How Should the Crisis in Sudan Be Handled? || WHO HURT U feat Young Pharaoh & Mir Harris

peace guys cake Cola Marcel and we are who hurt you and today we have special guests mere and young Pharaoh in the building how long back yeah thanks for coming back nice balcony you got him riled up last time you were here I mean what you don't like girls everything he has the best trolls on the Internet we see you and the best supporters this one I love I love I love my platform they're good in the back yeah so today we're going to be using this platform to bring awareness to Sudan and just the topic in general like of when wars or uprisings happen and the different things that occurred during the uprisings why they happen or is there anything really we can do to prevent it bad III I mean I just in Yuen Li have that question because a lot of people have said to me oh just post-date like that's you know doing something or donate to this pause that's doing something I personally feel like donating I mean I correct me if I'm wrong I personally feel like donating is not really gonna do shape I feel like when you have government uprisings or things like that the government's already fucked up and correct so how do we think that they're gonna give those people the money how do we know that the money is actually going to get to the people who need it I personally feel like people take the money and the people who already have no money take the money um so it's like what can we do guys how can we be helpful well first and foremost a lot of these charity based organizations or just these a you know applicable organizations those be the main conspirators in the wickedness so you know how many uh children you know I'm gonna say allegedly here for legal purposes but allegedly you know how many children you know uh what is it Red Cross Blue Shield over every scar like you're not have been accused of abducting and things like that so you know I don't trust you know that hold that the whole donation process you know any self but on top of that I think that Wars in violence on a mass scale initially occurs because of what I call monetized nature so as long as this always mean as long as it's somebody that's going to be around to tell you you can't do something unless you pay for it you know is gonna always be that that static friction in reality you know or in consciousness that's gonna cause you know violence and so what we see in the Soudan is not nothing that we've never seen in Africa before or you know around the world I'm not trying to downplay it but a big part of this is because somebody uses a fictitious medium via money that they use to say that I'm more important than you and I'm more important to you to the point where I can do and I'm going to do what I want to do so what I think people need to do and I say people because the burden of protection is on you you know it's just like even the police you're supposed to have a gun in your house if police is not supposed to just magically pop up and stop somebody from breaking in your house you're supposed to be the first line of your own defense the police are supposed to respond to your car but to supposed to be the initial one to address that call so what I think of people in countries where things like this are more prone to happen they should be Turner they should be initially before it even happened we should not be waiting until it's a crisis to say what can we do we supposed to already be ready for the crisis so I think that you know I hate to say impoverished but you know for lack of a better term more impoverished regions or areas who know that they're more susceptible to being bullied know that they're more susceptible to being invaded know that they're more susceptible to this type of carnage because they're impoverished they should be the main ones strapped they should be the main ones ready to go and I think what the rest of the world needs to do is um you know this is just an opinion a suggestion I think we need to have a global military that's neutral it doesn't belong to any country and what it does is it makes sure every other country don't get out of line because you know nobody's really going to come to the aid of Africa due to the colonial powers and you know people like China trying to now financially so people you know people are gonna look at this situation and to people that strongly profit it's just gonna be like good job just wiping ourselves out for us for making it easier for us to come in there so I think you know what the United Nations should do all right you know just always watching everything and never do their job anyway I think what the United Nations should do is I should create some kind of forum or you know legislation to where let's say maybe 5% of every world military I don't want to say donate but you know send soldiers to create a neutralize army that's just for stuff like this – where's like we don't have an agenda we just here to make sure peace get kept can i interject really quick blow I mean I do think that's a great idea in theory I think my main concern is that we that theory kind of goes on the auspice that these people have good intentions and everyone in it would have good intentions what we see from people and men in particular is like they're not like people like the Red Cross goes to a place with supposed good intentions ends up raping kids right so it's like this military can go there and it could be created with the intent of bringing peace and brings some sort of resolve and then you got some fucked-up little you know whatever they in today's age you can force people to do what you want I'm gonna go and what I mean by that is I put a body camera on them soldiers ain't gonna but if we put body cameras on police but police can't turn them off but what if we got technology why why we don't got body cameras on them that not only you can't turn off it's a live feed for you ate our chef mmm so we could we could do what we need to do they got technology that's harnessing solar power you know base energy so I don't want to hear a number no by the battery like if somebody think about the government Congress they're always gonna know that's how so that being said there would be nothing to create a military you know tag the specific soldiers that's in this specific branch put some live you know feeding body cams on them that make sure you do what you poster do and then like we it's even if they want to put like a little uh GPS module on there where if you go outside of what's considered the battlefield in the region it'll go like it's no it's no way people telling me that they could try to force you to get your kids vaccinated but you can't man but you can't create a regime and force the people to do to