How Religion Impacts Your Mood

the religious love to trumpet the idea
that’s been shown in survey is that those who are religious tend to live
longer tend to be have more life satisfaction things like that at least
in the United States but that’s not the entire equation
really being religious is the one thing it incorporates a lot of different
beliefs Ted Cruz OVR love the kid were both very
much that’s a very good point all that can be encapsulated under the umbrella
religion a couple scientists from the University
Morgan and at Simon Fraser University decided to look into a few particular religious beliefs in this case the
specifically the idea a punitive after like like hell the idea
that after you die if you’ve been bad you will roast for all eternity they say
although religiosity is consistently tied a
greater well-being referring to the research was talking about before little research has examined which
elements the religious belief of early benefits which do not and which may in fact be
detrimental and so they took a couple of different
surveys like the Gallup world poll the world value survey in the European
value survey and they use that data to look at
particular aspects of religious belief may conducted several %uh studies in one
of them the control variables like age income education level religious
attendance and sex they found that belief in hell was
associated with unhappiness well believe in Heaven was associated
with happiness yeah teams accuse super obvious to me I
guess in it you know be it might cut against
the other idea that if you look at it as you pointed out
incredibly are incredibly simplistic level that if your religious you’re going to
be happier if you’re not religious and only religious people believe in Heaven
and Hell in of course if you’re obsessed with
this dark horrible place you’re more likely to and if you’re
hopeful person when a person who believes that have it is but is this you like I’m not religious
so I believe neither if you believe in hell don’t you also
believe in heaven and vice versa in that generally the case yeah I mean if they
could be that you’re in a sec to Christianity that doesn’t place as much emphasis on the threshold more min
although Mormons don’t believe in hell for example they believe in something
called you out more than 100 more men and they believe the public outer darkness so there’s all these two
years ahead sounds on it was yeah me know and I know it and the
gnashing of the teeth then there’s a lot of fun things with you I’m sure there’s
something I’m in this for you as well as an atheist in just talk to religious
people they basically have the right little essays about have been held in
the judge’s after what they felt like and they found that religious believers
and non-believers both should more emotional negativity when
writing about Hell compared to the control condition it is notable that I’ve reflecting on
hell negatively affected well-being regardless of whether the participant
identified as a religious believer okay so thinking about Daria bad things
makes you feel darkened thinking about fiction or guard of that encourages so you think about our chat well and
that your stats what are the biggest keys here because this care pointed out
almost everybody believes in heaven and hell if
you believe it at all and so it’s just a matter what your
concentrating on more so if you should choose to concentrate
on hell you’re the kinda guy who things like oh my god there’s a way to go but plus is one other element they didn’t
talk about on the story if you’re the kinda guy who’s doing what
the right things only cuz you worried about how warm then there’s a lot on our thoughts
going on in there that you’re trying desperately to suppress and that’s what might make you sad get
us to imagine you you know some guys you like were used on T from the pastor her
brother Donny yet don t have an all-time low of her
tight I don t is always talking about how were
the evil among us we’re all gonna rot in the pit of hell if we don’t fix our
lives and be is the light for the poor yeah I just
great to be around us fun guy yet so I mean what is known for
New Years W and I think that’s an important point
because I think you see this kind of fixation on hell and original thin and you should only do these things in this
life because you’re trying to prevent yourself from these punitive damages
that come from going to hell um when you see this Inc evangelical
faith overwhelmingly more than in other
religions you just don’t need like modern Christian fact where you know gay
marriage is celebrated in that where there that’s progressive and it’s all
about Jesus is love they hardly ever talk about it will actually just directly speaking to that that’s a
very good point I would certainly agree with you it seems like that would be the
case but they didn’t actually but what I want
to talk about this because we don’t just have christians watching the show many
have you might fall into is another other religions like that they look into that and so have been
hell are general terms can be applied to the afterlife that many different faiths you insert the other word for it and
they discovered that held beliefs were associated with lower well-being and
heaven police were so sick with higher wellbeing for both Abrahamic Christianity Islam
and Judaism and none Abrahamic adherence they found
no significant difference this applies to the Hindus and you know
you then tragedy has posed as well many obvious like like religions that
believe in reincarnation don’t even believe in hell they just believe that
when you when you die you’re going to come back
as a different typeof organism maybe one that has a positive light for
one that the negative like depending on what you didn’t have my be even more
depressing I’m income magazine caterpillar kinda so I him right but at least you know your
look with Republican state representative PS I don’t you come back at the
caterpillar you just have to be an awesome caterpillar for like a week yeah I do it all over again yeah I do
your folks don’t you know a lot to think about people with real clinical issues real depression like you know the
a if having a house party life in your depressed all the time you’re thinking about how you’re not
because you’re literally without hope and having this at the idea have it is
by its very nature hope and if you raised in religion where that all you are targets at probably going to
a I would never meant a chance especially if you’re predisposed in any
way toward and so we’re all non-religious here and
I i try to be careful from time to time about religion and and
I love the people have this I don’t obviously don’t believe in
Heaven or Hell I Bynum passable right they say the least but I
don’t want to be where people’s hope about heaven and they wanna meet
their loved ones and stuff but I i and I love them for it and I i don’t
mean yeah I don’t know yeah it would that’s what I call my
something sacred to the grade annoyance a previous grade because I
don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t I don’t believe in the religions okay an
outsider that I don’t know okay so and I know then you’ll say how
many things just please spare me ok yeah alright so from but but hell mealy I mean and I know that it’s hard
for us because we’re not religious to understand but how could you possibly believe in how
you made me really think when you’re near Seton with this stupid
as pitchfork really believe that anything poking a
different timezone and it’s all in your burning in Burney by leaping about God that would do that
to people for like by the way slight crimes like you took his name in Bay brookhaven and so you gotta there with
that taking poking you in the ass for all eternity in your with Stalin and
Hitler yeah in a lot of these religions that
aren’t about works but that are fully about grace you can be like a fuckin Katie fiddler
right for you die you with that gave you this and you’re
going to happen you to be somebody who yet committed petty crimes or didn’t
believe in God something like that here in hell for eternity it makes no
fucking no you’re not a logic I never heard of Katy Butler be home how I’ve
been here when you get early about so many the
modern Christian faith that embrace gay marriage as shit about what they emphasize he
right and and what’s amazing is that now what we’re seeing from the popen from
the Catholic Church is all about the difference about this is he hasn’t
changed one pet were right not is just like hit ok
anymore I will talk about abortion i wanna talk
about gamer yeah alright nearly to the great things we can do is talk about
that but I have nothing about helping people
to help raise their you actually had a very New Testament approach to at all if the legislation kinda makes s
cousin Jesus yes in the New Testament take that I
sequels are always worse than the original I

