Impeachment Spawns New Scandals Despite Democrats’ Narrow Focus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. We all know the Democrats a dirty like you Rachel meadows you don't get your facts right you lie you cheat you still Donald Trump has done nothing wrong he's kept his promises and done everything right he kept his promise why don't you look at Obama he was the one who put immigrants in prison first before DonaldI want you to look at the way he lied cheated and stolen giveaway this country and disrespect this country amount you get your facts straight meant Rachellook at all the corruption the clintons have done in the lies Hillary told bust out the truth about Benghazi Rachel you know they were asking for help get your facts straight Rachel you're nothing but a socialist lying

  2. Trump defenders try to make us believe that Trump, after all, didn't keep Ukraine from getting aid. What everyone seems to forget is that it was Bolton, not Trump, released the aid to Ukraine behind his boss's back. So yes, there was harm and there was foul on Trump's part.

  3. Wanted: Temporary assignment as Whistle-Blower. Have your 15 minutes of fame. Be able to read and memorize answer scripts. Not afraid to lie under oath. Minimum wage, no benefits, travel to D.C. and possible prison time.

  4. He didn’t get the investigation cause they got caught. The money was sent two weeks before the deadline and now they expected him to show up. Nah let’s send Rick Perry and maybe he can cook up another scheme.

  5. A few days ago, I was saying this is the tip of the iceberg and sho-nuff, the picture is getting bigger and bigger. More and more cabinet members are stepping forward to do the right thing! These are some very courageous individuals to tell of the wrongdoing in the white house and I would easily say the senate. Brick by brick, the pieces are now connecting and with all of this now? We will easily go into next year because of the size and sheer magnitude of the corruption here! trumps oil grab policy is the headliner or soon will be. It's slowly but surely coming together now. The bottom line is simple Democrats= Democracy' trump=Communism!

  6. It's clear this woman is an enemy of the state. She states how the rest of the world looks at us, but opens this video laughing that our president is being impeached. Showing no respect for the office, forget the person, but the respected position of being a US President and she thinks it's funny our country is facing this. Then she states bogus claims into investing the Bidens. Ms. Terrorist please watch the Biden video where he is in front of the CFR bragging about a quid pro quo. If you think that is bogus then your a discredit to your viewers and it shows just how big of a bigot you really are. Biased to the core, joke media, joke host.

  7. While this is indeed a big offense this isnt as she says the absolute worst in regards to foreign policies from the U.S. I mean the reason why this is big is because it happened in a time where information flows freely and its readily available but imagine this type of informational flow and availability in the 18, 19 and early 20th century? Its all in the history books but the impact is not as big because it already happen, its not in this moment. This and all the damage made by very bad foreign policy of this country is proof that there has to be a reform on the law and processes. It depends on the people, how and who the vote for.

  8. Impeach Barr and McConnel they are a stain on our Nation. Take down the New Russia Republicans, they are a stain on our World. You have to Indict Trump quickly, time is running. It is time for whoever can Indict him to do it. It always seems like “we have time..” but we never do. All of the House has to begin campaigning, Trump could do something worse…

  9. Maddow is about to lose her job… she should have lost it years ago, this is not journalism. I would love to see her sent to a Siberian work camp.

  10. Rachel… at least Rick Perry and his friends have some knowledge about energy and energy exploration .. unlike Hunter Biden. So if you are so concerned about corruption, then why don't you want to look into what happened with Hunter Biden ???

  11. Rachel… have you ever read the transcripts of both of President Trump's phone calls to your viewers over-the-air ? No quid pro quo, no bribery, no corruption … let's see the video of Vice President Biden threatening Ukraine to withhold 1 billion dollars if they don't fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden. Why don't you show that video ?

  12. I would always ask when will all these opportunistic, criminally corrupt slimeballs ever learn that Trump destroys everything he touches. But I'm now beginning to think that's it's best that those slimeballs never learn that incontrovertible fact because their criminal corruption and greed under Trump will invariably land them all in jail where they belong.

  13. the media really needs to do it's job right now. give it to us straight. pull no punches, tell it like it is. let the chips fall where they may. we can handle the truth, no chants of fake news.

  14. We do know why. Trump put the hold on $400m. He no longer had to lead Ukraine on. He stuck it to them, with no vaseline.

  15. Rachel maintains the democratic charade. From what I watched today the impeachment bandwagon is heading downhill. This piece by Rachel is nothing but further digging and claiming it’s another concern. Come on, get us something we can hang our hat on and not a negative view of everything the President does. Rachel is just a mouth piece for Democratic opinion.

  16. And the Republicans are going after Hunter Biden! How about going after some current corruption instead of things older than a couple of years and much harder to prove.

  17. KKKult45 cancer runs very deep. Mob White House 45 exporting U.S. corruption to Ukraine: Perry > Cranberg/Bleyzer/Ukrainian Energy > 50-year Ukraine contract

  18. The republicans will do what they did with nixon. If they don't, trump will drag pence with him, leaving only Nancy Pelosi. How sweet would that be.

  19. Anybody in the political field that supports McDonald’s trump, are the people also corrupt. or the people that may support corruption, or allow it perhaps.🤔

  20. You must be watching some other show or other proceedings Rachel! None of the witness stated anything that deals with bribery or extortion! It will be fun again to watch you cry on national TV when Trump wins 2020 again!

