iOS 13.3.1 Beta 2 – Follow Up (2 New Features)

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13.3.1 beta 2 has been out for a few days I’ve been using it
primarily on my iPhone 11 pro max as this is my main phone and I also have it
installed on the iPhone 6s plus as well as some other devices but in this video
I’m going to talk about how it’s been for me over the past few days then we’ll
talk about how it’s been for you based off the YouTube community poll and then
I’ll also read some of your comments at the end of this video so check the
description for the time codes if you just want to jump to a specific section
now the first thing is there’s a new feature or a new button really that I
haven’t seen anyone mentioned that was found by one of my friends and if you go
into the TV app and then maybe you go down to say watch now and you find
something that you’ve actually watched before so maybe the morning show if
you’ve watched that you’ll see that there’s a button now that says play
again so this is actually new on thirteen point three point one beta – it
shouldn’t be on previous versions so you may see a button to play it but you
shouldn’t see the play again button so that’s actually new another feature that
my friend told me about that he actually found in the code is if we go into
settings and then we go down to privacy then under privacy we go to location
services and then we go down to system services down at the bottom under system
services down towards the bottom it says networking and wireless this is the new
feature that can disable networking and wireless location information as well as
wideband location information so if we turn this off you get a little pop-up
that says turning off location for networking and Wireless may affect
Bluetooth Wi-Fi and ultra wideband performance so this is actually a new
feature in there if we take a look at a phone with iOS 13.3 on it here’s my 11
pro max or my 11 Pro first the 11 Pro max if we go under privacy then location
services system services and at the bottom you’ll see there is no option for
networking and Wireless so there isn’t anything about that to turn it off for
wideband or anything so it’s on thirteen point three point
one beta 2 now as far as all of the others iOS
thirteen point three videos if you want to see all of those I’ve actually linked
a playlist below so if you want to see over 20 videos explaining different
features or follow-ups and check back how things have been
I have those linked I also have other playlists as well – all of the other
previous versions of iOS that I’ve ever covered so if you’re interested to see
how it was with iOS 12 if it was this buggy or anything which it definitely
was not I have those linked as well now the first thing is echo is gone I
mentioned this in the iOS 13 point 3 point 1 beta 2 update video and the echo
when you’re placing a phone call or a FaceTime call isn’t there anymore for
the person on the other end now there were a couple people that said it was
still there I recommended a hard reboot I’m not sure if it fixed it but for the
majority of people it’s fixed in this beta so if you had that issue you should
be good to go also there are a few bugs for me
personally I’ve had good signal I mentioned some of this before problem
switching from Wi-Fi to LTE but today I had good signal and I tried to use my
phone it seems like there’s a problem primarily in YouTube and YouTube studio
when I go to load a page so sometimes it just wouldn’t load it would sit here
like this tell me I don’t have a connection and then it wouldn’t work
after I used it for a little while then it would work again so the connection
keeps cutting in and out and people in Germany on o2
the carrier o2 are reporting issues as well with it so it looks like it’s not
fixed at least for me on t-mobile maybe it is for you but this is the first time
I’ve seen it when it comes to actually just using the phone and then having it
go away and come back so I don’t know what that’s all about
it’s when I’m on cellular not Wi-Fi the strange thing is is my family that’s
also on t-mobile is not having that issue I’m thirteen point three so I’ve
just started to see that cut in and out on this version for me let me know if
you’re having that issue though as well now also the other issue I had was with
messages I didn’t have an issue receiving messages on the phone but when
it gets sent to other devices so for example if you have a Mac or a MacBook
or an iPad you can relay the messages from your phone to that device and back
and you do that by going to settings and then mess
and then under messages here you’ll see text message forwarding I have that
setup for five devices and you’ll see that they’re all set up so my iMac pro
the MacBook Pro iPad and a couple other phones or the iPhone 11 and the Mac Pro
so I have these messages forward to them depending on which device I’m actually
using and in order for that to work I actually to turn this off and then back
on so I had to flip the switch off turn it back on and then it fixed the problem
so for whatever reason I’m not sure why that happened but for whatever reason it
did and now the messages work work properly between the devices and that’s
the only issues I’ve had with this performance has been good I’ve had zero