do what you pause to do that to people this is my thing if it's order people put it on wet put it on the table if it's for the world created something to where the world could watch like it's nothing for them for just like jury duty how we got twelve P but I gotta go dude a jury duty we can have a duty to where every thirty days you know certain people like maybe you could take a certain amount of people from you know all of the countries that this regime will be from and they just monitor the soldiers and make sure that is wrong right but the reason the reason that is the wickedness is there is because the people that's doing the wickedness is overseeing their own says like the police oh we shot you and we don't do the investigation but at least what if the people was the ones doing the investigation then it would be just so at least if the people was able to say you know we need somebody you know that whose job is to stop our own you know government from doing us wrong and we gonna oversee that body it wouldn't be isn't that you know it wouldn't be too much of a issue yeah because I feel like the u.s. tries to make itself everybody's big brother correct but we always have I mean our government clearly has like intention always has other intentions behind yes whatever they do they always say we're going in the name of helping people but there's always some like secret yeah I didn't like oh the oil or the weapons of mass destruction yeah you know the land or whatever is under the lip like there's always something else so what you're trying to say we it's like because we don't have that now we're not getting involved what Sudan yeah I mean are we involved do you guys know our we're not allowed to say no and after that question we can't be involved yeah although we would know yeah we're not involved because it doesn't service but I mean the one thing out of all of the things cuz you said a lot of different things but is that this has been happening for a long time and you know of a shared took power in 1989 he was removed in a coop he was removed in 2009 and since 2009 so the last ten years this has been building up – yeah and it's very similar to what happened in Darfur and I think what stands out to me more than anything is the more you travel around the world the more you realize it is a lie that black and brown people are a minority and that white people are the majority you can simply just see that sheer demographic less I mean only in the United States where we've been segregated – have I seen entire large populations of only white people but everywhere else I've traveled in the world like especially places that they've sold us a narrative that they don't look like me the art looks like me the history looks like me a lot of the people natives look like me so what stands out to me most is that we can get all up in arms about a church about a Notre Dame right burning or you know we're nobody if the Jewish population can get mad at glimmers of anti-semitism because Holocaust could happen again the Holocaust was happening to black and brown people every day in their countries and nobody and even if it's us doing it to us nobody wants seems to want to step in for the basic humanity of it which is alarming to me and and it's funny because when I evaluate these things I'm less like what's the solution what's the one thing we do because I'm a a spiritual mind that things are gonna get much worse until humanity resets itself yep I believe if so I feel like happens very much a part of that and this is very much a challenge for us to to see because revolutions are bloody they are boring but they do change the course of history and this is another part of a revolution just as much as I think that the United States is on the brink of absolutely so I just kind of a value I don't my heart and my spirit can't resonate with adding more militarization to the globe at large because I feel like military and guns and just colonialism in general have not served us and have not served our evolution but I do feel that the UN needs to be reevaluated just as much as our Constitution needs to be a lot easier a lot of global governing bodies need to be evaluated and need to to come to a place more because what are these microcosms whether it's racism in the United States whether it's dictators in Africa whether it's you know communism in cube or Asia or whatever the reality is globally we're depleting the planet and and our energy has a lot to do with that and if we don't have better conversations about how we work as a globe and and all of these countries with all of these different practices with all of these different cultures we're not gonna get to long lasting solutions I agree with everything you said the only reason I feel like I support more military is because power change things like a lot just like even even a lot of stuff we do you don't run a stop sign because you don't want to get pulled over but if you knew like well it's not really no police here you were right now stops on the light but you'd have to reach overall how militaries and police systems work right yes hierarchy like to become a high-ranking official to get recruited for the CIA or the FBI you have to have a different cognitive ability that they literally test for better in this foot soldiers know the who just go through Police Academy we're not taught to critically think and critically analyze situations because they're taught to follow orders my my overall the whole system with discernment right my issue right now as far as what military branch and would be like you know Freemasonry in the way is ran and the way that is used as far as you know their agenda for the 1% but let's just say you know that's why I made that that issue earlier about you know something that that people could control so where it's outside the hands of you know these little secret societies but you know you have to be educated to do that I mean it's not hard to knock somebody head off and nobody knocks at my head off yes it's not listen do you think that let me let me ask a question do you know that no military in the world can beat the Nigerian military on the ground and guerrilla warfare not actually right now do you think age of China has a higher graduation rate than the people in Nigeria but China came over in Nigeria in Deebo Nigeria so my thing is when it's just like us I might not be a as smart as what you might call it Steve oh what's the take what's that doing man professor Hawk whatever his name is but he can't beat me in a fight so when it comes to power when it come to forcefully dominating you only have to know how to do that in that air it's like a boxer Floyd Mayweather is not a science teacher but a science teacher can't beat you're taking