How Parliament holds government to account

The Government has been elected to run the
country, and Parliament holds the Government to account for us, the public… but how?! Prime Minister’s Questions and Ministerial
Questions give MPs and Lords the opportunity to challenge the Government’s policies.
It’s in these debates that they can share the views of their constituents and the public
and how new policies may affect them. Another important way Parliament can scrutinise or
look in detail at the work of Government is through Select Committees. Select Committees analyse and scrutinise policy.
They are made up of either MPs, Lords or a mixture of both. Together committee members look at a particular
subject and make recommendations on improvements. Witnesses with expertise in the area under
scrutiny are called to give evidence, which is used to help shape the committee’s enquiry. Members of the public, like you, with a view
on the subject can also give evidence for consideration. At the end of an inquiry, a Committee writes
a report with recommendations that the Government usually responds to within 60 days.


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