iOS 13.4 GM – Follow Up Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13.4 has been out for a few days I’ve been using it on my iPhone 11 Pro
max as well as some older devices as well and I’ve been looking at the
YouTube community poll that I actually launched today but I wanted to record
this a little bit early and most people are saying this is pretty good so I’ll
talk about my experience than your experience then we’ll talk about the
YouTube community poll and I’ll read some of your comments now I’ve been
using this on my iPhone 11 Pro max and my iPad pro 12 point 9 and I’m happy to
say most of the time I have no issues it’s smooth and fast I’ve had no lag or
slowdowns or anything like that and also I’ve had very good battery but I’ll talk
more about that in a moment now as far as any weird bugs or things that I’ve
had well if I can connect my ear pods Pro the little volume slider here
actually shows powerbeats Pro so I’m not sure why that is I’ve tried
disconnecting and reconnecting them and so they show up wrong so that’s
something I’m seeing it’s not a big deal but it’s something that’s not correct
and then also 3d pressing this is a hit or miss some people are saying they’re
seeing this but if you 3d press or haptic press on settings and then tap on
Bluetooth it opens sometimes for some people and other times it will crash now
on beta 5 it was crashing for people on the GM or beta 6 it’s not crashing for
me most of the time in fact I was able to have it crash one or two times and
then it hasn’t done it since so I’m not sure what the difference is but right
now it seems to be pretty good now the only other issue I’m having is with mail
it’s kind of strange sometimes it will show my email that’s new sometimes it
won’t sometimes it’s showing the right number sometimes it isn’t and it
basically has to be opened in order to refresh so Apple really needs to fix
this and I know I’m not the only one that’s bothered by it but hopefully they
fix it soon or I’m going to have to switch to something else just to make
sure that I’m getting all my email now as far as battery life is concerned this
was actually pretty impressive I thought when I went into my battery life when I
was doing some other videos today you’ll see my health is it a hundred percent
and for those of you that don’t follow me regularly I do charge every night
charge when I’m driving otherwise I don’t pay attention to the battery I
just use it and so this is my daily phone since September and it’s holding
up pretty well now if we go over the last ten days you can see on a couple
days ago I had 4 hours and 56 minutes of screen on time and I was about 40% of my
battery life so 30 to 40% I’m getting phenomenal battery life with this so if
I continued to use it I would easily hit the 10 to 12 hour screen on time mark
and I had 35 minutes of screen off time so this is going to vary depending on
what you’re doing but most people are saying it’s great and I read all the
comments on the YouTube community poll and only two or three people said that
they were seeing the same or worse battery life than the current version
but almost everyone else said that battery life is fantastic now battery
life has been really great for me and for most of you like I said but as far
as RAM management almost everyone again says that it’s fixed or it’s working the
way you would expect so what that means is how many times you have to go into an
app and have it reload so I find that I can load about 20 applications without
them reloading after a little while so if I go into music and then I open up
something else and then go into say Amazon or photos or
camera and then go back to say YouTube it seems like it’s working fine without
reloading unless it needs to just refresh the screen because it’s old
content so it’s doing pretty well overall and that includes old devices as
well this is probably the smoothest and fastest I’ve seen on old devices such as
the 6s plus the iPhone 7 or any supported device most people are saying
performance is really great so the same smooth scrolling that I’m having in
settings for example should work fine on older devices as well I know a lot of
people were saying that they’re concerned about older devices slowing
down but it doesn’t seem to be the case with this update so Apple has finally
nailed this down and made it work very well and so it doesn’t seem to be what
device you’re using it can be an iPad air 2 it can be an iPhone se they all
seem to be performing really well now as far as overall issues mentioned that
were major 18 people mentioned battery most of them saying it’s good 3 people
mentioned more and managed again all but one saying it’s good and
then nine people mentioned male having an issue with it so most people are
having that male issue but LTE and Wi-Fi have been great for most if you’re still
having an issue you may want to check your Wi-Fi router as Wi-Fi and LTE seem
to be fixed in this version so hopefully it stays this way for everyone now
here’s all the devices that people are using I took these out of the YouTube
community poll and just pasted them here based on what people are using so lots
of different devices and this should give us a general idea of what’s going
on now let’s go into the YouTube community
poll now as for the YouTube community poll I posted it only four hours ago I
wanted to get a jump on this today since it’s been kind of a crazy weekend and so
I wanted to get ahead on that and you’ll see 3.8 K have voted so I’m really
appreciating that many people voting in such a short period of time and you’ll
see based on this data 17 percent say it’s great two percent
say it’s terrible and four percent say okay but some bugs
so in general six percent or either having issues or saying it’s bad and 62
percent of you are waiting for that final release which is coming on Tuesday
according to Apple and Mac rumors so they said Tuesday we should see the
final release and then 15 percent said they use Android this is pretty
consistent every poll so whoever keeps voting I really appreciate it now let’s
take a look at some of the comments now I’ve read every single one of them
that’s where I got the data for this video so let’s take a look at some of
them I have the GM on my iPhone 7 and iPad air 3 and it’s pretty good no
issues my 11pro has been off freezing and apps crashing recently on iOS 13
point three point one the next one says forgot the I just want to see results
option there’s not enough room to actually put that in the poll
unfortunately so hopefully people are voting accurately but I put the maximum
amount of information I can as far as a poll result iOS 13 point for GM so
claimed has no changes and it still has a commonly known bug where the screen
dims and auto brightness is still off this happens only majority of the time
when the iPhone is plugged into the charger iPhone se working great on my
device this is the most stable release for me with no issues and batter
life is also quite good all things good on my iPhone 11 no lagging apps all run
great battery life on par male is happy again overall a + + now let’s move
forward to iOS 14 betas working better for me than thirteen point three point
one so far I haven’t come across any bugs with thirteen point four on my
iPhone X iOS thirteen point four GM and my iPhone 11 pro max smooth sailing here
no issues to report great on pro max and iPad pro the mouse is a little jerky or
slower now but no major issues and you can actually change the pointer speed in
thirteen point four or iPad OS thirteen point four great so far my iPhone se the
screen freezing seems to have stopped now great videos thank you for the
compliment great on my iPhone XS Max I’m using the betas on a product red
iPod Touch 7th gen it works amazing despite the chipset up and using iOS 13
point for GM since release on my iPhone 11 great battery life no lag or stutter
my favorite beta yet XS Max one of the best updates since thirteen point Oh got
seven gigs back from the beta is five to six super smooth and no bugs to complain
about battery on my iPhone XR is great
iOS 13 point for beta 6 GM on my iPhone 11 pro max has been great no issues
whatsoever looking forward to iOS 14 betas really great battery life overall
RAM management is absolutely up to the mark iPhone 11 I Oh s 13.4 beta 6 is the
best version of iOS 13 on my 6s battery life is good and better than on iOS 13
point one point one iPhone X best update since iOS 13 release a native
mail app still not perfect requires manual swipe to receive an inbox battery
life and RAM management ok iPhone XR some bugs and photos and iTunes where
the bottom navigation bar disappears iTunes sometimes goes light everywhere
one on light modes so the movies section for instance will be white instead of
black on light mode generally stable using it since release modifying volume
when using headphones present with annoying bug sometimes apart from that
it’s running pretty good iPhone 8 plus that’s it for iOS 13.4 and you can
expect the final version on Tuesday according to
Appl unless something changes but with that new ipad announcement and new
things coming out we really need that update for this to work properly so I’m
sure it will be out this week now the other thing is iOS 14 we may see it in
June there’s some weird things going on right now as all of us know so it’s hard
to say if they’re going to keep the same timeline but hopefully we see that and
so we could see 13-point 4.1 with some minor security or bug fixes we could
also see thirteen point five beta one before September so I would expect those
betas if they’re going to come out within a couple weeks and we’ll see this
one this coming week but let me know your experience in the comments below if
you weren’t able to get in on that poll early enough and if you’d like to get
your hands on this wallpaper I’ll link it in the description as I always do if
you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