me to and thinking too linearly when I talk about education right like we both seem trained hit my side for instance right one of the first lessons you learn is control of body it's a discipline of isolation of movement so you're now learning how the nuance of how you flex your foot impacts how you impact your opponent right that is an education in training and how you are now doing the thing that you're doing so when I speak to education it's now the education of when you are you know encountering an adversary or an employment or you know the opposite side how you are engaging with them like think about how we used to engage with wars how literally they would be on the frontlines staring at each other right now it's just like we have multi assault records and it's just free for all right but there was a decorum yeah so engaging within fighting just like there's a decorum with you as a fighter but as opposed to just like put like when I say overall it's not like you have to get it our education system sucks you know I mean and the technology of weapons has risen and so now you have people who have these powerful tools these powerful machines but do not have the cognitive ability to discern where which they're using them so to your point of like well you're just knocking their bluff up it's the difference between because we meet for instance when I started fighting I knew I had anger issues and I was actually scared that if I got because I was good from the job I was like oh I had toxins due to my daughter I was like yo like you sick why did you stop coming and I was like cuz I was getting so good at scaring myself and he was like if you continue in your training in your discipline you're gonna learn that you'll have peace with knowing how dreams are that you won't be as quick to jump as opposed to somebody who does not have that self-awareness does not have that discipline does not have that training but has this powerful thing and there's you Mike the police it's a little bit of every military around the world you know you know contributed five to ten percent of a military to a neutral you know regime I would like to assume that some people will have proper training I'm not saying just go get a random guy off the street I'm saying if you're saying a leak an elite military that's poor that's first up like like if they're if they're Marines was to say let me just make a number of okay we got 10,000 Marines we don't send a thousand a thousand ER is just enlisted for this fashion and then Korea say okay we got 10,000 and you know whatever they called a military a thousand y'all go did we go to all in a militaries around the world and you just got one now just one like the Peace Corps there's kind of like the green beret yeah but it's like for the world and it's just like okay y'all acting up over here we coming over here I think we need both of what you guys are saying right and I love that you that I love this because it kind of shows the masculine and the feminine right because the masculine is a spiritual let's go let's go a little another way I just think the world eat when you go yeah and I do think we are when people when people are raping Oh six-year-old did you know and then I'm not even talking to you when people raping on six-year-old don't come over this motherfucker with no sage you know incident go get them up fucking gun and let's go we ain't talking about coming in shooting I'm coming out here about you lieutenant Rafi y'all need to get lay down whoever was letting it go need to get laid we need to just start starting it starts to getting over we go going hit reset like similarly for instance in warring African countries where they these children soldiers would United a all of those children that we're trained in and y'all taken in that way if they just do like there's no way it could be shit they're so hot if I had a military right now there's somebody saying you have to get rid of a Boko Haram you know piranhas right that's yeah kid soldiers we laying him down it's for the greater good see I don't I don't I don't that's how you get knocked off when won't worrying about how I feel dominant doesn't have too much compassion as the people and we've been this whole life you came over here no disrespect to white people you know or my wife man well why you came over they didn't say all the Indians died kids no they oh no no so I'm not gonna play with nobody you not gonna play with my wife's uncle don't care about pregnant women children I mean they're still you saw the pictures to the pregnant woman in the tower the key word I just say it with power when it when it's time to take power lose is out the window everything out the window it's time to go for broke so a person not gonna running running inside of day one somebody want this out and you're pregnant and there's two beautiful kids over there and then it's y'all females in here only me him and Hemmings in here they're not gonna say well that's not you know take this house cuz it's a prep no they gonna kill us yeah say all the kids probably rape y'all yeah and that's what happened they not gonna come in here and say let me you know burn an innocent and think about the hell no so I'm like we need to look at all the way to think about the worst places in the world the worst people in the world create a hit list and go get they ass I'm gonna say what everybody's there to say that's what we need to do who's the most piece of shit dude top 100 piece of shits in the world let's go get it period we not about to play with you live period because the world is it's a demonic frequency that got to be exorcised up and sometimes you can't exorcise the demon so you gotta just knock the possessed person head off straight up I'm not gonna keep playing with Emily Rose all day I'm gonna knock her head off in a minute we try I will go to see down right now that's know that's real i I mean I really I get we're both you guys you got game I get both of your points to me it I almost I mean we talked about this before we need a fucking reset yeah like at this point like all this job ad and I haven't tweeted today like we are we're all constantly protesting and we're still getting like we're getting murdered even more like that's not huh someone just got shot um the young man got shot I think 16 or 20 times while he's Labor one who's in here I mean it happens every day okay at this point we know what happens every day and we've protested it the only thing we haven't done is some fight then something I don't think the society look up everybody we haven't fought we have not revolted against them right and I want to give a disclaimer here just because I'm used to these types of scenarios you know our conversations are to invoke healthy and creative