1. i came from the fields of STEM and lately i've been shaping my real true interest, which really fit to my personality. while in school, i was thinking like a student but now i'm thinking like a dreamer. just like martin luther king jr., "I have a dream!" ,yeah i also have a dream for a better social change.
    my concerns of these social problems are those microproblems, these are the root of social problems which most of the people just don't focus on. i want to study humanity and social sciences so i can be better thinker for the betterment of the community or probably a society. and before i die, i want to be successful. my problem is i really not healthy now, i am sick and poor. but i'm doing the solution, i communicate my problems to my mother and so later on she allocates a time for me to go for a check up. i think it's too late, i can't save myself and the society😭. but before i die i want my wholesome wisdom words of a better social change to be saved, stored, shared, written, and spread.

  2. There's a downside to getting people and community activities. And if you get the idiots going they will create problems instead of solving problems. It's really important that you're very picky who we are allowed to lead for example Obama was present on the iPod it for him to that I thought he was decent. Turns out when you're in a victim setting you are a terrible leader you will always always create negative communities. So how do we prevent the negative immunity leaders. We look for victims. If they show any sign of being a victim do not follow something like that. We are all been a victim of something but carrying that victim mentality is dangerous and poison to a community. a victim that finds a way out of being a victim who is a leader who understands that you're not a victim unless you allow it are the ones that we want Leading.
    No more victim leaders

  3. Thank you for sharing this TedX. It's great that such a kind loving human being is out there working to help others in her community find peace and social justice. Ignore the haters they are hurting in ways they themselves don't understand. Instead resonate at a higher pitch coming from your authentic caring for the world and keep moving forward one conversation and act of compassion at a time. We are not here to win arguments or convince anyone we are right and they are wrong so I don't engage in arguments online. I look for positive people and information that helps heal. Tikkun Olam!

  4. A woman who supports a terrorist state like Israel have nothing to give to America or the World. This is Hypocrisy at its best.

  5. For a written guide to "telling your story" See my book, Building Powerful Community Organizations, pp. 32 to 48

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