  21. Only the BEST PEOPLE? Not even the best crooks…….. Perry the NEXT to be indicted. Trump finally found what he is great at LOL

  22. Really can't expect much from Perry,as governor tweeted about his hair and shot a coyote in the city limits while jogging,also insisted on charging the state many thousands/mo for rental mansion while governor mansion overhaul…refused to stay in donated mobile home. Those are just the really bizarre

  23. It's not too hard to figure out that Rick Perry doesn't want to get thrown under the bus! LOL! Great timing for rick that he resigns when the Ukraine scandal begins. HMMMMMM?

  24. If the corruption of the Bidens would be true, the WH could use the
    official channels to demand an investigation of Burisma. But Trump
    didn't care about facts. He only wanted a statement of Ukraine saying
    that they are investigating something connected with Joe Biden. Why
    sending your own lawyer to "investigate"? ——because Trump wanted to
    deliver an offer that Zelensky couldn¡t refuse.

  25. Has not even Perry heard of the FCPA? Trump was prob ordered by Putin to not send a high delegation to the inauguration to make sure zelenski would not get any hopes for support from the USA in the Crimea. He prob told them he’d out Trump if they did.


  27. Of course he didn't go that just wouldn't wash with Putin …..ALL ROADS LEAD TO PUTIN …..And after he gets everything he wants he WILL throw trump under the bus….and the Russian flag will fly on the white House….red house….idk…..

  28. SwampMaster Grump lookin at Perry so satisfied. "I got mine" like. Trumpy got his cut for sure, for that 50 year drilling deal in Ukraine. Like LBJ in Texas. Cleanin up. Keepin it obvious.

  29. What YOU Americans do NOT know is that Jeff Sessions is a great friend with Flemish extreme-right (nazi sympathizer) Philip Dewinter, who is the loudmouth and for a long time was the chairman of Vlaams Belang (formerly known as Vlaams Blok), meaning, loosely translated “Flemish Importance”. It is a nationalistic party which wants to seperate Belgium into two halves: Flemish (Flemish-speaking which resembles Dutch, and Flemish culture) and Walloon (French-speaking, French culture) from “Wallonië”. BUT Vlaams Belang/Vlaams Blok comes from the Pro-Flemish “VolksUnie” (People’s Union) which has non-racist/non-fascist/non-nazi elements, yes, but also very aggressive, fierce racist/fascist/nazi elements and nazi collaborators in them… stemming back from the 30s and 40s…. because Hitler when Germany occupied Belgium treated the Flemish much better than the Walloons because of Hitler’s hate of France and French culture… Flemish folks were not considered that low. Several of them (Heads of Pro-Flemish parties plus the anti-communist Catholic Church) were friends with Hitler and the Nazi regime… several sent their boys into the HitlerJügend or were themselves in it. Others helped put Jews on their way to concentration camps, mainly from Antwerpen (Antwerp). Vlaams Blok has been convicted before Court for racism. So they did a face-lift, but just in appearance not in actual drive or content and changed their name. Philip Dewinter proudly bragged about his “great friend” JEFF SESSIONS in many Flemish magazines in 2016… and said big things were coming for his party and other extreme-right parties, also in the EU, because of their affiliation with Sessions. With Sessions gone … who knows where this story might end. But I find it weird that US media have never picked up on this story before…. because it is important as it ties Jeff Sessions/Stephen Miller to Vlaams Belang and thus Hitler fan-boys…. essentially.


  31. I always said ,do Monthly Impeachment Hearings (untill Nov 2020) to make Trump s Crimes more public.One Impeachment Hearing for Ukraine would be a Total flop.It must be a Wholistic long term Inquiry to Beats Repubs over the Head

  32. No wonder Trump had "chest discomfort" the other day! I'm surprised he hasn't blown an aneurysm by now. Guess all the cheeseburgers caught up with him.

  33. Trump
    made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to
    that! 😊
    You can't call a foreign country and ask them to investigate a fellow American
    who happens to be your political opponent as it shows the world that you’re a
    cheater!  If you do that and you hold up
    military aid then it’s a crime! Trump violated his oath as POTUS by making the
    call as it’s a violation of the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S.Constitution! 😆

  34. Trump
    made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to
    that! 😊
    You can't call a foreign country and ask them to investigate a fellow American
    who happens to be your political opponent as it shows the world that you’re a
    cheater!  If you do that and you hold up
    military aid then it’s a crime! Trump violated his oath as POTUS by making the
    call as it’s a violation of the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S.Constitution! 😆

  35. Come on America, please stop trump in 2020. The fact that America is such a major power in the world means that the effects of Trump's idiocy is not limited to the US.
    Save the world and be a superhero 😊

  36. It is disgusting how American officials manipulate the world for their own personal gain🤬Whatever happened to representing We the people? Whatever happened to working for THE COMMON good?😡 American politics is entangled with corruption of GREED by those in power🤯The behavior of these political fools do NOT represent who WE as Americans are😫Our forefathers would be sicken by the way American politicians do business and how our country was bought by greedy jerks🤬

  37. Astonishingly, creepy ole Rick has always resided in that section of the Venn diagram. He's been bought and bound for decades. however, what do you wanna bet that his NEW job working with /for the same oil -gas buddies will be setup by Christmas??

  38. if persons were to go back to the old interviews Donald Trump back in nineteen eighty-seven 1989 1981 so on and so forth then they will see that this is premeditated and this has been in the workings for a long time. When the opportunity arose then the administration initiated corruption at its highest level

  39. The deeper this digs in more and more becomes clear, but it’s gotta go to the end, we have this chance to get rid of all trumps cronies and put in a government that the people can be proud of.

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