thought not to influence anybody out there and do anything L be considered illegal activity right so I want to give that distance I think that please I have this and I have to get my channel bi be on the edge but um you're not gonna say this and this is just for generalization whether you were law enforcement and you watch this or whoever your favorite superhero you like them because they seek vengeance okay the Punisher is a superhero you know Frank Castle you came to Punisher they killed his family and he turned up okay so he considers superhero I like vigilantes for Vendetta he's a music Jesus he's not a bad guy let's say that he's not a complete bad guy but the point I'm trying to make is I don't care if you're watching taken I don't care what you watching that's true every every every uh men yeah everybody's male about the suit everybody is motivated by they may need if that's the case maybe who's trying to kill them they don't know walk around you'll read ups we don't mean turn up like read them comic books or rain get it on but with that being said you'll be definitely our but with that be saying no it's all the same I don't maybe and tweeting and knocking somebody head or and not get somebody hit on it something you got a second guess for your family you don't need no family sure I don't play by rules I don't but I'm gonna be the last nig on the earth that you need to call and say your police just shot your kids yeah what a news gets in my house I'm not going to be home I'm theory or not that they're out they're raping little little girls like it's I hate hearing women about women getting raped a bit like something about children and people harming children just makes me fucking snap because I altered the my credit I can't I can't do it like I just can't like you know so I don't I I agree with you in that point like they need to die I was saying if I could right now in our winning or nobody talking about black-on-black crime I want to hear that cuz nobody talking about black-on-black putting a black person raping a black bird so what I would do is I would physically if this is this is where I get my decisions from I say if I was a a lien and I came down to this planet right and I said I'm neutral I'm not no race I'm just an alien being and I was looking at what was going on in the Sudan the first thing I would do is say vaporize this whole motherfucking area right here we're not even gonna play no yeah I don't even want to know who the good people live we just don't get cuz y'all need to good because y'all like this shit get that bad so we gonna get y'all ass out of here too so what are you thinking being complicit makes yeah oh yeah being complicit it's just like if I know that my man isn't okay and I mean because the same shit with the police being complicit in the pulley with and I've had a friend and I know that my friend talk to underage girls and I won't say nothing would that me hear it makes you a bitch okay so I'm straight exactly so if I've said if I'm gonna America and I'm white and I know that my white peers or colleagues or other white people that I don't know our utilizing the justice system to carry out their little personal eels against other races that they consider minorities and I never say nothing what does that make me it just I didn't like people are scared they're scared and I think that's out here we're gonna knock you off people we don't need to know we don't have time we don't have time we don't have time we don't have time for this they wait the killer spider that was the ancestor coming close which I'll talk about this I say I say nothing is off we don't got time for that if you if you if you like okay boom even with fear right every time you feel something yo your brain you know creates a chemical that becomes a neurotransmitter that that sends this you know substance throughout your body and every time your sailors duplicate they create more receptors for the for the high volume of chemicals that you feed them so if somebody living in fear on a life somebody living in kill places the audio i yo sales are literally divided in order to receive that chemical on a higher level so most these people got 18 plus years of a cellular makeup which literally feeds on fear which literally feeds our complacency etc so what if I got to be playing with you you a 30 year old you know sale early toxic spiritually toxic me anybody didn't knock he'll hit I have you been living over here all the time and you ain't said nothing and this shit is so bad that adult men great young girls we love in your hit up it's just like over here with the civil rights movement all these seven-year-old 8 year old man has just been sitting around here since Jesse Jackson got me and nothing's going on what do we need y'all for if somebody come over here I might just win see right now somebody come over here they say get rid of these niggas I'm not gonna object you're gonna meet y'all niggas get here so don't lose your egg smash as many people as you can if they in the way smashing and then let's let's start Sudan over period okay so that's where I was going to interject in your perfect world where you just start over what's next half of the rebuilds keep children and I think education should be virtuous first seeing people people want to educate you on everything but moreover to some of you before you while you learning your ABCs you should be learning close your eyes if a female is negative you know look down don't do this like you know teach a little boy yeah like I look like I teach my son if a female nekkid curvier all right Turner give her give her her privacy you know what I'm saying walk out of the room don't sneak a peek don't steal you know I'm saying wait till somebody invites you in get permission acts the stuff don't force yourself on a female don't you know wait till you I think virtue needs to be implemented parallel to education because you can be you have a master's degree and be an asshole yeah and then you can be a charming humble person and don't have a GED so I think the world is so what part of the book part what part of your eyes naked what part of that I just feel like that's such a limiting concept all right cuz it's like we were having another discussion over again like our ideas of modesty and that to me I'm a South coped alien I love words so diction is very very important so when you're speaking virtues and that's the first thing that comes to mind it's an odd correlation so you in the bathroom and I walk in on accident and now your point I like is when I think of virtues or morals I feel in which they're they're the universal principles by own which before you get into gender race different capacities different gifting they have the bare minimum nucleus