Identify Politics Is Modern Mental Slavery

the civil rights movement at its best was a movement not to enshrine the divisions imposed on people by races but to rebuke the racists by eliminating those divisions Martin Luther King I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character so how is it that today's identity politics is about not eliminating but continuing and even enshrining those racist divisions a National Review survey of 173 colleges found that 46 percent offer segregated orientation programs and 72 percent hosts segregated graduation ceremonies and shame on them that's repulsive it's disgusting and it's not just racist divisions it's any divisions that can be created or discovered among us men and women whose ability to meld into one not to spite of but because of their differences is the source and joy if human life are now supposed to turn against one another fighting over whatever can be found to fight over gays and straights are said of us every truth and norm of human life has to be destroyed to serve transgender people a vanishingly small minority of humans many of whom may be suffering from a form of body dysphoria and of course the people who urge these divisions on us don't really care about the groups and questions they don't care about blacks and women gays transgenders we know this because if anyone from those so-called identity groups stands against the left-wing agenda if any black or woman or gay or transgender supports Republicans or Donald Trump he or she is excoriated booed shouted down called names and excluded from the identity feast it must be then that the leftism not the identity stuff is the whole point and that the divisions are created in the service of the leftism we are segregated into groups and turned against one another and then the government is supposed to descend deus ex machina and impose equality and justice on us because of course that's what leftism is it's more government more top-down solutions less individuality less community left ism is a form of slavery and yes it's not the slavery of the body we've had in the past but it's a slavery of the mind here's what you're allowed to say here's what you're allowed to think this is what you can believe these are the words you're allowed to use the pronouns you have to you these are the sexual practices you must approve of and celebrate we're the government we know best they tell us this is the road to utopia but in fact it's a road that has no end just goes on and on and on with more and more division more and more hatred between us more and more governments solving our problems by taking our freedom and telling us what to think and who to be Americans have been breaking chains for nearly 250 years we broke the chains of southern slavery we broke the chains of Jim Crow we broke the chains of Nazism we broke the chains of Soviet Communism it's time to break these chains as well these mental chains of identity politics and political correctness so I'm watching this yesterday this this is the a bad idea whose time has come reparations okay this is all part of what I'm talking about Tana he see coach wrote this article I think was for the Atlantic honey easy coach is overrated I mean he has this kind of vague dramatic way of writing he's a very personable guy when he's talking to people but he doesn't reason and as far as I'm concerned very well but he put forward the idea that yes yes yes what we need is reparations for slavery and for Jim Crow because all that accumulated wealth all that wealth was kept away from people and it now needs to be paid back because blacks are behind because of Jim Crow and because of slavery never mind that Jews were excluded never mind the Irish were excluded the Italians never mind all that blacks specifically so now of course the Democrats as they drift further and further to the left of taking this up in the House Judiciary Committee which is Jerry Nadler 'he's crap show there they are having a hearing on a bill about reparations that would it would basically create a federal Commission to study and report on the impact of slavery and the Jim Crow segregation laws that follow an abolition and who gets the money you know who would get money to be paid back for this it's called HR 40 and it's got a lot of supporters it's got more than 60 co-sponsor sponsors public endorsement from Pelosi who has not endorsed a reparations bill before

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  2. I identify as 1/1032 black (no proof necessary, just trust me)…do I quality 100% for my fair share of reparations??

  3. As a proud potted plant I find it offensive to be lumped in with you meat bags.
    Pots and bags should not mix

  4. Spot on! But where does all this come from? Is it possible that the KGB prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, released 'viruses' into the fabric of the West which are replicating and self-repairing and are now manifesting in this totally insane, totally unscientific Leftist madness? Not a single one of these notions – identity politics, man-made climate change, multiple sexes etc etc seems to stand up to close examination yet university professors and even kindergarden teachers continue to ram this stuff down innocent young throats with a kind of feverish conviction terrifying to behold.

  5. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    while we stand aside and look?"
    Bob Marley said the right words (based on Marcus Garvey), but he didn't have the enemy right based on my understanding of what he meant.

  6. I believe you are correct. Though the way the right is responding is only serving to deepen the divide between the people. By fortifying the echo chambers on both sides.

  7. We just want fairness for people, and that’s not what we have in current US law. Any promises by politicians should be sensible policy and should be honest, but we must not allow dislike for political pandering to stop us from pushing for fairness.

  8. "identity politics is mental slavery" coming from the guy who brought us "i would replace all the whites with jews if i could"

  9. Progressives use identity politics for segregation. Internalized segregation, but segregation just the same.

  10. ~IDENTITY politics merit IDENTITY TAXES~
    White's contribute annual tax surpluses of over $553.52 billion or $2,795+ per capita.
    Dem's💩Socialists fight to steal Whitey's💰.
    ~Black's race💩bait 11k deficits per ea.~
    ~Hispanic's race💩bait 8k deficits ea.~
    Only ethno states prove-disprove merit of race IQ's. China~Africa~Aztec IQ's create 3rd💩worlds unless White merit is stolen by ~~~Multi😂Cultural😂Team😂Work~~~

  11. This is on like page one, maybe two of the democrat handbook. When they find themselves behind going into an upcoming election, whip out the slavery/reparations card to entice the minorities. Who doesn't want free shit?

  12. "identity politics bad" – mentions their own identity based political victimhood literally hundreds of times per week, for years and years.
    This billionaire-funded, culture warrior, "news" organization is truly pathetic.

  13. I'm beginning to wonder if a time is coming when we will have to introduce ourselves saying. ''Hi, my names ……….. and I'm heterosexual.

    Don't laugh we're going to have to be straight up about it at some point unless you're happy with being hit on by every new fluid gender identifying person.

    They'll probably find a way to have you charged with discriminating and being non inclusive.

  14. i remembered the sekiro case, the game journalists saying it was too hard, then a crippled guy uploaded a video showing his hands while defeating one of the hardest bosses, no special skill, some mad respect for him.

  15. Make the Democratic party pay since they are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK and segregation. They stop stopped the 40 acres and a mule for freed slaves. Why bring anyone else into this? Oh, don't forget the African countries of the tribes that captured and traded others tribes to the slave market. Be fair.

  16. Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

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