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have a question for you… What would happen if Ronald Reagan would come back to life only to meet Donald Trump in the oval office? Do you think they would become friends? Do you think they would shake hands and find common ground, with similar values and
political beliefs? Of course, both are considered die-hard conservatives,
both are considered a boogie man for the liberals and both had a career on the show business. But… in fact, this is where the similarities
stop. Ronald Reagan’s job as president was to
fight the worst recession since the great depression and to do so, he promised the Reagan Revolution. The so-called revolution focused on reducing
government spending, taxes and regulation. President Reagan liked the free market and
believed that capitalism would solve the nation’s problems. He also liked to portrait himself as a humble,
paternal, figure. In other words, he pride himself for being a man of high moral
values. Donald Trump however… is a totally different
animal. He is showing off his fortune, his trophy
former- model wife, and he so obviously is the opposite
of a paternal figure. He would be more like your nasty uncle, living like a bachelor regardless of
his age and getting embarrassingly drunk during family reunions… On the policy side, Trump is seldom friendly
with free market and small state, loves debt and the idea of trade wars and his protectionist policy of
taking care of America first seems to be at odds with the GOP’s tendency to be in favor, at least
in theory, of the free market. As you can see… there is a CLASH that runs
deep in the soul of the Republican Party. Or at least, this is how it looks like from an outside perspective. In one hand, there is that… Good Old Party that loves America… small
government, low taxes and conservative values. And then… there is this other Republican
Party… That loves trophy wifes, big beautiful walls
and tariffs. And who is winning? Well… you guessed it. There is a wave of Republicans leaving Congress
Among all these differences in values and policy, the news cycle has completely been
taken over by a new wave of republicans. And who is the most important of all of them? Well, that would be PAUL RYAN, the speak, the speaker of the House and Republican’s
golden boy. During years, Paul Ryan was the champion of fiscal rectitude and small government. And now he has announced we will not run for
reelections. And, as you can imagine, he is not the only
one. Many Republicans might be leaving but there
are always new elections and, therefore, new candidates but also questionable characters. Take for example the Alabama special elections
back in December 2017. Trump-backed candidate, Roy Moore, was buried
under lots of allegations of sexual abuse of minors. After this scandals, Republicans lost the seat in
Alabama for the first time in decades. But the biggest surprise is that a Republican president supported
an allegedly, sexual predator. Could you imagine something like this just 5 years ago? As you could expect, this Alabama scandal
appeared on all the national newspapers and hit the White House. And now you might wonder… What did Donald Trump do to solve this PR
crisis? Exactly! Nothing! They did nothing! And this is one of the reasons why so many
republican candidates are doing so bad on the polls. Even in traditionally red states. But what does this mean for the White House? Well, for those who don’t keep up with American
politics so much, this year we have legislative elections. The so-called MidTerms. This is where the members of the Congress and many senators are elected. In America, the president, this is the executive
power, is voted in one election and the legislative power
in another. This is why, for example, despite Obama being democrat, the majority on the legislative
chambers was republican. And if the republicans loose so many seats
on this Midterms 2018, Trump is gonna be in dire straits anytime he wants to pass some bill. But the real question now is… how did the
Republican Party get here? Can a political party change their ideology this fast? Today we are going to answer to all of these
questions but before, let’s take a look back at history. THE
REAGAN REVOLUTION Ronald Reagan started out as a registered
Democrat and New Deal supporter but left the party in 1962, crossing over to the GOP stating that he didn’t
leave the Democratic Party but was the party that left him. Nevertheless, things on the GOP where not
ideal either. According to Reagan, republicans had bought
most of the values of the Democratic platform. And, despite the passionate rhetoric, there
was some truth on that. Have you ever heard about CULTURAL HEGEMONY? This is a concept Marxist philosophers like
to use a lot. According to them, the ruling class needs
to create a consensus. A set of moral values that are shared by the majority of the political players, including
the opposition party. And back then, ideas like the welfare state
and the need for a bigger state control on the economy became the new mainstream. Even the republicans had to accept those principles
