How to Submit a Press Release to PR Websites

hey guys so this is a press release that I recently wrote to promote a celebration that my nonprofit is hosting so the way you want to write it is you start off with a kind of an introductory paragraph that explains who is behind it whether it's an app or a company or a business and I guess your mission or your first statement of what it is the whole kind of press release is going to be about and you do this in a way where it's like one sentence explains the company or the app the next sentence explains what you're trying to promote in the press release and then you want to add like something really cool at the end of the paragraph in this case an award that we received I start the next paragraph off with another award I'm in this case the government named a day after my film and my nonprofit called Kings Highway day so I was a pretty big deal and I explained why they named it it was named after the the longest used Road or the oldest continuously used Road in America and I have to actually write that word in here continuously so this is a a fact when you write a press release it has to be filled with facts so make sure the facts are right and also you don't want to write it as if you're writing a book or like a story this is a news release a press release so you want to make sure it's newsworthy and it's filled with facts so dates people's names the facts behind what's happening again I put Manor College a professor from there the Historical Society Business Improvement Districts the government's the dates you want to basically fill it with dates and names you also want to add a quote somewhere in here usually I say to add at least one or two quotes so I'm going to add a quote somewhere around here and I'm gonna just write it as I talk to you guys Philadelphia is arguably the most historic city in the country but Northeast Philadelphia no ma'am I'm not gonna say but northeast Philip because we've actually been doing really well thanks to all this stuff said presidents said chase and Sherman of the Kings Highway Trust Foundation and then you continue with the quote for the past several years our nonprofit has raised awareness to Northeast Philadelphia or might be before has raised reason for no to Philadelphia in a in a monumental way this is why we have decided to organize all the Philadelphia neighborhoods together in order to host this week-long celebration history weeklong historic celebration that seems pretty good to me always change later but i'm gonna be posting these in these press release websites so i guess i should look at it one more time let's put undoubtedly most historic city in the country for the past several years our nonprofit has raised awareness for northeast without being a monument away this is why we had decided to organize all the flavors together when ice all the neighborhoods together in order to host this week-long slipper distorts so a week-long celebration of history events area and I have some more information about some more of the events and then I give a little bit of information and then I give a little bit of information about the actual movie that all of this came out of the Kings Highway and I also mentioned some more sponsors again these these names of these companies and these organizations they will get found on the search engines because of this so it just basically attracts a lot of attention to the press release the more names you add the more people they might have Google Trends notifications when they get mentioned online in a news article or something they get notified so they may be more prone to share share this press release so let's move on to how you actually post this this is a website I use called news wire today calm I'm also looking at Express – press – release net 1888 press release calm most of these have a free tier so that's what I'm that's what you're looking for you're looking for these free tiers don't worry about all the stuff you're not getting it's still it's still is worth using these because you get added to Google News Yahoo AOL Bing ask etc you get you get added everywhere and your press release is available all over the internet so trust me when I tell you it's definitely worth using these free services here's another one we press release Center info so I'm gonna be just doing one of these for right now just to kind of show you how it works so the first thing is category industry these are difficult because these are normal for like traditional businesses and since I'm posting it for like an event history events I'm gonna be looking for hopefully events I don't see that so that's when you have to get creative about this and you want to think about how can i where can I put this what is this really for and yeah it's for an event but there's probably something else here that would fit in the category and if not you can just do marketing newswire PR but I usually like to try to find something similar so I'm gonna keep looking here until I find something that kind of fits and we give you travel tourism leisure because this can work for tourists um the headline this is why I always write these ahead of time is right here so you just copy that paste it looks like I had seven characters left look at that almost perfect location okay and your contact name and then you want to put the release date in this case I'm just gonna on today's Monday so I'm gonna put in today I'm just gonna leave it alone the summary is is is this what I told you to write the first thing here and I'm in this case we're gonna get rid of Philadelphia PA I copy and paste that into the summary looks like it's a little too long this time so I'll shorten it and what I'll do is I'm going to kill this first sentence I'm gonna put this here there you nice and simple I still have some