  1. the problem is not religion, as it is the people. People have and have used the ability to twist anything, no matter how good, to the point where it's no longer recognisable. People who don't follow religion see the results of human selfishness and manipulation and question how anyone can believe this is a good way of life. People who follow religion don't question their leaders/parents/guardians and allow them to indoctrinate people. So in the end, is anybody actually doing the right thing? Or are we all going to Hell? But what do I know, I'm just a guy on the internet with a YouTube channel which incidentally you should check out and subscribe to.

  2. How depressing is christianity!(small 'C', it doesn't deserve a big one).
    They idol worship this corpse, hanging on a cross, with wounds and and bleeding bits, depressed looking. It's not just depressing, it's fucking creepy man. Compare this to the awesome ten armed Kali, who at least looks like a god-like being. Or the laughing Buddha, a fat happy looking dude. Well fed. Happy!
    christians get a stabbed corpse, where they eat his FLESH and drink his BLOOD.

    It gets worse. All those heathens in North Korea who were violated, raped, tortured and killed, they all get to go to a furnace, not heaven, to be further tortured. North korea will be like a vocation spot next to hell . All simply because they're from a different religion.

    Observation alone tells you, christianity is one fucking dark shit-hole for lazy thinkers, and creepy people.

  3. how can you not believe in one without the other?? so if i only believe in hell im going to be negative and miserable… no shit, a lot of youtube commenter's must fall under this category 😉

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't atheism and agnosticism address seperate issues? Atheism just means the non-belief in God(s), whereas agnosticism refers to knowledge about the existence of God, doesn't it? It just means "I don't know for sure if there's a God".
    So, I'm an atheist because I don't believe in God, but I'm also an agnostic because of course I can't be 100% sure that no Gods exist. I mean, we know that the God of the abrahamic religions is bullshit, but a God whose properties are unknown (or just made up on the spot) can't be disproven. So I always thought I was an agnostic-atheist, but maybe I got the labels wrong.

  5. It's an annoyance to atheists Cenk because you misunderstand what the word means continually, despite the fact that Ana did a whole video on it. You can be an atheist and an agnostic too, and based on what you've described your beliefs to be in the past, that's what you are.

