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welcome back and now for the news in detail the United States has imposed new sanctions on Iran that targeted the country's petrochemical industry Washington said the fresh embargoes were imposed on Tehran for financial support of its a Revolutionary Guard Corps the US declared Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization last month the new sanctions amp up already escalated tensions as Washington mounts pressure on Tehran the US Treasury Department warned the international companies against dealing with Iran's petrochemical industries company the company caters to 50% petrochemical exports of Iran with the new sanctions the firm and its subsidiaries have been completely banned from accessing the US market moving on to India at least 26 people have been killed in severe dust storms and lightning in the country's northern orthopod estate the storm destroyed houses and uprooted trees living 50 others wounded men Pury district a bore the brunt with six people killed by lightning and the collapse of a wall police said most injuries were caused by damage to mud houses and pond trees and major power cuts have been reported in the state capitol Lucknow the US has indefinitely suspended the scheduled tariffs on all the Mexican goods the tariffs were called off after Mexico agreed to take steps to contain the flow of illegal migrants across the American border the US and Mexico have signed an agreement at two days before the tariffs were scheduled to take effect his resident Donald Trump says Mexico has agreed to take strong measures to stem the movement of people Mexico has also agreed to expand its policy of taking back migrants from Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador the country's foreign secretary Marcelo Arad has confirmed the deal in a tweet earlier Trump threatened to impose an additional five percent import duty on all the Mexican Goods moving on to Cydia where he 39 militants have been killed in a stadium government counter-attack launched on the edge of Italy province this was in response to the killing of 44 government soldiers in a rebel attack on the flip safe zone battles have intensified in Syria's Northwest province after insurgents mounted an attack to repel an army offensive of war monitors say the assault comes during growing Syrian and Russian airstrikes in the region the UN says the bombardment has forced 270,000 people out of their homes in the last month dozens of health facilities and schools have been among the targets hit China and Russia have agreed to deepen energy cooperation both the leaders a promised policy support to achieve the goals Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have attended a bilateral Energy Business Forum in saint-petersburg Xi Jinping said energy cooperation is the most significant fruitful and most wide-ranging area of mutual cooperation in his meeting with Putin Xi Jinping presented a four-point proposal he stressed the need for mutual recognition and synergy integration of interest and cooperation in global energy governance Putin promised improved laws regulations and policies to create a favorable market environment put in pledged improved laws and regulations and policies to create a favorable market environment Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Washington of spreading its jurisdiction around the world he was speaking at the st. Petersburg International Economic Forum here are the details the presidents of China and Russia put up a united front against Washington at the plenary session of the st. Petersburg forum speaking at the event Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the u.s. of acting as a global policeman whose book where it is how the United States I regret to say that axé today it extends their jurisdiction across the whole world by the way I already spoke about it 12 years ago this model not only contradicts the normal logic of communication between nations reality of a complex multipolar world most importantly it does not meet the challenges of the future yes future Russian President Vladimir Putin also condemned Washington's belligerence agaves we are concerned that the destructive practice affects not only traditional microts energy commodity trade market but is also shifting to new developing markets for instance the situation with wavi which is being not only pushed back but instead ammonia see forced out from the global market in certain circles they named it the first technology war of the coming digital era in defiance of US blacklisting Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing was ready to share its 5g technology around the world China is ready to share technological inventions with all partners in particular when it comes to 5g technology present she said integration of the belt and road initiated with the Eurasian Economic Union would benefit the whole region he added the world's multilateral trade system must be protected Russia and the United States have blamed each other for a near collision between their warships and the Middle East China Sea both countries accused mother of dangerous and unprofessional behavior the US says Chancellorsville came within 50 metres of the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov prompting emergency action to avoid a collision the incident happened on Friday when a group of Russian warships were on a parallel course with u.s. naval