Is Populism Poised to Dominate Europe's Future?

November 9th people gather to pay tribute to General de Gaulle an annual tradition held at : Bailey do eglise the second-in-command of the front Nacional flowing out Philly port is in attendance and this Wednesday the day of Donald Trump's election he is in a celebratory mood yeah so Sasaki's this anyway the exit yeah clamp Yakuza enforcer – ah a constitutional venkatesh monokuma senior historic home on depart on a par par le paradis on upon itself aaron positano leadership add immediate Al Pacino's loss Joshua improvável till he blow air upon hominid esta mi potion a to take possible to keep a little platform variance a quad advance on people of God yo Kaplan from their completion say voila le francais perv come Cali Brittany communism akane-san like an oval ooh isn't papayas it is a rainy but happy Wednesday for the front supporters while most Europeans swing between disbelief and anxiety here everyone is gleeful was returning on a Malik Clements who does it let me say a father's with the regular purpose of Kampala repair genesee a Children's Museum Frances pay off his bakery with bearable report on American DVD so sorry so sorry I'm pretty new point put adorable FoxNews oh rutila evil person or place david Oni Clinton Quintana for I guess for a swab yasugi city Pompey Milosevic is it home baby bleep I do the president-elect of the United States of America Donald Trump [Applause] the surprise election of Donald Trump on November 9th marked the high point of an auspicious year for those fighting against the establishment those who rally against the elites right-wing populist as they describe themselves the list goes on in December the landslide of marine lepen Sprott Nacional the most successful Frances parties in the country's regional elections winning over 27% of the vote new Soraka remove more the bascule my toe claw she could it could become us affected a lot to do Daniel doors only shut to this spring there was also success for Norbert offer from the Freedom Party of Austria he is now within a hair's breadth of winning the presidency having Elstad the established parties the final vote will take place in early December 2016 offers wind would be the first of its kind in Europe the earth strike has seems basic value exceeds the earth Strega seen Hawking delegate intelligent galoop emerald on trots this one up to me in Germany it is alternative for Deutschland whose star is rising a young party that is barely three years old in the last regional elections they surpassed some parties that had historically been considered unmovable in certain states a mole of cancer dictate organ in Delhi populist parties and currently riding a wave but this political commentator believes that the underlying reasons for such momentum are not always the same I know a Toronto card deck speaker succeed a populist para la situación kono michi sociology I concern a on aa leader cat Figaro led by Sir Kozlov house Oh Toto Margit resolve a meanie Oh sis della pesca sotto Deb a boo-boo policeman a train far in the program bond guar recorded Roma's fabric Rafael a potato member for Petrie prosper silica drew Trish caddy problem is real media bravado our bucolic references circle – Chris Oberle OC silica Digitas Unni finally in June there was the earthquake of grexit signaling the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union despite the support of the parties in power despite the polls it was the rhetoric that resonated with the voters this will be a victory for real people a victory for ordinary people a victory for decent people we have fought against the multinationals we fought against the big merchant banks we fought against big politics we fought against lies corruption and deceit and today honesty decency and belief in nation I think now is going to win Romford in the East of England a region which voted 70 percent in favor of grexit we're at the market here also we find that Americans had real motives for voting as they did you wouldn't have thought Donald Tom cotton II would have believed you a year ago he was like the mayor professor but he's in people even in America they want change they want they want their country back change is good and they've got new policies I think they look after the British people and whether we come first oh my