How the U.S. Women’s World Cup win became political

♪ ‘Cause we are the champions ♪ -The US women’s national
soccer team’s World Cup win
has inspired not only fans. -We just had Independence Day,
but this is my Independence Day, because the US women’s national
team just transcends sports. -It’s also inspired
a conversation about equal pay. -Equal pay! Equal pay!
Equal pay! Equal pay! -All 28 players files
a class-action lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation which alleges that they’re paid
less than the men’s team even though they consistently
outperform them on the world stage. With the lawsuit, the team’s
fourth World Cup title, and Megan Rapinoe’s
outspoken criticisms of the Trump administration, their 2019 World Cup victory
is cast in a political light. -They’re great players
and it’s a great honor to have them capture it
for the United States. -While Trump praised the team, he’s only pseudo invited them
to the White House. After Rapinoe memorably
declared — -I’m not going to the [bleep]
White House. -Trump tweeted that he was
inviting the team to the White House, win or lose. And, of course,
the team did win, but it’s unclear if that invite
is still on the table. -Obviously I think the tweets
were negative in tone, as he usually does, but I think that we just even
more so realize in that moment we’re so much more
than what we are on the field. -Seeking to contrast
the President, congressional Democratic
leadership, Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority
Leader Chuck Schumer, invited the team to celebrate
their victory on the Hill. -It would be my honor to host
America’s winning team. They make us grapple with
the deep unfairness in how female athletes
are treated and paid compared
to their male counterparts. -The team, especially Rapinoe,
seemed much more receptive. -Thank you, Chuck Schumer,
for inviting us out. We’re very happy to accept
your invitation to come. -And 2020 presidential
candidates are also weighing in on the team’s success. -We don’t want to go
to the White House. So I figure that’s why
the invitation hasn’t come. Maybe he sent it by mail and it’s just sort of slowly
to get here. But I doubt it.

  1. The left-wing media caused widespread Trump Derangement Syndrome, which caused some lesbian player on the team to lash out at Trump when Trump invited the team to the White House. Now the fake news MSM are stoking the flames of gender inequality and TDS. The mainstream media are the enemy of normal Americans.

  2. The left main stream media and rapinoe are not spokespeople for the whole team. They should leave the other team members out of their politically driven agendas towards the white house and its resident.

  3. The maggot trump supporters eat this up,defending the sociopath rapist as usual…truly pathetic but predictable..sad

  4. Please remove the USA emblem from their uniforms, especially that nasty looking one with purple hair. Not my champions, not my team! Sorry you won.

  5. Today's headlines line garbage cans tomorrow but President Trump will live forever as the greatest President Ever.

  6. Umm, you used your union to negotiate your pay deal, Spasmo. Prize money is based on how much money they make from revenue. If people don't watch you play, the organization doesn't get revenue, which means there is less prize money, which means you get paid less from a smaller pot of prize money. Welcome to maths.

  7. The Rapinoe freaking lesbian who freaking cares what she thinks let her kick her self right to HELL
    She hates our president she hates our president she says the F word about him will kick her out of the damn country damn lezbo hate you damn lezbo's ruining our country are you in your twisted ways

  8. Rapinoe has ruined the victory and made it a mud mess. Half of America loves Trump , she should have keep her mouth shut and enjoyed the victory , now she has half the country saying BOOO to you , By the way your lavender hair sucks

  9. No they didn't because they're asking for equal pay when they get paid more of the pot then men do they get 23% men get 7%

  10. Of course she was sad with the democrats the world is the in the democrats are pedophiles and liars nobody likes them just like nobody likes you

  11. There are thousands of people who have also oriented their entire lives around taking serious that which actually is an otherwise recreational game, and nothing else, who DON'T also act children. I just want to point that out. Just because this one adult woman has chosen to conduct herself in such child like manners…it isn't representative of the sporting community as a whole. Even though these are just games, the kinds of games children play, it doens't mean that all or even most of the "professional athlete" players of these games act like children. This woman is clearly in the minority in that respect.

  12. It's not about gender … it's about revenue. No one watches womens soccer. The men's World Cup brings in several BILLION each year while women's the World Cup brought in a whooping 70 million this year.
    As a percentage … these women actually make MORE than the men … even though they are half as talented.