  6. I am an agnostic atheist which Is my personal opinion but everyone else has their beliefs too, everyone is different but I reject the idea of gods and heaven and Hell due to the lack of actual proof. There is no physical evidence that those exist and until otherwise I hold myself steadfast.

  7. "Heaven and Hell, rap legend,presence is felt, N-A-S are the letters that spell…"  As for non-Abrahamic faiths, some Hindu and Buddhist sects believe in heaven(s) and hell(s) plural, depending on the "karma" that you have created in this life. It is not that you will always come back to the next life on Earth as a lower form of life. If you have created a much negative karma you may not be reborn on Earth at all but in a lower state of existence in a different realm of existence, a hellish or painful place. 

  8. Just got a question here….WHO THE FUCK DOES THESE SURVEYS? Like where are they done? I always hear about them but who does this and on what?

  9. My brother Cooper he's 13 and he doesn't belive in hell or hevan or God or Saitin I dont get it its really confusing for a 8/2 year old but he tells me all about it and I still dont get it

  10. Your right Cenk we don't believe satan's going to be poking us for all of eternity, because that's dante's inferno not….ah screw it I have a hard enough time explaining this to Christians let alone atheists who's view on it is even more warped. Look just read the god dang book yourself and stop getting second hand from street preachers.

  11. I think they need to get a Christian voice in these videos to defend the Religion's beliefs and whatnot. When they say that you're gonna go to hell for petty crimes and such, that's not exactly how it works. There's just a lack of knowledge on the subject for me to really take the TYT religious bashing videos seriously.

  12. Religion has always represented the pinnacle of irony and paradox to me.  It promotes the least-moral structure of morality I have ever encountered.  It preaches poverty and humbleness while accumulating one of the world's largest stockpiles of wealth.  It preaches understanding and forgiveness but practices persecution and violence against everyone that is different.
    The only honest religion I've ever encountered is Islam because they don't try to hide their bigotry and brutality behind fake moral structures.  They preach violence and practice violence.  They preach oppression and practice oppression.  They don't pretend to be loving or humble or gracious.  They want their infidels dead, dead and deader.

  13. I never understood…… If the devil wants you to come to him, why the fuck would he torture you for doing what he wanted you to do?

    Doesn't make sense,…. so IF THERE IS A HELL it's proly a non stop fuckin orgy drug rock and roll party…. sex drugs… heavy metal music…… gay sex, lesbian sex, and all the other weird fuycked up shit uyou can think of…

    Heaven on the other hand will be….. well you worshipping god…. sounds boring……. gimme hell any day!

  14. Cenk how do you know that there is no heaven or hell? Do you agree that the universe had beginning, and will have end ?! How come the matter came to be out of nothing ?! I can't prove that hell or heaven exist , but i can't also prove that they don't! Think about it 🙂 this universe was created out of NOTHING , really think about it 🙂

  15. Sending a single person to hell for eternity for any reason would be literally infinitely more immoral than anything any human could ever do.

  16. Religion– shortened. In Christian faiths, God sees all sins as equal (with an exception of blasphemy). So yes, saying God's name in vain and murder carry the same weight. And without repentance, will give any person a one-way ticket to the fiery inferno, where you can spend eternity suffering. It all seems very over the top, but it's really not. Accept Jesus for the person he is, and in simple terms, strive to be a better person in life. (more like him) #WWJD  

  17. I was raised in a modern sect of Christianity, my parents always celebrated gay rights, and my three sisters are rather feminist. I consider myself to be a happy person, but whether that's because I am also a Deist and Universalist is up to you to make the correlations.

  18. Oh Cenk, atheist and agnostic are not exclusive. They are answers to two different question. About 99.9% of all atheists are also agnostic. Even the most well known Atheist such as Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens.

  19. You know I rarely "hate" on the young turks, but this isn't news at all. Come on guys this is completely common knowledge, and nobody needed to have it covered on the show. Slow day or something?

  20. These guys and girls are retarded as hell!! Beyond stupid!! How does anybody listen to the young turds!! Why do they have a show!!

  21. For a fried of mine his Christian faith provide him comfort in regard to the death a of his first born and only daughter.  When it came to the suicide of his sister that faith cause so much grief I will not call it a tie. I can't believe in such a God so I don't qualify for Christian status in the judgment of Christians.  Then again if it turns out there isa god it's not the judgement of Christians I have  to worry about

  22. I don't think that it's that uncommon for people to believe in Heaven and not Hell. I do. My main problem with the concept of Hell is that I think that it's too hard to determine who is good and who is evil. I think that we all will probably end up at some place which is neither good nor evil; it just is. 

