Is Melania Donald Trump’s pet? – BBC

Donald Trump is the first president in 168 years not to have…? A trace of common decency? Empathy? Empathy. Charm. These are all too obvious. I’m gonna go with not to have the ability to pee standing up. Wow so it since 1850, this is 1850 what happened 1850 Coronation Street started Pets. Who’s the first president not to have a pet in the White House? He’s got Melania. They all had pets Thomas Jefferson had two bear cubs Benjamin Harrison had two opossums called mr. Reciprocity and mr. Protection Roosevelt had a Great Dane rather confusingly called president Alligators Teddy Roosevelt I think gets the prize the best presidential pet owner nine dogs two ponies two cats a hen a lizard a Blue Macaw a gunner two snake named Emily spinach Named by his daughter Alice because it’s as green as spinach and as thin as my Aunt Emily Small bear a piebald rat a pig a rabbit laughing hyena a barn owl a one-legged rooster and five guinea pigs He also had six children a badger called Josiah A pony called Algonquin so beloved by the president’s son Archie that when he was sick in bed. His brothers combed it San Quentin brought the pony up in the list pony up to the room mail Don’t sing mother would allow In 1940 Franklin D Roosevelt was given a Scottish Terrier puppy that he named Murray the outlaw of fala Hill After one of his Scottish ancestors, and it was known as foul and it traveled everywhere with the president He became a celebrity in his own right? He had a his own secretary to answer fan mail. That’s him there with the genius Eleanor Roosevelt who really was the power behind the throne in that particular presidency during the Battle of the Bulge That’s the last that a big German offensive in the Second World War The American soldiers used to ask each other the name of the president’s dog And if you got the answer fala than you knew it probably wasn’t a German. He was Oh grading as an American Donald Trump is the first president of the United States to steer clear of any petting in the White House Oh I’m just gonna let that live in the air

  1. Melania is his pet
    …just not at the Whitehouse….
    Love BBC πŸ’˜


  3. #BBC You leaders are #Pedophiles Boom! WATCH OUT.. EPIDEMIC OF #SCABIES…contiguous…from your multiculturalism 3rd world that don't bath! Pirates got scabies Microscopic Mite burrows under skin & lays Eggs! SORES spreadable disease!
    LONDON Worse crime in the World worse the NYC! Whoa!!! Yes We will liberate from the car you did to yourself!
    England Oh England…bring out your DEAD!

  4. I am from the UK and I prefer Trump to Obama; least he seems to want to stop interfering in foreign wars; also sick of the BBC bashing him.
    I think views on Trump differ mainly according to whether you are an upper/middle class twit living in exclusive white locations or those that see the bigger picture; the majority of English people that voted Brexit.

  5. to all my mates across the pond when is the orange balloon going to make it to the states…… maybe the Rose Parade or do.dah..

  6. Most American think the BBC is a public service broadcaster dripping with right wing propaganda. I don't know of anyone that watches them or believes a word that come from them……………lmbo

  7. Trump doesn't have an animal pet in the white house because he does not want anything in the white house smarter than he is.

  8. Why all the dislikes? They literally joke about the Queen on more occasions then I can count. and no one gives a damn, but when they insult Trump for a total of a minute Trump supporters and right-wingers suddenly get as offended as a "liberal snowflake".

  9. Hey, you British…..uhhh funny people. .
    I live just West of Ft.Worth , Texas..In the very conservative " Republican stronghold "…
    I'm not so sure that I like you folks poking fun at my dear leader….
    I love it!
    I watch QI all the time…
    Funny stuff , and …ummm educational?
    I'm a 66 yr old white guy, and have never voted for a Democrat.
    Today I requested an election ballot for the Democratic Party. ..
    This Texan, Beto O'Rourke is going to win the senate seat , it appears,. .and I do not want to waste my!
    Thanks for the pet joke.
    I cant wait to troll the "Trumpettes" on youtube with it….
    And thank you for posting this video.
    I so love British comedy . Gotta run..and find myself a Trump!

