How to Craft a Political Campaign Message

Candidates with a good message win. Candidates without one lose. Of all the lessons I have learned working
in 300+ campaigns, it is that. A good message will overcome an opponent’s
money, endorsements and fawning press coverage. But like any good story, a good message must
be told a certain way IF you want voters to understand it. Get it. Act on it. Constructing a compelling message isn’t
hard…IF you know how to do it. I recently recorded five short, simple, 2
minute videos to help candidates construct their campaign message. An easy step by step guide that anyone can
understand, regardless of the office they seek or where they are running. The videos are free. They make a complicated task easy, simple
and straightforward: *The 9 elements of a compelling campaign narrative. *What they are. Why they are necessary. How you can easily use them. *How to make voters interested in you. *How smart candidates speak to hearts. (Facts don’t bring people out of their chairs. Emotions do.) *An example of a picture perfect campaign
message and how you can use it to create your own. If you are running for office, I invite you
to sign up for the free step by step guide on how to construct a compelling message. Even if you are not running for office this
year, they will help you when you do. Even if you never plan to run for office,
you’ll be a better story teller for having watched them. The link is on the screen. One more thing. You won’t find these videos on my You Tube
channel. If you want to see them, you’ll need to
click the link on the screen. I’m Jay Townsend

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