  23. Why do u guys constantly attack teligion why not just take the higher ground and let the bigots die out this generation?

  24. There was also a study done a while back that found that people who believe in heaven are more likely to commit crimes than people who believe in hell.

  25. i don't want to think about people going to hell.unless those people are, Polpot or something. I'm a good kid so i believe i will go to heaven 

  26. I consider myself Agnostic in a sense. I was raised Catholic and the idea of a God who created everything is pretty cool so I'd like to think he exists. I believe when we die we go somewhere amazing. We're not just dust. We're not just chairs. The phrase "hard work pays off" relates to us working hard during our life and going somewhere peaceful surrounded by loved ones is the reward. I think that those who do evil (like serial killer status evil) go somewhere not so good aka a hell like state. Everything else on the other hand, I don't believe. As the big guy believes heaven and hell is a fairy tale, I think the Bible is as well. In the end, I'm not the type to judge a super religious person or an atheist. As long as you don't puke your beliefs upon me imposing that I'm some kind of monster then I guess we're 5 by 5. 

  27. I don't see the bible like that AT all
    If I look At my bible I don't really see that kind of stuff in there
    IT does not say that you can go to heaven for no reason..
    YOU do have to in fact be a good person .. because..
    in john it says only those who love me Are those who obey my commandments..
    so that must mean that .. well oh yea and I kinda believe in heaven and hell because it is in other religions like hinduism and stuff.. called Naraka.. so that makes it scare me since it is in more than one religion..

  28. For me he'll isn't the devil and his pitchfork, it's the deprivation of God. You don't have his grace and his love around you. But maybe that's just my fanciful traditional monotheistic view.

  29. Just like how there are different types of Jews, there are different types of Christians. Not everyone who says "lord, lord" would get to go to heaven. I feel bad for nonbelievers because they rejected God's grace to mankind. God gave mankind a mind to help others in need. Why do we always think that God need to help us. We are being selfish here. Hell is created for justice. Denying Christ is saying that God is a liar, which is the biggest sin.

  30. Hell is impossible. Hell is supposed to hurt. To feel the sensation of pain we must at least be a live body. The sensation of pain has been well understood and it's mechanisms well mapped. You can go to hell after death where you don't have a body. No body = no pain.

  31. Why don't they have a religious person up there as well? God doesn't put you in hell. He is a loving God yes, and it's for that very reason that He allows you to choose whether or not to serve Him. YOU choose whether or not you're going to serve Him. I have been raised a Christian and I am a Christian. I choose to be a Christian. I believe in a heaven and in a hell. Since I was smaller, I have known that there is heaven and hell. I'm not depressed or worried or any of that junk because I know where I'm going. The Bible says if you believe in Jesus, and not just believe, but obey and serve Him by having Him in your heart, you will be saved and you will go to heaven. God is real. I have seen Him at work in my life. That's how I know He's real. It's sad that people, churches, pastors, etc today are watering down the gospel and saying and allowing homosexuality in the church and saying that Jesus is a loving, merciful, and gracious God. That's true. He is loving, etc. But He is also a just God and one day He will judge us all.Like I said above, YOU choose. God loves you so much He lets you live the life that YOU want. His arms are always open. No matter what you've done. But you can't think that just because you pray the sinners prayer that you're going to heaven. You have to live for Jesus and die to your old self. I'm not a homophobe or a hater to homosexuals, I love them and pray for them and their salvation, and I don't hate them, I hate their sin. It's their sin that has them messed up. They weren't born that they've been lied to and they're confused. And it's the same for abortionists and girls who have had abortions. God sent His only Son for YOU. He loves you that much. And Jesus is NOT dead, He's ALIVE.  

  32. Hello, I'm a follower of Jesus and believe He is my Lord. I think the comments is filled with diverse ideas, that's good. I have met people of many beliefs. Everyone of them has the Right to his own beliefs. I lived by a mosque, catholic church, holy rollers, athiests, agnostic, it never bothered me. They said thank you for being so nice to me. We aren't to mistreat other faiths . Myself have not considered hell for years. Jesus said "I go to prepare a place for you" and that is my reality. God bless America

  33. Duh people don't like to think they will be held accountable for their actions especially those done in secret or in the halls of their mind. None of us like to even entertain such a mindset that we are accountable. This is "normal" dumb turks

  34. Religion makes me sad. It holds back progress and leads to unfair demonization of certain groups. Not to mention all the wars started by religion.

