Is Donald Trump A Secret Democrat?

Donald Trump – business mogul, real-estate
tycoon and star of NBC’s The Apprentice – is one of the world’s most recognisable
and outspoken figures. In 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth as
approximately 4 billion dollars. His often-controversial comments on Twitter are followed by more than
4.3 million people. On June 16, 2015, Trump put growing rumours
to rest when he formally announced his intention to run in the 2016 US Presidential elections,
seeking to represent the Republican party. However, accusations of inconsistent policies
and erratic behaviour have fuelled a theory that is gaining traction amongst the public
and politicians alike: is Trump, in actual fact, a secret Democrat agent, seeking to
upset the Republican presidential race? Trump’s signature style of unscripted speeches
and no-nonsense attitude certainly sets him apart from many of his electoral opponents.
His supporters often quote these traits as the reasons behind his popularity. But is it all an act? The growing list of
controversies that surround him has led to protests from within the party that he is
damaging their reputation Republican politician, Carlos Curberlo, says this isn’t an accident.
He argues Trump’s jibes are orchestrated by the Democrats to discredit the party. For example, during his Presidential Announcement
Speech, his comments on Mexican immigration were met with a great amount of hostility. They’re sending people that have lots of
problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re
bringing crime. They’re rapists’, Trump said. One party official – who wished to remain
unnamed – criticised Trump’s statement, saying it would infuriate Hispanics, a group
that the Republicans are aiming to make progress with in 2016. They claimed Trump is ‘starting
to look like a guy hand-delivered by the Democrats’ This isn’t the only time that Trump deviated
from core Republican doctrine. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, he suggested
scrapping a basic party policy of reducing the cost of US social healthcare and insurance.
This is a surprisingly liberal stance. Ever since he has been in the public eye,
Trump’s official political leaning has fluctuated. Between 2001 and 2009, his allegiance was
to the Democrat Party and, over the years, he has donated at least $330,000 to their
cause. This sparked concerns over how dedicated he could be to a Republican victory. Critics also point to his friendship with
prominent Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton. He has funded her political campaigns
in the past, and she attended his wedding to model Melania Knauss in 2005. Could their
friendship indicate Trump is deliberately sabotaging the Republican vote, so that Hillary
would face much weaker opposition if she wins the Democrat nomination? Republican politician Carlos Curberlo described
Trump’s interactions with the Clintons as ‘very suspicious’. Even celebrities like
The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence questioned Trump’s motives, arguing that it must be
either a publicity stunt or ‘Hillary’s brilliant idea’. But would Trump really be investing as much
money, time and energy in his campaign if it was all to help out the woman he has publicly
dubbed ‘the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States’? Speaking on Fox & Friends in July 2015, he
publicly refuted any idea that he and Hillary Clinton could be collaborating against the
Republicans. ‘Believe me’, he argued, ‘from Hillary’s standpoint, the one person
she doesn’t want running against her is Donald Trump’. However, there are arguments
his condemnations and insults are a cleverly devised plot to disguise his grander plan
to help her secure power. Nevertheless, there are undeniably a number
of issues about which Trump’s opinions are far more Republican than Democrat. He is strongly
against gun control, in favour of capital punishment and remains sceptical of climate
change. These views correlate with the opinions of typical Republican supporters. Trump’s speeches have been drawing crowds
of thousands and opinion polls indicate that he is achieving significant early successes
against other Republican candidates. A USA Today poll released on July 14, 2015, showed
17% support the business giant. Runner-up Jeb Bush is supported by just 14%. However, Donald Trump is an unpredictable
and variable character whose ultimate intentions are difficult to know. Is his bold and controversial approach to
politics a genuine campaign for Republican victory, or does he plan to sabotage the party
in favour of Democrat loyalties? Time will tell…

  1. Donald Trump is a democrat and the republican voter is stupid for buying into trumps bullshit…..

  2. relax… that 150.000 he gave to the Clinton foundation just got bill and Hillery to his daughters wedding. He's bought hilleries ass before and she'd sell her ass to him again.

  3. This is too funny. I've been saying this all along. Heh, I don't think I really believe it though……do I? hmm.

  4. whether its trump or hillary it will be hard to be worse than obama. do you want a douche, a liar, or an idiot? Lose-Lose situation.

  5. Very Interesting. I began to think about this too. In not dumb in anyway. But this might be true. I heard a lot of him but sth. tells me he isnt that bad. hillary is worse

  6. all you stoopid gop members fell for donald and he's a democrat he knew he could get your votes if he talked evil like most of you think. common how could you vote for a guy that wants other countries to go nucular? for real? how the hell is he going to get 11 million illeagels out? in Chicago they get 3 a night its going to take a long long time maybe about 100-200 years at that rate. people will vote for this guy just because they have so much hate built up in them. now on to Hillary, her emails at the time they were sent and she resent back was NOT classified. They became classified 9 months after the fact that they knew she was running. common use your sense folks. I'm not rich so I cannot vote republican. I think I was in the 4th grade when the teacher helped us figure out if we was dem or rep. 4th grade. if you don't want to support your grandparents or parents because the government took everything what they worked for there whole lives then do what you have to…..

