‘I Want to Punch Him’ Official Highlight | Wife Swap

It’s time for Jack to put his money whe his mouth is and see if he’s willing to take
direction from Halani on how to prep
his workout meals. Look at this stuff. Everything you need. So are you really
not open to this? Nah. I can’t do this
all the time. I didn’t say
all the time. Once a month.
Could you do this once a month? I can’t do it
on a regular basis. – Why?
– I just refuse
to commit to that. You can make time to spend
four hours a day at the gym, but you can’t make time
once a month to do this? Halani:
He’s never learned how to cook. Misty’s never required
that of him. Now he needs to learn how to work his way
around the kitchen. Mm-hmm. Narrator:
Jack isn’t the only one
on kitchen duty. Respecting Misty’s rules, Jason is about to cook
dinner for the family. We’re doing shrimp tacos
and some rice and beans. ( exhales )
Ready. One of my new rules
is Jason cooking, because I want him to just
take responsibility here. He’s maybe more being a dad. – All right, Rachel Ray.
– Yeah. Do it like me, baby. – Is this weird, to be in the
kitchen with your dad cooking?
– Kids: Yes. Me and Misty, we kinda got like
a– a playful friendship. I just nailed
that move right there. Okay. Just open that can of beans
right there. Uh, we may
not have beans. Oh, this ain’t
workin’, baby. Beans,
you want those beans? I really want these,
but I don’t want you
to hurt yourself, though. If you want those beans– My make-believe wife wants some
damn beans. She gonna get some beans today. Are you proud of yourself? Ooh, I am!
That looks good. – Now doesn’t this
make you feel good?
– It does. I mean, your family is
about to eat this. That’s gotta make you feel
a little prideful there. Since Halani couldn’t be here
tonight, I thought I would invite
Halani’s mom and Jason’s mom
over to eat. We’re all at the table
for the first time. They have never ate
at this table before. So, hopefully that is something
they’ll continue to do, is have family meals
at the dining table. I can’t believe
you actually did this Jason. – Not bad.
– ( laughs ) I’m making a change
in this family. And it feels so good, but I’m missing my family. I’m missing Jack, and it just makes me
really thankful that I have that in my marriage. You like my cake?
I told you you would. Jack:
All right, let’s do this. Halani:
I really wanted Jack to step up
a little bit more and do “the woman things”
as he says. Misty’s doing everything
for everyone else, and he’s not as appreciative
as he should be. All right,
here’s the deal. If you’re over here watching,
I’m not gonna do this. – Oh, please.
– Okay? – I’ll be standing right here.
– Nope. Well, here we go again. I– No. This is over. Halani:
I didn’t even say
anything to you. No. I– I’m really
not doing this, if she’s standing there.
For real. He was over my shoulder
the entire time when it was his rules. What is the problem? This is ridiculous. He literally has just said no with everything I’ve asked
for him for my new rules. Jack:
I’m not gonna do this. What is the problem?
What’s the problem? ’cause I’m not gonna do this
right here. This is
what we’re not gonna do. Pointless.
When y’all leave– – ’cause I’m not playing.
– Oh, Dad, chill. – Dad, chill.
– Now I’m for real.
I ain’t playing now. This is for real. He’s not gonna do anything. And he’s not gonna do it,
because I am a woman. I’m pissed, because I saw a
totally different side of him. You wanna learn something,
ask me. I don’t wanna have anything
else to do with him. I wanna punch him.

  1. White dude reminds me of ehat a child reacts like when he doesnt want to do something… No… No… I dont want to

  2. 3:53 when you wait all the video for the part she says i want to punch him but then she says i WANNA punch him

    wait thats illegal

  3. Why don't the caccasion girl tell her man to cook ik that her man the boss of the home but sis and she not making no change in the other girl family if she can't take care of her man attitude.

  4. It’s funny how she force him to make his prep meals and he tried when she’s a wife and can’t even prepare food for her family in regular basis

  5. What a dick saying even a old barn needs make up. He's wife or he's fake wife ain't no old barn he's lucky have the company of Halani and he's wife

  6. ‘My make believe wife wants some damn beanssssss she gone get dem beans todayyy’ PROCEED TO USE A HAMMER TO OPEN THE CAN 😂😂😂😂😂 THAT THE ENERGY IM LOOKING FORREE

  7. White people watching like damn we lost this time on the whacko meter.Way to mis represent.Gotta watch some flavor flav to feel better before sleep lol

  8. He doesn't understand a black women ain't about to be bossed around and that's what his attitude is about bc you can't control that women like you do your wife

  9. Why do you idiots keep saying the white guy. Lmao cause last time I checked all black guys are great husbands and there for there kids… it's nothing to do with colour he is just a douchebag jock lots of them are also black.. point in case if your a ass your a ass

  10. Steroids + ignorance + that white privilege = got the white guy thinking women are beneath him …he puts the W in wanker!

  11. What a fucking asshole he doesn't deserve any thing good he has 0 respect for his family and doesnt care about what shes trying to teach him in my eyes he is not a man he is far from that how pathetic

  12. Oh his oldest daughter called it out real quick he does this ALL the time. Like you can tell she is probably gonna go wild in college and just live her best life. I hope both girls move out and do cause he is just UGH

  13. The black wife is antagonizing. She did kind of pick and prod at him even after knowing he was aggitated. She was pretty rude with her comments. Listening to her boss him around instead of being more positive about him actually trying, was very cringy… And I'm not surprised he ended up acting like he did. She was basically asking for it then acted surprised he got mad. They reminded me of my siblings getting into fights.

  14. Lol all r washing white dude but no one talks about that black women and about her behavior and bossiness both r same over here both r self centered both want to dominate

  15. Halani got a trip to hell while that woman got a fantasy life come true. I mean even his kids are annoyed with this fragile masculinity.

  16. 4 hours at the gym he doesn't even looked jacked look at his chicken legs .. his anger problem comes from a small penis

  17. That black women not a push over he didn't want to play by her rules because she's a woman smh not all women are push overs

  18. The white guy is not upset because the other woman told him to do stuff, he’s mad because she is a “black woman”!!!! He’s an asshole!!!!

  19. It never ceases to amaze me as to how people can spend four minutes watching a video of other people; and then, make comments as to what they think they know about the people they are viewing: their motives, views, intentions, or thoughts. The only thing we can be sure of in life is ourselves: anything else is just conjecture.

  20. I hope he was just acting like that for “tv” if he’s not and this is how he normally is I feel soooooo bad for his wife (hopefully ex wife by now)

  21. Jack (the less attractive father) is a big baby and a complete caveman buffoon. Don't understand why anyone would want to be with him lmao…

  22. That's his house and he has his rules. One thing you have to remember , she married the man she wanted. She wanted a man to provide and she stayed home and cook and take care of the kids. Living in Europe for 5 yrs this is normal and guess what it works. I do think he should cook and show more appreciation to his wife.

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