strike group the US Navy said the behavior of the Russian ship was unsafe and unprofessional this happened only days after Washington and Moscow sparred spared over a u.s. spy plane intercepted by Russian fighter jet in near Syria in Ukraine president of a Lada Mir zalenski has accused Russia of violating peace agreements promising a tough response the statement comes after two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in artillery shelling near Donetsk region Zeldin ski claimed the new flare-up means Russia is losing its grip on regional separatists he called the attack and attempt to torpedo peace talks which resumed in Belarusian capital Minsk on Wednesday Moscow is to fall over right after a short break stay tuned with indice welcome back if European Prime Minister Ravi Ahmad has met Siddhartha military rulers and opposition leaders the in heart to the United Nation has called for a prompt investigation into allegations of excessive force being used against the protesters the African Union's peace and security council suspended Sudan from all AU activities until a civilian government is formed the opposition says the death toll in a military crackdown has risen to over 100 the United Nations has called for a human rights monitoring team to be sent to the country to exam allegations of rights violations it wants to investigate the alleged involvement of acts Janjaweed militias personnel in violence against protesters the Janjaweed militia has been linked to systematic human rights abuses in the Darfur region British Conservative Party leadership hopefully Boris Johnson has won a court case over his brexit campaign claims he challenged a legal summon on three counts of misconduct in public office the London hi got a throughout the attempt to prosecute Johnson for allegedly lying about drugs during the EU referendum campaign the case revolved around a claim a Britain would be 350 million pounds a week better off outside the EU businessman Marcus Ball tried to prosecute a Johnson for misconduct in public office the judges said they would give their reasoning for dismissing the case at a later stage Spain's King Felipe has asked the acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to for a new government the complex undertaking involves negotiations with many different parties the King held meetings with representatives of the deadlocked parliamentary parties in a press briefing Sanchez said he will seek Parliament's approval to be sworn in as the premier his Socialist Party when a general election in April but fell shot for majority to win a first-round vote Sanjay will need support from a full majority of lawmakers despite the horse-trading Sanchez is widely expected to begin a second term as the prime minister US House Democrats will vote on holding White House officials in contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena forcing them to give access to on a rejected mullah report on Russian election madelung Attorney General available and axed a White House Counsel dawn McGann have refused to testify on Special Counsel Robert Miller's Russia Pro if approved House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler can go to go to enforce the Trump officials compliance Democratic leaders intend to bring the measure to a vote in the full house on Tuesday a rejected version of mullahs inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election was released in April protests have continued the in Liberian capital Monrovia over President George V as a failure to tackle corruption the ax footballer is under pressure 18 months into his presidency as thousands took to the streets and riot police aligned the streets of Monrovia of where more than 5,000 people turned out for one of the city's biggest protests demonstrators walk to Capitol Hill to present the government with a list of demands George Weah a football hero in Liberia has been in power for less than 18 months since he became president inflation has soared and growth has shrunk the IMF says the government's wage bill is too high 64% of Liberians live below the poverty line in France three marine rescuers have been killed in a boat accident of the country's western coast a vessel carrying seven marine rescuers capsized 800 meters from the seaside town of Les Sables d'Olonne they were answering a distress call from a fishing boat in difficulty during a storm a hundred and ten kilometer per hour winds have bettered the French coastline it has been a hazardous year for pedestrians motorists Ann scooter riders like in Paris the city's mirror and Hidalgo has promised to improve the regulation of electric scooters which she blames for the chaos here are the details what do we want [Applause] if millions of children decide what Swedish teenage activist agree Atherton Berg and her Friday's for future global movement have won a global Human Rights Award June Berg inspired millions of school students worldwide to skip school to protest for action on climate change last year the UN want output of greenhouse gases will have to be slashed over the next 12 years to stabilize the climate and now moving on in Afghanistan harvest season has started for Afghanistan's poppy farmers the country continues to fight what seems to be a losing battle against the drug trade here are the details hot season is a busy time for 20 year old farmer mohamed ahmed ii but he isn't collecting wheat or corn instead he is scratching poppies and