Isabelle Ruins Everything (Animal Crossing Parody)

oh my goodness good morning Isabelle how are you Isabelle calm down I'm sure whatever is wrong we can fix it together okay you got to believe that now do you want to tell me why everyone's acting like a bunch of animals they are animals sir don't be a wiseass well sorry you were gone for a whole year I know I'm sorry it's my bad I got invited to this fighting thing and I got totally caught up the whole thing was crazy then this black guy hit me with a hammer and broke my arm yeah and it was weird because he was like flat like flat like paper that sounds horrifying yeah and then he turned into a giant octopus oh I got the heck out of there well I'm sorry mayor but I had to step it for you in your absence well what did you do well first Rosie came to me and said that she was sad because she didn't have any peaches and opal had like ten peaches so I came up with a system where I take peaches from people who had too many and give them to people who didn't have any peaches at all okay and I figured that the more peaches a person has the more peaches we should take from them that seems fair so then I wanted to find a way to make the village more safe so I had the police take everybody's slingshots away what no Isabelle you can't do that I figured that if nobody has a slingshot nobody will get hurt people have the right to own a slingshot if they want to Isabelle it's not up to you nobody needs a slingshot they just want them because they think other people have them home Isabelle so you know how officer Booker is kind of overweight I thought a policeman shouldn't be overweight now Apollo he should be a policeman Oh Isabelle so I told Apollo that he's the policeman now you can't tell people what their jobs are Oh Isabelle how did you even get him to agree to that well you know I had to tell him if he didn't he'd go to jail what so then first started telling me that he didn't like what I was doing so you know I had to send him to jail Oh Isabelle Reese didn't like that I sent her husband to jail so now she's in jail too Oh Isabelle basically what I'm saying is there's a lot of people in jail now we don't even have a jail we had to build one and nobody wanted to help so I had the police force them okay now that I'm saying this out loud I think things may have gone a little away from me a little bit yeah Isabelle people need to be free to you know do the jobs that they want and say the things that they think why well the thing about freedom is you know people like it I know it's weird but you know well what's more important freedom or safety I don't I mean that's a complicated question Isabelle we can only find safety through strength Mayer Oh Isabelle you know there wouldn't be so many people in this world without peaches if there weren't so many squandering their potential we have gardeners who should be policemen and policemen who should be fishermen and everyone is too obsessed with themselves to think about the bigger picture okay well these are all good ideas on paper but when you put them into action they might not always work people are suffering in this world and when people are suffering you have a moral obligation to help them the entire purpose of my system is to achieve social equilibrium for the benefit of those at the bottom Isabelle you're twisting this so that I can't disagree with you or I look like the bad guy look I even ran all my ideas down Oh Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle people aren't gonna like the word manifesto that's not what I'm concerned with right now Isabelle you should see it I think you'll be really happy with how it came out okay I'm happy about the fountain but the fountain is being superseded by like literally everything else right now but I think if you really see the fountain though it'll help you to be like no I don't think it's possible for me to be any more or less mad at you right now I think I've kind of reached a homeostasis with my see yes right why am i naked aren't like this is vital for the cultural enrichment of our community why am i naked seriously Isabel why am i naked sorry mayor I ruined your city I got so wrapped up in my ideas that I guess I just I don't know I just wanted to make you proud of me it's okay Isabel I know you were just trying to help you're just lucky the people in this city are really really dumb hey hello everybody no revolution today revolution canceled everybody go home oh yeah uh you don't need it I mean I don't know what that is but you don't need it just you don't but would you boys do Pluto's Liberty I said go home punchy look there's a butterfly go get it look mr. mayor I made my fire all by myself wow you did that is so impressive and you made a big boy fire didn't you I made fire like a big boy that's why you're in charge sir well Isabel I hope you learned that being in charge isn't always easy when you're the mayor a lot of people depend on you to take care of them yeah I just didn't know what I was doing someday Carl WTF did I just watch hey guys it's Mack thank you for watching this cartoon I've been working on this cartoon for almost two years can you believe it boy I'm I'm really wasting my life this cartoon was written and animated by me with additional 3d modeling by Esther no it featured the voices of myself as well as Katherine Wayne and Mark Fischbach okay that's something new that was nice of him right right guys say thank you say thank you for the cartoon voices if you like this cartoon and you'd like to see more you can subscribe here or you can click here to see some old cartoons if you would like to have an inappropriately aggressive political argument with people you've never met might I suggest using the comments below and hey if you really like this cartoon you might I suggest checking out my patreon well if you'll excuse me I have the flu so I'm gonna go lie down now


  2. As soon as Isabelle said "I didn't know what I was doing, I knew, that they DEFINITELY knew what they were doing and was planning it all along.

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