god dude is it did he get froze he got fro oh he's through oh my god let's hope I could salt summer out now then everyone talks and talks and talks but nothing gets done nothing gets done so and I Hannah how do you feel deep down inside okay angry don't ya I'll get very angry you kid the anti Europe party has channeled this anger perfectly once the genies out of the box is not a lot you can do and I think that that's what's happened is that people have seen that their vote really does count and there's been a feeling over many years that it doesn't matter who you vote for it's all the same but I think what brexit and Donald Trump getting elected in the States proves is actually your vote does count but you've got to go out and cast it what it is it's a little bit of a backlash to multiculturalism that people actually you know want to identify with something and those ancient you know histories that people have there's a resurgence yeah multiculturalism has failed it's basically divide and rule approach to things and people fed up with them Cael man is a linguist specializing in political discourse when populist leaders succeed it's thanks to their powerful rhetoric which Donald Trump has pushed to the extreme nivo muy and vocabulary antics I would correspond our native Palmilla Palmilla primary versus consul cattle barn engineer see badenov o disability little colorado prio pilot presto complex play contraband in kentucky depression Oklahoma and is quirky adapting gone mass possibly gone evil just Yellin just what I say aggressive volley leave Holcomb sound isn't particular forms they be doing often polka person upon see here will not treat America with respect the respect that we deserve yes clapping businesses Rahman demo Kurian many high-quality believe me no qualms were issued Hamas terrorists should imagine the reefs the year GD solution fatwa confirm squirmin sizzle bhai Appleseed contradict to our complicates at the hull and what the show's went example such discourse is simple but devilishly effective amongst voters and also among the media they were often caught in our own trap Bedoya replace Jesus teaches so does desert election dole proposal pain yeah you know crass commercial array no complicity a team and consult a mechanical otro lugar Dara spectacularly populism a Sedona medium bushwhack you see the capital at Rizzoli these political parties help and support one another [Applause] Kensi on Friday in Dresden Falco Petry the AFD is leading bigger read out the message she sent to Donald Trump Trump the democratization China was unlike hands and focus we did his tool shows no bother Luke enormous show in possession of the defeated Victor whenever gang Heights Cory Gearrin that type gas treaty when of developer go there after leaving that front focus up there's often typecast the in Dodge hundred obviou violence against old paradigm hotel joining the right-wing populist party in Germany is far from insignificant but Andre Bart did not hesitate he was a social democrat and is now a member of the AFD but ash wits had an SPD up coordinate aggressive tax increase a shaft mission oompah and it says walk again when at Sinhalese was thirteen unsolvable sign china polomoche bein on a saga hanging England on Arsenal is most fertile in sunlight in okis a shaft and often sub-national isthmus Natalie she loo Barone when we were tribe on fish rubles on enough on stone breaking with old habits but reassuring the public to this is the equation that allows populist parties to expand on an electoral base previously confined to extreme reactionaries a meeting at 165 blue jean dark paris permanent residents of the fonts nacional the average age of those present left no room for doubt on Thursday evening in France over 35 percent of 18 to 24 year olds would vote for the Frant Nacional today this is the case the guillaume 20 who is busy behind the scenes me destiny Churchill Morgana the result of all national communication parrot well-used stdio for national des Beaux poor is denial open it from people now an objective-c the stupi lam nationalist actual on what commonness who went a military budget et a veto here pop for her Perkins for anvil met wooden to the stone comes the front last year now is raring to go everyone will be watching them during the French presidential elections in May 2017

