Islamic Republic vs Islamic State: What’s The Difference?

In December 2015, the president of The Gambia
declared that his country would become an Islamic Republic. Headlines have referred
to the new designation as an “Islamic State”. However, The Gambia is actually joining the
ranks of other Islamic Republics, all of which have no affiliation with the terrorist group.
So what exactly is an Islamic Republic? And how is this different from an Islamic State?
Well, although they’re used interchangeably, they have clear differences. An islamic republic
is an elected, democratic government that is primarily based on sharia law, which is
in accordance with Muslim scripture. An Islamic republic operates similarly to other non-religious
republics, however the specific title is self-applied. Although a number of countries may fit the
bill for an Islamic republic, like Iraq, they do not use the term. Historically, nations
have applied this title after overthrowing authoritarian regimes or formally breaking
away from secularism. By comparison, The Islamic State, or ISIS,
is not a republic but a “caliphate”, meaning that there is a single, unelected leader.
Other Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia, operate under a monarchy, and are similarly
unelected. After The Gambia, there are only four other
Islamic Republics: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Mauritania. In all of these countries,
the overwhelming majority of the population is Muslim, and most government representatives
are elected. The term “Islamic Republic” dates back
to the 1950’s with Pakistan being the first to adopt the title. Iran followed during the
Iranian Revolution in 1979, after the secular and autocratic Shah was ousted. A new, more
democratic constitution was instituted by the country’s religious leader. In their
new constitution, Iran established that God, or Allah, would have “exclusive sovereignty
and [the] right to legislate” while also stating that “the task of appointing the
Leader shall be vested with the people” Afghanistan followed a similar path in 2001,
after US troops toppled the country’s extremist leaders, the Taliban. Since then, Afghanistan
has been able to maintain most of its democratic structures, like presidential elections and
a three-branch government. But Afghan law still presupposes that all Afghans are Muslims
In The Gambia’s case, the decision to become an Islamic Republic does not stem from a political
revolution or a new constitution. Rather, The Gambia is using the title as a way to
formalize its Muslim identity and distance the country from its history as a British
Colony. The Gambia’s president says that the change will not introduce a dress code
or prevent non-muslims from adhering to their faith. However the president was later criticized
for passing a law requiring all female government employees to wear headscarves.
In short, an Islamic Republic is basically a legislative rebranding. It can be made for
political reasons, as in Afghanistan’s case; or for cultural identity, like in The Gambia.
It does not necessarily mean that the government is working with extremist groups like ISIS
or that they are directly enforcing sharia law on their citizens. The only thing that
unites the world’s Islamic Republics is that Democracy and Islam are working together.
  A number of Islamic countries and groups base
their legal system on the controversial “sharia law”. But what exactly is Sharia law? Find
out in our video. thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to TestTube News for more
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  1. You literally contradict yourself in the same video. First you say that an Islamic republic is an elected democratic government based on Sharia law, then you say that Islamic republics have nothing to do with Sharia law.

  2. Lol this is SHIT I went to iran and I saw jews,christains,muslims and sort of religions they had a Church Wake up media is not showing that

  3. 0:58 to 1:07
    Thats NOT a Caliph!!!!!!! Look to ‎Rashidun Caliphate to Ottoman Caliphate if u want to know what a REAL Caliphate looks LIKE!!!!!

    The Enemy in Levant is Called Daesh(to DENOUNCE their claim of Caliphate); UNTIL Western Societies UNDERSTAND that Western Intersts PRESERVE those MONSTERS into POWER!!!!! Muslim World can't find PEACE throughout WESTERN INTERESTS!!!!!

  4. For all the people going nuts in the comments, we all have to agree that Islamic republics where people can at least solve problems somewhat democratically is better than senseless fighting and turmoil. Ideally, secular democracies are the best but I'd rather we live in a world of republics where we can argue for secularism rather than wars where we have to fight for it.

  5. The prophet Mohamed (S.A.W) lived in peace with christians and Jews in medina, why is are extremists Not acknowledging this since they 'claim' to follow his path,

  6. Pakistan doesn't have democracy. Pakistan is not run by their civilian government. Pakistan military and ISI controls Pakistan.

  7. Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are muslim majority countries and they call themselves SECULAR MUSLIM nations.
    SECULAR MUSLIM REPUBLIC is better than Islamic republic any day.

