1. What would happen under the anarchy of the Bernie plan? Civil war. 200 cartel thugs come up to you community to demand all your money, hey no law enforcement, start shooting. If law enforcement disintegrates, then local population law enforcement will occur without government and courts.

  2. Comrade Bernie suffered a heart attack, which probably affected his brain a lot, because what he gets out of his mouth are pure aberrations, pure utopias!

  3. Stupid. You can't prosecute anyone without collateral damage. Anyone!!! So, once again, drop the liberal narrative. Leave that crap for CNN. And Bernie is a quack. A far left idiot. Who is wealthy. And wants to sell climate crap, meant to absolutely, screw America. All done Intentionally. Socialist scum.

  4. I have a BETTER IDEA .Seize Bernie's bank accounts and use the money to take care of the ILLEGALS.Under his PLAN,we would cease to be a country in ONE GENERATION.This is EXACTLY the reason we NEED to vote out ALL Democrats.I can't understand why so many Americans ,whatever your political or humanitarian views CAN'T seem to understand .WHEN YOU COMMIT a CRIME such as crossing our border illegally,if you have a child. WHY would we incosserate the Minor with Adults ? Look I really am tired of hearing these BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS always crying about the POOR IMMIGRANTS.There is a LEGAL WAY to enter our country, if you choose NOT TO USE IT suffer the Consequences.

  5. National Voter Registration Credential needed to Vote before next election. Stop illegals from voting or you can see what they will do.

  6. fox News is not mentioning the fact that this families had dual citizenship. meaning they were US and.mexican citizens, that would explain why were they in Mexico.and according to news from Mexico this was a case of mistaken identity.there was a shoot out between drug cartels hours before this horrendous tragedy in the same area..and why is fox news turning comments off for?to keep their followers with only their narrative and not give anyone else  a chance to dispute their fake news?


  8. If the UK bordered the US to the north, the illegal immigrants coming in from the south would walk straight through the US to get into the UK. In fact, there would be US citizens trying to get into the UK. We would have to build a big wall to keep them all out! UK, greatest country on Earth. Thank the Earth we are an island- at least we have a chance.

  9. There is something seriously wrong with Sanders. This man always looks sloppy and his extremely loud voice is annoying. Allowing illegals to invade with Sanders incentives would turn the US into the Wild West. What a clown!

  10. Bernie Sanders is so out of touch with what Americans want, he should be put in an old age facility or a mental institution.

  11. Bernie Sanders and his side-kick ought to be charged with treason and handed over to the Department of Justice for trial.

  12. I think border security is important, but I think the wall is stupid. Get the troops back from Saudia Arabia to guard OUR border.

  13. More American citizens have been killed in Laredo Tx. By people with badges than anything else. Between Trigger happy cops and murdering border patrol agents. One being a serial killer. Not by illegal immigrants. But government. Thats a fact. Not fake news.

  14. Shitbag Liberal liars pretending to be Journalists. If an AMERICAN dragged their mewling brat across the desert Department of Child Services would take that AMERICAN child away PERMANENTLY, separating that AMERICAN family from their child. And that is a FACT. So many Americans have their children stolen by the Pedophile Government.

  15. If we let everyone come in then the US will end up like Europe. They are in a crisis now and suddenly they want immigration reform!

  16. MEDIA IS A "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON", and it started with HR5736, about 2013. By its evil fruits it should already be known, LIES POISON ALL COMMS. They who have been controlling the MEDIA have been controlling the narratives, and they are goading you into HR1111.

  17. All it really is, it is pandering and putting all of us citizens in harms way. Crazy arse old man wants to bankrupt the USA. TRUMP 2020

  18. OUR legal immigrants are going to be PUNISHED for doing it correctly. OUR poor are going to be shoved to the back of the line.OUR taxpayers will be robbed to pay for EVERYONE WHO SNEAKS ACROSS the border. DEMOCRATS DON'T CARE AS LONG THEY COME HERE AND VOTE FOR THEM!!

  19. Once you realize that Sanders and other Dems' concern is about how to get more money from us, the people, and not how to help us – everything becomes clear.

  20. Democrats are out of touch it seems like they just want to bring this country down. Socialism sucks who would ever vote for Bernie. Lefties are whacked out of their minds. Liberals I don't even want to say what I think.

