How the Republic Won the Battle of Coruscant | Star Wars Battle Breakdown

*X-wing comes out of Hyperspace* *X-Wing is flying through some Ships from All things he does on his channel* *Beam hits the Covenant Carrier* INTRO! 😀 Hey guys, this is Eckhart’s Ladder hello and welcome to another episode of star wars battle breakdown today We’ll be examining the battle of Coruscant and I want to get right into it But before we do just a couple of things. First of all, I’ve changed how I colour ships in this video I used to just use black for all of them Let me know if you think that this looks better and if it’s easier to see second There’s no way I can really illustrate the scale of the battle of Coruscant without some sort of supercomputer So when you see one ship here, imagine several hundred finally as I did for my video on the Battle of Earth This is less a look at the actual minute tactics of the battle of Coruscant because it was a prolonged campaign But rather a chronology of important events and an examination of strategy So let’s get started the CIS planned their attack During a major republic event where much of the government’s political elite would be on Planet this obviously left Coruscant as a major target, but there was no serious worry for one the planet was always a target during the Clone Wars and the massive chorus on home fleet was stationed in orbit ready to protect the Republic’s capital course that was also deep in the galactic core and it was believed that if any Separatists moved towards the planet because of the presence of republic stations among major hyperspace lanes They would be identified. However in a very Palpatine Ian move the Confederacy struck using a previously unknown hyper route They collected much of their fleet in the deep core and launched a surprise attack on The Republic before we go into the actual attack. Let’s take a second to look at the home defense fleet I’ve analyzed fleet composition during the battle of Khorasan in Prior videos Mostly in reference to various works like the Republic Commando series if you’re interested in how I get the numbers I use today Owing to that video above anyway, although depleted due to the need for ships in the Outer Rim the home defense fleet would have still included thousands of vessels primarily ventures, Carrick’s and Dreadknots striking with surprise a massive separatist fleet made up largely of munificent frigates Rekha’s and destroyers But also with some providence dreadknots Luke or Hulk battleships was able to catch the Republic fleet unprepared Destroying a large portion of the defense force before they could activate their shields or weapons as the fighting continued in space the separatists launched A raid against the planet proper moving their fleet under the not yet activated planetary shield while the surviving Republic ships Attempted to form a defensive screen in order to prevent more separatist forces from reaching the planet’s surface the CIS BN targeting orbital assets Well also aware that Republic reinforcements were almost certainly on their way planted interdictor mines in an effort to slow down Responding ships scramblers were also used to mess up communication. Although the Republic would eventually bypass these technologies at this point It’s important to mention that the separatist Navy was being led by General Grievous Who unlike Dooku was not aware of Sidious as motivations or that the CIS was ultimately designed to lose the war so he along with basically everyone other than Palpatine was probably surprised when the first wave of her public Reinforcements arrived as we learned in the order 66 novel the ships here were brand new some never-before-seen I’d imagine that this is where some of the first Imperial ships including the impurity or tech door in victory to Star Destroyers Made their official debut on the surface. Grievous was successful in capturing Palpatine and escaped to space However, the fighting was very heavy at this point and the CIS were no longer dominating fleeing to his command ship Grievous was pursued by several Jedi however A large group of buzz droids launched from a nearby lucre Hulk was able to stop the pursuers safely at the invisible hand Grievous Broadcasted Palpatine’s capture to the Republic causing massive demoralization across the galaxy. However Any sense of a separatist victory would be short-lived Almost immediately after the tide of battle was turned as the various open circle fleets Arrived before Grievous was able to flee with this The core Asante planetary shields were activated Preventing a separatist retreat the CIS were now on the defensive and moved to protect Grievous’s flagship the invisible hand With the open circle fleet came famed Jedi Anakin Skywalker and obi-wan Kenobi with the help of the five-o first the two heroes moved towards Grievous’s cruiser evading droid fighters on their way as they boarded the GAR lara a Venator Star Destroyer believing that Palpatine was already rescued and off ship broke through the CIS screen and engaged the invisible hand at point-blank range Seriously damaging the flagship on board the Jedi defeated Dooku who’s killed in? Grievous who retreats however home fleet Strike Group 5 led by none other than future Imperial laureth Nita Launches another attack on the invisible hand damaging it and causing it to fall to the planet’s surface with Palpatine rescued and the invisible hand Destroyed the Confederacy have failed all of their primary mission objectives. They collect Grievous The planetary shield is either destroyed or lowered and the fleet escapes through hyperspace This spells the beginning of the end for the Confederacy of Independent Systems They gambled with a lightning attack on Coruscant and lost however If we’re being honest the Confederacy really had no chance they were designed to fail The Battle of Khorasan was supposed to scare the citizens of the galaxy and move the Republic towards further militarization puppeting second goal was to move Anakin further towards the dark side and Prepare the young Jedi to replace Dooku as his apprentice I’d say he was pretty successful in that respect the Confederacy’s major mistake And you can hardly call it a mistake because there’s no way they could have prepared for this was under estimating how long it would? Take the Republic Navy to respond to the attack Obviously Palpatine secret fleet slowed down CIA’s progress then with the open circle fleets The numbers were just overwhelming, but that’s just my perspective and how I see the battle. Let me know what you think I’ve definitely made some Assumptions here, and I want to hear if you think differently Than me all of that as well as any ideas you guys have for future videos down in the comments Thank you so much for watching as always. This has been at carte slaughter. May the force be with you

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  2. Man, I'm digging these videos but I'm thinking you need yourself some Stargate vids. It would be nice to see how that world would affect the others.