stutters you’re a lockup so if we go to settings and scroll you’ll see it’s nice
and smooth and I am recording this video in 60 frames per second as some of you
requested to see smoothness and things so hopefully that helps you see
smoothness if I scroll between pages maybe there was a slight framerate drop
right there but most of the time it’s nice and fast I’ve had no issues loading
anything once everything’s loaded it Scrolls nice and fast so thankfully for
the most part it’s working well so no issues there and now of course a lot of
you want to know about battery now first let me talk about battery health so if I
go into settings and then go to battery and then battery health you’ll see I’m
at 100% now a lot of you are saying I wish they would make it so battery
health goes up and you can’t do that that’s actually the health of you the
battery the physical battery in your phone in the back in order to increase
battery health you actually have to replace the battery the update itself is
not bringing that down you actually have to get a new battery to bring that back
up it’s just normal for lithium-ion batteries to degrade over time so let it
degrade I would ignore this number just enjoy using it and once it gets down to
about 80% then consider replacing it now as far as battery for me well the past
few days I didn’t use it a ton I suppose but you’ll see today I’ve used it one
hour and 33 minutes and then one hour and five minutes of screen off time I
haven’t even used a quarter of my battery so I’ve used 12 percent of my
battery to get that so battery life has actually been pretty good you’ll see if
I go through these it’s pretty decent I used
twenty-five percent yesterday and got two hours and 11 minutes of screen on
time two hours and seven minutes of screen off time so it’s really doing
well eleven to twelve hours of screen on time if you extrapolate this out it
should be no issues most of my usage is something like YouTube and Twitter and
mail and things like that so that’s what’s using my battery now as far as
what you had to say based off the YouTube comments quite a few of you
mentioned battery battery was mentioned 48 times but on a positive note a lot of
you said it was much better battery there’s always a few that are going to
say it’s worse and those few people said that the phone was heating up so that
means the processor in the phone is working hard and when it’s working
harder it’s going to use more power so there’s something using your power so
again go to settings check what’s under use here or what’s using your battery
and look at your activity and see what’s going on that’s actually causing this
this to degrade and for your phone to actually heat up because there’s
something running and if it continues to happen I suggest a hard reboot so that’s
where you just Reba force reboot the phone and that usually fixes the problem
other than that one person said that mail was giving them an issue I find
that mail is no problem you’ll see it has one it’s there and it’s working fine
it’s much faster than it was before so if we go into mail you’ll see I have one
email and that’s it I’ll just swipe it away I leave my unread here and I’m good
to go it’s nice and fast and I can read it
fast and close it away or go back swipe undo it comes back so it’s nice and fast
no issues managing mail or anything like that for me but some people are one
person said they were having a problem still most people are saying it was
resolved and then a few other people three other people mentioned LTE two out
of the three said the LTE was better so that’s a good sign
not many people complaining about LTE so that means for most people it’s working
well now as far as the devices everyone is using here’s a list of all the
devices based off the comments if you didn’t comment with a device obviously I
can’t calculate this but this is what people were talking about and which
devices they were referring to the most now as far as performance on older
phones expect the performance to be absolutely identical
when it comes to older devices so if I had good performance here while this has
a faster processor expect that to be faster in most things overall in general
performance at older phones was very good so things like the iPhone 6s plus 7
8, X, XR any of those people are not complaining about issues the iPhone se
they’re saying that things are loading fast so you’ll see it’s refreshing there
was a little stutter its refreshed and now we’re good to go
so that’s pretty typical of the way iOS refreshes things it stutters a little
bit until it’s refreshed and then it’s nice and fast so you’ll see here it’s
loading for you and again it’s gonna stutter a little bit when it’s loading
that but after that it’s super smooth so again if you’re using that for things
like weather or playing games or anything else it should be the same or
better than you had before and the Geekbench scores from the previous video
show that as well now let’s take a look at the youtube community poll now on the
YouTube community poll 9.2 K voted so 90 200 people or so or 9200 so I really
appreciate that on betas usually those numbers are pretty low and that’s really
quite good for about 24 hours of time for time to vote and things like that
