How to Actually Vote at the Polling Station | Young Scot

How to vote on polling day in five easy
steps. One, go to your polling station the address will be written on your
polling card that you should get through the post, don’t worry if you don’t get a
polling card through though, you don’t need it to vote. You can also find your
local polling station on the electoral commission website. Two, tell the member
of staff at the polling station your name and address, they’ll
cross your name off a list, we don’t need ID to vote in Scotland. Three, the
member of staff will then give you a ballot paper take, this to one of the
polling booths. Four – put an X in the box next to the person you want to vote for,
there will be a pencil provided to you but you can use a pen if you want. Five –
fold your ballot paper in half then put it in the ballot box. Congratulations! You’ve just
cast your votes Get more information about your right to
vote at

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