idea by which we interact with one another by we we treat one another and we were mutually respect other living beings and sentient beings within our space so I don't think that that necessarily jumps to to cultural norms whether they're Western culture otherwise I think it would would start with acknowledging truths or acknowledging things like patience and kindness and and respect and and not the specific personal ways in which we interpret it but to your point this is someone's personal space and and the boundaries by which that are dictated that by that and the mutual respect for entering someone else's space and then entering yours as opposed to you know like I think getting into you know if we lived in another circumstance nudity and seeing a woman's naked body would it be as crazy as it is here it would actually be taught to appreciate you know what I mean so I don't think that that's necessarily a virtue or moral but if we're going to reorganize in human society in general before you get into culture and all of those other things on a basic need for humans human touch is something we actually need for our health so if we're not if we're not teaching those things if we're not teaching human or interaction in a manner that is is conducive to all of our well-being before we get into like you know I might be an introvert or I might be turns over every night then we're already at a weird place to start yeah and then you know on the other side of the spectrum in terms of the morality of it and women raping army people raping children and all of those things human indecency exists everywhere right and the reason why I kind of drew it out to this you know the genocide people in general despite that I think oftentimes we get caught up because of social media to the thing that is happening now right negating a lot of things that have been happening all of the things that are happening you know human trafficking is a huge thing if we want to talk about children being sold and raped and abused there are things prevalent within black and brown communities where it is taboo to even talk about these things these generational traumas are gone down so when I speak to pulling it back to like the humanity of it it's because we're never gonna be able to put band-aids on all of these bullet holes so we really start addressing who we are as humans around the world everybody on the planet Earth is not a human though I want to note that and I also want to jump back in and say I totally agree with you like 71% the duration and I don't agree with it I think that we be into neutral or something as blatant sexuality in this day and time is very undisciplined and it is so it's seen so much that we desensitized to it mind cut this TV on right now let's see booty it is nothing ignoring the fact that you were taught to think that that's taboo because no let me let me tell you listen you did to you do it to me now what I almost there to you when you corrected me so I have to recorrect you now what that be say there's my thing I'm gonna be honest with you yeah I think I probably change my daughter four times max not because I'm a bad dad but because and I just want you to understand well I think is it man that's her sacred space not that I'm afraid of my daughter I made her I know what vagina looks like but it's just I don't know my daughter to know my dad don't even see me this way so another man you damn sure won't have to put some spiritual work in to see me this way that's how I feel so I don't feel like because it's easy for us to say like I use my son-in analogy so it's easy for me to tell my son ok if you see a grown woman walking around naked don't close your eyes because spirituality let's flip the script should a grown man you walking around naked around a little girl he'll know so my thing is we could be a spiritual as you want hissing goddamn closing period close you see another person that's not fully because our body is our typical we want to go there you know our souls is who we are and our body with our house so you got windows and blinds on your house ok nobody see in this house so we should have windows and blinds on this house so my thing is it's not about being afraid of sexuality it's about respecting the sacredness of it of another person so once again like I said if I pull up in this bathroom and it's a woman in the bathroom there's two types of reactions one person's gonna take a peek and it's in my likely I'm gonna just close my eyes and spin out so we're talking about teaching people to be self covered and governing within their own consciousness so I feel that sexuality they got to do with the root chakra they got to do it you know the foundational basis of the the majority of your energy value so I think that sexuality is a huge huge huge reason that the world is in a discourse even if you watch movies in Hollywood they always go from the woman from the feet to the head yeah why didn't welcome their head to the feet so they always you know subconsciously programming us to be lustful and to be you know and consider it not just with men or women but women with men this is why we have situations where a grown man could even find a child attractive to molest a child we are they making uh see also I also think it's a sickness though I think that reading it but look at TV there they make these they make these celebrities look younger and younger you know no the little Barbie was her name something Barbie the one that was on dr. feel oh whatever her name is it when you could take her and let her get a breath job knowing how young she is and clever on the internet that right there such a tone for what kind of world we live in it so somebody got it you got it it's gonna take somebody to come say this type of shit is intolerable to the point why we'll fight you all we're trying to do this I think you're speaking to the lower nature of men and saying this is what it is right now I think you're speaking to the higher nature of saying we need to get to this point and it should be like this but the reality is is it's not so although in theory you're you're not like neither of you is wrong we agree is that there is not even a microcosm a side of humanity that is slowly but surely dying out and we're living through that evolution and that change in that title right where he wants to go vaporizes this match infinitely I think you know we're dealing with many varying levels of consciousness I understand the question do you know that giraffes is on the extinct list now there's my face how much do we got how much do we need to sacrifice I know for the world to learn it's kind of like when you got kids it's only so long that your mom gonna stop you don't keep saying my word you know you start hanging