Iowa Democrats Release First Batch Of Results | MSNBC

  1. This is a COMPLETE FARCE! The media is spinning this as though Pete definitely won the Iowa Caucus. They do not mention that the "app" was partially paid for by Pete, and he has a campaign staffer who's spouse works for the company "Shadow" that developed it. Yes, that's the name of the company. So he pays for the app and now it suddenly stops counting when he's the winner? Pete gets to bask in the media glory of "winning Iowa" when NO ONE has a clue who really won and by the time we know the true results he will already have benefited in New Hampshire because of this media nonsense.

  2. How could democrats vote for a racist who fired the first black chief of police because his racist donors, along with a small number of racist police pushed him to do so? Pete is a horrible candidate.

  3. As with the Electoral College, this undemocratic delegate system should be abolished (imo). I'll vote Democrat because I don't want Trump to get "elected" again (despite losing the popular vote), but the DNC needs to stop getting in their own way. We the People's nominees ("representatives") should be chosen by regular voters in a one-person, one-vote system instead of by biased political parties.

    Abolishing these undemocratic systems would likely increase voter turnout because many of those who choose not to vote do so because such undemocratic systems make them feel as if their votes don't actually matter. Statistically, the higher the voter turnout is, the better the odds are that the Democrats win. DNC delegates not picking the most popular candidate is them getting in their own way.. Yet again!!…

    Bernie Sanders 2020!!!

  4. It's one big joke but don't worry guys the biggest joke in 2016 won the presidency so maybe it's a winning strategy in this country today.

  5. LefTARDs📢pay Attention📡 WALK Away📢 your party CHEATS📢 They already started rigging votes the elite will Phuck the "Bern" AGAIN & nominate sniffy Joe or LIAwampa. Brokered convention is Necessary. They CHEAT already. Tulsi or Yang are whom you should vote for📢📡 Smarten up the DUMocrat establishment already has the "Fix" planned. Your hypocritical views of conservatives are incorrect. Your party is the problem. You blind ignorant sheep 🐑.

  6. It looks as if these numbers are MANIPULATED and that’s because the “ APP defence”is inconsistent even silly German news outlet Welt was in the region for three weeks and they reported that this region was extremely prepared and equipped for this election So this looks like abuse of a populations voting rights and extreme CORRUPTION There is no reason to think these results are non manipulated because they are manipulated and it’s an embarrassing example of abuse of a population in 2020

  7. Thats funny because last night they said Biden was not viable!! SO THATS WHO THEY ARE CHEATING FOR, LOSER 7% JOE!!! Rumors of Hildabeast or Michael Obama for Joe's VP pick then he is suicided and they would become President LOL

  8. looks like buttygig's big investment in the shadow vote collating system paid off then! hope there's only bots n illegals voting here coz iowa american voters just got royally screwed !

  9. Steve Kornacki, eh? The guy who thought that Kansas was going to be competitive in the 2016 presidential election? In a fair world, this guy would be in a different line of work. 😄

  10. Dems in the right mind see all these candidates as weak or stupid or radical communist .I will let you work out which is which .Time to change from this corrupt party

  11. My man BERNIE2020 that's a good start…forget that Peter guy – he's trailing now and he'll be trailer later too

  12. I am seeing a lot of people dumping on that analysis, when all in all he is actually doing a decent job. He is at the very least commendable for pointing out and focusing on Bernie actually winning the popular vote and not trying to swipe it under the rug, he is exposing a problem with the way the Caucus work. And he is explaining why Pete is leading by explaining that not all precinct are equals and are given different weight.

    He actually seems upset Bernie isn't given the most delegates.

  13. How democratic is the Democratic actually when the wheight of your vote is depended on the location (city or rural) where you voted. And why do they still have unpledgded delegates that can alter the preference of the people?

  14. "Shadow", the company that created the app behind this Iowa caucuses disaster received money from Pete Buttigieg and the CEO endorsed Pete, is married to a Pete adviser and the company was created one week before Buttigieg announced he was running. Today, the app crashed and Pete announced victory.

  15. They say it’s rooted in eight years of Buttigieg’s economic policies that have often left people of color behind. Meanwhile, alleged instances of police brutality and subsequent coverups or inaction has sowed deep distrust. – The Guardian Tom Perkins 2019

  16. Crazy that he doesn't know how the system works… Does anyone know how the system works? Is there a system? Why not just randomize this stuff???

  17. The group that created the app is called Shadow…and guess what…Pete's campaign paid shadow…..yeah…He paid them…they created the app and look what happened…

  18. The Russians will give Democrats the person with the least electability….😂😂😂 Democrats are fighting against a criminal underworld who favour the current incumbent stuge!

  19. So Bernie has more votes but fewer delegates… republican that is.
    We need to skip this Hee Haw State for the next decade or two…..then we can get rid of the ethanol idiocy as well.


  21. Yea. Makes total sense . Bernie wins on both votes yet let’s just throw Pete ahead of him for no godamn reason at all. Wow. They’re rigging it again


  23. Can somebody explain what is the difference between pledged delegates (n = 41, in Iowa) and and state delegates (equivalents: n = 2161, in Iowa)? If Mayor Pete won the SDE's from the counts so far, how can both Senator Sanders and Mayor Pete have gained an equal no. of pledged delegates (10 each)?

  24. DNC is working hard everyone. In fact we need more Donna Braziles, more Debbie Wasserman Schultzs, and lets not forget the current champion of the DNC, Tom Perez, who just announced the DNC will be counting the rest of the votes of the Iowa caucus. Democracy GO!

  25. I was really going to vote blue no matter who this time, but Pete's campaign and Shadow Inc (app maker) and Acronym (Shadow Inc parent company) and Troy Price (Head of the Iowa dem party) were all connected and none of them disclosed the connections and kept the app company secret until everything exploded when the app crashed. I won't vote for anyone but Bernie now, period. It's Bernie or vest for me. General strike nation wide! We'll shut it down. AND there need to be congressional investigations immediately! How can we trust the DNC now that we know they forced the three caucus states to pay Shadow Inc $65K each, contractually, and the Buttigieg campaign payed over $42K to this company for "texting". This stinks to high heaven of corruption and grift. And it also looks like they were trying to cheat the election. After 3 months of Dems trying to remove the president for that very act, the silence of the democratic leadership speaks volumes to me. Call you reps and senators and demand immediate investigations. Trump will win if they bury this.

  26. Let me simplify for you, Democrats cheated and screwed election on favor of Pete. DNC is total corrupt and MSN BS is piece of garbage news. Thats why Trump is president.

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  28. Oh so Sanders got more votes, but Buttigeig "won" Iowa. The DNC is up to its usual dirty tricks and scams. The DNC boosts the voting power of rural conservatives and impairs the voting power of urban and college town liberals. This is not an accident.

  29. What I find funny is the Republican Caucus isn't nearly this complicated. They just have one round of votes and give out delegates based on proportional vote. Originally the winner took something like 90% of convention delegates.
    It's funny how Democrats rail against the Electoral College yet hold their Caucus like the electoral college.

  30. #MSNBCIsGarbage AND "WE THE PEOPLE" ARE NOT BUYING YOUR PROPAGANDA LIES ANYMORE!! #RealizeTheTruth #BernieOrBust #NoMiddleGround #TheCorruptDNC #TheCorruptMedia

  31. Remember this reporter clown during the Trump/Hillary election. He had Hillary winning right up until learning Trump won.

  32. Why are you reporting State Delegates in percentages?

    How would you have reported it if Bernie and Pete had switched?


    Propaganda hypocrites is what you are.

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