How QAnon Conspiracy Is Moving Closer To Political Mainstream | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Qanon members will help waken us to what is going on in the world?
    Kooky and scary that people can be so confused.
    Are they all Trump’s deplorables?

  2. Any Republican running for office who publicly expsses belief in this conspiracy theory should automatically be disqualified

  3. Only those who believe Narcissists (Trump & GOP& FOX) believe Conspiracy theories! They’re being Gaslighted!

  4. Let this dumbfuck Republicans run their local governments with q anon policies and ruin their towns and communities. There’s a war on dumb people here folks.

  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Trump and allies are the child predators lol….. What we see since Trump is that the guilty accuse the innocent…. But either way child predators come in all types so…

  6. Trump (Sept 26, 2014, Twitter): "I wonder if I run for PRESIDENT, will the losers and haters vote for me knowing I will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I say they will!" He was right about the losers and haters. Not so much MAGA.

  7. Two Words: Jeffrey Epstein. The rest of Q I know nothing about, but it's hardly crazy to suspect an elite pedophile ring, when its sitting right out there in the open. You wonder why these folks don't trust the MSM? This is why.

  8. Q?! Obviously a CULT fostered by Russia! What a bunch of ignorants and crazy people! Get a job stupid idiots! Go back to school and learn something! Get a life!! If not, just type “Psychiatric near me” in Google and make an appointment. LOL!

  9. Ok so trump and the Republicans have been in power for almost 3 years and have had nearly unlimited resources and not one single time time have they provided any evidence to support any of their conspiracy theories. Not once. But those are the puppets the Republicans need

  10. Whether Q is real or not is of no consequence….The undeclared war on the Child traffickers has been ongoing. The declared war begins tomorrow when Trump unilaterally activates presidential war powers against Mexico in his big announcement. From there the clock begins ticking, hard evidence will be placed before congress, and they will be forced to vote. Many in the US govt are complicit in this trafficking, they will be brought to heel under the LAW of Armed Conflict that was discussed by Lindsey Graham in the Kavanaugh hearings.

  11. If you can people to throw away reason for one thing, you can get them to believe anything.

    Then, all someone has to do to come to power is appeal to the same false notions. How convenient!

  12. a lot of people here still don't get it.

    who was 26 time on pedo island from epstein? who was photographed in his house? who was just featered on 60minutes about this?

    what about the hempstead children? what about killerys deathcount?

  13. I can't think of a better plan to destabilize the US than to sow seeds of distrust in the institutions of government and law. Especially convincing people that the government, media and the agencies that would investigate such claims are protecting pedophiles.

  14. Following WW2, our government put guide rules in place that media had to follow. They did this because the world witnessed, first hand, what a news system, which was allowed to report lies and right wing propaganda, could have the power to lead it's citizens to do. It is time to implement these guide rules again.

  15. It looks like old David Dennison aka John Barron has updated his name to QAnon as a new marketing ploy to hype his conspiracy theories by projecting on others what he himself does.

  16. Why aren't there calls for Q, being a supposed whistle-blower, to be identified? There's some mental double standards flying around aren't there?

  17. The GOP has always pandered to these ignorant, low information conspiracy theorists, so it was only a matter of time before some of these idiots actually got elected.
    Now that Trump, the chief conspiracy theorist, is president these insane ideas have gone mainstream in the republican party, truly the inmates have taken over the asylum.

  18. The GOP has always pandered to these ignorant, low information conspiracy theorists, so it was only a matter of time before some of these idiots actually got elected.
    Now that Trump, the chief conspiracy theorist, is president these insane ideas have gone mainstream in the republican party, truly the inmates have taken over the asylum.

  19. Republicans are now just a bunch of mentally unstable people who believe in Russian conspiracy theories. Putin must be laughing his off at this.

  20. Odd that Q talked about Epstein in 2017, while you guys were covering up those stories and worse. Seems the media conspired to keep truths that would hurt them away from the public. Change My Mind.

  21. Yep, MSNBC's Morning Joe did a hit-piece on #QAnon today,
    (Q warns Americans that our govt. is infiltrated by a group of elite pedophiles.)
    Meanwhile MSNBC refuses to report on #JeffreyEpstein 's network of elite pedophiles.
    #coincidence ?

  22. I would bet the farm 99% of these people are Christians. Religion is one giant conspiracy theory. Belief is easy when faith is enlisted. Faith and pretend are literally the same thing. When something is true, we discuss the evidence not the faith. Faith is pretending something is true absent evidence. These conspiracy theorists require faith because there will never be evidence for crazy conspiracies including the god delusion. Religion is the alteration of the brain to reject evidence and apply faith and works with humans all too well.

