Hello and welcome to Prague or as we like to call it: Our office! Today’s episode is going to be about Czech money: Czech crowns. Even though Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe, we use Czech crowns We don’t have Euros. You may use them at some places, but this is the official currency. So this is what Czech money looks like. This is 100 crowns, 200 crowns, 500 crowns, 1.000, and a 2.000. We also have a 5.000 crown bill, but you will never get in touch with that. This Is what the coins look like: So it’s 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and a 50. Be careful, because 50 is actually worth like 2 dollars, almost 2 euros. So, you know, that’s a valuable coin. Here’s an Honest Guide challenge: There’s something wrong with the Llion on the back of our coins. So why don’t you write to our Facebook page what’s wrong with it? So you would be tempted to change your currency, your money into Czech crowns in one of these places, but you have to be extremely careful! For example, this booth right here will charge you a 28% commission for your exchange! It’s ridiculous! And the worst place, the dirtiest trick is this one place on Old Town Square. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It has a sign, look at that: 0% commission. They will lure you in, but then they will give you 15 crowns for 1 euro… So here’s my tip: Don’t change your money! Just pay with your card! You can use it in most places. You can easily spend your vacation here without having to touch the Czech crown. Just pay with card and if they won’t accept it at some Place find another place that will accept it. If you really need to change your Money to get some Czech crowns in cash then use an honest good place. One of them is right here on Franz Kafka Square. It’s at the end of the Street Kaprova. There’s many, many more. There’s many good honest places, but we can recommend this one. Also you have to be extremely careful with ATMs! If there’s an ATM attached to a “cheat”-exchange place, don’t use it! If there’s just a sign “ATM,” don’t use it! And if you get to see this “Euronet” company, be very, very careful! Better look for like a known name bank. See, how can you tell Iit’s bad? Well it’s a fucking “Euronet!” Hey, man, how you doing? Here, you want to change euros? I’ll give you 2.800 for 100. Okay now, I give you more, I give you 3.000 for 100 euro. Is that good? No! Never, ever change money on the street! This is what will happen: You will have Belarusian rubles. They’re worth nothing! So, don’t do that, please! That would be the stupidest thing to do! They take cards! Cards! Oh, and by the way, guys, if you like this view, make sure to climb up these stairs up on this tower, but you will need cash. You will need ”
sto korun” (100 crowns,) because unfortunately they don’t take cards, but that’s a good
price and you get to see a lot. Guys, so many new episodes coming up, so hit that subscribe button, so you won’t miss a single one and also, if it’s the first time you see my ugly face, you may want to see it again. There’s plenty of episodes that we’ve already covered! Many, many topics, so watch ’em before asking a question on our Facebook page. Please do so, okay? So goodbye, ahoj. Honza! Ciao! And a Czech word: “Kreditní Karta.”
– Credit Card We call debit cards credit cards as well, so just “Kreditní Karta” or shortcut would be “Kreditka.”

  1. I like your show dude but sometimes you go so far like chasing down criminals as if you are in a "miami vice" movie, making you a nurd that so many people would like to punch in the face with all your "im smart and nurdy colombo"…
    Sincerely your's …

  2. Stovka za to, že vyšplhám na budovu, to mi nepřipadá jako fér cena :). Ale asi to tak bude v porovnání s cenami v Praze.

  3. You use Air Bank 😮 when I move there I plan to get Equa Bank as the Air Bank website is Czech only…guessing the app is too?

  4. Thank you thank you. I have just returned from a week in Prague and had an amazing time because of your tips and information.

  5. I was in Prague last month and barely needed to withdraw money, only used my card for most of it. Just be aware of charges and shit though, you're better withdrawing money from an ATM next to a well known bank as places can often charge through the roof if you pay for something by card.

  6. Já jsem úplně z jiného města a do Prahy jezdím často a musím říct, že na Václavském náměstí je lepší kurz než u nás myslím že je to VIP směnárna

  7. But the problem is my grandma discourages me from taking long walks. Mysli si ze ja na to nemam abych ji guidoval kde by mohla najit duveryhodne smenarnice.

  8. If possible could show farms and trekking,nature places ,,,around europes … Am very keen village side of europes … Beauty of green, mountains ,farms ,road trip, unknown places

  9. There are surprisingly large ammount of places that don't accept cards. Even in main shopping gallery not all restaurants accept them. But overall it is as described I think (after beeing in Prague once). Basically, use common sense.

  10. I found quite a few places that did not take cards. Mainly bars. But it was cool,i paid with Euros in one and I had to run to the ATM while my friend waited in the bar. The ATM's I found to be pretty good. I avoided all of the ones that looked like they were not the banks own and they all gave advice to the exchange rate before I accepted the charge. BTW can't wait until i come back to Prague! I have a great time!

  11. You got alot better in making these videos. Editing, pacing, script, scenary, all of it is really nice, BUT the music is soooo bad that it makes listening to nails screeching off of a chalkboard seem like a fun time.

  12. If you need cash in Czech Republic, go to a bank, e.g. CSOB, Unicredit etc to their ATMs. Another solution is to go to Albert, Tesco, Billa or Globus. They accept Euros for a good price. You get Czech crowns change. If you need coins, tell it the cashier. That's for buying a ticket for public transport on the vending machines und you needn't buy your ticket, where the others do it. You don't know, wherever you need coins in Czech Republic. Even when you park your car or you buy ticket.

  13. An advice to whom will use the ATM to have Crowns: always choose "Do not accept conversion" or "Without conversion", in this way you will have the official exchange rate (plus a small fee if your bank has one), otherwise the exchange rate would be the one from the bank that owns the ATM machine and, not needed to say, it will be very bad

  14. Is you want to use a credit card, you must have a card what we accept in Czech Republic. (Like MasterCard or Visa)

    Sorry for my English but i am young. 🙂

  15. Went to Prague on my gimnazium school trip about 3 years ago , its like high school trip that u get at 3rd year gimnazium, witch is like, when u turn 18. We also visited Budapest and Viena

  16. So sad. I live in northern Canada and may never get to visit Prague but here I am watching all these videos. Great content and service you guys are providing. Keep up the great work!

  17. What Czech notes that are used the most? Im going to bring some Czech money with me when I go there. 5000.

  18. nice, i will visit Czech Republic in less than a month, thanks for the tips, never thought exchange can be that bad in some places

  19. Nothing has changed in the crook dept. since 1974. We were warned not to exchange money on the street, and almost the minute we arrived to the old town square we were met by a guy trying to rip us off. Oh and also, there were NO other tourists on the square. The whole place looked covered in dirt and that is the day I fell in love with Prague.

  20. I was victimized by that euronet sign in the ATM in rome! Now i know why they charged my card almost double the price 😱

  21. hi honest guide, i m agree with you, to use the card, but exemple in france the bank ask 2.7% of each payment i do with a different currency, like i pay a restaurant in prague with my card exemple 100€ i will pay 2.70€ to my bank in france + the price of the rate at the time. did u understand, i think the cheapeast way it change money in honest spots like u said and not use to card

  22. We got scammed interviewed us 1 Minute later on Street in Front of the exchange🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  23. I've seen exchange machines in hotels which give around CZK 22 for a Euro. Wouldn't that be a safe option?

  24. Actually this isnt 100% true. I went to Prague a month ago with my mates and not all places accepted card. Also some places said minimum of 200czk for card payment… You also kinda need to tip, so I think most places just accept cash tip? Or is it just that they want tourists to tip?

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