so I’ll continue to see this go up and I’ll be reading these in the future but
for this follow-up video we have a hundred and four comments and I’ve read
every single one and that’s how I got the numbers I talked about earlier
now 14% of you said that this was great only 3% said it was terrible that we’re
running it 5% said okay but some bug’s 62 percent of you are on iOS 13.3 or
older public versions and 16 percent of you are on Android and I think people
are right that are saying more and more people are just messaging or voting I’m
on Android think it was 15% last time but either way I appreciate your vote
now let’s take a look at some of the comments now let’s sort this by the
oldest first battery looks great but for me the echo has still not gone when I
use the speaker for communication so again I would recommend a hard reboot I
know a few people were having this issue but it’s pretty few and far between mine
doesn’t even show up it says error searching for update I did reinstall the
profile but it will work I’ve seen a few people see that say
this make sure you’re getting the profile from Apple and then reboot and
that usually fixes the issue great on iPhone 11 Pro sorted the FaceTime echo
issue just two things I’ve noticed the keyboard volume click issue is back I
also had one or two calls go to voicemail I just got a missed call
message I rebooted my phone hopefully that helps make sure you don’t have that
option turned on for ignore unknown callers to if you do have that option in
settings so if you go to settings and then you go down to phone and at the
bottom of phone it says silence unknown callers if that’s turned on it will
automatically go to voicemail so just keep that in mind that’s a nice feature
but you’ll miss a lot of calls if you do that battery back on my se is better on
beta 2 but one issue bothers me a lot whenever I put an application in the
background and open it after some time the app freezes for likes of five to six
seconds now I didn’t mention RAM management because not one person in the
comments mentioned that so I had somebody today on Twitter message me
that said they had two RAM management issues but I haven’t seen any issues
whatsoever with that good battery and LTE connectivity is good iPhone 10s I’m
still getting the phone overheating and battery life seems to be shot I usually
never have issues like this either but this little guy has messed me up pretty
bad and this is on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max thank god the speaker
issue is fixed though as far as the phone overheating like I mentioned
earlier try and hard reboot your phone normally when the phone is warm its
processing a lot of information so there’s something going on causing that
drain iPhone XS max updated once it hit over-the-air I have not experienced any
issues that have at least noticeable that have it or have been noticeable I
suppose great so far on my iPhone X way better than beta one iPhone 11 128
gigabytes running great so far no bugs that have affected my use 13 point three
point one beta 2 is working well on iphone 7 though it wouldn’t update until
a day after the release still using thirteen point three on the 11pro it’s
good to hear the iPhone 7 is working well I know some people had some weird
issues with that ones great on 11pro Max and iPad pro
everything is smooth yesterday I had 4 hours and 40 minutes of screen on time
in an hour of screen off time with 48 percent battery left to my iPhone 7
seems to be running just fine at the moment so far so good
switching to LTE bug is very annoying I always have to refresh the network by
airplane mode on and off same issue I have thankfully it hasn’t been as often
with this beta but it’s still an issue for me everything seems to be good on
the 11pro max my iphone XS Max is heating up with this update so I’ll read
a couple more does iphone 7 get this update or not this is a developer update
so it does get it but you would need to be a developer or a public beta tester
it will dumb to it later when it comes to the public and then my iPhone XS max
is heating up with this update and then again I have an iPhone 11 but there’s no
update you have to be a developer or public beta tester so as far as when
this should release to the public I would expect within a week or two based
off of what we have now so it’s the 17th as I’m making this video maybe next week
or the week after depending on when you’re watching this it’s hard to say
for sure but then I would expect iOS 13.4 with some new features and then
major changes with iOS 14 in June and then a final release of that in
September that’s how the cycle works every time now if you’ve stuck with me
through this video I really appreciate it so I thought I’d ask you if you’ve
stuck with me this long then thinking about making some videos about the next
iPhone se the iPhone se 2 for example and some of the rumored ipad changes let
me know if you’d like to see a video about that in the comments below if
you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the
description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks
for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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