  21. No Sanders. No. No. No. How about 1 year visa from Mexico. Lol. And no more then 100 a year into this country!!!!!

  22. How short the American attention span is. It was not that long ago when we learned of the globalists intentions to consolidate individual sovereign countries to facilitate global governance. I cite the EU which has been a nightmare and the proposed North American Union and FEMA regions to replace states. Bernie would in essence bring in a socialist political structure grab the guns, and erase our border with Mexico flooding the US with illegals with no way to stop them essentially ending US nationality concerns and bankrupting the US. Bernie is a clear and present danger to this country. Regardless where your political leanings are TRUMP must be looking a much better option then any other running. Bernie would undoubtedly bring on civil war in this republic. May be what is required to drain DC of corruption and those selling the American people out hoping for some financial or political gain. This latest Bernie revelation is his rendition of the globalist step of consolidation and open societies. (SOROS)

  23. Look at all the young people behind Sanders. They just want a handout promised to them. Why don't he promise to change their diapers too.

  24. That would put every American in danger, and opens up the flood gates of illegals coming from every country and bring in crime,drugs,human trafficking and total chaos Americans don't want that America is for Americans not illegals

  25. From a man whose wife closed a university down and he became a millionaire and neither gave one penny to illegals. How many illegals have him money. He is a commie traitor to our country.

  26. I urge all law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal aliens driving without a license, this is a national epidemic and illegals are becoming a public risk on the roads. Some car insurance companies are selling policies to illegal aliens just for profit, they even have signs saying " no licencia, no problema" meaning no drivers license, no problem, these are incentives to illegal aliens to keep breaking the law in our country

  27. A WARNING TO BERNIE SANDERS AND ALL DEMO RATS FROM GOD!!!! " When a government violates God's laws and when leaders become dishonest, cruel, and oppressive to maintain their power, they are doing no good. God warns all government rulers that they will have to give an account for their actions. (Psalm 2:10-12)

  28. Sanders is a TOTAL MORON, now I know he’s doesn’t care about America. Do you understand that dangerous criminals will be entering the country whenever they want to ?


  30. Goes to show you Dems are insane. Crooked Washington needs to be in jail or in the ground. Period.. Vote all Dems out of Office. Trump 2020

  31. Even the Latino people do not want it here in America and they will not vote for anything like Socialism so the Demorats are pushing them to Trump and Republicans the Demorats have lost their minds

  32. If a parent commits a crime in America and it is bad enough to go to jail the child will not go to jail with the parent the child may go to the other parent or to a foster home temporarily hopefully. Not the law enforcement's fault the parent broke the law it's not the child's fault but that's just the way it is it would look very odd in the US to have a child in such a dangerous place with a bunch of sick adults of course adults are always suspect of being pedophiles or abusers that's just life while they're in jail or not

  33. The damge is being done by trump. Mr oboma failed to comply with the rules and the rules removed the job of the president according to its terms and after 19 months on 9may16 i enacted the supremacy law unestablishing the usa named english temporary govt then i turned in mr oboma to the fbi and the doj an the inspector general the Attorney general and to adam shift and wiki leaks and im the whistle blower everyhing after 9 may 16 is not a part of the govt ots a media show sponcered by donald trump a apprentice with no contract and a congress prohibited to have any national election by the terms of the constutition they want you to participate in another previously canseled election but the lee resoultion says our independence from england means were non politicial voting nation agian and fteedom from englands bsnk and control and politics begian on 9 may 16 the is no presidents after mr oboma.

  34. Bernie is a complete and total bone head, how the hell does he come up with this crap. Anyone willing to vote for this idiot needs to be committed. Wake up and smell what you are shovelin Bernie.

  35. Let's do this, let the Democrats go on a field trip across the border without any security, let them stay there just one day.


  37. OH!…and..his..buddy..ILL..-..Hand……ill..Psychopath…!……..People..working..on..a..Quarter…load..dont..understand…The..English..language..Like..Illegal..and..the..word……is…'s….a…sickness!!!!!,,,,,,,,,'s…..sit..down…with..the..common…dictionary……including..stuff..about…the..royals..and..evil..bloodlines…and..your..controlled…medical..system………..WOW!!!

  38. In the last election, I liked Bernie the most. Now I think he has lost his mind. As a poor senior American, I had to fight for the littlest help from Government funds. How can we give free help to illegals first?

  39. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, WAP across the face! What in the HELL is wrong with you? Could they (THE DEMS) be Aliens from another planet???

  40. Lets put Bernie and his family in some SUV's and send then all down to Mexico to talk this over with the Drug Cartels.

  41. One can only say man what is wrong with these Dems. A few days American were slaughtered and the response from Dems is: open the door for illegal immigration. I mean is fellows: think about it what these Dems actually say to you.

  42. Looks like he may have had a stroke with brain damage along with a heart attack’s not good optics when it seems lately at every election you have a decrepit Democratic candidate falling face down with EMS rushing in to prop them up for the cameras

  43. Bernie Sander invites the Mexican drug cartel and MS13 and the criminal and terrorists around the world to welcome to the US .

  44. What is a climate migrant , is it someone who thinks it's too hot or too cold in their country and would like a change , like most migrants in fact ?

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