, these people would be fired and most likely face charges for failing to uphold their fiduciary duty. But not in the republican party… nope, Republicans reward their morally bankrupt members by promoting them to positions of power.

  43. @11:00 – 13:50 REPLAY
      John Flannery was spittin' bars and DJ Ari scratched the track, badly. 😕🤦🏽‍♂️ Why did Ari not roll with what was soooo on the money?! John Flannery was giving us pure knowledge! 🧐
    Cheers from Cancún 🇲🇽
    🌴 🍻🤘🏽

  44. Adam Schiff and Pelosi Democrat party are Evil Destroy our Country , two President only talk very normal , but Democrat plant impeach the day 1 when he just took office , Democrat never let President Trump peace 1 day , they are very evil , why Democrat Corrupt , and Democrat so big mouth , and blame other party , and almost 3 years ,he did for our Coutry a lot , when 8 years Democrat Obama go around the world Bow down ,make AMERICA VERY BAD LOOK , AND PRESIDENT TRUMP ,DID TOOK OUR COUNTRY OUT THE DARK , AND DEMOCRAT TRY TO BRING SOCIALIST COMMUNISM TO OUR COUNTRY AS CHINA ,CUBA , N.KOREA

  45. You are now trying to put it on option of something we have no context for. What did he mean and why? Those can NEVER be more than guess work.
    Yikes, this really doesn't nail trump to any crime 1st hand under the articles of impeachment rules already established.
    End result, another blank, this 1 shouldn't blow up in the dems face but they seem to turn all they touch into TNT

  46. Trump may not have known but maybe he wouldn't have care but, by keeping the phone at an open and audible proximity for the public.. The public was invited and became IST HAND WITNESS TO CHOOSE WHICH NAIL FOR THE COFFIN!

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