Introduction to American Government

Hi, I am Professor Rebecca Lubot. I am currently with the Department of History
at Rutgers University. In this course, I’ll be teaching you everything
you need to know about American Government in order to pass the CLEP exam, earn college credits,
and move on to upper level undergraduate courses in Political Science if you so choose. This thorough background in American Government
also will give you a greater understanding of the news on politics and the government that you
might get from the radio, TV, online or in print on a day- to-day basis. You’ll find out why the people around you
and across the country vote the way they do. And hopefully with this additional knowledge,
become part of the engaged citizenry that votes. You’ll become more aware of your rights
as outlined in the Bill of Rights by the Framers of the Constitution, the rights that your predecessors
have fought for, and the liberties you’re entitled to. This course is split into 5 sections: MODULE 1: Institutions and Policy Processes:
The Presidency, Bureaucracy, and Congress (and the relationships between these
groups and the media, which provides a lot of the information citizens learn about government). MODULE 2: Federal Courts, Civil Liberties,
and Civil Rights MODULE 3: Political Parties and Interest Groups,
and the differences between them, and how they’re funded. MODULE 4: Political Beliefs and Behavior and
the influence of public opinion on politics and policies. Finally, in MODULE 5: We’ll learn about
the Constitutional Foundation of American Democracy. Alright, let’s get to work!

  1. Thus far I'm only up to the presidency 1.2 and I am reading the transcript. At least three errors so far. Including calling Gerald Ford, General Ford. Too bad for the people taking this class who don't know history getting this misinformation. I'd be happy to proofread !

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