How To Do Politics

when people are upset by politics they either withdraw completely into a cave of silence or double down engaging more and more fiercely than ever because it's easy to get angry when there's so much at stake but that's exactly why you shouldn't for this video we're going to accept to your party politicians and positions as the right ones which makes those who disagree wrong and when they're very obviously very ridiculously wrong and even proud of it you have a right to call them what they are ignorant reckless even dishonest so you tweet or joke or make a video about it but here's the problem when was the last time someone changed your mind after calling you ignorant reckless or dishonest and you might say of course it doesn't change minds it's about standing up for what's right but living in a democracy it means their vote affects you and everyone you know just as much as yours so if taking a stand is that important to you well nobody is stopping you just know that it comes at the cost of the very policies that you claim to be taking a stand for a pacifist is committed to non-violence but a true believer accepts violence that prevents greater atrocities that's not abandoning the principle it's better defending it because defending a principle means nothing if doing so actually impedes its progress and fulfilling your political goals as best you can may look to an observer like abandoning them either people are completely impenetrable to all persuasion and you need not waste a single moment convincing them otherwise that your best interest is to recruit not to repel your political wishlist is likely very long but aim for everything and you'll probably achieve nothing supporting many issues may feel like shooting many arrows increasing the odds that one will succeed but those outside your party don't search your brochure for common ground they gravitate towards your most extreme arguments no matter how reasonable your other opinions are one poorly communicated argument can swallow them all even if only 5% of your wish list it'll consume 95% of their attention every time you talk about issues a B and C they'll always return to the more enraging issue D and that's if you're lucky more likely the media will take your argument distort and exaggerate it and watch it spread from water cooler to water cooler for many this will be their only exposure to your arguments and how they know your party why would I listen to you you're the one that said that crazy thing never mind that you never actually said that you'll know you found your party's issue D when the opposition spends all their time talking about it yet it's only a tiny fraction of your argument and maybe it really is worth fighting for but it prevents you from making real progress anywhere else so you don't need to throw out all your controversial opinions but pick and choose which ones you shout so you don't strike out for every political issue you should start anew do the research explore each side and make a verdict but no one has time for that thinking through each issue independently is just not cost-effective much easier to form a few key beliefs early in life and use them as rulers by which all else is measured taking a position that no longer requires days of research but a quick glance at your ruler and as one leads to another which leads to another and so on the cost of changing your mind increases exponentially why are people so resistant to change opinions on even the most unimportant topics because doing so would also require throwing away years of underlying opinions so the question is never which is better dogs or cats but why dogs are better than cats but if someone is so stubborn they'll follow a core belief any where it leads them find a way to justify your policy with their belief and they'll have no choice but to follow that's the beauty of their stubbornness if you're trying to convince a liberal sprinkle in words like equality and fairness and for a conservative pride and duty to prove the power of words there are places like change my view where you can go explain your opinion click Submit and wait for others to persuade you otherwise if someone is successful you award them a delta which to a researcher studying persuasion is gold because you can take all these conversations plug them into some fancy algorithms and see what good arguments have in common like for example using less extreme language effective replies hedge their arguments with words like perhaps or it's possible and if you don't convince someone after four replies you probably never will in other words the clock is ticking as effective as these strategies are there is an asterisk no matter how far you push the political boulder forward it will always eventually fall back down because behind every bad law and politician is a bad system that produced it politicians can be removed and laws can be retracted but these are band-aids and pretty bad ones their replacements will only be more deceptive versions of the same that's the nature of politics public anger doesn't make politicians rethink their values only how carefully to hide them focusing on individuals is a recipe for eternal frustration the only real solution is to change systems if politics feels like a constant fire in need of attention the solution is to figure out what's so flammable whether that be who can vote how elections are run or where districts are drawn of course if all this sounds like too much work you can always just yell on Twitter but you may just be campaigning for the opposition if you enjoyed the section on how words affect persuasion I think you'd like a book called the stuff of thought by Steven Pinker it's about the interesting things language can tell us about people and the way we think but as much as I enjoyed the book it's a pretty big time commitment that's why I recommend an app called Glinka it takes the key insights of thousands of non-fiction books and condenses them into a few minutes reading or listening the stuff of thought is 524 pages but it's a 15 or 20 minute read with Linkous another great thing is that it solves the commitment problem of finishing books I've often found myself halfway through a book not really enjoying it but knowing that I paid for it I try to finish it anyway with a subscription to blink hist you can read as many books as you want so you don't have to feel bad stopping a book that you're not enjoying in fact you're incentivized to read more to maximize its value you can go to blink Escom slash poly matter AFF or just click the link in the description to try it out for free or get 20% off a subscription doing either one will directly support this channel so thanks to everyone who signs up you

  1. As someone who doesn’t use Facebook, I’m curious: Where is the worst for angry and unproductive politics? My guess is Facebook, but I also see a lot on Twitter, and I wonder if the character limit helps or hurts in this respect.

  2. The universe moves forward, conservatives always lose in the long run. So just keep telling them they are retarded and eventually they will go insane and you will win.

  3. Basically the flaws in democracy and why we should switch system to…

    (Idk AnarcoCommunism seems like the best alternative system)

  4. 3:11 They do. Without enough information a person should not even hope to become a politician. The idea of being a politician solely involves that you know how to solve others' problems.

  5. I’m doing heritage fair and its due tomorrow!!

  6. Am I the only one seeing a hidden message in my native language at 5:19? Do you guys see one as well, just with your native language?

  7. Your theory is based on disproven or outright false assumptions. The most glaring false assumptions is this BS about "A true believer accepts violence that ends all atrocities." For example, they called world war 1 the war to end all wars. We now know thats a lie. Violence only triggers more violence. You need to start citing what you say man.

  8. Perhaps make a video on negotiation techniques would be great! It’s possible people will like it!

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