if they wanted to keep being considered a serious player. This explains why both Nixon and Eisenhower
did very little when it comes to economics. An, you guessed, Reagan was not a big fan
of this hegemony. No nation in history has ever survived a tax
burden that reached a third of its national income. But here it comes the interesting part: cultural
hegemony is something that changes over time. How? When those values and common-sense stop working
to solve people’s problem. This is what happened in the 70s, with the crisis. America was not in a good place back then. And this was the window of opportunity for
Ronald Reagan to reinvent the Republican Party and create the ideological platform we used to know as conservativism. In other words, he took something old and
made it shine again by kind of creating a brand-new ideology. But the real question is… how do you do
that? How can you create a brand new ideology that
makes sense and makes you win elections? Well, introducing the theory of the EMPTY
SIGNIFIER. Basically Ronald Reagan went to all the political
groups that felt outside of that old political mainstream. He spoke to the evangelical conservatives
in one hand. He spoke to the military industry complex guys on the other. And finally, he spoke to everybody who was
tired of paying so many taxes. Then, he merged all this groups into a common
cause: Liberty and Freedom. This is what we call an empty signifier. A concept so vague that everybody can project
onto that vagueness the meaning they are looking for. For a fiscal conservative, freedom means being
free from paying less taxes. For a hawkish conservative, freedom means fighting authoritarian
rulers. In this crisis, Government is not the solution
to our problem. Government is the problem. But think about it… How is that possible that you have people
so different from one another in the same platform? It is a big-time contradiction to have someone
who wants smaller government and someone else who wants to increase military spending, right? Well… if you wanna create a political identity,
you need an antagonist. And… Ronald Reagan couldn´t have it easier. MR. GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” Yeah, the evil communists. This is why during the 80s we have so many
movies where the communist are the bad guys. Here you have titles like ´Red Dawn´, ´Rocky
IV´ and, of course, ´Top Gun´. All this movies, alongside with Reagan’s speeches, helped
to create a brand new hegemony. Even Democrat presidents like Clinton had to promise tax cuts to win elections. But… as you know Soviet Union fell in the
90s. So what happens when you lose your antagonist? Well… then you find another one. Like president Reagan did two decades before,
President Bush operated from a Christian worldview that distinguishes between good and evil. After the tragedy of September 11 president
Bush announced that the battle ahead would be “a monumental struggle
of good versus evil, but good will prevail” and that’s how the so called “evil” became America’s
new enemy. We will rally the world to this cause by our
efforts, by our courage, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Of course, here I’m not saying that terrorist
or communist are not that evil, or that they are just a fabricated monster. Of course not. But they can be utilized to create a political
platform. Every important politician has done it. Roosevelt did it, Reagan did it, Bush did
it… but what happens when you run out of enemies? What happens when the Soviet Union is over
or when Bin Laden is dead? This is the time for… THE TRUMP REVOLUTION After the 2008 financial crisis, the economic
mainstream and the cultural hegemony was once again challenged, resulting in people not trusting
the economic mainstream anymore. The word didn’t spread through mainstream
media. And immediately, the question arose whether
or not the lack of coverage was because it wasn’t newsworthy
or because some of the people being protested against had the control over the various mainstream
media outlets’ When people lose faith in something, that
usually leaves a void that needs to be filled by a new kind of discourse. And here swoops in candidate Donald J. Trump
with his inflaming speeches during campaign rallies, all his personal scandals and the
scorching and polarizing public statements. Once again, a new presidential candidate managed
to ally himself with an astounding variety of political and religious groups that felt misrepresented
by the mainstream. In fact, 80% of the Evangelical Christians voted for Trump, much more than
any other religious group. Evangelicals values are those of family and
moral integrity so, why isn’t a character like Trump, with all his divorces and sexual scandals perceived
as immoral? Even in the light of the recent media storm
surrounding the alleged hush payment to silence porn star Stormy Daniels, 78% of Evangelical voters
still support Trump. Some evangelical leaders went as far as publicly
stating that they have given the president what they call a Mulligan, a do-over. After much googling, dear viewers, I found