with these people stop hanging with these people stopping with the angle you got about five times they're going to jail before your mom be like nigga don't call me Colette so that's where I'm now I'm on that fifth time I'm at a point where I'm like let's be realistic specially as black people what more reminders do we need if you believe in Jesus that means you've been getting spiritual reminders for over 2,000 years I mean a nigga came 2,000 years died for your sins you didn't give a fuck if you believe in Mohammed that mean Mohammed you didn't give a fuck then I can go up the list we got Queen Candace Queen's English Shaka Zulu nat turner my new third king motherfucking outshining Jesse Jackson Malcolm X Kylie Muhammad even a Farrakhan even I don't agree with them I'm just putting people and putting people out there who somehow provoke thought so if all these motherfucking people didn't didn't influence you to get it right and if we gonna end with dr. Sadie and nipsey hussle all these motherfucking people didn't influence you to get it right you're not gonna get it right it's time to get your head knocked it to reset humanity because I do at some times I feel helpless like I feel like really we're so fucking far gone it's like a zombies yeah just like Resident Evil is your name residence where you live ego ego where you live these niggas is on me this ain't your cousin no more it isn't nigger trying to eat your brain you got an aqua zombie head off baby unrealistic I was just in the hood a couple days our niggas s in the street I didn't oh you know how many time it's over knee it listen let's get some money like this is what we wanted but percent legit niggas he looked me dead in my face I said they got a rather hit this yeah my god so what do we do with people like that stop I've actually one time here's a here's a alternate reality I'm not gonna take something from you and then don't give you something but what do we do when we say okay the police is not on our side right cool let's go up to the neighborhood drug drug dealers in the gangs okay hey all 50 of you gang banging ass niggas can y'all please stop selling drugs and it causes crying to be over here so these kids can play outside no we not what you won't do what we gonna do Sejal hell naw woman okay let's go it's gone we have to eradicate the toxicities of our own people everybody else when you have to cut up a tumor whatever you know sometimes you gotta listen if I gotta if I got a muscle suicide move for black people to get it right I would but to speak to meters sometimes you can also manifest your own how you can what people again the way that your synapses fighters fucking fascinating but it's like and I would ask you those conversations with your friends are you spending more time pointing about about what they do and how it's wrong and how do you think not need to change or do you spend more time actually bringing them to a way of discovery for themselves right this is how the other side can feel and and change their life in different ways because I find that oftentimes even in this conversation or even in moments of where we're feeling helpless it's because we're rabbit holing into literally speaking and giving energy into how bad things are can I see in the head of focusing on how like the pre my conversation about how to ignite light how to guide people on a way to self-discovery you know what I mean like nipsey was just at the precipice of learning how to do that but we have taken him and he kept he got us out yeah because of it yes like that we need to fortify ourselves in a manner of that when we do lose one it does not turn us into another season of deeper fear to stepping up into leading into being teachers into being bad really oh we have to build better coalition's into each other how to protect those gifts they can we protect a lot of them dumbbells Amir Amir thing is I'm like I used to be positive Polly and like oh we're gonna fucking fix the world together and I don't think there could be no way let me let me just finish so what I realized is 9f not everybody wants to be healed they don't wanna go damn hey don't date the truck you leave if you leave a evil person present yes they will be mates evil friends it's a whole chain you came I can't we can't be doing good and I'm over here and I'm evil and then you say you know we're young frail you're entitled to your opinion just be over here be evil because what happens when I say I'm gonna be evil over here yeah why did you leave me here right my thing is we got the point now where look at all of this shit we've forced people to do that back we forced women to be prostitutes niggas is big pimps halls they've got all of the stuff we forced people to do why we can't force people to do right Bobby can't force we're gonna do right we at the point where I'm like stop stop littering are you not getting shadows if you can't respect the fact that just going to trash every single person but he means overall like we have these laws that kind of get people to just simmer it now yeah we can't get people to stop fucking you know all this other shit that there too because we wanted to and we wanted to they could easily say shit is not coming on TV if a gun isn't it I mean it's all shooters not the one on TV you know rated our shit is not a lot I'm not saying that you know we not mature enough to watch wait and I'm just giving an example do you think if we radically cut that off like in some handmade cell type stuff like it we just I think if we're at asleep or pious society that people would just change well we not only not being a black man we're not being considerate to the fact that the majority of the shit that watch this watch my children we have work being watching TV with niggas don't watch rap videos kids watch rap my nephew showed in our live show my nephew show me the shell but I who is that oh this is such a sir so even though it says it's for adults we not the ones watching that shit so we got to be real about that we can you figure it out here on this for grown folks and they say additionally TV and then we turn to our religious and spiritual leaders and then a lot of them are the ones doing the fuck shit that were that are actually poisoning and you know they're toxic to us so it's kind of I think people like I said I think the reset is needed I think that you know while we're here because we can't exactly have the reach that we should try our best to educate and we should meditate and we should pray we should speak life over people but in doing that know that it's not going to work for everyone yes sir they're still gonna be evil I can't meditate all the fuck I want and somebody will come to my body I come now literally so look at fool looking Buddha