  3. I had never considered palpatine's motive for this battle (besides getting Dooku and Anakin to confront each other). Makes a lot of sense! Nice video

  4. For the ship diagrams, would it be possible when showing squadrons of fighters to have a ratio at the beginning? Say 1 ship = 9 ? I know you didn't need to show wings of fighters in this video, it's just in case you do more battle breakdowns. Cheers 👍

  5. Can you just say Yoda. I mean yes other people played Parts in it but what Yoda was able to accomplish in that battle was I mean I'm not as up on the expanded universe but I'm not ignorant of it either that's got to be some of the most amazing stuff ever. And I think without Yoda they would have probably not been Victorious and if you take Yoda and Mace Windu out of the battle they would have definitely lost Franklin Spaulding on the on the left and they were about to be surrounded the Clones word and the only other powerful Jedi were evacuating the chancellor

  6. I was also going to say that they were never they were set up to lose by Darth Sidious or Emperor Palpatine whatever the fuck you want to call him Chancellor Hitler I don't know whatever. So really I mean that's all that really needs to be said that they never had a chance and I'm glad that you know you point that out again because that was really bugging me

  7. I am rewatching RotS and when ankain (please excuse spelling) and obiwans fighters fly down into the the fight doesn’t it look like they pass through a shield I’m just saying an observation please don’t yell at me

  8. The CIS never really meant to win, and not just in the sense that Palpatine had been using them as scapegoats from the start. Grievous' plan was to strike quickly and scurry away with the chancellor. He knew he could not take the planet and he knew his fleet would suffer heavy losses. He nearly succeeded.

  9. Did interdictor mines that the CIS laid affect Palpatine's secret fleet at all? Seems like you mentioned it briefly, but didn't follow up on their effects on incoming reinforcements.

  10. This kinda reminds me how the Spetsnaz sabotaged the U.S satellites and began a surprised attack on the United States in CoD MW2.

  11. I only recently found out that the Battle of Coruscant lasted a week. I always thought it was a day or 2 but dang. I would be terrified if I were a Coruscanti citizen

  12. I always love watching these vids. It's one thing to watch the film and say "Wow look at those amazing bright lights or those neat Turbolaser colors. But it's another to actually understand the strategy behind the attack, and realize they're not blasting each other randomly.

  13. I know how the CIS could have won the battle. They could’ve just used their hyperdrive to cut through the republic fleets

  14. When I was a kid my dad painted my bedroom ceiling to look like the battle of coruscant. I don't live in that house anymore, it's a halfway house for ex convicts, but I heard that the painting is still there bc the convicts like it

  15. I would've loved to see some of the Imperial Star Destroyers rape CIS ships. Too bad we didn't get to see that.

  16. That must suck being a leader of a whole army but soon finding out that your army was designed to lose a war.

  17. The clone wars reminded me of that old animation Disney made, it is about an old man who played chess by himself.

  18. Well just from looking at the thumbnail I could tell you they did a REALLY bad job positioning those Lucrehulks.

  19. Just saying always make the enemy red, and friendly blue on war maps, allies are yellow, civilian s are white. Royalty is usually purple or flying fly or nation. The rebulic was good guys so should have been blue

  20. Can you please do a video on how the Star Wars timeline would be changed if Palpatine never became chancellor?

  21. The main reason the battle happened was because the Jedi found evidence of Darth Sidious’ identity. Forced to accelerate his plans Sidious used the battle as a distraction for the Jedi

  22. Settlement Defense Front SuperCarrier “Olympus Mons” vs Galactic Empire Executor Super Star Destroyer?!

  23. The ground invasion was in the 2003 star wars cartoon… AND THE SPACE BATTLE IN THE CARTOON WAS 10X BIGGER THAN THE ONE IN THE REVENGE OF THE SITH MOVIE!

  24. Imagine what woulda happened if anakin and obi wan were hit and killed in their ships. Wonder how different the wars woulda went after

  25. See, that's my problem with the prelogy: the most interesting stuff happened between the movies. Such a shame, we should have had a Star Wars prequel in the spirit of war movies, like Rogue One.

  26. Do you think Grievous could have won if he was allowed to follow his own plans instead of the flawed dooku plans. For example he could have rigged multiple coruscant buildings to explode/start an orbital bombardement and kill the chancellor (similar to how the sith managed to sack coruscant because they weren't held back by a bastard like sidious, although they did eventually retreat due to vitiate's bs when malgus could have just burned most of the higher levels to the ground and ralllied the lower levels to the sith cause)

  27. What if Palpatine never had control of the CIS and instead was not doomed to fail. Would the CIS have a chance against the republic? Just a suggestion

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