  35. I'm sorry to say but each one of us in this world can not point the blame on anybody else other than ourselves. imagine, that when ur looking down on some loved one in a casket, that is going to be us one day and the life u think u own is gone then it will be too late to wonder about heaven and hell and how it makes u feel. Just sit down by urself sometime and think about the world not the people and their opinions but the actual world we live in and say that this just came from nowhere. It's common sense people. It's written on everyone's heart the law of God we all know to do good but our foolish minds want to do evil, and the devil is smarter than than u think why else is their the expression "the wolf in sheep's clothing"

  36. I always though of religion as modern day mind control powers. I can interpret the bible to get people to do anything.

    And the pope is awesome, I feel he is really making a difference and opening peoples mind's when it comes to not taking certain things in the bible literally anymore in this changing society gradually secularizing from old beliefs and values.

  37. Common sense tells you who you are and what u are really about religion is just a word is what you do that makes you who you are actions always speak louder then lip I choose love and kindness not lies and corruption that is my opinion take it or leave it God bless y'all.

  38. This is the first video in which I see Cenk treat religion fairly.  Every other video I see of his, I'm just amazed at how this guy comes off as the most (unfairly and blatantly) anti-religious person I know. Why can't Cenk treat us his audience, who has an opinion different to his, nicely. If he doesn't, I can just see people looking elsewhere for there news and current affairs. Maybe 'pastor tasered' he's prolific with he's content and I don't walk away from he's videos feeling like someone has just offended me. I hope everyone here believes in Jesus Christ and in doing so is saved .

  39. Everyone has an argument about when and where we came from, good and evil, heaven and hell, paper or plastic. Charles Darwin himself denounced his believe in evolution and accepted the fact that there is a God on his deathbed but by then it was to late, and also u can say that he repented before he died and went to heaven but just think about what God could of done with him while he was younger to impact the lives of others instead people still believe in his theory even after he was wrong

  40. I'm religious, but I don't believe in hell because it's contrary to the idea of an all-loving God. I believe in Universalism, that all people will ultimately be reconciled with God. 

  41. I wonder how Cenk can be agnostic to the great annoyance of atheism when roughly 30 seconds later he seems very annoyed as he asks "how can you even believe in Hell?"

    It's simple to grasp the annoyance Cenk.  Just imagine hearing about Hell on a regular basis from Christians who want to "Spread the good word" and the great annoyance of atheism won't be such a mystery!

  42. Religion is stupid period. They all claim the Bible to be true yet can't agree on it themselves and sit around proclaiming their view to be correct over the same book.

    Can you imagine having 6 doctors all shoving the same pill at you all saying the other guy was wrong on what it does? And not a single one of them can make any proof tot heir claims.

    Why would you even bother taking that Pill?

  43. How do you burn a holy spirit or ghost? people really, devils or angles hot or cold ? So your spirit has what intelligence?

  44. The mainstream concept of hell as a place of torture and demons is a mideval fallacy.  God does not allow demons to have the enjoyment of torturing people.  Hell is the absence of God; no love, no happiness, no security, no contentness, nothing good only the evil thoughts and feelings that got the person in hell in the first place.  Each person faces hell alone; thier freinds wont be there too, dispite AC/DC's claims.

  45. for the religious crazies they justify the most heinous beliefs by saying "Dog told them so" and that hell is only for their enemies – ie – only those who disagree with them

  46. I was going to not comment but the last 60 seconds of this episode requires a challenge. I love the show, but Cenk's opinions on religion are so incredibly biased and anti-theist that the title of agnostic cannot be given to him. I'm sorry. But anti-theists are not people that think only that there is a 0% chance of God existing, they are people that would prefer to believe that God does not exist.

    But that's not what I really want to comment on. This survey they are talking about used Hell as a descriptor word to define ANY negative religious outcome and Cenk automatically switches to anti-typical-Christianity speak in order to fight it. For starters, a red creature with a pitchfork is just as crazy of a belief as Jesus being white or Santa Clause working at the North Pole (which incidentally has no actual land mass). I love mocking stupid religiousness as much as the next guy, but if you do it in this extreme sort of ignorant way you just give the religious people ammunition to fight back with.

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