I’m an Internet Company, I’m the Government

Internet: Hello, I’m an Internet company. Government: And I’m the Government. Internet: I made a website urging limits on
government surveillance. Government: I made a commission that’s exploring
limits on government surveillance. Internet: I have only your best interests
in mind. Government: I have only your best interests
in mind. Internet: I collect and analyze your data
to make your life . . . more convenient! Government: I collect and analyze your data
to make your life . . . safer. Internet: I mine endless data for commercial
purposes. Government: I mine endless data for . . . intel
purposes. Internet: I have a clear terms-of-service
agreement everyone knows about. Government: So do I. Internet: I’ve fought to weaken privacy legislation. Government: So have I! Internet: I track people everywhere with personal
profile data. Government: Um, I do too. Internet: I track political and religious
preferences to . . . sell ads! Government: I track political and religious
preferences to, um, never mind. Internet: But your spying is hurting my business! Government: Couldn’t ‘a done it without you! Internet: But you don’t understand . . . I
only want what’s best for business! Government: I only want what’s best for America! [last line is delivered in synch. Text: Not
That Different.]

  1. Nice one, except for missing one of the most significant differences of all: private companies can't throw you in jail or make you disappear for good if they decide to hate you for whatever reason. Unlike governments, which can and (depending on the country you live in) ocassionally/regularly do so…
    When's the last time you've heard about some Google SWAT team knocking down doors at night or an Amazon drone delivering death from above? How many people have been sent to Yahoo internment camps? Has anyone ever ended up in front of a firing squad for critizing the dear lead… I mean, Steve Jobs? No?
    Until things like that start happening, sadly there's still a world of difference between government surveillance and private datamining.

  2. Organized business is not that much different than organized government because organized government is essentially the "business" of providing services that help facilitate and preserve civilization. Big corporations are structured very similarly to governments because they are essentially mafias, serving their shareholder-citizens. The more power you give organizations, the more alike they become, until you arrive at the modern pluto-military-corporatoindustrial-complex we call democracy.

  3.  I subbed your channel while watching the Net Neutrality video. After this one I decided I acted in haste and can't feel comfortable watching such drivel. Unsubscribed. How can someone be so spot on with one posting then be totally out of the loop on the next.

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