Impeachment Witness Rips ‘Domestic Political Errand’ For Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. I'm 1/4 British, and shaky to them, a slow steam . If she's blowing up, you know she has had enough!
    Good for her. Sad that men will react to her upset but dont respect her title. Or when shes in charge .
    SEXISM – why Incels.

  2. It began with the monkey
    Then Nature let humans be
    Really disturbing to see
    Just because of Russian flea
    Republicans up a tree
    Devolved into Trumpanzee!

  3. I don't see how this changes anything. The GOP, in its current incarnation, is 100% fact resistant. And 40% of the population lives in a parallel universe where they consume no news, but instead grievance-based and virtually fact-free politicised entertainment.

  4. Dr. Fiona Hill: "Until this moment, Republicans, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. … You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  5. Is this when NBC Live Fast Forward as I was catching up? Did she clear the Repulsivan side of the room? I saw one of them about to dip as she was reaming him a new one. Doesn't appear fragile to me ☕️ (takes a sip).

  6. I can't think of a less credible journalist. Good luck with your impeachment. Possibly the most embarrassing thing I've seen

  7. If any of you can access the original "Murphy Brown" seasons (currently held hostage by weenies at Warner Brothers, apparently), check out the great ''Send In the Clowns' episode in season 4. Murphy is subpoenaed by the Senate, and it isn't too very far from what we've seen this month!

  8. Sondland no notes, hmmmmm meetings, phone calls to more then one country that's really questionable, unless he's lieing or coving up his acting , thet would be more likely.

  9. Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery [New York Times, 15-jan-2019]

    Mystery no more. "Do you want that hotel in Moscow, Mr Trump? … do us a favor, a little quid pro quo maybe?".

  10. And Trump in 2015 got a 52 million-dollar tax refund. And all the years that I've worked 50 something yrs. For these one-percenters not to pay any f**** tax it's criminal

  11. Sondland just said this was a conspiracy. That is a felony by all the top republicans question is ,are we Americans going to tolerate this?

  12. Dr.Hill and Leader Pelosi can replace the entire Republican Party and run the country without any issues … they both together have more balls and integrity than the whole GOP.

  13. After the testimony of the ambassador Sondland, the democ-rats and the fake media keep lying to themselves. Are they stupid or what!

  14. To Fiona Hill: “You made your bed — Now lie in it.”…
    My grandfather was one of the most devoted Democrats near or far. He would have ‘taken a bullet’ for FDR. No one dared to say anything against any Democrat, our mother warned all of us, or he could easily have had a stroke. He died peacefully from other causes…. When I think of the abysmal behavior of what is now the new Democrat Party, I hate to think what my grandfather would have said or done if he were alive today. This is certainly not the Democrat Party of his era. Hopefully, there are still enough good, smart, creative, hard-working, and most of all BRAVE Democrats left who’ll save the rest of you & your Democrat Party. I’m a Republican, so why do I say this? Because I believe FIRMLY that fair Competition is the foundation for building excellence. Excellence is what I want for our country, regardless of who is running the country…. …. (TERM LIMITS)

  15. TRUMP is not going to be impeached, YOU know WHY? BECAUSE The Lunatics from the LEFT are LYING ALL THE TIME!

  16. Yup, a quivering mass of feminine emotion who eviscerated the GOP lawyer and caused the sycophantic Republican members to either flee the hearing or stop asking her questions. She is not a woman to suffer fools gladly, a lesson Sondland most certainly has learned.

    Sondland is a dope and an errand boy with far, far more money than brains … ditto his ignorant puppet master in the White House … Fiona Hill is smart, fearless and ethical, in short she is everything Captain Corruption and the Guardians of Putin are not!

  17. A persons life-story is written on their face. And in their eyes. NSC Officer – Dr. Hill, has a strong, chiselled face. A strong mouth, and a VERY DIRECT eye gaze. Not a person prone to deflection, lying or dissimulation. Not a person to be trifled with. Her voice is steady. She barely refers to notes, indicating a clear memorializing process. Beyond credible, Dr. Hill is as close as we get to a human recording device – which when played back can only relay what was occurring. Dr. Hill is a Most Credible Witness.

  18. What Drunk is trying to distract from? He was getting ready to throw Sondland under a bus – when Sondland woke up to not wanting to be another Michael Cohen – and JUST DROVE THE BUS OVER EVERYONE who was "in the loop". LOL!