  1. Ipad Pro 13.3.1 has many crazy issues. Mostly screen rotation. Apps stop responding to touch inputs. Apps open but are blank. Looking forward to 13.4

  2. It’s got bugs for me when I close the phone it takes a screenshot and there’s this whit circle in the middle of the screen since I updated

  3. I’m pretty disappointed that Apple removed the announce with Siri support from the GM. I always enjoy having that feature.

  4. I have a Xs with ios 13.3.1 on it. Ik it has nothing to do with this video, but I hope ios 14 fixes this. On some days there seems to be this battery drain issue where Iose about 35% of my battery with around an hour of screen on time with normal usage. I am having to restart my deivice to fix the issue. But on some days I get amazing battery life with around 6 hours of screen on time with about 55% battery usage on the same normal daily usage. Idk what to do… any advice? Thank you!

  5. What about live wallpaper issues? Facing something weird. After setting up live wallpaper with the “live off” but still live wallpaper is moving after taping on notification. Using ios 13.3.1

  6. Hay bro in iPhone 11pro max in time I playing game every time it’s dim the display in the every time I done every thing bout not work plies tell why it’s happening

  7. Working well but I am not happy with apple as the power beats app still is not on apple App Store note can it be downloaded through google store either!!!!!

  8. Its buggy as hell 😡i cant close apps on my apple tv 4th gen,my iPhone 📱 11ProMax battery sucks and my Watch series 5 battery drains water🤬🤬

  9. Can we have a video, of all apps on your daily usage phone, and why you use them (Not a vid for new/Best apps) but what you truly use

  10. Great Video Man. I’m using 13.3.1 On My XR, I’m gonna wait until Tuesday for the final release. Huge Fan !! From 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  11. So why did my phone not charge last night when I plugged it in. I was sleeping woke up saw my phone down to 22 percent and, didn’t even charge and, now when I plug it in it won’t charge at all. What do I do I might have to try a hard reboot ,if that doesn’t work what else can I try to do. Also my where is charger works to charge my phone but when I actually plug my phone Lightning cord into my port, it doesn’t work this is my iPhone 11 Pro Max, so I don’t know what’s going on and I have 98% battery health.