  1. Trump has reduce taxes and rise collection. Genius. The future of Europe is libertarian nationalism or Islam.

  2. We don't call ourselves "right winged populists"! Trump supporters call themselves Americans. People who voted for Trump are right winged


  4. Churchill & De Gaul & other European leaders, would NOT like the society that this extreme left views have created. They worked for peace in our times, yes and a united Europe but I do not think they would approve of what we have become- extreme left viewed world of tolerance of EVERYTHING! even corruption & depravity. My grandfather did not died as a young man in WW2 to fight for this type of world, thats why we have an huge increase in so called 'far-right' views now, because people like my grandfather died for peace, security, employment,morals,family values. NOT WHAT WE HAVE TODAY. and the families of war veterans/heros amongst other decent people cannot stand to see another new generation having to put up with a filthy world that we are forced to live in.

  5. What is wrong with populism??? VOX POPULI is a Latin phrase meaning "The Voice of the People".
    I would rather have populism than the EU dictatorship. EU is running European nations to the ground!

  6. The Old dirty trick once again.
    Watch out, there is few brown men in town now.
    Blame them for every single thing goes wrong with your lives.

  7. You can literally smell the fear on the regressive Nazi wannabes and their desperate need to hide their fear of the boogieman and their own shadows.

  8. You can literally smell the fear of these liberal culturalmarxist wankers and their desperation cause more and more people wont let them fool any longer by those arrogant pathetic traitors!
    Their time is over

  9. This is so much BS all politicians say have the answer.
    Trump got elected because.
    American poor and middle class are being destroyed by cheap illegal labor. The leftist Democrats are basically against the whole American Revolution. And do their best playing identity politics speak only what divides us not what unites us . The stupidity of NATO were none of the NATO countries are very few will live up to the agreement of how much money they will spend on defense.
    The Europeans think the dumb Americans will pick up the bill for us. This is coming to an end.

  10. No. There are too many memories of where it led last time, and too much knowledge of the history. We're not going back to that.

  11. Western civilization has murdered its unborn to the tune of tens of millions in the US, and worse in Europe. Europe has abandoned the Catholic Church, prefering secular pleasure to penance. Isaiah 10:1-7 sums it up. The Assyrian is the rod and staff of punishment for a society gone off the deep end in sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Lacking sufficient population to man an army capable of pushing the marauding hordes from the Middle East out of Europe, it's future is toast. There is no coming back from the decimation of the population, and the aborted and birth controlled souls' blood cries out for vengeance. God is supplying. Pray the Rosary, your political remedies are worthless.

  12. all this new populism wave exploiting emotions and fears, they`ve got nothing except irrational feeling for good all days, they chasing phantoms. What exactly Marine le Pen going to do if she is elected? ok, France will leave EU and euro, but what next? how can we predict impact of such tectonic event?

  13. Thank god the French and Germans are doing the same. What used to be normal in being a proud citizen of your country and culture has today been told that you're a nazi, racist or a 'phobe' of some sort. Just ridiculous that the globalist agenda/divide and conquer of ethnic classes has done to national sovereignty. It's not that culturally people can't be liberal, it's the policies that have actually led to a reversal in freedoms, same with regulations and fiscal policies that inhibit small businesses from flourishing.

  14. Populism is a good thing. Populist is what every politician should be. A populist stands with the people and does what they want him to do. He stands with the powerless, against the powerful. Long live populism.

  15. So this guy, some professor/political elite sits there and criticizes populism,. equates it with nationalism, and yet there are still a gazillion folks who can't stand it, judging by the comments. I'm guessing this was a fail if you're a leftist.

  16. So… the No. 2 of the Front Nationale lays down a wreath at the grave of the man who essentially co-founded the EU?
    Oh, the irony.

  17. it isn't that your vote didn't count we never had a choice to vote for a candidate we believed in
    or at least wasn't aided by forces of media and great international forces. our politicians were chosen by people who didn't have our best interest in mind.

  18. There is a great amount of focus on the rise of right wing populist leaders in Europe and the US but what people seem to not see is that this will more than likely lead to a rise in leftist populism in the developing world.
    In Mexico for example since the Trump election there has been a growing feeling that the country should diversify and note rely so heavily on the US economy.
    Also that we should return to the more internally focused economic model of the1940s-1970s which actually developed the country rather than free trade which has only benefited a few. These are all trademark ideas of the Latin American left which are really beginning to take hold.
    My point simply that it will make for an interesting few years if the global south and global north really do become divided by such sharp political ideas. And you know that are friends Russia and China will be on call to exploit the division.

  19. populism the populis whats popular with population a multicultural world is cool but home needs to be familiar

  20. excuse me but the world is being infected by left wing populism. by letting hordes of inmigrants who most of them destroy our cities. andim not talking about thw good inmigrants so dont come with the xenophobia card.

  21. At 6.30: "UKIP – the anti Europe party". This kind of twisting of words by dishonest journalist is one of the factors by UKIP's and Trump's victories. UKIP has never said it wants to distance itself from Europe. The party wants Britain to cooperate with european countries as good neighbours – they have never said anything other than that.

  22. I just don't get it. Liberals want this world with no borders, with an all powerful centralized government that provides all services, and employs all people. Its like the fuckers read 1984 and loved what Orwell was describing so damn much they couldn't wait to make it happen. I don't even know how they could want something so obviously evil.

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