Is it "un-African" to be gay?

I heard the Nigerian president say that there are no gays in Nigeria and I was I was practically just angry and I find it quite light rages because I thought but this is not true I decided to say you know I'm here you know this is me and I would not be removed from the history of of this country basically I mean that was why I came out on national television and the reaction was immediate so I moved from becoming this loved child of the country to becoming the most hated person my sexuality is just a small percentage of who I am it's on my totality in a country like this out there you come out and see you again was something in our country because I'm in the sauna on Africa these laws were often put in close by my own country Nigeria Africa's most wealthy and populous nation but it's also one of the most dangerous places in the world for lesbian gay bisexual and trans people an increasingly hostile tone from the authorities and the enforcement of recent anti-gay laws has forced the already discreet queer community into hiding one of Nigeria's most senior police officers even uses her Instagram account to warn gay people that they should leave the country or face prosecution being a gay person in Nigeria is literally just be like in the jungle if you're not afraid of being arrested by the police you are in constant awareness of your neighbors ganging up against you and beating you up or being blackmailed it's a very dangerous life experience to actually go through on a daily basis BC Eleni had become a darling of the nation with the starring role in Nigeria's favorite TV soap opera but when rumors circulated about his sexuality in 2004 he risked everything and spoke out I called up the producer of the most watched talk show in Nigeria called nude on which for me and I said I want to come out as gay yeah on their show and they were quite shocked it initially was a little bit like it's not a little bit crazy to them and they were quite frightened as much as I was saying about wanting to talk about being gay in a country like Nigeria who don't believe that anybody is gay by Nature I'm not gonna be forced into marrying a woman because the cycle wants me to the reaction was inspired I lost my role on the set I was never invited back to to play the role I was playing nobody was going to give me a job and sometimes I walk down the street people say things people shot at me and was quite frightening and terrifying in the country like these out there you come out and see you again a month after that time the group of men broke into my home and and they knocked on the door and when I opened the door I I had a slap across my face I just I just went blind completely and I was tired my boyfriend was tied up and they were beating us you know after the attack I left like you 24 hours later I had no plan I had no plan whatsoever I had no I arranged married there was there was nothing planned I just had to leave the country I saw a future that was bright the future died was very promising and suddenly because of my sexuality because I came out I everything came crashing most Nigerians believe that it's uh naff ricchan to be gay and over half believe that homosexuality is a Western phenomenon another study shows that almost all Nigerians believe people can't be born gay the country's two prominent faiths are the main proponents of this view in the south is the world's second largest Anglican community despite his own British roots the Church of Nigeria sees no irony condemning homosexuality as a supposedly Western phenomenon unlike in the more liberal Western Anglican community African church leaders have fiercely resisted gay bishops and same-sex marriage Nigeria's former president of asan Joe described their position as a principled stand against homosexuality that was unbiblical unnatural and definitely an African in Nigeria's predominantly Muslim North some states are under ultra conservative Sharia law death by stoning is the prescribed punishment for homosexuality in this religious jurisdiction the two men seen here in green were among a group who were arrested and tried for being gay in an Islamic sharia court in bouchy state at least one man was punished with 20 lashes in front of a packed court house the most recent political crackdown on homosexuality in Nigeria began in 2014 with a general election on the horizon President Goodluck Jonathan passed the same sex marriage prohibition act this law isn't really about same-sex marriage homosexuality is already punishable by 14 years in prison or by death in reality this trakone Ian law is designed to restrict the daily lives of LGBT people now anyone who supports LGBT clubs organizations or charities faces 10 years in prison displaying same-sex affection in public years attending a gay marriage 10 years in prison he did the right thing because that's gays uncalled for I mean this enough you're on Africa we don't was something in our country the organization Human Rights Watch says that the same sex marriage prohibition act officially authorizes abuses against LGBT people vigilantes have used the law as cover to attack people and police have even raided HIV awareness meetings claiming that the participants had been promoting homosexuality the international community was outraged by the law and Nigeria's anti-gay crackdown was challenged when current President Muhammadu Buhari met Barack Obama at the White House in 2015 but according to the Horace spokesperson the Nigerian president told American officials that gay sex is abhorrent to our culture when you go back in time when you look at the histories of the different ethnic groups that come together to make Nigeria west as you find that they've always been people who will define today as being LGBTQ essentially existent in our respective um communities and so if anything we should be pushing for with a narrative that it's very Nigerian it's okay to be to be a member of LGBT community because that in itself is what makes Nigeria what it is that diversity this map shows the countries in Africa where homosexuality is still a crime in June 2019 in many cases it's persisting colonial-era laws that legislate against same-sex relationships I am all too aware that these laws were often put in place by my own country they were wrong then and they are wrong now former British colonies have a particularly poor record for human rights violations against LGBT people these two men from Malawi were sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2010 for publicly declaring that they wanted to marry elsewhere in Africa there are also signs of progression in January 2019 Angola decriminalized homosexuality as it adopted its first penal code since it gained independence from Portugal in 1975 it removed the antiquated anti-gay laws in that process Mozambique did the same in 2015 South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to introduce LGBT rights into its constitution in the 90s as it prohibited discrimination on the grounds of race gender or sexuality it's the only African country to recognize same-sex marriage but violent attacks and in particular corrective rape still happened despite positive legal changes these countries are still dangerous places for LGBT plus people in Eastern Africa Kenya has become the focal point in the region in the fight for decriminalization where people are not on some agenda trying to make the rest of the world queer so that we can all be like in some queer cult it's just about people allowing people to be themselves and you know allowing the Constitution allows for all human beings to be treated equally in our country but then the law says otherwise Kaz Lucas hosts a popular podcast in Kenya called the spread which discusses sex and sexuality I found my kinky queer sex positive community cast as Kenyans are becoming more accepting of queer people every time there is a queer party in Kenya there's always a lot of Eastern Africans who are in attendance and people who come here because they feel safer Uganda also has similar harsh laws on her on homosexuality so I feel like even though the laws here are not favoring LGBT people it's definitely a safer environment the idea that homosexuality is unnatural has severe consequences it's used to justify human rights abuses enforce extreme laws extort blackmail deny proper health care and ultimately it destroys countless lives across the continent queer Africans face an uphill struggle for acceptance it also has to be said that we are making progress the progress we're making might not be coming quickly enough but I do believe that change is this is coming in it's it's definitely happening we have historical evidence of LGBT history across the country maybe we don't use the word lesbian or gay for that because this was at Western words but to deny the fact that there are there's an absence of sin gender loving across the continent for me was was not just offensive but I thought it was just quite stupid in a way and I decided to say you know I'm here I'm gay and I would not be removed from the history of of this country basically you