room left but and then the body here we go so here's where the rest goes all this take all this and I'm gonna copy and paste it okay and that's really most of the content part and then there's obviously you know some things here I'll do all regions and if you pay for these you'll get like more stuff you can add a logo and things like that so I'm gonna enter a link only paid articles will show this link so I can't show the link I do have one at the bottom here I don't know if that's gonna allow me to put that there but we will see so I'm gonna I'm gonna preview it press release will look like this looks pretty good to me and then I'm gonna hit submit they have to approve this okay so it looks like I can't add the website for more information please visit I'm just going to put the Kings Highway on the Internet please search for the Kings Highway on the web let's see if they'll let me use that link name is missing I didn't put that there this is what happens by the way so that's why I wanted to do this and show you guys how this works so I'm gonna hit submit and see if it works this time hopefully it does link name is missing I don't know where it's asking for a link name I don't see the link name all right well I guess it's asking for a link name I'm gonna put one in anyway and see if it works made my website I'm gonna hit submit even though it says only paid articles will show them it still wants me to put one in so there we go so that way it just won't worked so I'm gonna I'm gonna just go to another one okay submit press release okay again there's a free version click on free I guess I already had a login here so you'll probably have to log into a lot of these I've already logged into this one and this one this one I still have to sign in this one it looks like I already had one so same thing I'm gonna copy I'm just gonna do one more of these for you guys I'm gonna copy this looks like I can do the whole thing this time this one looks like it gives us a little bit more control it allows us to put in it looks like it allows us to put in images and links so for example I can copy this link and I can put it in here so it looks like it lets me to put in links and I can most likely you know add an image it looks like so I'm gonna try to do that I don't know if it lets me put in a featured image it looks like it does so I'm going to upload a one of my graphics for the event let's see if it lets me put that in there and I'm going to title this Kings Highway event it looks like it's allowing it to work so this one's a little more you know there's a lot more to this one you can add some tags so I'll put on Kings Highway I'm gonna put history I'm gonna put events I'm gonna put Philadelphia United States of America USA Northeast Philadelphia and you know whatever kind of tags you might find in here you can always add in there so I'm gonna put Manor College and celebration King and I'll put the main the main name of the nonprofit Duck Kings Highway Trust Foundation just to get that into the search engines in terms of the category I'm going to choose entertainments I will choose marketing media nonprofit I should be good enough and I could add I guess another image here I'm gonna try and see if it lets me I'm gonna upload another see if I have something else I can add that that looks similar or just you know like the Kings Highway I can add like a Kings Highway logo or something that I might have that would work social media assets I can do that one the Facebook proof cover photo see examples yeah just kind of put that in there and give that a featured image I could probably add that it's at the top actually just to have it in there why not you know and see if it works and I'm going to submit this one there's a subheading below title I don't really need one to be honest but I can say hosted by the award now I might even bother my bother Google News genres that's another one I see here so let's do press release and I think that's good let's submit for review see if it'll let us do that one mom I can preview the posts here's how it'll look on their website so yeah we have this one we'll probably go through once this goes live as a press release then I'll be able to you know share it on all the social networks directly from this press release site this is really how these work each one of these will be different when you try these like the setup process will be different the you have to make sure that you don't put anything in there obviously they don't want anything weird and you want to make sure that it's newsworthy and full of facts and at least one quote I typically don't use myself as a quote but in this case I did and a lot of times I'll just find somebody on my team and ask for a quote from one of them but just make sure there's nothing opinion based there's no you're not writing it in first person as you notice this whole thing is very factual informational like there it will also be a walking tour it's not like I'm hosting a walking tour and I think you should come to it now it doesn't say any of that stuff these are all these are all facts there's only one quote and everything is newsworthy because your point is to get the attention of journalists and or or people who write blogs or news articles they want to see this their goal is to have them see this and say oh this is interesting it's in my neighborhood I should write a story about it and then they can take this information and they can write their own article and then they can contact you to get more information so hopefully this helps and I have to keep doing the rest of these press releases now so I will say goodbye to you guys and hope that these tutorials that I make for you help you out if you have any questions or feedback just leave me a comment


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