How To Detach and Let Go With LAW OF ATTRACTION | Mark Haughton (THIS WILL HELP!!)

So according to physics that everything comprised of are a same particle just arranged in different building blocks ok so everything that you see in your physical reality everything that you ever desired everything that you ever wanted it’s already there in a quantum form ok? Quantum form’s existing energetic particles is known talk about atoms protons, electrons and neutrons got the smallest one from quarks to bosons and these particles come together to create what your brain or physically see around you so that means that money home or job or career even an individual or a situation that you’ve been desiring you’ve been visualizing it is already there for you, ok? now how do we know this ? well because if everything is in quantum form and everything comprise and make things that you make up which you’re a part of it because you’re intertwined you’re interconnected in it according to the universe it sees that you already have it ok? so the first key for you to be detached from the outcome is to recognize that whoa so I already have all my desires? yeah! you already have all your desires so Mark what’s preventing me from receiving it? What’s preventing you from receiving it is known as a force known as “resistance” ok? you’re pushing it away because you weren’t capable of realizing and allowing it to come to you I’ve just given you the awareness now so you have to start to look at things and form in this way so I already have everything for me it already exists now so whether it’s money it’s a house or car yes you already have it it’s there for you, ok? so what does detachment mean? Detachment basically means to take yourself out of the outcome stop trying to figure out how when it’ll happen or detachment basically means to not have a fear of losing it or not getting it ok? let me say here something how can you lose or how can you fear something not getting something that you already have ok? it’s all yours on that scale so this is the mind it’s not the conscious mind can work to inhibit that to create that resistance because your ego mind can only see things in a physical perspective so to speak it cannot process information beyond a certain point this is a part of your brain that can’t see this can’t recognize this you know your subconscious mind your higher mind can see beyond it so to become detached is to have the awareness and the recognition to know that everything that I’ve been desiring is already mine so I should just take myself out from the outcome watch my manifestation materialize beyond the scenes ok? so you’ll be alright without it ok and you’ll be alright with it that’s detachment, detachment doesn’t mean to give up just basically means to kinda don’t care or let it go to know that whether it happens or whether it don’t I’ll be fine either way that’s very paradox it’s a paradox and it’s very ironic because if you come at it this way now you allow flow now you allow the energy or flow to come in now ok? Abundance now now you eliminate resistant energy and then it’s gonna materialize in a form or in a way that your mind or your conscious mind is incapable of processing in other words you’ll receive it ok? so this is why we struggle with detachment guys it’s very tough because of our brains are wired remember the chemical I told you about oxytocin that chemical right there along with the human nature that we feel that we have to have things to validate it to be happy so here’s the key everything starts from within remember that from within so the key to detachment is to be always to be happy now be happy right this minute knowing that you desire’s already here that you have it ok? you guys it’s not gonna make you happy when you get it now this is where you create the fear and resistance because your mind your conscious mind is telling you that you can’t live without it you need it you have to have it doesn’t complete you if you don’t get it you’re a failure this is the ego concept and it’s all based on logic it’s all based on a perception which is an illusion ok? so how can you fail? how can you lose something that you don’t technically or physically have right now, see? so you gotta think of it in that terms but your mind will tell you that you’ve lost it it’s not yours but think of it rational how can I lose something if I don’t have it? see? that’s the brain’s way of kind of a trickery it’s that chemical signal putting you together say with or without it so you have to get into that realm and realize that whoa step out and say oh ok wait a minute! so if I can just if I just let go and be confident that the outcome will occur I’ll be fine yes you’re detached so always remember how the world or our reality works on a quantum scale right that the minute you realize that it’s already yours in that quantum form you activate that force now to manifest to bring it in to the subconscious mind it’s basically what you have to keep in mind the key to detachment resides in an understanding the basic understanding of how quantum physics works this is what I’m teaching you right now quantum physics states that we’ve proved this we have this laboratory results we do test we do experiments and it’s shown that everything that you ever desired or ever wanted needed whatever it is the money everything that you’ve been visualizing it’s already a part of you hence it’s already yours so the universe sees that part as you having it ok? so when you become detached you’re now vibrating with the same frequency acknowledging the universe ok I do have it that creates allowance allowance eliminates resistance hence manifestation but if you feel that you need it to validate you you need it to be happy you’ll lose it or you’ll fear of losing it and then now you create resistance because now you’re going against the laws of quantum physics which states it’s already yours now you’re telling the universe a counter intuitive energy that you don’t have it therefore you through the law of attraction you must get what you put out which is more resistance which means you’re pushing your very desire away so the key to be detached guys is to recognize how things work from the quantum scale and to realize that you already have it to live in the present moment and know that it must materialize that’s where faith comes in ok? and you build that up and you realize that you can be happy now whatever you get is just the icing on the cake voila! instant manifestation quickly ok? so those are some tips that’s gonna help you to be detached from the outcome so this is the # 1 reason many individuals really fail to use when the law of attraction is being used it’s because of detachment or you are attached so recognize how you’re attached and recognize the signs of attachment signs of attachment goes by your feelings – fear, anxiety, fear of loss ok? neediness it has to complete me without it I am not happy these are all signs of attachment detachment is when you recognize that it’s already done I’m gonna receive it present moment I’m at peace I’m happy right now and it doesn’t matter if it materializes or not I know it’s gonna happen because the laws of physics says so ok? so those are the tips that I wanna leave you with today and if you start to use them watch how your reality will change watch how you shift that flux of energy now you will start to manifest more and more

