1. All ilhan omar cares about is tearing down the USA and of course getting rid of Trump and apologizing to iran for taking out "their" so called revered leader….cough, cough soleimani

  2. An Iraq born refugee immigrant who loves the United States with all her heart, articulate and glamorous to boot! What the heck are the Dems gunna do now? This new GOP lady has the potential to counter Tulsi Gabbard in the distant future if it comes to that.

    TRUMP – Pence 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. This woman she come America yesterday why she is jealous of ilhan omar. Dear woman you're still refugee, refugee stay refugee 😂

  5. I'm English, but this proves conservatives don't hate foreigners. They just want somebody who views their country positively which is fair enough!

  6. 1st and only term. If that maggot gets voted in again, it's a rigged election and her hate against Americans should be noted. That witch should be charged. Shes nothing but a criminal entity

  7. Every time Omar opens her mouth, I expect a turd to come out. Essentially, that is what happens. The content of what she spews is total bull.

  8. Isn't Omar's district full of voting African refugees? I see them on YouTube beating the hell out of white people like other black ghettos. How is the Iranian going to beat the Somali? … not likely !

  9. Fox News was wrong to call her an Iraqi refugee in the present tense. They should have referred to the Rep candidate as someone who initially sought refugee status and ultimately naturalized.

  10. TIME FOR :
    Democraps to be Indicated, Arrested, Proscuted & Given ,
    their " ONE – WAY TICKETS "
    to either GUANTANAMO or
    The Cargo Flight @ 20,000 Ft
    Altitude … DROP …over Iran !
    Landing NOT REQUIRED !!!!

  11. Seems this womans only position is …im not ilhan omar. And ilhan omar is bad.
    And all the fox news viewers think shes great.

  12. God Bless this woman and vote her in. She is speaking with Americans not for Americans. Omar is a curse to America.

  13. Frankly the main problem is that people tend to vote for their party which is idiotic if you have a brain you vote for the person who will help the people the best

  14. One can represent for their culture, religion and education. Ilan failed to do that. Minnesota think back why you elected her who cultivated hate as what terrorists in Middle East are doing with the rest of the world. Please, MN, think back in next election for Congress.

  15. A liberal democrat like Omar only wants to weaken people so that control is taken. Socialists rely on this strategy to control everyone. Don't let it happen. They like to tear down and degrade for control

  16. We Need Born Citizens That Represent Citizens, Not Outsiders that are controlled from IRAQ, IRAN, SAMOLIA the U.N and ETC – ILHAN OMAR RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE – DEMOCRATS FAVORITE PHRASE -TRANSFORM AMERICA! TRANSFORM AMERICA INTO WHAT????

  17. Our constitution needs to be changed to restrict duel citizens, non-American born citizens, time limits for member's of Congress, no retirement pay, no free medical for life (if Obama Care was good enough for the people its good enough for Congress, Members that are sued for sexual harassment pay out of pocket, the American people have a say in the budget and overspending, Government shut downs because budgets are not accomplished on time means no pay for those responsible for failing to do their job, Proper audits, Control and accountability for foreign aid packages, Limits on state department employees…

  18. lol Republican's are crazy this is the third person they bring against ilhan omar we Somalian don't need Arabs go to Michigan where the Arabs live 🤣

  19. Well would this one be any better? Probably another Trojan horse.

    Perhaps we should go back to voting for actual Americans. Novel idea right?

  20. North-African'ts, dark-Indiyucks, Ireekians, and Fartrabians are yucky, stinkiest, dumbest breeds than the poorest slum US cities, waiting on their magic Aladdin's carpet-rides to Cloud 9. Equailty is far bad for these prime reasons.

  21. She has no chance of winning, no policy talks just nonsense smears. She will never win using racism as a standpoint what a shame.

  22. You dont stand a chance against a Rock Star.. Hahhah the only one that can bring us together is President Bernie Sanders..

  23. Hard to believe that Minnesotans voted for Ilhan Omar to get elected…………..She does not have an ounce of Patriotism, and actually behaves like she Hates this Nation and all the Values we stand for………..Its human to make a mistake even Collectively………However there is also time to correct what is wrong……….The time is now to say no to her and send her back to her District in an Overwhelming Vote………..Selah

  24. Yes !! I will vote for this wounderfull imigrated American women who supports her country her culture as an American dreamer success story!! Now. We need to replace the other radical racists do called squad members. Also, OAC? .. is dangerous to American politics!!

  25. You can reach out as much as you would like Omar and AOC will never debate a conservative nor will they answer any form of questioning. I think everybody is waking up to these American hating congresswomen.
    Jul 15, 2019 An anonymous Democratic group leaked an internal poll to Axios on Sunday that shows "swing voters" deeply dislike prominent progressive lawmakers, deepening a public rift within the party.
    The poll found that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a 22% approval rating and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota had a 9% approval rating among 1,003 "likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education" and knew of the two outspoken lawmakers.

  26. The women should be sent back to her mother land so she can use her energy & body to service her country which is most needed there. She should not waste her nonsensical energy in USA. Why is not willing to go back to her motherland to improve the lives of her people ?? She is just here to enjoy the good life for herself and her country & peolpe can go to hell. What a hypocrite.

  27. Why don’t y’all tell Dalia to go ‘back where she came from?’

    It’s not a race thing! It’s not ! Iraq needs strong leaderships!


  28. Pray you get the post to replace The fake Omar . And Omar goes to the full end of her Tyranny . We can not let her go after she is out of office cause a snake that has a head will keep biting.

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