1. Voting for the Left brings crime, corruption and chaos to your Cities, States and neighborhoods! TRUMP2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Any undecided voter, who is somehow still considering a vote for any democrat, is a commie. I don't care why they are conflicted or who they prefer. If you don't vote Trump you are a commie or a commie symp.

  3. How can anyone be undecided? Choice could not be clearer… freedom or socialism? We are in a cold civil war for the future of America!

  4. Hopefully they will see that Demorats are not working for them I do not believe that they ever have & it’s just gotten worse for them this is not the democrat party I grew up knowing they’ve gone so far left it’s as tho their all anti America you can see that in the fruits that they bear Please Wake Up get on the Trump train for all of our lives sake ty

  5. The Republicans are holding back new found evidence to be unveiled in the trial. Republicans claim to have concrete proof that Pelosi and Schiff both received 1.3 million each from the Biden’s corrupt Ukraine scheme, they are keeping it out of the mainstream media until the trial begins. Pelosi and Schiff both know that the Republicans have the dirt on them and that is why Pelosi and Schiff does not want “Quid Pro Quo Joe” and son “Where’s Hunter” to testify because the Biden’s testimony will implicate the both of them. Now I can see why the democrats have denied the Biden’s involvement even though Joe himself admitted and was bragging about it on videotape saying that he held the money back from Ukraine until the investigator that was investigating his son, was fired … it’s all making sense now … the plot thickens!

  6. So let understand this. There are Senators running for President of the United States running against President Trump, but they are going to on the panel of jurors on the senate impeachment trials? How is this NOT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST? They should NOT be allowed to sit in judgment. Why can’t the defense attorneys dismiss them for conflict of interest. There is NO WAY they will remain impartial. This is becoming more like a 3 ring circus rather than a trial. What a freaking shameful display of democracy is has turned into.

  7. Democrats should just concede this election and get to work. They haven't done anything in 3 years. They have nothing to run on. Supporting iran, terrorism agaisnt the United states. We know they support that. Economy and jobs. They sold them once to Mexico and China. They might want to run on closing manufacturing jobs. Increasing unemployment. Taking your guns, deny due process. Tear up the constitution legalize pedophilia. Promise to make america communist. Raise taxes. The list is endless with their promise to sell america to soros.

  8. I hope Iowa voters realize that their Democratic Congress reps have Ignored their Oath of Office, and abiding by the Constitution and it's amendments…. If they go to YouTube and watch the House inquisition,{NO Republican defense allowed}, and also watch on "Golden State Times"{Unedited} Videos, ALL witnesses admitted, when questioned by the Republicans, NO Wrong Doing by Trump. Just Personal Prejudices…;

  9. It’s reality time, Democrats can’t decide who will represent them as they are unsure who will beat Trump, but CNN and their fake news media friends already did, it’s Quid pro Joe!

  10. People who are born in Iowa usually vote Republican. The people who moved to Iowa from Democrat states will be the Democrat voters. The majority are life long Republicans.

  11. Buttigig will surprise everyone and come up from the rear.
    They are trying to dismiss Sanders, but that shall be their folly.

  12. all primary elections should be held on the same day …… as it is now , Iowa decides nominees and the rest of America is excluded

  13. What is there to decide watch one debate and you will know these people are all communist lunatics, if you vote for one of them you're an anti American Communist yourself.

  14. Only poll I lend any credence is the massive voter turnout at Trump rallies – like him or not… Only risk to Trump is election and voter fraud. Fix it, USA…

  15. I actually think the Iowa democratic caucus voters are thinking about becoming republicans.
    Why try to beat a President that's doing a good job.
    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  16. Not one of those clowns can beat Pres Trump. He is the very best leader in the world. Any of those clowns have no leadership quality.

  17. All the democrat candidates that are running against POTUS need to recuse themselves from impeachment. No way they can be fair/impartial & also actively campaign against Trump. There is legal precedent for this already.