Buddha ain't mine but whatever one you want to pick they took it to Buddha okay they took it to Buddha Buddhist monk ain't even meditated peace yeah so therefore Buddhist monk leave the trees for without the government saying hey y'all are we in your business yeah what the fuck I'm supposed to do and I'm black leave Buddha here lowlife a legend you know the first guru was black which I know I want this but if when I'm trying to make it it is 2019 according to the Gregorian calendar how many games we don't say her and keep playing the world not getting better cuz ain't shit gonna change until you want to change we already looked at people people don't want to change so I'm gonna change you for you and change the where the fuck you live this is not gonna be around me so that's how I thought they're like and that's what white people do listen did you know what you know what I respect like people how it is I respect I respect white move this white people white people yeah do what niggas don't do and I said it's a talent I'm yes white people white people distinguish they say Larry listen why people distinguish they self from the allegedly amoral aspect of a race for example is how right person will call another white person white ass real quick yeah that's white trash niggas don't niggas just embrace everything Oh Ezra hard niggas this equipment niggas that's my plan niggas HBCU it don't matter who Malcolm ax in a matter of you a bust and a bomb ass nigga yeah as long as it look like you're successful we embrace it niggas niggas embraced ignorance to the point where we embrace niggas does not need us we embrace cardi B how would the father fuck to shake it over here in the goddamn nigga books there so that being said cardi B promote straight ratchet ISM and we love it to death we love it so my thing we anything that were mentioning listen it's not limiting its cardi B so that's why we say uncle Luke promotes twerking and then you say this'll let me know that song Kalu cardi B promotes – limited to be more aggressive how we need to be more how let's not get on that challenge your brother listen wouldn't would you I would never drop somebody have sex playing around do you see how you jump to these like microcosms know that you went from a concept no I went to I went to a fact that a person who made out of their mouth what are you talking about so so because she said something from her stripper days that is now that she's still promoting it higher yes I used to I used to do a lot of evil activity but it doesn't it does I don't promote him so she did wicked shit and she's feels promotion which makes you a wicked person because why you don't have to do it and you're still doing it means you choose to live in that room so you can she diction friction and whatever vernacular hard you want to use she's she promotes ratchet isms she kind of found as dedicated as you want but this ain't the area for that she she is proper black but I feel what your saying we do we need to be more aggressive and our methods because it's not working well target we cannot dance are what we've done thus far has not worked and it's work it's working for white people all the shit however on a grand scale is not working for the planet because your head is still dying these wars are still happening humans as a whole where word disease in we're all dying we have mental health issues we have physical health issues so and we're killing this earth so I think that personally in regards to Sudan going back there it's in regards to Sudan we can reset this shit is gonna keep happening and we shouldn't stress ourselves over you know these things and and donating to causes that are just gonna keep the money and give it to these already corrupt governments so that's kind of my solution which I'm just relying look I agree with both you guys on a certain extent because at the end the day like just annihilating everything that doesn't solve the problem but it doesn't really solve the problem because now we just have this big empty space then now we have people trying to question the homeless people over there send somebody over there who deserve to have somewhere to live because the people that's over there living act like ain't got no motherfucking sense okay like we ain't got y'all know you don't want it you don't want to live right to get out of here if you a rapist get out of here it ain't that hard just get rid of the problem do you think the rapist deserves to live no she didn't world fucked up oh she to neutral she heard this I gotta say she to neutral how you don't have the power if you got a child I don't have the answer and you said you don't know I haven't spent a lot you know to be a lot of time if someone raped your mom would you kill them I mean I have escaped sexual assault right why did I tell you if your mom would you kill them I firstly would not kill I don't want to have to take a look I don't have to judge I'm judgment when you take a life you're living you were rocked by that soul that there's no longer a big night like we're shooting all over the place right there's a difference between discourse and dialogue and there's a difference between having discussions to be right yeah and I am NOT interested in this place in my life and having discussions to be right yeah I feel like for most of the world's problems you can you can see this as two neutral or whatever I feel like no one side or no one position has had the correct answer to you yeah it is better for everyone aboard the common bee yeah and I feel like we're in a place where we need a sprinkle of you we need a sprinkle of me we need a spring we need cognitive diversity yeah to come up with where we're going next now that being said with the issues in Sudan as well as global issues around the world I do implore people to read and be more aware of what is going on around the world general so going back to the point that this has been decades building up to this point it could have been prevented have more of us been paying attention building up to this point the same thing goes for police brutality for human trafficking for racism for LGBTQ issues for rape culture we have continually perpetuated to keep these things in green just as much as we want to sit and critique them so instead of years of reading and then doing nothing about it read and take action so I guess what we're saying is skipper you don't take action Sudan Sudan is not something that we can fix but I think that your points that prevent preventing these things um you can't prevent everything right it's like you can prevent some things and I do think that education is a major part of prevention and I think that that once something like that so bad has happened I want to say wait I want to say this