  19. #Fiona Hill for Sec of State. Tragically Dr Hill can't legally be our POTUS. She obviously embodies the best of us American citizens. We haven't had a woman POTUS because a Fiona Hill has not as yet applied for the job. For those who just love a POTUS who speaks the Plain Truth, who "tells it like it is", who says what's on their mind, who relies on FACTS & simply won't abide BS, then look no further than Fiona Hill for how it's really done, with force & grace

  20. Ukraine is
    indicting the head of Burisma and new reports are surfacing, which will have a
    direct impact on impeachment hearings.  During a Wednesday press conference, Dubinsky claimed“The son of
    Vice-President Joe Biden was receiving payment for his services, with money
    raised through criminal means and money laundering,” “Biden received money that
    did not come from the company’s successful operation but rather from money
    stolen from citizens.”  Zlochevsky helmed a money laundering operation which
    included politicians from the previous Yanukovich administration who continued
    their criminal enterprise under his successor President Pyotr Poroshenko.  Which is a financial pyramid scheme that was
    created in Ukraine and developed by everyone beginning with Yanukovich and
    later by Poroshenko  This system
    is still working under the guidance of the current managerial board of the
    National Bank, ensuring that money flows in the interest of people who stole
    millions of dollars, took it offshore and bought Ukrainian public bonds turning
    them into the Ukrainian sovereign debt.” 
    Derkach then demanded that President Trump must get involved in rooting
    out the corrupt Democrat-Ukraine network. 
    “President Zelensky must pick up the phone, dial Trump, ask for
    help and cooperation in the fight against corruption and fly to Washington,”
    Derkach demanded. “The issue of combating international corruption in Ukraine
    with the participation of citizens, businessmen and U.S. officials should
    become key during the meeting of the two presidents.” As reported, Joe Biden openly admitted to extorting the Ukraine government if it
    didn’t squash an investigation into his son Hunter’s involvement with Burisma
    Holdings. Looks like Trump asking President Zelensky to look into Biden-Burisma
    corruption wasn’t without merit after all.  The head of Burisma Holdings,
    the energy company on which Hunter Biden served on the board, has been indicted
    by Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General for money laundering and
    corruption, according to Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky.  At the same press conference,
    Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach claimed that the family of ex-President Yanukovich
    funneled $7.4 billion through American investment firm Franklin Templeton
    Investments, which they tied to the U.S. Democratic Party.  “Last week, November 14, the Prosecutor
    General’s Office (PGO), unnoticed by the media, announced a new suspicion to
    the notorious owner of Burisma.  Looks
    like Trump asking President Zelensky to look into Biden-Burisma corruption
    wasn’t without merit after all.  A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, “From
    everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch
    then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when
    he was vice president.

  21. Their Has Been News That Even Schiff Has Ties With Ukraine Companies…Maybe That Is Why He Said He Was Not Going To Let Any Questions On Burisma.

  22. It’s clear the Republican minority isn’t hiring “the best people.” When Congress was investing Watergate, Sam Dash asked questions in the Senate hearings. Sam Dash was a legendary DA and law professor.

    I wonder how many lawyers they approached before this guy.

  23. The Republican hitman pitbull Elise Stefanik is so concerned about the backlash from Trump's actions that on a news conference into the hearings she pleaded for financial support for her re-election campaign as she saw support for her Democrat rival candidate increase sharply. There is consequence for actions.

  24. Republicans have allowed Trump to make a mockery out of our system of government. And the Supreme Court remains impotent to do anything about it.

  25. Watching GOP’s counsel’s face as Hill’s testimony gets worse and worse for him is a sight to behold. He had no choice but to allow her to finish her answers. This happened time and again until Nunes shut him up.


  27. The brass balls of the Republicans in this committee were on full display when they just gave up on asking Dr. Hill any questions and Schiff had to step in to allow her to comment on their grandstanding.

  28. Just Looked It Up…All These Newspapers Are From All Anti Trump Stations…Nice Try Maddow…President Has Support All Around The World.

  29. Fiona Hill was another Foreign Officer. She went to the Solomon Islands and Egypt and South India and Pakistan and anywhere that was in turmoil.

  30. Attention DemoRats: The only real problems in the last few years originate from the Democratic party. That's fact. You don't hear Independents (we decide elections) and Republicans accusing the POTUS of anything. It's ALL bias attacks on things that if were important the consensus would come forward. That has not been the case and this continuous pattern of acts from only Dems are in the spotlight now. The lights are getting brighter on them now. There's only so much bias acting we can put up with before we turn our attention and focus directly baclk at you. It will be very uncomfortable to now have 2/3 of the nation's citizens focusing on the 1/3 represented Democrats. If you have anything to fear – you are hiding something – and will be exposed. Enough was enough – we have no need for growing lists of 100% bias division. There can't be anyone out there who thinks I am wrong.

  31. IG Report comes out December 9
    Circle that date. Can you say military tribunals?
    There will be no lawyers. There will be no bond.
    There will be no convenient suicides.
    No one will even know where they are being held.