  7. I'm not one to bow to conspiracy theories, but I really suspect there are Clinton dollars behind Trump's campaign. There's just no logic to it. Otherwise if THIS is the new Republican party, then they have left me. This is not the party of Abraham Lincoln.

  8. I believe Trump has a good heart but he should be advocating unity and love, not polarisation. It has been good strategy so far for but I think he should be clearer with his good intentions and plans for America.

  9. This guy has an ego the size of Jupiter. I'm ashamed that this my country would consider this jerk as a president candidate. Trump is only interested in himself.

  10. I don't understand the hell is the difference betwen the republicans and democrats XD I mean what the hell can't it be simple like in my country with the right and left ^^ (right : capitalist / left : socialist)

  11. Flat earth theory is just misinformation. It is a fake conspiracy theory which is pushed by those who want to make conspiracy theorists look like crazy weirdos who will believe anything

  12. Lol I've said this for a long time, I think he's manipulating the stupidity and knee-jerking bigotry inherent in most conservatives and republicans to get them to elect him into office because he knows it would be that much more difficult to trick liberals and democrats with similar tactics.

    Either way I'm voting Trump.

  13. Trump is a part of the Facist party, for people who don't know what the party is a famous man by the name of Hitler, he made Germany Facist

  14. I think he is saying all these outrageous and controversial things as a ploy for attention. I think he planned on getting as much attention as possible during the primaries, offending hispanic, black, and muslim voters because he knew not many people from those demographics would vote in the REPUBLICAn primary, as most of them are democratic. I also think he will take something of a full 180 as he campaigns for the presidency. He HAS said on record that he would be nothing like he was in the primaries as president.. I think it's all just his brilliant plot to become president, and I think there is a serious chance he might actually beat Hillary, as scary as that is… You should watch Charismaondemands's video on the topic, called "Why Trump Will Smash Hillary", its where I heard this theory

  15. I think at one point Donald trump was at a bar Donald trump and bill clinton had a little too much to drink and they made a bet, Donald said hey bill i bet that i could run as a republican and they will buy it, he is a flip flop, he donated $200000 dollars to the clintons, is Pro-Choice, was Anti-Gun, and is pro universal health care, he is sure as hell not a republican, i think he is a cloaked democrat

  16. IF (big if) Trump is a secret Democratic Agent, then he is doing it all himself. He is nuts enough to make himself a HEWDGE pariah to accomplish this.


  17. He has been a member of the Democratic party a number of times. He has no political principles or policies. He is using politics to build his brand, so he can sell his name at a higher price. His main business now is licensing his name. Most of the buildings that have "Trump" in their name are not owned by Trump. They pay him to use his name.

    Oh, yeah, he would love to beat Clinton. But to be president for four years? That's not the retirement activity he's been looking forward to.

  18. No one is going to be fully republican or fully democrat just like no one will be full conservative or fully liberal

  19. It is not hard to fool most Americans. Barack H. Obama, Jr. did it twice. As long as Donald J. Trump is not an Alynskyite or a Socialist, then our country is as good as gold. U.S. President Barack H. Obama, Jr. is a hybrid because he is in support of and supported by the elite globalists. The crony capitalists and capitalist elites have a symbiotic relationship with Mr. Barack H. Obama, Jr., and you can see this same relationship with Hillary R. Clinton and her husband, former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton. They use their positions of influence to make sweet heart deals and honey pot arrangements.

  20. I don't claim this is the case, and this obviously isn't even necessary to defend not voting for him, but I'd say he's more likely working with Russia than with Democrats.

  21. His Track record of retarded business moves and a string of bankrupcies clearly shows that people give that manchild too much credit. He isn't nerly as smart as people believing this think he is.

  22. @Alltime Conspiracies Didn't y'all make a video about how Clinton was republican in her youth and how if someone spent so much time with the republican… Why would they change to a democrat? So why would Donald Trump help the democrats for Clinton if she most likely still a republican. It kind of contradicts itself

  23. @Alltime Conspiracies Donald Trump has always been ignorant and not knowing what he is talking about. So how is it news he is bringing it to the white house?

  24. trump has been talking about the same policies for decades. watch his videos of the 80s and 90s with charlie rose, oprah winfrey…etc he has always been one person. Trump 2016

  25. According to Ron Paul, trump is almost the opposite of a Libertarian. He's using socially cuntservitard/authoritaretarded stuff from the Republican Party and the Democrat's stuff about putting more government but instead to dictate the minorities' civil liberties.

  26. People can change their views. I've changed my political party over five times in my life.

  27. LOL no he just flip-flops all the time, he used to be a Democrat back in the 80s, 90s, then in 00s he was Reform for a little, then back to Democrat, & then since he hated Obama so much he became a republican

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