Inside The World Of Young Conservative Activist Breann Bates | TODAY

  1. Notice how these young people are just talking and getting their view point across which our constitution says we can! The liberals are always screaming and insulting anyone who doesn't have their view point. Maybe there is some hope for our country,

  2. Love Conservative Women. It's so nice to have evidence that the beauty inside is reflected by the beauty outside.

  3. I don’t think I ever heard of the stereotypes of republicans being old white guys. I would hear that stereotype that all republicans are white people regardless of the gender. But yeah I agree there are so many woman that are in the conservative/republican side.

  4. Lookie there…Well dressed, well spoken, and no green hair….Conservative activists take a role in educating and enlightening…Leftist activists, throw objects, insults, and idiocy. America needs a surgeon. To amputate the Left.

  5. Just an observation. Ever notice how most Republican women are well rounded as far as being attractive, intelligent and good-natured in general. Why on the other hand to put it politely most democratic women are usually less than attractive, lack common sense, and are angry at the world. Just go watch any SJW video on YouTube and that will enforce my point.

  6. OCT2017, Posted on the TODAY youtube channel, 430 likes to 48 dislikes as of this comment… something is going wrong in the Democratic party, and there's nothing they can do about it.

  7. The conservative movement is growing every day! Welcome to our group, we love you all. God Bless! Guess what MSM (including you NBC), you are helping us gain in numbers, so thank you!

  8. Fiorina saying to the young women "you are the most educated, liberated, powerful generation of women in the history of the world" is completely true and dismantles the BS current feminism narrative. Right there she truly empowered those girls and likely they'll want to build on that. Look at the left and they just want to tear it all down.

  9. Women has to be taught good family values.They must be obedient, service oriented and submissive to the man of the society.weaker must be submissive to the stronger who maintain and protect them.

  10. Feminism has ruined motherhood,family, culture and civilization of a society.Its a pure form of evil,it's a cancer that must has to be put an end.even if it requires a civil war.The leftist liberals must be ethnically cleansed.

  11. Thanks to Breann, I have renewed hope in todayʹs youth − I was really really, REALLY starting to worry. And, notice how beautiful non‐victimhood is? How radiant is aspiration? How charming is awareness? ( …  Oh, I miss being young.) Proud of you, Breann. You just make sure you stay far away from those antifa troublemakers; theyʹll eat you alive.

  12. I'm all for having your own opinion, but as soon as you start shoving it down other people's throats, I am immediately flipped to the other side. Most conservatives do that, and it annoys the ever living crap out of me. They dont just do it in public, like protests, because liberals protest as well, but they do it in private and they dont allow their children to have their own opinions. Like if conservative families find out their child/sibling is liberal, the kid might get kicked out. That's not okay, under any circumstances.

  13. Lol, what exactly is groundbreaking about the neo-boomers applauding Fiorina’s sTrOnG eMpOwErEd speech?

  14. Democrat activitsts: Screeching, autistic, violent weirdos bragging about how mentally ill they are. Conservative activists: Happy, calm, well-spoken, not on drugs. Hmm

  15. Great to see there are a lot of smart young people out there! It's scary for us old guys to see the brainwashed, snowflake, goofs that dominate the universities, so this is restoring my faith in humanity. Good for you kids!! Good for America, and the world!

  16. She seemed very cheerful, which is refreshing considering how alot of people can be so negative, evil and still think they are doing good things.

  17. Keep up the good fight Breann, Young conservatives like you give me some hope for the future of this country.

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