  32. Devin Nunes: "Did you know…." and then starts describing crazy Russian-created conspiracy propaganda.
    How is Devin Nunes not in prison? He's obviously compromised and working for Russia, much like Rudy, Trump, and many other Trump associates.

  33. It is unfair to put working class British people before thick American politicians, as it is like taking candy from babies. Fiona Hill's appearance reminded of George Galloway 's demolition of Congress at the hearing on the Iraq War.

  34. What I really want to know now is who are Trump and Giuliani coordinating with in Russian Intelligence to use the Ukraine as a scapegoat and to portray the Biden's as corrupt. Who is really guiding them. There is no way that these two 5 watt bulbs came up with this on their own. I mean lets really get to the bottom of this. How deep does this go?

  35. Why is that you re-write Sondlands words putting is some more brash “emotionally” responsive words? Why is it that you didn’t play the rest of her testimony pertaining to Sondland?

  36. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time in Dallas, Texas

  37. Dr. Hill was Awesome. She's as forthright as she is intelligent as she is integrous. She owned those sycophantic, BS peddlers from the GOP. A true American patriot.

    1:So SMNBC NEWS lied about the Russian collusion and nothing was found in the present nor will be in the future and the president is not guilty of Russian collusion!
    2:The Mueller report came out and SMNBC lied again by saying Trump was doomed by the damning report that was about to be revealed!
    Well if you all were watching C-SPAN instead of SMNBC NEWS you would get the truth!
    3: out of all the witnesses in this latest trial of this Ukraine scandalous kangaroo court not one witness can say without a shadow of a doubt that Trump had a quid pro quo involved with Ukraine!!!! Yes after the intense investigation that was performed by the Republicans, not one can say of the witnesses that there was a quid pro quo!!!!
    Only and assumption!!!! but no actual facts,!!! that is nothing that could be damning to the president really only nothing,nada,zilch!!!!
    And once again ambassador Saunderlane said there was no quid pro quo, no bribe, no pressure, "nothing nada zilch nothing"while of course SMNBC NEWS continue to profess with there lying lips that the president, for sure, was to be guilty of something and about to be impeached!!!! for sure this time???? if you've been watching C-SPAN instead of The SMNBC news network you would know that there is nothing that they can impeach the president ON!!!!
    Although that the Democrats will impeach the president anyways even if they can't find anything wrong with his life and are even threatening to go throughout his taxes to impeach him if possible, tells me that they just want to get rid of "A duly elected president Trump for no good reason at all !!!!!"
    My final question is to all of you today, do we really live in a free America? Or are we listening to a communist news network that's no better than A North Korea's news network, and that they all just hate Trump because he wants to make America great again???? do the math!!!!
    If you watch C-SPAN you have a direct link to what is going on in the White House, the Senate, and in the house! you can see for yourself that SMNBC NEWS is lying to you!!!!!!

  39. Gordon came playing here I didn't snitch Trump and his cabinet off so oh yeah it's going to get nasty or by the day now that Gordon snitched out

  40. can you blame myself come on people she's just as innocent as the other ambassador that Trump fired because she knew too much and she wasn't going to tolerate any corruption so dr. Hill has a right to be upset if you people don't like it then figure it out yourself

  41. dr. Hill has all the right to be upset because Trump started in on her like he started in on everybody making it false accusations towards the people he's the one that needs to be looked at not dr. Hill

  42. Maloney needs to go to prison for a long time with his lying and teaming up with Trump and covering up Trump yeah McMillan only needs to go

  43. America's in the middle of our holiday season this is the last thing we need to deal with with the clown like Trump running his mouth lion every time he opens his mouth and making up fake stories he needs to go and we need to get back to our holiday season and forget about this mess for the time being

  44. Rachel, what's next? How far should the democrats push the impeachment? my thoughts are, that ALL criminal elements should be pursued ruthlessly & prosecuted, as for Trump, the house should vote to impeach him, and then make recommendations for him to resign & just leave it there … my thinking is that going beyond that point will be counterproductive, a bigger goal is for democrats to control both houses, the governorships, local elections and take out Trump at the elections. Failure to do this the democrats will severely damage their opportunity … AIMMHO

  45. The fn people that trump (with 40% of US backing) see fit to represent the US…. 😞. high lighted yet again…. against the backdrop of a true governmental professional, (I note a Coal miners daughter from the U.K.) who has to show the US has to what being a professional is…

  46. No Evidence against Trump. He said, She said doesn't count. Bribing people to testify against Trump that never even met Trump doesn't count either. The end. Now let's start investigating Biden and his son in everything they are accusing Trump of doing involving Ukraine, and while we are at that, lets investigate Hillary Colluding with Russia.

  47. Sondland was do this job for Trump, he had his direct number, but trump hardly knows him, how is that possible. Does Trump give his number to others he hardly knows?

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