  13. The crap that communist socialists are now finally coming out from their garbage cans to openly support has at last proven us patriots sounding the alarm about their hidden agenda for 70+ years.

    No, you America-despising liars, you cannot have our nation. That goes for c9mmunist Google, too. Keep your hands OFF America. We KNOW your ultra wealth agenda to enslave We the People and destroy OUR INALIENABLE CONSTITUTION rights. You are losers.

  14. TRUMP 2020

  15. Bringing politics into a fun activity is a great way to ruin it for everyone. I used to love soccer, both male and female. Now when I think of women's soccer I just think of the mess the USWNT has created. It's very hard to enjoy.

  16. They get paid less cause less people watch them…. if more women watched sports than men then the women would make more money than the men….

  17. How about not bringing politics into sports, i can project there won't be a women's world cup in 10 years.

  18. Most only watch to stare at Alex Morgan. The speed of the game is so slow and boring compared to men's game. Look at the revenue brought in between men's and women's. If you do the math, the women get payed more right now. So equal pay would mean a pay cut. Rapinugny should go, not captain material

  19. They make a higher percentage of the revenue than male players do… its just a smaller pool of money because women's sports don't generate a lot of money! DUH!

    So what do they want? They want the men's teams to give money to the females? Or do they just want to bankrupt the female teams by increasing their pay even more?

    Things are MORE THAN fair the way they are. If anything, Men should be upset that they take a smaller percentage of what they earn for the league

  20. Equal pay but unequal revenue. When the women can rake in 6 billion, then yes, equal pay. Until that time, be glad you're getting paid…

  21. Considering they get their asses handed to them by U15 boys, these whamen shouldn't be getting paid, period.

  22. Most American's don't watch soccer. Even more, don't watch women's soccer. Sorry, it's the reality. You can't shove it down people's throats. The female team gets a BIGGER percentage than men, but revenue is far less. That's what PC culture has been trying to do for years and people are sick of it. That's why Trump is in office. Johnson 2020….

  23. hmmm males get more pay when it comes to sports y oooo ya they bring in more views tickets that people pay for and so forth the woman team is great but at the end of the day its about putting people in the seats sponsorship that y males get payed more cause more people watch.if it was the same amount o views and tickets being balt i could under stand them bitching at the end of the day its all about basic economics not the players skill

  24. they Are replaceable and got beat by teenage adolescents so stop trying to make more money from you’re pathetic sympathetic bullshit

  25. Sports are good to watch but are not that important to be going to the White house. We need to honor our wounded and fallen heroes way lot more then all sports. Have the President say great job for the win and that is it. Its not like winning sports is the same as winning a war. When you win a sport, it a pat on the back and congrats. Sports are mostly for the players benefit, little to do with fans except money.

  26. Let these ladies play against the men's teams if they want equal pay. Let me know how it pans out for them.

  27. (READ BELOW)
    The USMNT makes less revenue than the USWNT did, but it’s not the US Soccer association that’s giving all the men this money. It’s the World Cup

    In the last Woman’s World Cup, it generated nearly 73 million dollars. While the men’s made 4 BILLION DOLLARS. You got a piece just for being in the event. The women are squeezing money from something that doesn’t exist. They can’t give you a piece of money that they don’t make.

    If a business could get away with paying less for its employees for profit, don’t you think that all businesses would hire women instead?
    The wage gap is a myth.

  28. A tenth of the money for a tenth of the revenue as the men bring in.
    So simple a cave man can understand it……but not an American liberal.

  29. They have done far more damage to women's football… as a football fan, I lost all respect for them. people don't watch sport for politics they watch it to escape the world and it doesn't help that they are completely wrong too. simple maths not, misogyny or anything else.

  30. What a boring reality we currently live, where everything is about politics and sexism….Their attitude is ridiculous….This should be about sport and not about politics but I guess this is the reality we live now…it´s a shame….

  31. More liberal lies and propaganda! Rapinoe is not a role model and should not be pushed by the media as a spokesperson for the US team or female athletes.

  32. She says,"We need MORE LOVE, Less HATE."

    But she show HATE MORE and LESS LOVE when talking about Conservative. HYPOCRITES Liberal talking double standard as usual.

  33. If the women’s WC had the same prize pool as the men’s WC, fifa would literally lose $327 MILLION per World Cup.

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