collecting the pink sabbath a bleed he's harvested opium for a living since he was 13 years old warrant is a cop will tell you nobody is interested in doing this job I wanted to continue our studies but economic issues have forced me to do this business also the government is not paying attention to us India Carter a poppy farmer can earn one hundred and thirty five US dollars each harvesting season a significant sum in Afghanistan the average Afghan worker makes approximately 760 US dollars a year as I said they are there Oh actually the poppy harvest season lost for 18 to 19 days during this period when we work on the fields the honour of the poppy nine gives us money or poppy sap as our page and deliver family needs with it the head of a Kandahar County Narcotics directorate ghoul mohammad shukran says there's been a 42 percent decrease in poppy production in 2019 but eradicating production altogether is impossible is the farmers not too cool to it poppy which is an ugly phenomenon and can cause troubles and lead to addictions in our families and people without the key that mustache developer half of Afghan opium is produced in areas with high levels of militant activity it makes cracking down on drug production very difficult the UN Office on Drugs and Crime says in 2018 6400 metric tons of opium were produced in 263 thousand hectares of land the Afghan Taliban famously outlawed opium cultivation in 2000 when they ruled the country children at lazar camp in the world ravaged Central African Republic have chosen to sketch their suffering to fight post-traumatic stress disorder they draw what they see in their daily life to express their thoughts details follow it's a famous saying that a picture worth a thousand words and imagery conveys human feelings in a more elaborated way Central African Republic has seen lots of tragedies and destruction during its Civil War the gruesome events had adversely affected the younger generation of the country to help the children manage their trauma they are being taught to draw their worst memory what made me draw this picture is that my father and I were going to buy our district and then he was burned at home by an alliance of rebel militia groups and when I fled I saw a body in the water mothers of children affected from PTSD said that sketching exercise has positive results on their mental health tonight he has nightmares when I ask him for a favor when I can't work he refuses he says he is not a mule so I argue with him over it but since this workshop we understand each other better 4/5 of the Central African Republic is under the control of militias created to protect different ethnic groups according to UN thousands lost their lives and nearly 650,000 fled their homes during years long violence the US Space Agency NASA says private citizens could fly to the International Space Station as soon as next year not as contractors Boeing and SpaceX were said the cost of civilian space tourism here are the details nASA says it will open the International Space Station to space tourism and other commercial ventures private astronauts could holiday in the orbiter for up to 30 days using US spacecraft NASA is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we've never done before we're announcing the ability for private astronauts to visit the space station on us vehicles and for companies to engage in commercial profit-making activities on the station the American space agency is not the first to do this it's Russian counterpart Ross cosmos has already allowed fair paying private citizens into the station NASA's officials say opening the door to private enterprise gives the agency more room to focus on returning to the moon by 2024 so we expect to see the first crewed test flight this station probably by the end of this year by the end of 2019 the net sets us up for that earliest possible date for the private astronaut mission sometime in the 2020 timeframe so that's where we stand up to now NASA has banned the commercial use of the space station and prevented its astronauts from taking part in research for profit laws in the hides of the business world now the world's top 20 economies have agreed to set tighter taxation rules for digital giants like Google and Facebook the pledge was made by finance ministers and central bank governors at the g20 meeting in Japan in a draft communique ahead of the conference they called for a globally fair and sustainable international tax system Britain's Finance Minister stress tech giant's need to pay their fair share of international taxes we have a strong consensus so now we need to economic model that 129 members don't require them to pay to have a sum of national taxations incident we have a strong consensus so now we need economic model highly digitalize business to distinguish thousand time to take a look at the weather situation from around the globe and that's all for now stay tuned during this news for further updates

  1. Now it looks like Russia is gaining power and America is losing its power that it once used to exercise over other countries.

  2. Iran has actually decided not to do trade with other countries in dollars which is not acceptable to USA. Moreover Saudi Arabia and Israel are afraid of increasing presence of Iran in the Middle East. These are the reasons that are forcing USA to do something against Iran which in reality USA don't want to do.

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