How will Scalia’s death affect the 2016 election? | IN 60 SECONDS

Are you recording? The question of the moment is, how is the
tragic passing of Justice Scalia going to affect the 2016 race? And there are two possible
ways of looking at it, sort of the difference between “is” and “ought”. It ought to have a profound effect on the
2016 race. It ought to be disqualifying for certain candidates, particularly people like
Donald Trump, who give no evidence that they take the Constitution particularly seriously. How it is affecting the 2016 race kind of
remains to be seen. It certainly helps Ted Cruz, who has got a very good brand in constitutional
issues, knows the Supreme Court well. It helps Marco Rubio to a lesser extent. But what it does do for both sides is it heightens
the stakes. Everybody recognizes now that the future of the Supreme Court essentially
depends upon this next presidential election. It will almost surely create a much uglier
political environment because the fight on Capitol Hill is going to be bleeding into
the presidential race, and vice versa. So, what are your thoughts on Justice Scalia?
Let us know in the Comments, and also let us know if there are any other topics that
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  1. listen i didn't like the man. but didn't need to die. yes the president has every right to put in some else of his choosing. if i agree with it or not

  2. Couple of retards in the comments below me. His replacement should be someone with near identical views to those Scalia had for balance's sake. Yes the president can appoint whoever he wants, but only with senate approval, and the senate is never going to let the court be 5-1-3 in democratic favor.

  3. Look, the best thing that could happen to the GOP is Obama appointing a D judge, why? for the same reason why Obama is a 2 term president: W. Obama´s presidency is the logical backslash of a WTF! 2 term W. Bush presidency. Can you imagine this scenario: Obama appoints a D judge… Bernie o Hilary wins (all this within months!)… the GOP rises like the fenix and in one term wins back the presidency over B or H blocking any of their presidencies from the senate, just because Obama´s judge choice now? Do you see what I see? R.I.P. Mr. Scalia, he was kind of nuts, but a real genius an a really educated man.

  4. Fuck the Washington shills at AEI, taking a shot at Trump and endorsing the liar Cruz even though Cruz is the one who pushed for Justice Roberts who is a disaster

  5. The smart move by the GOP might be to allow Obama a centrist SCJ as the election is like to go democrat for the POTUS and may push the Senate Dem too. If that happens, Sanders or Clinton will surely put in a far left SCJ. Also, if trump wins, who know what shit he will try to put in as a SCJ. Though this all assumes Obama nominates a centrist, so…
    Also, 6 of the last 34 SCJ from the last 100 where apportioned in a presidential election year, so stop with the lie that we never let a president appoint in their last year. It is really the last few months, either just before the election or any time after the election.

  6. "the tragic passing…". He was a white, heterosexual, cisgendered, male in the US serving on the Supreme Court and died of natural causes. How is any of that tragic? He was one lucky bastard, won all the lotteries…unless of course his death wasn't natural causes, then that's sad, but still had it all going on as far as being in the majority power

  7. Well how does Goldberg feel now that the President will be either Trump or Clinton?
    Does he still maintain his "Trump has no business" stance in regards to choosing the next SC Justice?
    Or would he prefer a Clinton apointee to take the seat?

    Furthermore, with Cruz's ties to CFR and Rubio's lax views on illegal immigration, I'm rather disgusted he felt that these two would be better able to choose a Justice in the first place.

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