  1. Hi, it is true that the Bible states that a man should not lay with another man, but if a person feels attracted to the same sex, we are not God to condemn or punish them for something they cannot change ! Except if they themselves wish to be changed by God , there should not be any pressure on people whose life is already difficult and full of fear , rejection and the need to behave as if they are invisible !
    Greetings Conny

  2. ha haha the reason it's not as acceptable amongst the Brown skinned peoples is bc they are the 12 tribes of Israel. though 2/3 will be destroyed, most instinctively know that Our Heavenly Father says NO to pee pees in the poop holes (duh)!

  3. Being queer is not un-
    African, un-America, or Un-anything, except UN-Godly, sexual immorality is a Sin, no repentance no Eternal life, only Eternal suffering and pain in the fire of Hell,!!!

  4. There is a list of countries which the WORLD should NEVER contribute with humanitarian donations. The disgusting and savage behavior they take against their own people leaves a clear message: "If they have no compassion for other human beings and can't live like humans, they do not deserve humanitarian donations or money from other humans."

  5. Read section162 of the kenyan penal code.un nutural offences attracts 14 years.follow the law and leave british culturea in europe.msituletee

  6. 日本のYouTuber が私の電話番号を勝手に使い卑猥なことに使っている!日本のYouTubeやGoogleは一体どうなってるんだ?

  7. The reason why Africans don't like LGBTQ was because in pre colonial Africa they practiced a lot of same-sex sex activities and different gender identities when Europeans came over they outlawed it so for all of those years of colonisation they finally internalised homophobia and are reproducing it.

  8. When people in my country the U.K talk about colonialism being a thing of the past and that some how we don't owe the world a massive apology for what we have done I would like to show them videos like this. I love my country but I know our colonial past still strongly impacts the live of the people we colonized. Britain has a huge responsibility in tackiling human right violations due to the fact that many violations were put in place by us.

  9. I think the Europeans should stop telling other how to think,as Europe enters a demographic/economic death spiral!!

  10. Native Brits are my people 🙂 being British isn't about being born here or having a passport. British and African, isn't a thing. Sorry 🤷

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