    To receive:
    👉🏽Be grateful for what you have and where you are.
    👉🏽Detach from the outcome. Know that you are enough even now.


  2. Build that TRUST in yourself and the universe, know that everything that you want already exists , have confidence in knowing that it's coming, and always be GRATEFUL in this present moment… this present moment is all we really have ♡

  3. I am stable, secure, content, safe, satisfied, healthy, happy, n balanced in all areas an aspects of my life
    I am complete with or without 🧚🏾‍♀️

  4. In order to manifest what we desire, the first thing we need to do is become aware of things we are attached to and feel obligated to do. We can do this by getting into the present moment and out of our heads as often as possible. As we do this we become more aware of our thoughts and can begin to let go of these thoughts based in lack and rerogram our minds with un-attached and sovereignly chosen ones based in abundance. Good luck 🙏

  5. I have a story about detachment. I was traveling to visit family for Christmas. Prior to this trip, I asked the universe where my car was because I hadn’t received it days earlier before my trip. I always use my navigation app when traveling and stopped at a gas station during the trip. The app would sleep or shut off if you stop moving and restart automatically asking if you want to continue and you just hit “go”. This time when I relaunched the app it didn’t do that so I had to physically search for the address in the list. While searching for the address, God spoke to me with a thought that flew in out of nowhere. Said to me and I quote “if you trusted me as much as you trust that app you would have had it by now”. I wasn’t even thinking about the car. I was actively looking for the address. So think about it. We trust with 100% confidence that a navigation app will get us to our destination without fail. We simply go with the flow making turns on the streets, etc. we don’t worry, have fear, angst, anxiety, doubt….nothing. We just relax and listen for the signal to turn here and there knowing that the outcome is the destination we intend to be at. That’s detachment people. That moment blessed me and blew my mind at the same time. I still get chills.

  6. Letting go.. Be so grateful that you can have it via pulling it from the quantum field, that the present physical circumstance no longer moves you emotionally in a negative way.

  7. #liked every #comment , just imagine how beautiful the world could be if even 50% population united to topple off the #elite #families in #power since 300+ years of domineering world's elements, resources, people, animals, beings, systems, chaos, fake leaders etc. A sage who lives in mountains gets news from bad mischievous jinns (invisible beings made of 🔥, same race as #devil #satan) and they said to the human guru that beyond human realm, the environment of jinns is also destroyed by puppet masters of the human world

  8. This is so good. When we understand that we ARE the Infinite Being that animates ALL life in this universe, we realize that we are RIGHT NOW, connected to what we want! How amazing is that? We can have, be and do whatever we want because we are not just experiencing life, we are the Source of life itself!

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  10. love where your coming form but I feel the info needs to be come logical. there seems to be bits missing in the logic .but great channel.

  11. This was the hands down clearest explanation of the concepts of resistance and detachment I have yet heard. I needed this. Exactly now. THANK you.

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