out that to give someone a Mulligan is a golf metaphor… which seems
strangely appropriate considering Trump’s passion for the sport Yes, Evangelical conservatives gave him a
Mulligan, they let him have a do over, they said we will start fresh with you and give you a second chance
–Tony Perkings speaking at CNN So how is this possible? Well, you guessed, the antagonists come into
play. So, who or what is Trump’s political enemy? The first group that immediately comes to
mind is the mainstream media, or as the American President calls them, the fake news media. The second enemy is the so-called Swamp, a
term that refers to the not- so-clean and not-so-transparent political
scene in Washington. The third of many more enemies is, you guessed it, immigrants. So, Trump can always play the ‘me or the
others’ card. And it seems to work for him. What do all these talking points have in common? The alt-right has been using them for years. Trump managed to appeal to evangelicals and members
of the far-right that for a long time have felt misrepresented by the liberal and mainstream
media. And Trump’s rhetoric on migration also drew
in the support of the extreme far right, as was the
case of the neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville that wasn’t later condemned by the President, who went
so far as to say that there were very fine people on both sides. From Mexican rapists to bad hombres, the Trump
campaign in two moments Trump’s rhetoric has also spawned a lot
of Republican candidates that are trying to appeal to the same voters that are the core base of the president,
going so far as to state that they are “Trumpier than Trump”… but… does it work? Apparently, it mainly works for those bearing
the Trump name. Take for example the West Virginia Republican primary. One of the candidates came up with an ad that
was filled to the brim with Trump’s preferred phrases
and idioms and yet he still came up last in the race. In order to give a fuller account of the Trump
presidency we would need a couple of days but in the meantime, considering all this controversy…
how are the Republicans doing? Many political analysts believe that a Democratic
blue wave may crash onto these Midterms Election but is it only a reaction to Trump’s scandals? Or are the democratic-inclined voters more
energized? Republicans are losing 2018 midterm money
wars The GOP is worried about these incoming midterm
election, as was reported by CNN. In their piece CNN reported that senior members of the party
are warning the younger members to accumulate as many donations as possible, in order to be able to run successful
campaigns in such a difficult political climate. Suffice it to say that in the 88 most competitive
House races, 40 Republicans have been out-raised by their Democratic challengers. With House Speaker Paul Ryan abrupt exit,
the Republican corporate donor base was a bit shaken. A number of party donors and operatives believe that
the Speaker’s exit was the final piece of evidence they needed to flip their attention from the House
to the Senate. And that means empty wallets for House Republicans which will pretty much be left
to fend for themselves. But we need to remember that, when it comes
to politics, nothing is written in stone. We at VisualPolitik are going to pay special attention to these
upcoming mid-terms. So now it’s you turn… are the Republicans
losing their credibility? Do you think they will lose votes? Is a democratic blue wave coming these midterms? Please, leave your answer on the comment section
below. And of course, don’t forget to visit our
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  1. My honest try at unbiased Trump

    Pro: economy is growing
    Con: trade tariffs

    Pro & Con: our foreign policy is throwing our enemies, allies, & frenemies off balance.

    Pro: ISIS has collapsed & we are a little less directly involved in the Middle East.
    Con: the Middle East is still the Middle East with all the war & poverty that comes with that.

    Pro: the tax system got simpler.
    Con: Obama Care isn't completely replaced or refitted.

    Pro: canceled the Iran deal
    Con: did little else when Netanyahu dropped proof of Iran's nuclear program on the world.

    Pro: is very entertaining
    Con: was & is a loud anxious bratty jerk sometimes on national television and the internet.

    Pro & Con: withdrew from the Paris agreement

    Pro or Con: added Federalists to the Supreme Court.

    Pro: despite pressure continued to separate kids from traffickers at the border.
    Con: despite pressure continued to separate kids from their families of the Border.

    Pro: removed allot of outdated & overbearing regulations.
    Con: failed to put Congress on the spot for their willful gross negligence of the budget.

    If you are still reading thank you for indulging me. This probably won't make either side happy. I'm aware all of these are more complex than a simple pro/con formula but I hope this is closer to the unbiased view people want.

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