  10. LMAO Americans are so stupid and I'm glad that I chose not to persuade my further studies from usa

    Americans get so riled up against a judge who did his job properly and calls him thief and sexist because he deducted points from a female player

    These same " Americans " supports calling a female as pet because ,well she's Trump's wife

    The college campus condition in American is worse than this comment section P.C culture is so strong that you will definitely get harass if you have any political views other than that of liberal ideology

    America has became a place where if you are a right winger you are by default racist ,sexist and God knows what not

    I hope one day America get cured of it's disease i.e liberals who are the actual sexist,racist and dividers in america

  11. I cant stand Trump, but i think blasting Melania is wrong. She has to deal with the Leader of CRAZYTOWN…everyday. So i think she is been punished enough. What the hell did these women see in this buffoon? Its a daily ?

  12. Everyone here is either ridiculously anti-trump or obserdly pro-trump. Comments saying people are screaming bias, when they are bias themselves.

  13. We all joke about names like Adolf carrying a charactered connotation and therefor dying out, but we dont talk about names like Kermit and Milhouse as well.

  14. It's ridiculous, the way Trump supporters rage at anyone who would criticise him in any way, for any other politician this wouldn't happen to anywhere near extent

  15. Hi Brits. America speaking here. Donald Trump and Melania Trump have a business arrangement and a contract. End of it. Period. We all know that here.

  16. Us Brits think Trump's a joke and yet our own country in going the the hole, Trump is for the people, and by the people. Our own parliament stated, 'We need someone like Trump'. Damn right, good old Tommy Robinson (next PM). Finally, did you know,, trump could possibly go down as one of the greatest presidents. Damn right I say.

  17. Yes he does have a pet!!! it's a ungly "SNAKE IN HEEL'S" named Melania TrumpπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it lives in the White House..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  18. Can we ship the whole corrupt!! Weird! Trump ! Family to you guys…😑😑😑😩….,

    He's really PUTINS and RUSSIAS. …not ours here in America 😩…

    Please take him PLEASE!!!πŸ™πŸ™‡πŸ’‹

  19. Please remember. ..THREE 3!!!! PLUS! …MORE!….MILLION!!!!!!!!! ……AMERICANS!… VOTED!!! FOR HILLARY!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…..


    STOLE!!!😠😠😠 AND PUSHED!….THIS LOSER!!!!!😠😠😠
    OVER!….THE…FINISH!!! LINE! πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜  ….

    So please PLEASE….understand this of the majority!!!! Of..Americans😩

    And By the way…WE!… LOOOOOVE❀❀❀ You Guysβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ’‹

  20. As a dog parent of a beautiful smart Lab, i thank God everyday that Trump doesn't have a dog, he would be told the dog was smarter than him & that would be a serious situation for any dog!

  21. You bet Melania is. She wanted to file for divorce and was given her parent's citizenship if she stayed so now …there she remains.

  22. He promised his son Baron that if he came to DC to live with him he would get him a puppy… yep he even broke his promise to his own son

  23. I gotta say even though she's never really been my type I have to admit that Teri Hatcher is looking stunning for a woman in her mid 50s.

  24. Looks to me like your version of the Secret Service STEELE, is more of an idiot than anyone over in our Country! How stupid to get involved with trying to take down a Presidential Candidate/President? Eff off you sickos. Check your own dirty lying cheating pedo house before you pass judgement on someone over here. Talk about brainless?? This group is no more than a bag of insults dressed in a flimsy dress, a badly made up Gay Man(?) and high school MEAN GIRL VERBAGE. Your country is sicker than you will admit to but the truth is coming out…..and I am looking forward to it!!

  25. Trump bashing bothers me somewhat, but people who shit on his wife are way worse in my estimation. Calling her his pet is disrespectful on a crazy level, not something to laugh about on tv.

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