    The difference, the constitution in secular islamic nations arent totally based off of Islamic traditional Sharia … this helps protects ethnic minorities..also keeps terrorism and extremism away. Islamic republics often deals with terrorism because under Islamic republic rule, the ethnic differences cannot be solved with pro-slam constitutions. You have to provide religious and cultural freedom which Pakistan for e.g cant provide to their people , hence they suffer

  8. democratically elected government in islamic republic's xD i'm sure the Iranian Green Movement, Pakistani protesters and jailed Turkish intelligentsia are glad to find out they were in democracies xD
    jeez they really need to hire someone else to do research for this channel

  9. The real reasons countries call themselves Islamic Republics is simple: it's fucking hilarious to watch imperialist westerners piss themselves in fear at the mere thought of brown people choosing their own fate.

  10. "Democracy and Islam are working together"

    No religion can work together with a democracy.
    Democracy is freedom, religion no.

  11. Everyone should stay in their region. I am gonna live in South Asia for my whole life and a Muslim should too live in the Middle East.

  12. Allah claim to be the greatest but god never made such claims thus Islam is evil deception for humanity to end itself by her facilitation. devil always wanted to be greater then god that is all he thinks about to be great.

  13. With all due respect, Muslims in this day and age are absolutely nuts. Sunni and Shia hate each other. I don't trust either or. Muslims also have that no good pal Isis running around. They are all Muslim. And those Muslims are just crazy. They don't fight in the name of 'allah' they are monsters from the deepest holes in hell. All they do is hate and kill those that oppose them. You Muslims better get your shit together with that. It's ruining your reputation as a group. (I did not say on bad thing about Muslims. I just said you are crazy. That's not being racist. It's a fact, facts are truths. But I did say things about Isis. Those people are just evil.)

  14. A caliphate isn't elected? He is chosen by a shura council.
    Also, there are too many keyboard shiyuukh in the comments.

  15. Why does Nowthis Keep changing their name
    1.Seeker (What i think)
    2.TestTube (I also think so)
    now 3.NowThis
    I am wondering why they keep changing their name.

  16. More than half of the western world relates to the fraze "I would be killed under Sharia law"… and still Europe lets muslims in.

  17. Actually a caliph is elected.
    The rightly-guided caliphs were all elected in Shura.
    And by the Shariat a caliph should always be elected (something that was negated by the Emevis,Abassids and Ottomans).
    The only difference is that only knowledgable can vote (scholars, commanders, scientists, philosphers….).


  19. In Arabic It's Called "Allah (SWT) , Christian's say GoD , what's the difference, the Language . So Why Hate???? Islamophobia ?? Brainwashed by western Media????

  20. I wish all the Muslim country will follow sharia law then all those Muslim countries will be peaceful. I wish my country pakistan will also follow sharia law. And our government impose it again.

  21. Pakistan famously supports terrorists, they have or are systematically wiping out their Hindu, Sikh, Shia, Christian and other minorities…minorities are constitutionally bared from holding high public offices in Pakistan…ordinary citizens are made to sign a declaration that ahmadiyya muslims are not muslims on their applications to obtain a passport…so Islamic State = Islamic Republic…Lady, your channel is a Islamic apologist…what would you say to all these oppressed people suffering at the hands of Islam…

  22. Caliphate is also done by election this is why they call it the 1st caliph and 2nd and 3rd so on. Learn your history 🤤

  23. Fun fact: the monarchy of the United Kingdom also claims that it's power is derived and granted by God. Not that unusual.

  24. Taliban and Al Qaeda was made by USA to fight Soviet …which was a cheap move by USA
    So destroying the country and rebuilding the country with government in favor of USA is not a favor to the country
    Afghanistan still today is broken because of USA

  25. Democracy nowadays is simply Hiring a great salesman and make him through media, the leader of your nation.
    Who is Hiring ?
    Rich and Foreign agencies.
    Why ? Profit and control over trade.

  26. The Islamic Republic of The Gambia was changed back to the Republic of The Gambia in 2017 when Adama Barrrow became president in 2017.

  27. Paksian is the older muslim country in the world and the powerful and the. Biggest population at 945 million people and 50000 christians 7880 vegans

  28. A republic is NOT a democracy. A democracy is the majority rule, whilst a republic is the rule of the constitution regardless of majority support or not

  29. All of these forms of government are authoritarian and run by dictators…there is no freedom. The worse thing is having your government get involved in every single thing of your life, might as well be a slave to the state.

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