  23. We have evolved with technology so much for what?? To be someone's stupid agenda and step into government??!!! You don't have to believe someone's word, now you can research it yourself!! Don't fall for these stupid conspiracy theories people!!

  24. So, now that the law is bearing down on Trump, they are going to go all in on a crazy conspiracy. You people are destroying America. Traitors.

  25. Anyone out there think that maybe reincarnation works and these QAnons are actually WWII Germans, the ones that followed Hitler? uh, that is a joke, for those Q's reading

  26. One day this era in American history will be a case study on how foreign intelligence services and psyops can effectively and radically influence election results and public opinion. Sad to see.

  27. Conservative freaks will believe anything that condone's their deep hate and bile. They'll idolize anyone, no matter how ridiculous; QANON, Trump, Kanye West,,, anything that without question as long as it panders to them, that's why they're so prone to con-men. Witless suckers.

  28. These rubes don’t know that Trump is a clown controlled by media giants to make billions for them with his insane demeaner. Q this!

  29. It all becomes so obvious now. The deeper deep state social engineered the American education system for decades. It created a constituency of sub-literat morons to elect a moron as president and thus ensuring a political upheaval requiring our true hidden masters to bring about their evil world domination plan.

  30. Bear with me. Long but important!

    We've seen this before. It's been a long time since I've prayed but as a scientist I recently researches where we are as a planet and found
    We thought we were so brilliant, and scientifically advanced, that we become so proud of ourselves and our achievements, we foolishly took all the credit and thought we would continue in our success without the help and grace of God. Open your eyes and recognize the current state of the world and it's capacity for evil. See that we are surrounded by evil as a result of abandoning God. The world is over populated, where the people exceed its available resources. The environment and its resources are destroyed beyond repair sending the climate into the scientifically recognizable chaos that proceeds mass die off/extinction events In the past ten years 100,000's of plant and animal species have gone extinct due to loss of habitat, food and water resources. 70% of the world's forests, major storehouses of fresh water, (such as glaciers mountain snow-pack and aquifers) and fertile land to grow food, are gone pointing to the inevitable extinction of the human species. We only began to separate ourselves from God around 200 years ago and the results are in. Making itself home at the White House.

    Knowing this and seeing above video you can join me in a quick attempt to enlist God's help, or you can bury your head in the sand and do nothing. We've seen with Trump how billionaire's use the media to play politics now another one with his own agenda just jumped in. If he's not already backing these people with the full weight of his media empire (they're already on national news) then he , or Trump, or someone else with an empire to dodge from taxes will be backing these freaks to keep the current Republicans in power. Too much is at steak. Don't disengage. The power of prayer for the right reasons will astound you. Don't worry. God is not foiled by a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Oh Jesus! I don't bother you that often and I know you're busy protecting Trump's most vulnerable victims., but I call on your ultimate protection and wisdom to eradicate this new plaque against us! I ask you to bestow on all the Trump supporters your holy gift of discernment that all of them lack. In droves people are losing the ability to know right from wrong, see what is fact and what is fiction, even when the facts are repeatedly presented to them in an easy to understand manner. There is an unprecedented movement of people who are simply refusing to hear the truth and accept the reality of the facts surrounding them. It's as if the nomination of Trump has allowed the devil to strike 40% of our people deaf and dumb and illiterate. This is beyond basic stupidity. This is willful ignorance. A movement of mass deception and permission to commit evil and the willingness to turn a blind eye tto corruption and the suffering of our fellow human beings. Please God protect and deliver us from all Trump related evil by giving them all the ability to discern the truth and fill them with the desire to remove Trump and his allies from our government, so we can heal as a nation, restore our democracy and provide a brighter more wholesome future for our children. We beg thee for an immediate intervention of all thing evil in both parties and for your wisdom and guidance in how to regain control over our democracy , how to preserve and protect our institutions from self-serving evil people, and show us how to fix the damage already done, and give us the strength to unite and move forward for the benefit of all. Only you God can stop the spread of this all consuming hate, stupidity, and evil that is overtaking our country, and we need a miracle of epic proportions that will bring the glory and honor to your Holy name, glory that president Trump thinks he can claim for himself. We pray that you smite him low for elevating himself above you and show him who's the true God of this world by sending him back to he'll where he belongs. The founders of this country created its constitution and government in your holy name and we reconsecrate its control back to you and humbly ask your forgiveness in taking you and the part you play in this government, for granted, and ask that you reassert your rightful place in our government by removing the godless,heartless, and soulless from within it.

  31. Who is Jeffrey Epstein? (Professional Blackmailer) Who went with Epstein to his private island? (Politicians, Hollywood A-listers, world leaders) What's on his island? (kids, underground bunkers, tunnels, a temple)

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