Italian prime minister resigns amid demands for snap election


  1. Salvini will not last in his national leadership AS LONG AS THE POPE IS A GLOBALIST and SABOTAGES Salvini in EVERYTHING. If the pope lasts longer than the Italian leadership, this means THE POPE IS RULING!!! Hello? _CHANGE THE POPE_, Ttaly!!!

  2. A nationalist Salvini cannot compete with a globalist pope, especially WHEN THE POPE IS NOT SUBJECT TO ELECTIONS AND RE-ELECTIONS. Italy MUST CHANGE POPE!

  3. Salvini is elected for x amount of time. But the globalist pope reigns for LIFE and RULES FOR LIFE, and this is why Italy is not a democracy_! Italy must call the pope to _RESIGN and install a pope that cooperates with the nation's leader, to be effective and last!

  4. Italy! Your pope is a globalist, and he is the one that rules Italy. You do know that, right? You understand why none of your elected ones last, right? Your pope MAKES BUSINESS WITH POLITICIANS WORLD WIDE! This is clear to you, right? So you do understand, Italy is a PAPAL MONARCHY. Forget your illusion of a democracy! You must separate papal power from political powers. _TWO RULERS CANNOT RULE ONE COUNTRY AND TWO CHEFS CANNOT RUN ONE KITCHEN!

  5. Italy is a corruption cesspool. I can only hope they get many leaders theroughout their system that can clean things up.

  6. Italy is the most racist country in the world. My friends went there this summer and were told to go back to Africa. It didn’t take long for them to leave Italy and return back home.

  7. Does anyone in america really care nice going fox another attempt at putting up stories when we all know the real story

  8. Italy is Going for a REAL PM, Just Like AMERICA DID as We Te PEOPLE Got a REAL PRESIDENT…President TRUMP…TRUMP 2Q2Q For Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen

  9. Why the hell do you disable comments on any post you make about the squad? The people have a right to comment FOX!

  10. Lets all see Donnie diapers HS and college grade transcripts????? The self proclaimed genius hides them. WHY??? They can't be anymore embarrassing than his sexual assaults and fraudulent taxes. Can they??????????????

  11. Salvini has done more and from my understanding, he more popular at the moment. He'll be the next prime minister imo.

  12. ITALY IS RUN BY THE POPE & ITALY HAS TO CHANGE THIS IF IT WANTS TO BE A DEMOCRACY.The Italian people must help themselves and also Salvini and call for the current pope's resignation. The pope is a globalist and makes business with world leaders since its inception, and therefore OUTPOWERS and OUTLASTS every single politician the people elect. Salvini is nationalist, the pope is globalist. Salvini has to be elected & reelected. The pope is elected for life. The pope has already established relations with politicians, and has A MUCH BIGGER WEALTH THAN ANY ELECTED POLITICIAN. Italy, as of now, is not a democracy. it is a papal monarchy reigning as an absolutist. it is not an accident why Italy has to elect someone new every year. The pope is the cause behind the curtains.

  13. Italy, call for this pope's resignation! Salvini, if elected, doesn't have a chance with this globalist pope who outlasts Salvini's term!

  14. Salvini next Prime Minister!!!!!!

  15. Can any of you redudlicans name one thing the orange quack has done for the people of the United States??? One thing? He's a total failure..

  16. But the EU is doing so well! Just look at all the new Slums being setup by the immigrants! All the gang rapes and murders! We are not allowed to say their religion, But you know!

  17. Italy is a papal monarchy. And then the people wonder why a new leader is elected every year. That's because they do not lead. there is a shadow government running Italy. And it's the pope, and he outlasts every elected one for life. Italy has to chose between papal monarchy and a democracy.

  18. Usually, these kinds of things, mean the government had no confidence, in the PM. Hopefully, someone will step up and lead… ENOUGH, of these "yes men/women" in charge. They only want to answer to the E.U. or the globalists. That means you, Macron, May and Merkel!

  19. I'm sorry but why in the hell did you guys higher Donna brazile??? CNNis crashing so are you going to hire all those actors cause those morons are not journalist people want to hear the real news NOT PROPAGANDA!

  20. All the people who thinks salvini is a savior…are brainwashed by the media…He sucks, he has no balls, no brain and he did NOTHING the time he was in power, he didn't even stop the invasion of migrant…just stop for some day the ONG…litterally a fail after the other

  21. BALONEY BRET BAIER..YA FOX HAS CHANGED! We're with Trump/Not Fox! BooWhoo Bret Baier Fires Back at Trump on Polls: ‘Fox News Has Not Changed’Matt WilsteinSenior WriterUpdated 08.20.19 7:07AM ET / Published 08.19.19 9:38PM ET

  22. Isn't this the guy that was recorded trying to appease Merkel with assuring her that the flow of migrants will continue?

  23. f h o x news why didn't you tell us which one was for closing the Border in which one wasn't. maybe your boss is wouldn't let you. Small hats Disney get the picture

  24. Conte, is the intelligent one. Salvini is a complete idiot as well as Di Maio. So sad, because Conte knows the law and the Constitution: the other reo are just clowns. A sad day for Italy.

  25. Every leader who wants to hand over their country, it's culture, it's people's birthrights etc to invaders should follow suit and resign immediately.

  26. Fox News is so dumb…the man they showed giving that passionate speech is former PM Matteo Renzi, not current PM Giuseppe Conte. I’m an American and I know that.

    Fox News sucks.

  27. Hahaha!!! You sound so idiotic! "It is unclear who would be leading Italy moving forward?!!" Who has been leading Italy so far?! Hello…none other than Mateo Salvini, duh

  28. Globalism sucks… all people need to put their country first! Keep cultures strong and unique, that's what makes them special and great.

  29. *STUPID WOMAN REPORTER: :"It is unclear who will lead Italy going forward." SALVINI, THAT'S WHO!
    Salvini is saving the nation of Italy and the Italian people from the mass immigration forced upon them by the EU. GOD BLESS SALVINI. Nationalism is NOT a bad thing! Pride in your heritage is NOT a bad thing!*

  30. Great!! another globalist resignation… it's only a matter of time before we call Matteo Savlini PRIME MINISTER of ITALY!!!

  31. now is the opportunity to make a deal with Italy in-order to get Denmark to sell usa Greenland lol that is what I think trump should jump on asap!

  32. Salvini loves and cares for HIS PEOPLE!!!! He is a true leader Democrats pay attention to what REAL leadership is,put us the US TAXPAYERS ahead of illegal alien invaders for a change

  33. Love fox news but w,Williams is not wright in the head lol I can't believe his family is proud of that terd burglar sorry if the truth hurts!!!!

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