If Brexit were a movie…  – BBC News

In cinemas this Christmas. One woman. One
deal… Two and a half years in the making….
The longest script ever written… And starring Theresa May, as you’ve never
seen her before, in…. ……….. The Brexit Games The highs, the lows, the erm dancing and the
incredible story of Theresa’s journey so far. She’s just got her deal past her Cabinet,
but heads are rolling….… And she’s running out of time… With this deal the world could see the biggest
breakup in history, and the fates of thousands… Could finally be determined. This latest instalment of the Brexit Saga
will leave your head spinning… In this epic odyssey, Theresa takes on hordes
of tie-clad, multilingual challengers… First she’ll have to charm the 27 EU leaders…at
least this time it won’t be in a giant room full of toast. Then she’ll have to win the battle of a
lifetime in parliament as MPs go to vote…. Or face one of these… Hold onto your seats – Britain may never be
the same again. Stayed tuned next year for Brexit 2: TBC

  1. BBC : Look, fellow kids, we created a mee-mee you can share on your favourite social media.

    Good job staying in touch with those darn millennials there BBC….

  2. I adore Theresa May for standing the voice of the people who chose Brexit. Only affuent businessmen are obviously pessimistic on BREXIT. For ordinary people, it is simply like " Everything will be fine, as long as ALL people who chose Brexit will stand UNITED". CNN get on with Brexit!

  3. No one is paying for this, the people of Britain DID NOT pay for this , it’s ridiculous , it’s the absolute antithesis of what a news corporation should , it’s a joke!

  4. Do yourself a favour and scroll back up. The comments are incredibly hateful and derogatory. I hope no one from the production team reads any of this.

  5. So glad USA cut ties so long ago, we already having issues in leadership, imagine dealing with this trainwreck… Maybe she's the reason we don't have e a female president here.

  6. I don't think it's in good taste for BBCs News division to be making light of this situation weather they stay or go this is pretty serious.

  7. You could have at least done a dystopia version 50 years after the referendum. May is still making up her mind, unaware that the UK is crumbling around her

  8. This is kind of crap I experienced at school.The teacher would say" imagine your living in Elizabethan times".That certainly helped me to get a job didn't it.

  9. Wtf is this, I can't wait until we get rid of the license fee. Using your funding for crap like this and your bias, ridiculous

  10. It's already a comedy and this careless video by the BBC highlights how much this is just a show with politician actors. The whole system is corrupt.

  11. You know how bad May's deal is when you have to use threats to try and get it passed. She is essentially breaking up the UK to please her EU masters.

  12. European union is MAFIA and WICKED GANGSTERS and evil empire is responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders. Ban Islam which is a false Cult and deport all Muslims refugees

  13. BBC news and also CNN MSNBC etc ARE THE WORST is WORST of CHANNELS FALSE AND MISLEADING and rogues and should be shut down and dismantled by force

  14. I’m American and have watched English news and still I don’t understand brexit? I say go all the way and not half ass…give Ireland back to the Irish, and sever ties to the EU.

  15. If Brexit was a movie?

    Well if the BBC was making the movie it would be called (gravely voiced 80s voice over man) "Fast and Furious Brexit 12" "Time for a peoples vote because we got the wrong answer 11 times!" "At cinemas near you!!!!"

  16. I thought this was going to be some parody or satirical film made by a youtuber or independent person for fun, not BY the BBC… There isn't even a point in this.

  17. People's lives will be seriously and adversely effected by Brexit.
    It is no laughing matter. Enough of your Anglo arrogance!

  18. The BBC have been shocking they clearly want us to stay and have used the channel to promote this agenda
    I'm not renewing my licence
    And I urge others to do the same
    It's the only way we can stop the BBC from promoting this agenda

  19. More propaganda from the BBC. If you can't see, after all this, how undemocratic and controlling the EU is, you must have shit for brains

  20. Hopefully it ends with Theresa May being run over by a tank then fed to rats that have been starved for days. Scotland leaves UK and remains in EU.

    Would be the best ending for everyone.

  21. If you actually pay for a tv license you're as stupid as Rangers fans who voted to leave EU and stay in UK for 'eh union'

  22. Cant wait till bankers can finally hold their head high again and we all start ridiculing the Brextremists for screwing over Britain and the future for our children.

  23. This is incredibly amateurish to have been subsidized by such a venerable and respected organization as the BBC. I'm frankly shocked

  24. I can see why Brits don't like the BBC as they are wasting there money to make stuff like this. You want the best service with proffesional formats not TV parodies.

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