  12. I've had issues with Face ID not working ever since 13.4 beta 1 all the way to the GM, has anyone else had the same issue? I'm using and iPhone X

  13. “Most of the time” – Apple have had so long to work on this release, it’s ridiculous. Apple, you are shit!

  14. Guys, I’m having trouble with my push notifications. It has a delay in most social messaging apps like Viber, WhatsApp, etc including iMessage. I sometimes need to open the app for the messages to appear. It’s either I receive the notification late or none. I’m running already the latest 13.3.1. I already did a reset all settings and the delayed push notifications still persist. It’s frustrating not receiving the push notifications on time. Is this a bug? Please help. Thank you.

  15. For sure gonna update 🙂 Watching all your video s and they are clear and I really learn from them…Keep up the good work and greetings from The Netherlands 🙂

  16. Always looking forward to reviews and weekly updates. Looking forward to the final update this week and nice wallpaper👍🏼

  17. The most important part for me is the battery life which I’m getting over the top on my three years old iPhone 7 Plus. And it’s super crazy with battery almost refusing to drain once it has reduced to 20%. Why? 🤷‍♂️. Pun aside, battery seriously is crazily good given the battery heath is now at 80%.
    Have no issues with any app or slow in performance. Why? 🤷‍♂️Performance seem to have improved too given my storage is almost full (128 GB). Why? 🤷‍♂️

    Apple seem to not want its previous owners to upgrade to a newer device if they keep optimizing their older device through software updates this good.

  18. Mail still has too many bugs for me so I’m just using spark instead, I don’t notice any other problems at the moment

  19. Does your ip 11 pro max still sucks? I had ios 13.2.3 – with bad battery. Later i installed ios 13.3.1 and my battery didnt improve. Any suggestions?

  20. Well I have an IPhone 8 that was purchased in December of 2018 and on IOS 13.3.1 the battery will drain from 100%-20% in only 5-6 hours of screen on time which is okay but not the best however it’s still possible that 13.4 will improve that! 🙂

  21. AssistiveTouch bug. Turn it on work fine but an ignoring dot appears at the screen center. Anyone get that bug

  22. I just tried the 3D Touch on the settings 5 times and Bluetooth crashed 5 times. I hope they fix this issue soon.

  23. I live in Australia and have seen no mail issues this could be an American only issue what do you think 🤔👍🇦🇺

  24. How’s your battery health still at 100%? Mines already dropped to 95 I don’t understand. I don’t even charge my phone overnight 😭😭

  25. Looks like most bluetooth devices show in battery widget now. An off brand headphone and mouse are showing up for me.

  26. iOS 13.4 is one of the best iOS 13 updates I’m so happy with it love the performance and battery life keep up the work love your content and your thumbnails

  27. It’s been a while but it’s understood tho! anyways can’t wait to update my iPhone 📲 into the new os firmware or let’s say iOS 13.4

  28. Can you tell me if the way I clean my phone ok?I used an alcohol pad on the sides of my phone, like where the speakers and charging port is, the side buttons, and the mute switch. I have an Xr and I am concerned if that can damage the port, speakers, microphone, and side buttons or the water resistance in any way. (I do this very often). Please tell me.

  29. A fix for the LTE & WiFi connectivity?!! Awesome 👏🏻 This is huge news! This has plagued many 11 pro series, as indicated in the Apple community so, hopefully it’s fixed! 🤞🏻

  30. I have noticed that if you have the settings already open and you haptic/3D touch open to Bluetooth it will work… That being said if it is not open and you do it from the main screen it crashes.

  31. I have the iPhone XR in the setting it’s not telling me I need to update why is that? Anyone else seeing that

  32. iOS 14 is out on April 13nth in beta I’m assuming Tim Cook told me he didn’t tell me it’s the beta not the full release but I’m sure it’s the beta

  33. my 10 xr also crashes when accessing blue-tooth with a 3d press brings up a black screen that instantly goes away

  34. Ios 13.3.1 is lagging on my iPhone X I really hate ios at this time because of this ive used my Samsung Galaxy fold more then my iphone X and i really hope apple can do better with ios 14 if not then i guess thats it for me and apple but lets see what happens

  35. And I’m not satisfied. I don’t know why but after updating to iOS 13.4 GM I have been noticing battery issues – it drops even 15% overnight . Any ideas ? How can I check what application does the most energy get ? On my battery screen I don’t see anything disturbing. Should I restore my iPhone to factory settings?

  36. I am on the ios 13.4 beta, can I install the official release right away or do I have to delete the profile in order to install? Hope you can answer me 🙂

  37. I have one question. I use a iPhone 7plus and was told that people using the iPhone 7 & 7plus should not update today (Tuesday March 24) due to a battery issue. I have not heard of any issues with the battery for the iPhone 7plus. Would you recommend iPhone 7plus users wait? Thanks for your videos.

  38. Hi, thanks for your video advice. I’ve just updated to iOS 13.4 on my iPhone 11 and my accessibility options have completely stopped working. This has now made my phone almost unusable for me. Ggggggrrrrrr wish I didn’t update.

  39. On 13.4 update I’m having problem with 3D Touch on my dock apps were they freeze up and have to reboot for them to work again.

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