How to Obtain a Government Contract

How to Obtain a Government Contract. Federal and state governments offer billions
of dollars to entrepreneurs. Learn to start contracting your products or
services to a government agency. You will need Internet access CCR number and
duns number. Step 1. Visit the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO)
website run by the General Services Administration. Search their database to preview opportunities. The GSA also offers opportunities to sell
your products or services to the military through its Federal Acquisitions Service. Step 2. Register your company info at the Central
Contractor Registration (CCR) online database. Get a CCR number. Step 3. Apply for a Data Universal Numbering System
(DUNS) number at Dun & Bradstreet’s website. DUNS is required for FBO database vendor registration. Step 4. Enter your nine-digit DUNS number at the FBO
database for vendor registration. Then create a database password and enter
your company’s information. Read the’s Vendor Guide available
at their website, especially for first-time government contractors. Step 5. Search the FBO database for business opportunities. Click on an individual opportunity’s link
and read details of products or services requested. Opportunity details can include the contract’s
maximum bid amount and the required time period of performance. Step 6. Submit an electronic response if the opportunity
includes a response link. Responses are typically entered via an online
form or via a document upload. Click on an “interested vendors list” if the
opportunity allows for this function. Click on “add me to interested vendors.” Step 7. Visit for links to state-specific
vendor contracting agencies such as Georgia’s Department of Administrative Services. Now you’ve tapped a whole new opportunity
for your business. Did you know Senator John McCain recently
criticized the federal government for giving $1.8 million for a research project to study
pig odors.

  1. @E11VeNE having a business is not important. When the state or gov puts out a contractyou can make a company by getting the correct filings registration etc….find a company that supplies what the contract is for and become a middleman(general contractor) and put your mark up on top of what ever you are supllying for the bid…this is information they are trying to get to common folk who cant find jobs or need bigger opportunity and dont know where to start.

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