  18. The Jackass Party is in such bad shape they may have to trot out their withered Jenny.
    Hillary has EXACTLY what the party needs for 2020: She has the most experience screwing crazy Bernie out of the nomination and no one's better at being trounced by Donald Trump.

  19. W the trade deal DJT just did w China mostly for farmers WHY WOULD ANYONE IN IA even THINK about voting democratic!!??

  20. I bet the Democrats and I are panicking because everybody who's running is a Sadler communist and I don't know if any of them believe in climate change or they're just telling their base what they want to hear cuz it's all bull Stein.

  21. If any of these people in Iowa vote for Democrats and they think that’s a good thing just take a look at Omar. There you go guys that’s one of your Democrats right there good luck if you vote Democrat

  22. Undecided? It's not a hard decision. Democrats are corrupt to the core. Trump is prosperous. MAGA..Trump 2020. All aboard.

  23. How can democrats listen to what is going on in the democratic party and not be disgusted. I believe that many of them will temporarily become independents.

  24. As an old army soldier I can’t imagine any soldier saying our commander has the best record of winning battles while protecting the lives of the troops but let’s replace him because we don’t like his personality. It’s just absurd!

  25. Must suck to be on the racist left, hate President Trump, and have to choose between candidates who stand no chance at beating the president. Stop supporting hate with ignorance and maybe you’ll find yourself in a better position.

    Trump 2020!

  26. Until the Demon-rats clean up in their ranks and get back to reality and understand what their reason for being in a government is all about, there are no other choices than re-elect Trump for the next 4 years!! The thing is there might never be any sane Democratic party since it seems to be like a magnet on some of the worst mentally disturbed individuals in America!

  27. The Democrats should be asking themselves this question why are all Your choices for president stuck in impeachment hearings except for the biggest lying thief Joe Biden.

  28. When there's no one worth voting for, very few will go to the polls. Even died-in-the-wool democrats know there is no one on their primary ballot worthy of the oval office.

  29. You know the problem with Democrats is they tend to be stupied hateful people without a clue . They hate anyone that has more money than they do . If they wernt so stupid maybe they would have money instead of government handouts..

  30. Democrats, climate change has nothing to do with climate. Corrupt democrats want to control every aspect of your life. Make you poor, control your water, electricity make it against the law to own a home and land etc.WAKE UP!!!!! Stop being stupid and naive.

  31. Undecided🤔.
    Well Supreme Court intervenes to decide the undecided voters by reveiwing the Extracted the FISA report along with W3C, iCANN implanted drugs report authorized by WHO, UNICEF and International Doctors association.

  32. Heaven for bid, vote for someone who can be best for the country earnings, no tax raises, just who ever can bet Trump

  33. Tom Steyer made his money hiding rich peoples money in offshore accounts… And he became a billionaire.. Blomberg not much better, rich Dem donors turned candidates. Because they are terrified of Trump..and see clearly that none of the other candidates can win. Running scared takes on a nuanced meaning. Trump 2020

  34. Do you chump supporters, google the suicide rates? Opioid deaths? Low paying crap jobs? And stress and working like slaves with less to see and big corporate sucking all the money?

  35. It's really funny to see all these ignorant people writing these comments on this. I should expect this from fox news. Do some research learn a little about these Democrats before you let lies fall from your mouth. Wake up people.

  36. Andrew Yang is the most unconventional democrat. Just look him up and what his policies are about. I warn you, you may change your mind and vote for America's future

  37. Voting for a Democrat, LOL, never again along with millions of others who care about our country. The only people freezings will be the people foolish enough to stand and listen to the Democrats spew their lies to support their criminal enterprises.

  38. If 2020 isn’t a landslide for Trump and people actually vote for the Demotards then you will know that all those votes are voter fraud!

  39. When I witnessed what the Democrats did to judge Kavanaugh, I determined to never vote for a Democrat again. This new breed of cat is a million miles away from John F. Kennedy and The New Frontier.

  40. Hmmmm…. can’t tell if your being lied too??? Sounds like an educational problem , think common sense & critical thinking …..TRUMP LIVES

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