1. The world lacks empathy
    It is not easy people just does not do a effort to understand and put themselves in others shoes.
    As Peter Gabriel said: my body is a cage

  2. never take any prescribed tablets for OCD – if you really like to come over with this feelings inside you, visit the third world/ poor countries. live in a jungle, in a tent, in a cave for a while – go back to the nature, get your normal human feelings back – every doctor loves your money and nobody can really help you

  3. I have a cousin with OCD and I completely understand what is going on with him but it still annoys me. Like my cousin uses about half a bottle of soap and it pisses me off. They need to find a real good treatment for it.

  4. He's a nice looking man; I've always thought that, and it's too bad that he suffers with something like that, especially having to work with people who are not very clean! I've always considered myself a clean person, but I can't keep my apartment as clean as I'd like to because my brother is very sloppy and it really gets on my nerves! But I'd better not mention it, because then it's the tsunami of attitude and accusations and I don't want to deal with that!

  5. I would have loved for the interviewer to of asked how he realized he didn't have to be ashamed after saying it's speaking up on Howard Stern when did he realize that he had the support and there was nothing to fear the interviewer really dropped the ball on that one

  6. The comments here that are critical of Howie are a classic example of the stigma and lack of understanding regarding mental illness. Unfortunately, even some people with mental illness have a stigma against other mentally ill people. Mental illness affects everyone differently. You may have found a way to manage yours, but what works for you may not work for others. People can search for years for something that works for them. That fact that they haven't found what works, does not make them lazy, weak, etc…. In fact, it's the opposite. They are very strong in their on-going battle. So tell that judge that lives inside you, the judge that thinks it's ok to be critical of others….tell that judge to f&ck off.

  7. With him, there’s an implied superiority that’s always come off, IMO; tacitly implying “I’m the only pure, clean person here—I don’t want to be contaminated by the filth that is all you other unwashed subhumans.”

    In the largest percentage of people I’ve seen affected by OCD, the condition isn’t about a veritable hygienic elitism (Clean Me vs. Filthy Them). Jerry Seinfeld & Howard Stern have always put this vibe across as well, so, no, Howie, “you’re not alone.”

    Juss one person’s feeling over decades of observation (& living w one who, like most, doesn’t have a narcissistic lean to it). ✌️

  8. Howard stern has some kind of real way to get people to be real and truthful. Even when he's not trying

  9. Is his staff placating his delusional fear of germs really helping him? I feel like people ignoring it would do him a lot more good! This is coming from someone with lifelong struggles with anxiety. The only thing that ever helped me with my anxiety, which was debilitating to the point of not being able to function at times, was to confront my fears! It’s getting worse because everyone around him is encouraging his irrational fears. Howie isn’t confronting his anxiety by, for example, shaking hands then not getting sick proving to himself it is a delusional fear. Everyone around him holding to his standards of cleanliness are reinforcing his behavior. It’s far from surprising that it is getting worse!

  10. I have OCD, it's the worst fucking thing ever. It's so bad with me now that I have obsessive, intrusive thoughts that control my LIFE.

  11. When I was young I struggled with OCD for years. One day I said to myself "I don't want to deal with this anymore" so I stopped, cold turkey…and it has never come back…damn lucky

  12. I knew you howie back when you had your novelty shop on Hollywood blvd. Something must have happened after that because you didnt hesitate in shaking hands and dragging people into your store. I dont know if you remember me but I had a baby in a stroller. You grabbed my stroller and took us in to see all the new stuff you got. You put a gorilla mask on and made my son cry. I laughed but you felt so bad. I'll always remember you howie and I'm sorry you have this fear. The only thing you should fear is fear itself. Be strong! We pray for you.

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