okay if I knew that I could kill or rape somebody and the only thing that the community would do whether they loved my race or not is come protest I will kill me a nigga every I that's why if I knew that I could kill him up that I could kill somebody then the only thing that I'm gonna do is get charged with a crime that I won't go to jail for and the maximum that's gonna happen and I'm gonna get sued and I was not evil come on my pension is gonna come out the state the state you know financial uh I'm is gonna be uh financially I mean the state will be financially obligated for what I did I will kill a nigga every hour if I knew that I'd go to another country and rape all the six rules that I want to rape and the biggest resistance that I was gonna get if somebody gonna say well we don't know if young pharaoh deserves to die because you know this dad a third I would be a Syria not saying me personally but just hyper doublespeak obviously remain I'm to the point out to the point where it should be the punishment for certain activities on that planet you should be so immediate that you think five times before you do it right you should be like I'm not gonna rape nobody because of these niggas Kashmir we are saying yeah determine core because listen we can talk about education all we want they was feeding children to crack they're in slavery what the moment only thing I was gonna stop that was brute force if they are over there in the Sudan right now as we have this conversation there's a child being raped realistically if I could teleport over there and just kill it knock I would I wouldn't read about it I wouldn't meditate about it I wouldn't go over there and be like well I don't really know if you deserve to live or die but you should stop no I'm sorry you're you massacre so caches all right so I would if I could but I won't when you think about in India where groups of men are gang raping women or you think about in the Middle East where that stuff is happening right you know what is education what is what is educating for that type of man who thinks like that how long this comes what will that do what do you what do you you said that we need to be more educated so we can prevent it why don't we why day it's like for instance if if if you're not educated for anything how like preventing a fire happens in your house right and now the fire is going off on the wall and you're throwing water yes we might go to the learn how to not rape too much where do I enroll left guys it's simple-minded to diminish of thought process to one simply all right guys we're going to educational blast of learn how to not wake somebody perspective I mean if you don't feel like education is important that's fine if you feel like physicality of education education I want to stop a rapist I'm not saying anyone is going to stop I guess I'm not I'm just I'm just plain to what you say yeah I think that the most pointy thing you just said is you're entitled to your powerful opinion and I respect that but I think that something we both can acknowledge is that we're operating out of opinion and not an actual expertise of how to fix these things because to your point you have gone down your path you have empowered your mind to see things the way that you've seen just as much as I have been on my personal journey and put here for something very specific just like you were and they can both live in the same space and that can also acknowledge that we actually need all of us to live in those walks to actually heal and fix the things that we're talking about yeah sure so I'm not saying when I speak to my truth it's not when I speak to my German it does not diminish yours doesn't know my issues of my issue it was when I challenged oh when I challenged and acts for clarity for where you're coming from in his gentleness understand fully how you see it so I can understand and not get lost in the words that you're using because when you run the tape back and then pointed out you jump to a lot of places and I'm not used to you I just met you today we jumped okay I'm gonna spar era hey you know I'm nothing nothing that you just said is my issue my issue with you was you shoot a little arrows out the gate and I'll let a couple of a fly but then I said okay she's gonna keep getting fly out the mouth so now I'm gonna start gonna fly the mouth yeah now you want to stay here and be a schoolteacher and put your hand on me and say listen you shouldn't have that attitude in class I even though I now stop talking pause thank you very much so with that being said you didn't fly I don't care if you challenge my points oh my life is based off people challenging my poison I don't care you was gettin fly dose out the gate and it's only so much you know i'ma let you be a bird before I shoot you up sky so now I don't want to look you in your face because I don't have nothing really too nice to say I don't want to be too calm and all of that so I'm just gonna sit my water and chill but I'm not upset that you're challenging my abuse I'm not upset about another and my thing is you will shoot little arrows okay so now I feel like you want to be Indian so we have India so now saying you're literally face it works Jermaine so you made some amazing you made some all right points I'm not taking it my thing is just the fly ism I think you guys both made my point I think I think you shot or I think the shots have are unnecessary I think you both made valid points are both very intelligent and you have something to offer here I don't know that I think not one like you were saying not one thing is gonna solve everything there's you're the only thing that will truly solve everything is we are no longer here I humans have been such a toxic cancer to this planet and to me that's the only thing that's gonna solve it so I'm grateful to hear both of your sides because both of you speak to the balance that is so needed in this universe because if we have one too much like you were saying if someone's to you know run meditation and people or if someone is too raw Ryan wants to shoot shit up neither of that shit's gonna work very so let's all work on being more balanced you know what I'm saying and realize that shit may be a little too far gone on this planet to genuinely really but yeah to really back and try to live your life you watching here try to live your life in a way where when you go you pass on to the next I mention whatever you did whatever it was that you could you know to not contribute to the fuck shape okay so oh man and I'm very grateful that both of you because I learned so much from the both of you today so I'm very grateful to have both of you here and I love you guys and I hope you feel

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